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Elizabeth Warren understands that humanity has been striving to connect and communicate since the dawn of time. From cave paintings to social media, the human condition has long been documented by our stories and art. Voices of the individual *and* the collective.
Our shared humanity is woven into those stories, a mixture of the personal and political and, the personal *as* political.

Warren knows our individual stories and identities matter. She understands that people need to be heard, validated, and acknowledged for who *they* are.
People who feel seen, see other people. Care about other people. Resentment can’t thrive when people are valued for their individual contributions to our shared humanity— when our very differences become our greatest assets in creating a more equitable society.
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Sanders and Biden are good men, but they want you to believe this election is a two-man race. It's not. It's a race between ELIZABETH WARREN and 3 old white guys—2 of them good men—who look just like every president (except one) we've ever had. It's time for a change. #Warren2020
1/ I've tweeted day in and day out about Warren's qualifications as a US Senator specializing in both domestic and foreign policy, as one of America's smartest policy wonks, and as an empathetic human who listens as much as she talks and always fights for vulnerable populations.
2/ I've tweeted repeatedly about her well thought-out plans for America—from being the first to draft a comprehensive Coronavirus response to coming up with an achievable, multi-stage path to Medicare-for-all America can get behind and can pay for. Her biggest strength is policy.
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Y'all! Elizabeth Warren has the best climate policy. This is a fact, and sometimes feels like the best kept secret of the primary. So, I wrote about it. #ClimatePresident #Warren2020
1. @ewarren has a powerful anti-corruption plan, and believes (unlike Bernie) that we need to get rid of the filibuster so we can make real progress addressing the climate crisis. With fossil fuel $$ in politics, we will never have good climate policy.…
2. @ewarren has 14 climate plans – from green jobs, to regenerative farming, to environmental justice, to clean energy, to Wall Street’s financing of fossil fuels, to our oceans. And, yes, they are of the scope and scale required to address this crisis.
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So y'all already saw how I voted earlier this week, but I'm tweeting this out again as a reminder: Senator Warren is my candidate for President 😱😆

If you're an NC Democrat who didn't vote early, cast a ballot for @ewarren on Tuesday plzkkthxu! 👊

#TeamWarren #Warren2020 #LFG
Didn't forget (that was me!) just hit the character limit and didn't have time to work on wordsmithing it 🙈

No one was getting a majority after Iowa anyway, given DNC proportional allocation rules – 2nd place is enough to net quite a few delegates

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Some #facts on Sanders v Warren fundraising:

1. Sanders has been using PAC (Our Revolution) & SuperPAC (National Nurses United) money since the beginning of his campaign. NNU spent 400K on ads in Nevada before the caucus.

@ewarren started using SuperPAC money last week. /1
Here is a link to Sanders' SuperPAC, which is required by law to report its financials. His PAC, Our Revolution, is not required to disclose its donors, thus it is considered dark money.
Elizabeth Warren, unlike Sanders, has no such dark money PAC.… /2
2. Sanders' surrogates & supporters have actively harassed, bullied, silenced & intimidated organizations & supporters of other campaigns, suppressing endorsements from orgs that would have supported Warren.

Those missing endorsements= less funding.… /3
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Me emocioné y sentí mucho orgullo al votar por @ewarren hoy. Hace 13 años, le contacté pidiéndole me aceptara en su clase. Yo me había trasladado y me habían dicho que muchos profesores no me prestarían atención. Ella fue amable, alentadora y respondió casi de inmediato.
Ir a su clase era intimidante y estimulante al mismo tiempo. Nos empujó a pensar más allá de la doctrina legal y a considerar las consecuencias leyes para los individuos. Estaba claro que se preocupaba profundamente por nosotros y por mejorar la vida de las personas en general
Más tarde, cuando me quebré en sus horas de oficina contándole la historia de mi vida y por qué quería estudiar la bancarrota y el fracaso financiero, ella me alentó e inspiró. Desde entonces dejó en claro que estaba en mi esquina y que ayudaría de cualquier manera que pudiera.
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I felt so proud and emotional voting for @ewarren today. 13 yrs ago, I emailed her asking to join her empirical methods class. I was a transfer and was told that some professors wouldn't give me the time of day. She was kind, encouraging, and responded almost immediately.
Going to her class was intimidating and exhilarating at the same time. She pushed us to think beyond legal doctrine and to consider the consequences of the law in people's lives. It was clear she cared deeply about her students and improving people's lives more broadly.
Later when I broke down in her office hours telling her my life story and why I wanted to study bankruptcy and financial failure, she encouraged and inspired me. From then on she made it clear she was in my corner and would help in any way she could.
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Does #Bernie not know that what pulled millions of Chinese people out of extreme poverty were the 1978 economic reforms that introduced CAPITALIST market principles into China's socialist economy?

I mean jeez...

It's not Bernie's goals that are the problem, we Democrats want a more even playing field, we want good healthcare for all Americans, we want a higher minimum wage & affordable high-quality education and childcare. These are goals we all should aspire to, but can we please:
understand that it is not capitalism that is the problem. Capitalism is flawed, it takes work to reign in, but it has pulled billions out of extreme poverty. Just as it did in China.

I am supporting #ElizabethWarren who gets this.

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Q: “What is your advice to girls facing sexism in high school and college?”

A: “Persist... no matter how many times you’re told to sit down and be quiet... stand up and no matter what comes your way, promise me you will persist.”

#Warren in Seattle
Q: About hate against immigrants

A: “Immigrants don’t make this country weaker, it makes us stronger.”

Points out how Trump stokes hate and pits people against each other as a distraction against his own corruption.
“I will lead by example... I will have an administration that looks like the rest of America.”

She mentions those left behind, whose voices she will listen to.

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#NevadaCaucuses today and #SuperTuesday is 03/03 (same as my prelim defense 😬). #ElizabethWarren has done extremely well in Nevada (starting by destroying Bloomberg…) but i wanted to take a minute to say something about why #Warren2020 is my first choice…
I was for Bernie in 2016, because he was the only person out there with the Big Hope For Better that i genuinely believe will help us all. I'm for #Warren2020, this time, because she has that same big structural change energy, but also clear paths to getting it done. Nevada has…
huge issues w/ class disparity, but Nevada also has huge issues w/ gender and race and disability accessibility. #ElizabethWarren has a clear understanding of how all those things fit together, & exactly what she wants to do about them. And that's true at national & local levels
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Rally for #Warren2020!!


Highlight reel of Elizabeth Warren's greatest Senate takedowns.
Help me keep #Warren2020 trending as long as @ewarren is running for president?

To do keep it trending just:

- Retweet tweets like this with the #Warren2020 tag

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#Warren2020 #Warren46
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who deep fried this tasty meme

here is a thread with a bunch of #Warren2020🗽 articles from today are you ready look at this emoji 🗳️ you are now hypnotized to vote
"I have been around this racket for going on 40 years, and I have never seen a purportedly neutral poll that left out a top-tier candidate simply because it felt like it."……

"Elizabeth Warren excited to use new power of invisibility to stand out in the debate"

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Has anyone started compiling all the headlines, polls, and other instances of total media erasure of @ewarren??

We need to get a thread of examples going STAT. Post them below if you can!!

Another example:
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One of the things @BlackWomxnFor talked to @ewarren after the #BWFWarren endorsement she spoke to use about why her decision to build an ORGANIZING campaign vs a TV AD BUY campaign was to ensure that the whole ticket was benefitting from her campaign
@BlackWomxnFor @ewarren This is important for so many reasons, obviously winning at the local, regional and state level around the country is critical for making #BigStructuralChange - but also for us it was hearing her commitment to do this down-ticket work DURING THE CAMPAIGN. #Warren2020
@BlackWomxnFor @ewarren A Presidential candidate who is only concerned with their own victory is not in the best interests of the left, of the progressive movement or of the country. Today is a good time to lift up some of the folks running for office that @ewarren has endorsed from the campaign trail.
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OMG this hysterical - the ending is EVERYTHING! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Valentine greeting from #Warren2020

Mini Mike 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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📣 Elizabeth Warren was the first #Democratic candidate that spoke out & said that Donald Trump needs to be impeached.

Now she's urging the House to take action to rein in our Attorney General, William Barr.

Vote #Warren2020; we need to stop corruption!

😡 Stop corruption in Washington, DC.

Elect Elizabeth Warren.

⚽️🏀🏈⚾️🎾 She is FEARLESS.
💸 To donate to Elizabeth Warren's campaign, click here.

Even if it's only $3 and you have $6 in your one of her very loyal supporters did!
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🌟 Elizabeth Warren appears to be the only one of the presidential candidates who is stressing over and over how she will fight corruption in Washington.

She has a plan.

Getting rid of Trump will not be enough.

Shouldn’t this be priority #1 for all #Democrats?

🌟 To donate to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, please click here:
🌟 Elizabeth Warren is third in delegates after the #Iowa and #NewHampshire races.

Hello, #SouthCarolina!

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I haven't officially come out and stated that I'm backing @ewarren because I have a very tiny soapbox on here and figured, who would care who I support? Still, I want to lay out why I've never been this excited by a candidate in my life (I'll be 44 next week). #TeamWarren 1/
1. She prioritizes intersectionality and issues that matter to marginalized women, like universal child care.
2. She's the best candidate on LGBTQ rights that I've ever seen - she's explicitly stated how marginalized Black trans women are.
These areas are where I see the biggest
differences between @ewarren and Sanders. Unlike him, she doesn't evade "identity politics" questions or answer them in a universalizing way that basically discounts existence of racism, sexism, homo- & transphobia, etc. Everything is reducible to class for him. In contrast,
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I obviously haven’t been able to tweet a lot since arriving in Iowa on Friday night - we spent the past two days knocking and calling and I’ve knocked over 4 packets. I’ve learned so much. 1/
Our first doors on Saturday were in Marshalltown, a really underserved community, due east of Ames, where we’re staying. @ErikRevelli and I had never knocked doors ANYWHERE and it was a HUGE learning experience. Also we made a cat friend. 2/
Being with friends has made this so much easier, but also every @TeamWarren organizer is automatically your friend. Best campaign, Best people. Thanks tons to @itsvivkerley and everyone at the staging location for all the tips on local restaurants and AMAZING brownies! 3/
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Do endorsements matter? As someone who just endorsed @ewarren in my personal capacity, I sure hope so! I have gotten to know Elizabeth and her team, and I have come to the conclusion that she is who our country needs right now. Here's why:


#Warren2020 photo of Xiomara, young girl smiling, holding a framed, signed Time Magazine cover of Elizabeth Warren. “Xiomara, We persist! - Elizabeth” is handwritten at the top.
I first met @ewarren in June 2017, on my very first day going to Capitol Hill. I was there with my friends & our kids to talk about the proposed health care repeal bill when we saw her. Her staffers were pulling her away, but she still stopped & spent time with our kids.
2/ photo of Elizabeth Warren and I kneeling down on either side of Xiomara (a young girl with pigtails and a trach/ventilator) who is sitting in her medical stroller, all smiling at the camera
I’ll never forget how she didn't hesitate even though she was clearly in a huge hurry. This is a big deal because people overlook & ignore disabled kids all the time. But @ewarren rushed over. Her face lit up as she got down on her knees to be at eye level with Xiomara. 😍
3/ photo of Elizabeth Warren kneeling down in front of Xiomara (a young girl with pigtails and a trach/ventilator) sitting in her medical stroller and talking to her
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With the airing of @ewarren's new NH ad in which I appear, I'm getting gentle (& not-so-gentle) pushback from some Bernie folks. So, for anyone who's interested, I'd like summarize why I decided to back a different progressive candidate this cycle. 1/
Not surprisingly, this decision resulted from a combination of factors, but in early 2019, when I reflected as soberly as possible (largely putting aside emotion) & considered how things had changed since 2016, I decided that EW would be a more effective executive/manager. 2/
Since well before running for office, @ewarren has backed up her public rhetoric with strategic, effective action & advocacy. Her myriad plans show us not just where we should go, but provide detailed road maps of how we’ll get there. 3/
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@ewarren was brilliant & #NeverthelessShePersisted fighting for democracy.
Our 3 branches of government are designed as checks & balances. If the Legislature has become too partisan, the Judiciary must protect norms of Justice in America. @teamwarren

@ewarren @TeamWarren Of course the Senators should do their jobs. @ewarren is doing her job asking these important questions in the Senate hearing, even as @teamwarren is campaigning with @IAforWarren. Yet this insightful question builds trust that she is the President America needs now. #GOTC
However, if tomorrow reaches a stalemate, and Chief Justice Roberts is put in the position of deciding to call witnesses, it makes us proud that @ewarren anticipated the situation and has put him on call.
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As we plod through @senatemajldr's transparently #ShamTrial, I'm reminded that Biden has repeatedly said that after Trump, "a number of my Republican colleagues [will] have an epiphany. Mark my words."

Contrast that to Elizabeth Warren's aggressive plan to not wait for miracles.
As he watches the GOP eagerly dismantle the Constitution in the dead of night, who among those covering up the president's crimes does Biden believe to be pre-epiphanic?

McConnell? Grassley? Graham? Cronyn? Thune? Blunt? Lamar? Lee? Crapo? Sasse? Blackburn? Cotton? Burr? Cruz?
Here's an epiphany:

"Donald Trump’s presidency has been a dark period in American history. That period won’t end just bc [he] has left office. If we want to write a new chapter in the American story we will have to cleanse the corruption from our government."

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Some quick facts about @AndrewYang’s Freedom Dividend:

$1000 per month unconditional cash for every American 18+

Would equate to a 24% raise for somebody making $50k/yr

Can completely finance $100k student loan in about 8.5 yrs

Will NOT result in inflation because...
Inflation results from printing new money. Inflation also results from sharp increases in demand and/or sharp decreases in supply. The Freedom Dividend will not do any of these things.

The Freedom Dividend recognizes that we, as humans, have intrinsic value that is separate...
separate from economic value. The person who is homeless and unemployable due to mental illness will still have $1000/month income... money for food/water/clothing and creates an incentive for community leaders to build more shelters for part of that income stream.
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