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Joe Biden in 2011 said " I would not refer to him as a dictator" about #Egyption Dictator Hosni Mubarak, who was propped up by FIVE US administrations, Democrats and GOP

Biden needs to shut the fuck up about authoritarianism because he and fellow Democrats AND GOP HAVE TERRIBLE RECORDS.

Biden is a reminder that as long as you’re a dictator who gives the US what it wants, the US will support you.

Saudi Arabia
Mubarak was the dictator in #Egypt for THIRTY FUCKING YEARS and the US - 5 administrations- knew EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS!

And yet when we rose up against Mubarak in Egypt, Biden said Mubarak wasn’t a dictator

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I'm solidly with #Bernie and #NotMeUs, but I'm relieved to see #Biden this sharp at the #DemDebate. I deeply disagree with his policies and have opposed his candidacy, but if he's the nominee, I hope this is the Biden who shows up against Trump. Our future depends on it.
And let me reiterate: I am vehemently opposed to perpetuating the status quo and rewarding the Dem leadership that has allowed GOP extremism to flourish. #Bernie represents the future of the Democratic Party and I will strongly support #NotMeUs no matter what the primary outcome.
Let me elaborate: I'm using "sharp" as a contrast to the GOP talking point that #Biden in serious cognitive decline.

#Bernie is both sharp AND right on the issues.

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Does anybody honestly care, at this stage, how these two lifetime politicians voted 30, 20 or even 5 years ago? #DemocraticDebate
Appreciating all the comments in the thread, even the angry ones, because there are SO MANY reasons to be angry and fearful right now. One adjustment I will make is that as a lot of you have said, yes - there are votes that are existential and that voters should never look past.
Could a reasonable person have voted for president a Senator who voted to acquit Nixon had it gotten that far & he not resigned first? Could a Democrat reasonably have been expected to vote for a Democrat who voted to convict Clinton, had such a Democratic Senator existed?
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I feel @BernieSanders righteous indignation about how the system has completely failed. Also, Biden’s take on health care is a band aid on a mortal wound.

Biden, it’s a fucking debate about politics. You’re supposed to have a back and forth about your politics. #DemocraticDebate
Biden is doing his best moderate sounding Bernie impression, which is pretty smart. I dislike him and think he will be bad for the global ecosystem but he is definitely politically savvy when he is coherent. #DemocraticDebates
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Right out the gate Joe Biden is confused over the viruses we are dealing with. If Bernie was a fighter he would call Joe our and the moderators for not calling Joe out. #COVID19 #DemocraticDebate
Common sense why stockpile medical material you don’t need? Remember these things have expiration dates. Unfortunately, this pandemonium caused by the liberal media, is moving fast but common sense and reasonablility has to prevail.
Important question the mental acuity of these old men. But the moderators won't ask. Now the first debate with Trump and they will ask this question none stop.
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Sanders as usual making fine points about healthcare, the same points I see working class Americans making on this very website every day #DemDebate
Italy does NOT HAVE A SINGLE PAYER SYSTEM. Joe Biden factually wrong there. Italy has a mixed system: people can choose to pay. Also, many services require copayments #DemDebate
Placating, gentle body language from Biden. Popular with voters. He has good bedside manner, but not convincing points. #DemDebate
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Donald Trump's day so far:

- Threatens to pardon Michael Flynn
- Nice try at distracting us
- #coronapocolypse is trending
- Norway slams U.S.
- Stock market crashing overnight again
- Let's all unite after this #DemocraticDebate
- Trump is going to prison
- It's still only 8pm
Donald Trump just painted himself into a no-win corner…
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2. I think @SenSanders said if you're sick go to the doctor. Perhaps that was a general comment but bad advice in a pandemic.
3. @JoeBiden says we need surge hospital capacity increase. Need to equip our first responders.
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For all those tonight parroting the delusion Sanders somehow still has a chance, ALLOW ME TO SLAP YOU IN THE FACE WITH REALITY:
He needs at least 57% of remaining delegates. 23 states have already voted. How many of those did he win 57% of the vote? ZERO.

IT'S. OVER. #VoteJoe
These are Sanders' BEST FIVE states so far in vote share:
ND: 53%, VT: 51%, ID: 43%, NV: 40%, CO: 37%.

These are Biden's best five states, by contrast:
MS: 81%, AL: 63%, MO: 60%, MI: 53%, VA: 53%.

Let's look at it another way. Sanders' 5th best state by vote share was Colorado with 37%. These are the states Joe Biden won more than 37% of the vote:
1. SC
2. AL
3. AR
4. MN
5. NC
6. TN
7. VA
8. ID
9. MI
10. MO
11. MS
12. ND
13. WA
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1. My daughter is an environmental conservation & sustainability major at #TheUniversityofNewHampshire One year ago, we met @TulsiGabbard at a town meeting in #MerrimackNH in regards to #PFAS in their water, due to leakage from a local company
2. Watching #Tulsi interact w/ the concerned locals, we could see she was genuine. We could feel her empathy & compassion for their stories & how much she truly cares.
She saw us sign waving & after the meeting came straight over to thank us & to say hello
3. We told my husband all about Tulsi & how amazing she was & wanted him to come & meet her too. So that night we went to our first town hall meeting to see Tulsi in Exeter, NH. We got to meet @vrin_davan & @abewilliamsdp too They felt like family ❤️
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1/4 I tabled a lot of SC events for #Tulsi2020. At 3 of them, I was approached by county Republican party chairs and was told that the @DNC and #MSM were assuring @realDonaldTrump's reelection by silencing the only Dem candidate that can beat him instead of propping her up...
2/4 One told me @TulsiGabbard was described in their party meetings as the one to watch, but they figured out the Dems would do their job for them. Even now as she has achieved top 3, the erasure from her "allies" continues. Another told me to thank the #Dems2020 for blocking...
3/4 ...her at every turn because her message resonates with all Americans. So today, I finally share that message from a republican party chair in South Carolina: thank you Dems and MSM for aiding another 4 years of Trump with your bullshit smears, ignoring, and goalpost...
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In all seriousness this past week on Facebook has been the most tolerable and relatable then it’s been in 4 years. As one who is stingy with empathy, I have seen a side of the few remaining friends on my friends list that I thought didn’t even exist anymore. 1/4
I know what they’re feeling. I felt it 4 yrs ago; when I took the time to research what the DNC had done to sideline Sanders in 2016 Of course they didn’t know it at the time,you were either rocked comfortably numb thru the media’s melodies or indifferent to it all the same 2/4
I felt the Bern, but I also watched him freeze. Remember Debbie Washerman-Schultz, Huma Abedin, and John Podesta? I do. Julian Assange is in solitary confinement right now for exposing the exact thing everyone is upset about in 2020. 3/4
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We monitored #DemDebate (also #DemocraticDebate/#DemDebate10) traffic for the 10th Democratic presidential debate, as we've done with previous debates. Traffic peaked just shy of 8000 tweets per minute, higher volume than any debate other then the 9th.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote The most frequently discussed candidates were @BernieSanders, @MikeBloomberg, and @ewarren. Like the last debate, the right-wing presence in the network is fairly small, mostly @TrumpWarRoom tweeting about @JoeBiden and @DonaldJTrumpJr tweeting about @MikeBloomberg.
@ZellaQuixote @BernieSanders @MikeBloomberg @ewarren @TrumpWarRoom @JoeBiden @DonaldJTrumpJr Sentiment analysis for tweets mentioning each candidate, before, during, and after the debate. Warren and Sanders entered the debate at the low end of the pack and emerged with the highest sentiment scores. Gabbard and Bloomberg wound up with the lowest.
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Remember after last week’s debate I asked everyone if Bloomberg has infiltrated the Democrat Party? I know this video from tonight has some editing but...#DemocraticDebate
What makes a movie GOOD?
GREAT actors?
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Bernie is RIGHT -there is a dictatorship in #China & #Cuba AND also to remind that the US has helped overthrow governments in #Chile and #Guatemala.

Biden is WRONG: Obama and four previous US presidents supported the authoritarian regime of #Mubarak in #Egypt

Give it to him, Bernie!

There is NOTHING radical about wanting healthcare for everyone!

Want to talk who supports dictators & authoritarians?

Trump calls Sisi “my favourite dictator” & was in #India today encouraging fascism.

5 US presidents -GOP & Democrat- propped up Mubarak’s 30yr tyranny.
US has “good” & “bad” dictators #demdebates2020
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The 9th #DemDebate of the 2020 presidential campaign season generated far more Twitter traffic than its eight predecessors, peaking at over 9000 tweets per minute (previous record was ~5500 tweets/per minute.)

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote Which candidates were most discussed in last night's #DemDebate tweets? @MikeBloomberg, @ewarren, and @BernieSanders were the top three, with ~300K tweets about each. @JoeBiden was the least mentioned of the debate participants, and @TulsiGabbard the least mentioned overall.
@ZellaQuixote @MikeBloomberg @ewarren @BernieSanders @JoeBiden @TulsiGabbard Retweet network for #DemDebate/#DemDebate9/#DemocraticDebate on 2020-02-19. Unlike recent debates, the network doesn't split into left-wing and right-wing clusters, largely because there's relatively little right-wing traffic (and most of it is @RealJamesWoods.)
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Bloomberg is like watching a corpse with a gambling problem betting that he will keep it all.
They Scared.
Bloomberg could give 70m voters $500 bucks each to vote for him and still have $29,000,000,000 in the bank.
Bloomberg could give all the homeless in america $100k each and still have $14,200,000,000 in the bank.
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The reviews are in for Mike "Mr. Frisky" Bloomberg in the #DemocraticDebates: "a catastrophe--stiff, arrogant, tone-deaf, and intensely unlikable" "terrible, fumbling, unpleasant." "on NDAs...among the worst in the history of presidential debates." 1/x…
Bloomberg "stammered and stumbled in the face of withering attacks from his rivals" in "a real-world demolition of his candidacy." So much so that "he might have bled out on stage if he hadn't been so bloodless" in a "tone-deaf mix of evasion, back-pedaling, and...hateur." 2/x
Bloomberg "spent half the debate apologizing for bad behavior." "By turns smug and wounded." "He looked peevish...not ready for prime time." "Warren eviscerated him seconds after the opening bell." "Worst answers on sexual harassment and discrimination I've ever heard." 3/4
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Okay, let's go over this for @BernieSanders, @shaunking @ninaturner @davidsirota @briebriejoy.

"The person w the most votes should be the nominee"

Note: these ppl KNOW the rules. They just hope you don't
#BuckleUp /1
First of all, the rule book:
 "To win on the 1st ballot, the frontrunner must secure MAJORITY of pledged delegates available during the nominating contests leading up to the Democratic Convention.  There are 3,979 total pledged delegates, with the total required being 1,991" /2
Second: #superdelegate rules, change from 2016: #Superdelegates CANNOT vote in 1st ballot
Therefore, candidate with a MAJORITY (50% plus 1) in the #popularvote (= pledged delegates) WINS the nomination.
Majority ≠ plurality
Majority ≠ 27%
Majority ≠ "most votes" /3
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There is NO question who won tonight’s #DemocraticDebate:

Senator Elizabeth Ann Warren

Let’s make her President Warren.
It’s time.

Donate now:…

ICYMI, this is how you eviscerate a debate opponent:

Honestly, I don’t know how I’m supposed to sleep now.

I am so charged up after watching Warren’s performance.

I feel vindicated at a very deep level that I can’t even explain.

She. Was. On. Fire.

For us. On all our behalf.
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The #DemocraticDebate just ended. Here’s how they ranked IMHO:

1. Klobuchar: +2
2. Sanders: +1
3. Warren: +1
4. Biden: +0
5. Buttigieg: -1 Too scripted
5. Bloomberg: -2Poor answers

It’s a shame the DNC is pushing out @TulsiGabbard (and Yang)
Amy Klobuchar by far had the most personal attacks, mostly coming from Mayor Pete and Elizabeth Warren. Klobuchar not only had to fend off the smears from other candidates but from MSNBC moderators as well (and seemed to be cut off early with time).

Mayor Pete got free reign.
Sanders / Warren spent a good deal of time hitting Bloomberg. Bloomberg had horrible replies to all questions by moderators and other candidates.

Biden was ok... but relied too heavily on Obama and wants to reverse all immigration policies. Also wants Obamacare Plus.
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Here's #DemocraticDebate key takeaways:

Donald Trump won that debate. Bernie came in second. No one landed a real blow. Bloomberg BOMBED. Warren fought for her life, hurt Mike. Buttigieg and Klobuchar were flailing at each other. Hurt themselves. No gains.

Bloomy is the story.
Big picture, Donald Trump won that debate because it no doubt scare the hell out of the American Middle.

Michael Bloomberg was right about that part. It's not a cheap shot. It's the truth.
Both Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar looked desperate. She was more visibly anxious and desperate than Pete. But he's not genuine and that outweighs how polished he is.

Think that doesn't matter? Wait a few days.

But again, big story is Bloomberg down. Bernie is frontrunner.
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And the Billionaire Bloomberg on that stage is not “giving it away.”


The social and wealth inequalities in the United States are IMMORAL.

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Bloomberg to Wall Street:

he literally said that redlining bothers him so much that he is going to tell Wall Street to "cut it out" and I am still laughing
Redlining is NOT FUNNY but this is
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