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1/ 🎉 Day 8 of #AllinAI: As someone who's always been fascinated by #AR #VR and 3D scanning, I'm excited to explore Neural Radiance Fields (#NeRF)! NeRF is a game-changing AI technique that has transformed the 3D scene reconstruction & rendering. Let's dive in!
2/ 📊 Traditional 3D scanning methods like #photogrammetry & #lidar faced challenges like noise, inconsistencies & limited detail. NeRF uses AI to help overcome these by creating high-quality 3D renderings from 2D images.
3/ 🌐 How it works: Take a few pictures of an object. NeRF's deep neural network optimizes the radiance field to match the 2D image, combining color & volume density to create a stunning, detailed 3D rendering.

Created using @LumaLabsAI @SirWrender 👇

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Curious about virtual reality? See how UAB is providing opportunities to engage with this technology across campus. 🧵
A recent story highlighted how surgeons in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery are using virtual reality headsets to prepare for delicate procedures and explain the operations to patients.:

On Feb. 28, the UAB Marnix E. Heersink Institute for Biomedical Innovation hosted a Metahealth Symposium exploring how UAB uses VR, AR and mixed reality to educate patients, create training simulations and redefine online classes at @UABHeersink.
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🧵This week end challenge🧵
Hey Twitterverse! I've given myself a wild challenge this weekend - Produce an 8-minute-long virtual reality short movie!
The video above is all the 256 Equirectangular i created for the first scene.
#ai #shorts #vr #aicinema
But that's not even the craziest part
90% of the work is going to be done using AI!
Tools i'm using :
@AlteredAi for the voice (just amazing)
@BlockadeLabs for the panoramas
@StabilityAI for the img2img Finetuning
@OpenAI 's chatGPT #ChatGPT as Steven Spielbird for the script
I'm basically outsourcing my creative genius :) to the machines.

But hey, who needs human intuition when you've got algorithms, am I right?
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As the Battle of Launches gears up for an intense week ahead, we extend our gratitude to the supporters who are propelling the testing of the forthcoming major Launchpad on the #MultiversX ecosystem.

Let us delve into the pioneers who are helping us drive innovation forward🧵
1/ First up, @arcstake.

This cutting-edge #staking provider has been building advanced cloud infrastructure since 2005.

Offering high-quality and secure services at reduced costs takes a bit more effort and investment than simply just spinning up services in a public cloud.
2/ - Highest resiliency
- Highest security
- Limitless scalability
- Optimized costs

As a result of their #innovative approach, ARC Staking has established itself as one of the leading providers of the MultiversX ecosystem.
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Ten new age technologies built on #opensource

AI or Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Security Methods
Cloud Computing
Big Data and analytics
Blockchain Technology
Full Stack Development

#Python #Web3 #AR #VR #devops #Iot #FullStack #AI #neuralnetworks #IT
AI is like having a really smart robot friend that can help us do things faster and better! 🤖👍 #AI #RobotFriend
AR and VR are like magical glasses that let you see and interact with things that aren't really there! 🤓👓✨ #AR #VR #MagicalGlasses
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Wanna know bout the effect on national security & global stability of #QuantumHacking in #Web3 #Crypto #AI #VR & #AR by nation-state-backed hacker groups like #USCyberCommand, #NorthKorea, #Iran, #Russia, & #China?

You do? Here's you're TL;DR to minimize your Units of Attention
APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) groups are a prime example of nation-state-backed hacker groups

#CozyBear (APT29), #LazarusGroup (APT38), #DoubleDragon (APT41), #FancyBear (APT28), and #HelixKitten (APT34) are some of the most well-known APT groups
These groups have been known to carry out cyber espionage, intellectual property theft, and sabotage. For instance, the #FancyBear APT group was responsible for the alleged 2016 US election interference
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We have seen a massive surge in #AI interest in recent weeks which culminated in massive hype with anything related!

This brought me back to one of the projects I was most bullish about @RenderToken

What is $RNDR?
Why is there a need for #RNDR?
Who is behind it?
🧵 is needed👇 Image
1.What is Render?

🔶GPU rendering system acting as a marketplace between GPU providers & requestors

🔶Provides GPU owners an opportunity to monetize their idle GPU by offering it's computing power to rendering job requests

🔶Allows GPU owners to loan out their GPU power Image
2.Why does this matter?

🔶Rendering costs massive amounts of money, time and storage space.

🔶Avatar (2009) as follows:
-40k processors used for rendering
-The computers were processing up to 1.4 million TPD to render
-Each of Avatar’s frames took several hours to render.
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We are pleased to share that @MoviePass announced today it has raised its seed financing led by @animocabrands w/participation from Claritas Capital @GaingelsVC & others. Animoca Brands’ executive chairman @Ysiu will join the board of MoviePass.

2/ @MoviePass will use the new funding to accelerate the beta relaunch of its #movie theatre subscription service and to develop & implement the company’s #Web3 strategy, including #VR #cinema experiences and using #technology to drive traffic to theaters.

3/ "@MoviePass has a strong vision for #technology in the field of entertainment and our #investment demonstrates our commitment to maximizing the value that MoviePass can deliver across the film industry. ” said @ysiu, executive chairman & co-founder of @animocabrands.

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How many softwares are required to run a #STR/#VR business?

1? 3? 5?

We'd argue the number could be 20+, and put this market map together to share why.

🗺 Figma Map:
📃 Category Write-Up:

[ Backstory/links below ]
At @vrma's 2022 International Conference, @SlickTalkPod asked attendees "How many softwares do you use to power your business?"💻

To our (@usewheelhouse's) surprise, very few teams used 4+ softwares to run their business 😳

Why were we surprised?
b/c the number of software teams in the STR/VR space is skyrocketing 🚀

We left that conference eager to map out the state of technology for STR & VRs.

That project quickly resulted into tracking:

- 170+ software teams
- 19 unique categories of software
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The talks from the @vsac2022 conference symposium I "Realities of Geometries" are now online. If you are interested in #MathArt and #illustratingmath, give them a look here:… (10-15 min. per talk). A short presentation of the talks as thread🧵. (1/5)
First talk is by me, @msmathcomp. I am speaking about the generalization of #Chladni figures to the third dimension. Thereby, the intersection of sound waves becomes tangible, e.g., in the form of a #3dprint. . (2/5)
Second talk is by Teresa Hunyadi ( and @davemurrayrust. They speak about deformations of #PenroseTilings. Their realizations include #CNC millings of the tilings as well as baked clay forms. . (3/5)
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SO MANY challenges when starting #VR DEVELOPMENT such as what are all the tools & what do they do?


1- Start & learn to use a game engine (Unity/Unreal)
2- Learn Visual Scripting (C#/C++ more flexibility)
3- Get a VR Headset & computer (mac or win)

🧵 Thread Image
4- Ask yourself the question: what platform do you want to build for? Do not overcomplicate this, just pick one ex: Meta, SteamVR, etc
5- For Unity which is my expertise try the following toolkits: (XR Interaction Toolkit, MRTK 3, UltimateXR, VRIF, Hurricane VR) Image
6- With C++ or C# Development you will need a good IDE, Visual Studio, VS Code, or Rider (these are are all very robust)
7- Get familiar with the Debugger / Profiler
8- Get very familiar with Blender or similar (3D Authoring)
9- Start a VR prototype perhaps a clone of your game Image
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The #metaverse is inevitable and it's going to be worth TRILLIONS

BUT there’s one huge problem – our current infrastructure can’t support it

Protocols such as @RenderToken aim to fix this and, as such, have the potential to increase in value by 30x – 80x

Here’s how


🧵 Image

Render is a decentralized “marketplace” that allows users to rent out unused #GPU processing power to #render 3D objects (we’ll explain this in a second)

It has a MC of $123M, FDV of $260M, and its $RNDR token trades at $0.48

In 2021, the token price hit $8.76

This thread will cover the following:

• Industry overview

• What problem does Render solve?

• How does it work?

• What are its plans for the future?

• Who are the key players in the ecosystem?

• What are its #tokenomics?

• What’s the potential value of #RNDR?
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1/n I made a list of the 13 most mind-bending Stable Diffusion uses I’ve seen so far. 🌈
See🧵for details.

2/n Architectural Sketches
@rostenbach created incredible architectural renderings which made me think of future architecture generated by ai…
3/n Search Engine
@sharifshameem scrapped millions of SD-generated images and turned them into a @LexicaArt search engine for creative assets
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Back at #Fyuz22 for the #metaverse connectivity session

Curious to see the balance of “the metaverse” vs “a metaverse” in discussion and presentations
(A bit of history - I wrote one of the first ever market research reports on #VR #VirtualReality in about 1995, when I was working at UK analyst firm Datamonitor. It was published by FT Managerment Reports. Wish I could find a copy to look at my predictions again)
Speakers talking about metaverse use-cases

Accenture sees MV as a “deep stack”, not just an app layer. Referencing creator economy, customer engagement for brands etc

Vodafone panellist talking about “exploration” and travel uses
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SDKs I recommend for #AR & #VR with details that makes each of them unique & useful for different use cases:

📌 MRTK (Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit): one of my favorites and it is a powerful open source project that accelerates cross-platform mixed reality creation.

🧵 Thread Image
MRTK provides a lot of features and supports a large amount of XR devices such as HoloLens 2, Meta Quest, Windows Mixed Reality, SteamVR, and others.

More information about MRTK:…
📌 AR Foundation: a super useful cross-platform wrapper around augmented reality SDKs that allow you to work with a common set of APIs.

The idea of AR Foundation is to use XR Plugins such as Google ARCore XR Plug-in (on Android) Apple ARKit XR Plug-in (on iOS), and others.
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Depuis 18 mois le #Web3 est le buzz word qui résulte de l’intersection de 2 tendances : #VR & #blockchain.

Mais la réelle révolution est à l’intersection d’une 3ème tendance : l’#IA générative.

Regardez ces exemples 👇
Cette première vidéo est créée à partir d’un simple texte grâce à l’IA générative de Meta.

« Un bébé paresseux avec un bonnet tricoté orange essaie de comprendre comment utiliser un ordinateur. gros plan, très détaillé, éclairage de studio, écran se reflétant dans son œil.mp4 »
Ces univers 3D immersifs sont générés en temps réel à partir d’images imaginées par une IA #stableDifusion #unreal #psygan…
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@MarinSanna #Polish trucks carried heavy foreign #warmachines on #Helsinki Ring I Oct 15 at 8:02 am
- According to a reader, there were six Polish trucks in the queue and they were heading east. The caravan that attracted attention was not known to the Helsinki police…
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@oikeuskansleri Korjaus: 1 miljardi US dollaria onkin 10 VR -lavallista.
Tuho -#demarit -rahayksikkö on rekka-autollinen, eli 1 miljardi.
- #Ruisrock 2022 tuli maksamaan suomalaisille 11 täyttä rekka-autollista tiukkaan pakattuja satasia.
@oikeuskansleri Tämä on ollut vuosikymmeniä #demarit -mentaliteetti, eikä se lähitulevaisuudessa ole muuttumassa.
- Päinvastoin röyhkeys vain kasvaa #CIA'n kontrollissa, #vaalirikos'ssa ja jauhoissa.
@anttirinneexpj - "Puhtaalla valehtelulla saattaa pärjätä myös politiikassa."
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Apple’s VR technology has been slowly revealed to us over the years, right under our noses. #apple #AppleEvent #VR #AR #VirtualReality
I’ve written a little about this but will elaborate a little more… Time for another thread. So grab a snack…
Last week I read a bit of that interview of Mark Zuckerberg where he was talking about their next VR headset. He went on to talk about how right now, they are getting their Avatars to be more expressive… such as Mouth movement, eyebrows… etc. Sounded a lot like…
…A lot like what apple showed us in 2017… Animoji. They had the Mouth and Eyebrow thing nailed down like 5 years ago, just think of where they are at right now. In 2017, they didn’t call it an Avatar, and they certainly didn’t talk about a Metaverse.
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The iPhone Killer will be made by Apple.
#Apple #vr #ar #VirtualReality #AppleVR
I think most people look at the VR headsets that exist today, and think that nobody is going to be walking around with that huge thing on their face. What they don’t see… is 10 years from now…
10 years from now, when this tech has matured and been shrunken down into a pair of glasses… ok… maybe slightly larger than glasses but that’s the goal. In 10 years… using a device that has a large screen on it will start to seem silly.
Many people have huge TV’s in their house… large computer monitors… and they get upgraded/replaced often enough to continue filling up landfills. People dedicate so much space in their home for TV watching, and for their computers…
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