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It's really easy to call for non-criticism of some candidates in the primary when your rights aren't on the line.

I'm having a lot of private convos right now re: candidates & race.

And if racism is something you'll let slide on a candidate, racism is something you'll let slide
And I'll add that if you care about turnout, you have to inevitably account for the fact that POC are the backbone of the party.

And racist history in a candidate WILL depress turnout.

Think FOR THE WHOLE of humanity right now, not just who you personally like.
And if you do, you'll easily recognize that the only candidate who can unify EVERYONE is Elizabeth Warren.

Every other candidate carries a serious risk.

She. Does. Not.

#LFG #WinWithWarren
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#NCforWarren do your thing.

Is this your chicken?

It just walked into our office at 530 Merrimon to ask about fighting corruption, fighting for healthcare, and not nibbling around the edges of inequity like a chicken.

I'm serious tho I have your chicken
Hey, it's ok. Canvassing isn't for everybody. Go to to find a phone bank that fits with your schedule!

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For real though: When I canvased for Warren in Iowa City, we were told to assure people that every effort would be made to make it easy for them to caucus. Chairs mean the candidate thinks that everyone should be able to participate, even if they can't stand for hours on end.
That's who @ewarren and @TeamWarren are, and that's what the plans mean in granular terms: chairs and child care for your neighborhood caucus. And nationwide, a Disability Plan and free pre-K. Two ends of the same empathy-driven vision.

Like: Chairs actually matter.
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With the airing of @ewarren's new NH ad in which I appear, I'm getting gentle (& not-so-gentle) pushback from some Bernie folks. So, for anyone who's interested, I'd like summarize why I decided to back a different progressive candidate this cycle. 1/
Not surprisingly, this decision resulted from a combination of factors, but in early 2019, when I reflected as soberly as possible (largely putting aside emotion) & considered how things had changed since 2016, I decided that EW would be a more effective executive/manager. 2/
Since well before running for office, @ewarren has backed up her public rhetoric with strategic, effective action & advocacy. Her myriad plans show us not just where we should go, but provide detailed road maps of how we’ll get there. 3/
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@ewarren was brilliant & #NeverthelessShePersisted fighting for democracy.
Our 3 branches of government are designed as checks & balances. If the Legislature has become too partisan, the Judiciary must protect norms of Justice in America. @teamwarren

@ewarren @TeamWarren Of course the Senators should do their jobs. @ewarren is doing her job asking these important questions in the Senate hearing, even as @teamwarren is campaigning with @IAforWarren. Yet this insightful question builds trust that she is the President America needs now. #GOTC
However, if tomorrow reaches a stalemate, and Chief Justice Roberts is put in the position of deciding to call witnesses, it makes us proud that @ewarren anticipated the situation and has put him on call.
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•”Many of her ideas aren’t radical. They are right.”

•”At this moment, when the very fabric of American life is at stake, Elizabeth Warren is the president this nation needs.”


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When pundits were treating Trump like a joke and saying our nation would easily survive his presidency, @sarahkendzior, @AndreaChalupa, and I were sounding alarm bells and risking our reputations to forecast—correctly— what was coming.

We now all support Warren for president.
There is a reason @sarahkendzior, @AndreaChalupa, and I all support Elizabeth Warren, and it goes beyond individual policies and to the unique challenges of this moment:

The next POTUS must have an understanding of the nexus between corruption and EVERY OTHER POLITICAL ISSUE.
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The NYT Editorial Board endorses both Warren and Klobuchar?

That’s...not how this works.
The more I think about it, the more clear it seems that the message from the New York Times Editorial Board is that Biden and Sanders are NOT the best candidates reflecting their respective ideologies.

And that’s a message with which I actually whole-heartedly agree.
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It’s been a while, so I figured I’d spotlight another one of my fav @ewarren plans: A GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION FOR EVERY STUDENT ✏️📚📓🍎

#WarrenHasAPlan #PublicSchoolMadeMe

It’s time to give our schools the support they need to ensure that every student has access to a meaningful, high-quality public education.

@ewarren’s plan makes a series of legislative and administrative changes to achieve 5️⃣ objectives:


State & local funds make up about 90% of total K-12 ed. funding. The federal gov’t provides roughly the remaining 10%, primarily through Title I — @ewarren’s plan starts by quadrupling Title I funding.

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The idea that @BernieSanders is somehow more skilled at using outside advocacy to fight for progressive change than @ewarren is not based on reality. #WinWithWarren #Warren2020 🧵 with receipts (1/7) ↘️
@BernieSanders @ewarren Sanders has shown no indication that he'd leverage a social movement to confront power. He never challenged Obama over issues like TPP. It was Warren who was at the tip of the spear vs Obama in the fight to #StoptheTPP 👀 (2/7)…
@BernieSanders @ewarren It was Warren who got under his skin and torpedoed key nominations not Sanders. (3/7) 👀…
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Chatted with a Sanders supporter today and they said as a queer person, I should support Sanders over Warren. I asked why, and he responded by saying that Bernie has the best policies. So I decided to do a direct comparison of Warren and Sanders’ proposals. A thread
Bernie’s entire LGBTQ+ policy plan on his website comes in at 255 words. Warren’s plan is 5,721 words. Now I know it’s not all about quantity, so let’s take a substantive look at the quality of those proposals.
Equality & Every Child Deserves a Family Acts
Comp. health insurance w/o discrim.
Reduce suicide & bullying
Support police depts that adopt fair policies & do training
Fight discrim. of LGBTQ+ people by banks
Oppose religious liberty at expense of LGBTQ+ rights
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1/ The Iowa caucuses are just over a month away (February 3), and a whole host of outcomes seem possible. Ballots for the California primary (March 3) also become available that day.

I’ll be voting for @ewarren. Here’s why in a nutshell (A THREAD):
2/ Warren has correctly diagnosed the problems we face as resulting from an insufficiently regulated, thoroughly corrupted, socially debilitating political economic system.
3/ She has named the problem for what it is, and has a plan—or, more accurately, dozens and dozens of thoughtful, bold, integrated plans—to fix it.
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Lots of doors were knocked today. Lots of insightful tears were shed today. A few hugs too. Here is a thread of some amazing experiences while meeting voters today:
1. I spoke with a woman whose 6-yr old daughter just got diagnosed with diabetes. Her hospital bill for 24 hours was $75k. She said, “Thank God we had insurance.” She started crying. “What about the other girls out there whose parents can’t afford it?”
1. (cont) “Even if we can afford the insurance, we’re paying out of pocket for so many different parts of the plan and it’s getting expensive. It makes no sense. We need a single system that works fairly.”
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“Lessons from British Elections: Change Candidates Win — That’s Why We Need Elizabeth Warren” by Robert Creamer



“To win, progressives must offer decisive, fundamental structural change that directly addresses the view of ordinary voters that the economy is rigged against them to benefit billionaires and massive global corporations — not ordinary people.” #WinWithWarren 1/
“Both Barack Obama and Donald Trump were change candidates. In 2020, Elizabeth Warren is the change candidate that can most credibly offer the decisive progressive change ordinary voters want — and win this critical election.”

#WinWithWarren 2/
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IMPORTANT: There’s a lot of negativity out there recently. Let's spend tonight talking about why Elizabeth Warren is the best candidate for president.

Tweet out the reasons you support Elizabeth along with the #WinWithWarren hashtag. Let's get it trending!
Warren is a leader. She was the first candidate to call for impeachment and the first to commit to no big-donor money or private fundraisers. #WinWithWarren
Warren has not only vision but foresight. She was among the first people to predict the Great Recession and what caused it. She was perhaps the most vocal critic of the Big Banks afterward. Who better to steer an economy and prevent the next economic crash? #WinWithWarren
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As the #DemocraticDebate is happening, let me say a few words about @ewarren ... yes - I’m sorry to say - a thread. 1/
I supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. Like, really, really supported ... as in, was a Bernie delegate at the DNC in Philadelphia. 2/
Living in NH, we don’t have to seek out primary participation. For better and/or for worse, it comes to us.

I went into this election cycle with an open mind. Maybe slightly predisposed to Bernie, but willing to consider all candidates whose values mostly align with mine. 3/
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This #WinWithWarren #Warren2020 tweet earned a curious burst of bot affection. Five of the seven accounts to retweet it are automated: @Brief_Era, @Bizz_Profile, @4_Clues, @_4_Emo, and @FlyDcMdVa.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@Brief_Era @Bizz_Profile @4_Clues @_4_Emo @FlyDcMdVa @ZellaQuixote How do we know these accounts are automated? Two obvious indicators: each of the five accounts posts 24/7, and each uses custom software to tweet (in this case, apps with similar names to the accounts.) Their profiles seem more commercial than political.
@Brief_Era @Bizz_Profile @4_Clues @_4_Emo @FlyDcMdVa @ZellaQuixote The tweet at the beginning of this thread ain't the only one to be retweeted by all five bots; thus far, they've retweeted 105 of the same tweets. All are political and most mention Elizabeth Warren, with occasional guest appearances by other candidates.
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In 2015, I was an early supporter of & 2016 DNC delegate for Bernie Sanders. I am an immigration lawyer, and am active in progressive politics and causes. I live in NH, where politics literally spills into my backyard.

I now support @ewarren. #WinWithWarren

May I share why? 1/
I like, respect, and admire Bernie Sanders. To me, he’s a “values candidate”, and I am grateful for his contribution to moving the public discourse - and the Democratic platform - towards more just policies. 2/
But ... Elizabeth Warren @ewarren strikes me as the right person at the right time to lead what will be a long process of restoring some collective sanity and healing deep societal fissures in this country. 3/
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