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Canadian Solar IPO🧵

So Canadian Solar $CSIQ is going to raise RMB 6 billion ($850 million) by selling 15% of CSI Solar.…

First off, market cap / valuation:

CSI Solar is probably about 80% of $CSIQ total business (other 20% is Recurrent Energy).

So Chinese market values Canadian Solar as approx $7bn company.

But what will the money be used for?

$CSIQ has already announced plan to build polysilicon plant.

By my modest calculations, 80,000MT of polysilicon capacity - at cost price of $10/kg - can save Canadian Solar anywhere from $400m to over $1bn per year.

Should be massive for the bottom line.
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What a profound honor to chair the House tax committee this year.

TBH I was shocked when @melissahortman trusted me to serve our caucus in this way. I hope I made us proud boss lady💜

Beyond the headlines there are SO many great things to be proud of in this bill.

Small 🧵
🚨🚨2023 tax bill highlights🚨🚨

Nation-leading child tax credit that will cut child poverty by 1/3

Tax equity for those who use Individual Tax ID Numbers.

Ongoing aid to Tribal governments

Moving the renters credit onto income tax form (120k more renters will claim it)
Making the tax code fairer by having corporations and the rich pay their fair share

Housing money! $100M- $20/biennium ongoing

Property tax refunds, 1 time & ongoing, for homeowners and renters

Ongoing support for local governments- $80M/year each to counties and cities
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💎@MantaNetwork is Zk layer 1 Network for Modular On-chain Privacy Backed by @BinanceLabs now free to mint zkSBT.

🔥Grab a chance for huge Potential #Airdrops with 5 minutes and $0 for gas. #LFG

1/ Image

First at all, you need BAB Token of @binance and Galxe Passport of @Galxe (Skip if you already have)

1. Mint BAB Token:…

2. Mint Galxe Passport:

3. Download and create Manta wallet:…

🎉Mint Mint zkBAB

1. Visit…

2. Connect Manta wallet and Metamask wallet already have BABT

3. Click Verify holder > Mint Image
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gTrade @GainsNetwork_io 在杠杆交易平台的领域越来越受到👀大众关注

从光杆司令 (💚Seb) 到一支天才部队,2023 的 gTrade 即将推出更令人亮眼的计划

✨本文的重心在于 gToken 流动性池的介绍,其机制有许多目前很多人还没注意到的 alpha👇 本推文将为此列出详细的解读

🍏gTrade 科普介绍🧵(1/38)

📌gTrade 核心特点
📌gToken 流动性池: $gDAI, 保护层 'buffer'🤯
📌$GNS: 用途, ‘动态的’总供应量, 治理功能
📌NFTs & 推荐/联盟计划
📌🔜2023 路线图
📌gTrade 核心特点

gTrade 是 @GainsNetwork_io 推出的第一款产品,它是个具有特色&优越功能的去中心化衍生品杠杆交易平台,目前是部署在 Arbitrum 和 Polygon 上⤵️
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#Arbitrum is a good investment?

I did a deep analysis of the #ARB tokenomics and today I will share my thoughts and insights on the coin.

UPD: Big profit awaits us...
Token information

Maximum supply - 10 billion
Circulating supply - 1.275 billion
Inflation<2% per year

Market cup at the moment - $2 billion
Market cup at a total circulating supply - $15 billion
Tokenomics $ARB

17.53% is allocated to Investors
1.13% is allocated to DAOs in Arbitrum Ecosystem
11.62% is allocated to Individual Wallets
42.78% is allocated to DAO Treasury
26.94% is allocated to Team and Future Team + Advisors Image
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What you need to know about @OrdinalBoard while over 1400 of the 1764 blocks are still available.(we are very early)

A quick thread on this in credibly innovative new project. #OBArmy #OrdinalBoard #Ordinals
-1- The project was inspired by The Million Dollar website by Alex Tew in 2005 aims to be a better version of this. At first glance, looks like not much more...… #OBArmy #OrdinalBoard
-2- Ordinal Board is the first project being incubated by @OrdinallDAO. It's the OG Ordinal DAO whose goal is to help empower users in this exciting and rapidly expanding ecosystem. #OBArmy #OrdinalBoard
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10 ChatGPT Prompts for Amazon brands that are currently on 🔥:
🔥 1
➡️ Create a list of objections an Amazon customer might have about {product and the product name}
➡️ Take these negative objections and create benefit statements for each objection
🔥 2
➡️ Please use scarcity and urgency in my copywriting to increase conversions for {product and the product name} on an Amazon product listing
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[1/🧵] A brief #thread on how to properly download and verify your newest #IOTA #Firefly Windows version. 😉 Source:
[2/10] You might be wondering why @iota doesn't allow you to download & upgrade the version via the client.

To be honest, this would definitely improve usability (#UX), but it would also need the user to trust the DL content.

That is precisely what we do not want with #crypto. Source:
[3/10] Who knows whether the network path from #github to your PC wasn't intercepted and a man in the middle (#MITM) replaced your downloaded program with a slightly different one.

To ensure that the program you are installing is the one meant for you, verify the #hashes. 👀 Source:
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VolQ research drop wkend #LFG
15 mins rn
from 24.30 listen
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A friend sent me the following article:
I have it archived in case you don't want to pay for the @nytimes, and who could blame you.
This article defends the FBI, former Miami SAC George Piro, mentions the Suspendables (🤣), and is written by @AlanFeuer. 🧵
This is too easy. So #LFG:
1) The NYT likes to carry water for the DOJ/FBI as it attacks their political enemies. This is disgusting behavior.
2) They have decided to defend retired FBI Special Agent in Charge George Piro, a "highly decorated" Agent. Piro's exploits are👇👇(2)
3) Piro is famous for several sexual entanglements within the Miami Field Office. The sex in a gov vehicle was an Intel Analyst, and at the time, wife of a Miami Agent (who therefore reported to Piro). Her name is Perla.
4) Perla alleged discrimination after ... (3)
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Cold exposure to boost your health!

Let's talk about cold showers and winter swimming. We will talk about the nervous system and the implication for physical and psychological well being. #coldshower #icebath #Lifestyle #Health #ROAR Image
The cold-shock response is a simple method to make massive improvements for your life. I talked about temperature regulation in a former thread, which you can visit below.

🧵 (1/18)
To summarize, we know that our body works like a thermostat with thermoreceptors measuring our core (brain) and shell (skin) temperature. To adjust the temperature of our body our skin, muscles and adipose tissue play a major role.

🧵 (2/18)
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🚨 Polynomial, Earn Vaults V2 is live / Win $OP and More

@PolynomialFi Leveraging decentralized finance derivatives to their fullest potential.
Time to explore possibilities #LFG

⭕️ Before We Start, Don't forget to like and RT for Twitter Algorithm
#AlphaInsiders 🧵🕵️‍♂️⚡️🪂
⭕️ What are Polynomial Earn vaults?
#Polynomial automates financial derivative strategies to create products that deliver passive yield on various assets. Currently, we have a call selling and put/sell strategy on the platform. Image
Through a weekly automated option selling strategy, the vault generates a return on its deposits.
Polynomial Earn Vaults are built on top of the Optimism Network and automate financial derivative strategies to create products that deliver passive yield on various assets. Image
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Sauna and heat exposure to improve your health!

Let’s talk about how our body works in regulating our body temperature and how sauna can actually improve our physical and mental health. #Sauna #Lifestyle #Health #ROAR

🧵👇 Image
Our body works very similar to a thermostat, where you have a temperature sensor measuring the temperature and a controller comparing the measured temperature with the desired temperature eventually activating a heating or cooling device.

🧵 (1/12)
The body has 2 types of thermoreceptors:

1) Peripheral ones in our skin and viscera
2) Central sensors in our brain (hypothalamus)

Neurons are transporting the information to our thermoregulatory center, the preoptic area (PAO).

🧵 (2/12)
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Over the years I’ve chatted with many retired pro-athletes and discovered there’s actually many similarities to retiring from a life of stock trading / hedgefund management. @chrispronger thread below will sound familiar to many that got highs/adrenaline from early success
Trying to find purpose is tough for everyone…especially in these trying times. For some of us, we really struggle emotionally when we no longer find ourselves on a team. We are pack animals and I think depression can creep up on anyone. No matter how much wealth or past success
In someways these types are lucky because the wealth and status attract people so you don’t have to be alone. But on the other hand, few want to hear that your depressed. Even fewer want to try to help because most feel you have no reason to be. And frankly sometimes it’s just…
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1/10 We’re excited to launch 🎨 today!

The first liquidity incentive protocol built to simplify the incentivization process for NFT AMMs like @Sudoswap.

Buckle up and let’s dive in! 🤿
2/10 Individuals who deposit into an NFT AMM (e.g. @Sudoswap) through will receive a tokenized representation of their ownership.

These transferable tokens allow token bearers to control the pool and its underlying assets. 🙌
3/10 These tokens parameterize salient information about the pool to improve composability and enable use cases such as vaulting and incentivization of liquidity. 🚰
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Always feels great to close allocation & reward our awesome #delegators🤗

$GRT fam, we are open for delegation. Stake with us today for high performance & ~13% consistent #APR🔥


@graphprotocol #Web3 #graph $GRT (1/6)🧵
We have special channel on discord for graph-delegators where we discuss everything around #subgraph, @graphprotocol and analytics 🤝

Join now for any questions🚀
Discord: (2/6)🧵
Our effective cut is under 10% so delegators gets the maximum benefit.

Learn about our indexer infrastructure and operations here 👇

@graphopsxyz #Decentralization #indexer (3/6)🧵
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As @graphprotocol network subgraphs adoption is increasing, it's critical to track key performance and adoption metrics like unique consumers, GRT queried, & more📊.

Our mission is to enable data-driven #web3. To reflect on our mission, announcing 🔥Billing Dashboards🔥 (1/5)🧵
Graph Network Billing dashboard📊

• Daily $GRT/ USD funded & queried
• Unique user & amount where query consumed > 100 GRT
• Unique users consuming $GRT weekly
• Latest billing funded transactions…
(2/5)🧵 Image
User Billing Activity and Balance dashboard 👤📊

- Track user's activity on Graph's Billing Studio
• Track user's current and historical billing balance
• Filter billing balance by user wallet address… (3/5)🧵a Image
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1/18 @SimonDixonTwitt, I could have sent you this by Twitter DM, but decided to send it to you on Twitter so that the entire community can see what I’m thinking. (For the record, I’ve never sent Mr. Dixon a DM before)
2/18 Mr. Dixon, (@SimonDixonTwitt), your greatest strength is raising money and our greatest strength is the community. So let’s have a discussion.
3/18 I would not ask you to raise money and demand you make us 100% whole because that is truly unfair to you and your investors, because you could make us 100% whole today and we all withdraw our funds and run off on you because we, the depositors, have no skin in the game.
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WHAT'S THE NEXT $CANTO? Here is a list of 10 new blockchains to expect in 2022-2023

@CantoPublic is a #layer-1 blockchain built to deliver on the promise of #defi. as a post-traditional financial movement, $canto enables accessibility, transparency, and freedom for new systems.
the way they airdropped was something that almost surprised everyone you could simply get like 2K $Canto for doing nothing and just requesting a test #token for their #testnet but if you were early and lucky enough to receive the test token 🚀🍻
By doing a few simple tasks you were eligible to get around 10K $Canto that people sold for +5000K
here are the criteria for the airdrop so if you have posted the tweet and haven't checked your wallet this might be a good time to do #LFG
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看到 @cryptoprag 总结得底部信号指标比较好,记录一下:

1. 大机构爆仓✅
看看 #3AC #CelsiusNetwork #LFG , 虽然后者还不清楚是不是主动作恶,还有之前也爆掉的一些知名大户,身边活了多年的老韭菜居然也有归零的...
2. 行情极度的无聊❌
需要等到白没人接,白mint直接亏,free mint gas不舍得花了
3. SMA200 周线打破❌

4. 散户失去兴致✅
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🏆Mega #BitcoinPizzaDay NFT WL Giveaway 🏆

To enter ⤵️
🏆Follow ALL + @EVMlord, @KryptoliteSwap & @WeEarnAsWeLearn
🏆Turn on Post notifications
🏆Like ❤️ & RT
🏆Tag 4 frens

Closing in 48 hrs ⏰

#KRL #BTC #BNBChain #WLGiveaways #NFT #freemintNFT Image
Everyone who completes above within the next 48 hours would get WL

Minting live at…

Join Discord to stay up to date - Image
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Realty is setting in crytpo is shit and uranium is essential! Decoupling is occurring
There is simply no commodity with a better long term supply demand picture then that of #uranium

#nuclear power is the answer to the biggest two pronged problem the world is facing and that’s the reason it has my attention and I want to help fund the sector.
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1/🧵 My $Luna Journey & Why I am Upset/Disappointed
Many are mad at/disappointed in #DoKwon #Terra_Luna #LFG , #influencers etc. I am NOT. I am upset w/Myself bc I know better. This isn't my first rodeo.
2/ Some may feel a couple of my comments to be a little harsh but I hope you see the balance in my assessment should you read the entire thing. I will address 5 Red Flags I ignored & Humbly give some suggestions for the future based on what I've learned from others & myself
1) How this could've even realistically worked w/the US Gov
2)Echo-chamber in the community
3) Over-leveraging strategies/Number go up
4) Do's actions/comments
5) The community's reactions to Do's behavior/comments & the unwavering idol worship
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A deep dive into the #terra #luna #ust collapse
With a TLDR summary in the thread below:…
Take it back a few weeks and Terra was a top 10 Cryptocurrency by market cap. With its dollar-pegged algorithmic stablecoin UST a market leader for its sector.
Terra = Smart contract Platform
Luna = Native/Governance token
UST = Stablecoin which allows $1 UST to be redeemed for $1 worth of LUNA anytime
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