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天安门大屠杀 Today commentates the 33rd anniversary of the #Tiananmen Square Massacre in China. The CPC has made #HongKong a police state. This will be the first remembrance without a public commemoration in #HK . Remember this was about inflation and runaway food prices 🤫1/8
China’s military executed over 10,000 students protesting food scarcity and runaway prices. The government rolled their tanks over the dead students and then washed their remains down the sewer with fire hoses..#Emblematic of how Xi treats his detractors. #XinjiangPoliceFiles 2/8
As the Rules-based world marches ever closer to a kinetic conflict with China, we must all remember the bravery that Tank Man showed the world in defiance of China’s poor policies and autocratic government. 3/8
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#BREAKING Human Rights chief ⁦@mbachelet⁩ “unable” to assess #Uyghur human rights abuses, frames them in the context of “anti-terrorism” and “de radicalisation” measures (which they aren’t).
Wow. It’s very clear which questions have been provided to @mbachelet in advance. She is reading from a script in response to PRC state media questions. Shocking.
Killer question from @lauriechenwords
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Der Sinologe Klaus Mühlhahn @klamuh hat in Reaktion auf die #XinjiangPoliceFiles in der Berliner Zeitung geschrieben, "wie Deutschland nun reagieren sollte". Seine Handlungsempfehlungen zeugen von Praxisferne. Ein kurzer🧵 /1…
Mühlhahn fordert, dass die Bundesregierung für Aufklärung sorgen solle. Kurioserweise schreibt er, dass "das Thema nicht nur Journalisten oder Thinktanks überlassen werden [kann]". Aber hatte nicht der China-Wissenschaftler @adrianzenz maßgeblich für Licht im Dunkeln gesorgt? /2
Seine zweite Empfehlung betrifft die Prüfung von Lieferketten deutscher Unternehmen. Aber wie genau soll das gehen, wenn unabhängige Wirtschaftsprüfer keinen Zugang zu Xinjiang haben? Zu den politisch-praktischen Schwierigkeiten äussert er sich nicht /3…
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The #XinjiangPoliceFiles show that the mass internments in Xinjiang were carefully planned & executed w/ Beijing's knowledge, based on a 5-year plan: 2017 to 2021.

We can now ascertain this plan's precise execution until Chen Quanguo's removal in 2021:🧵…
This plan was closely built around the person of Chen Quanguo.

In the files, Chen Quanguo admits that Xi Jinping himself "sent me to Xinjiang in order to make a stable Xinjiang arise."

Chen told Xi that he would be willing to be in Xinjiang for 10 years if necessary.
I previously argued that in 2016, Chen immediately hit the ground running, preparing the mass internments through massive police recruitments, the construction of 1000s of police stations, and the expansion of the surveillance apparatus.

Internal files support this assessment.
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Along the trending of #XinjiangPoliceFiles, we received submission of tragic tales from one comment section of an Uyghur song. (1/4)

#Xinjiang #china
Man-made disaster. (2/4)
Torn families. (3/4)
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#XinjiangPoliceFiles #FakedLeakedFiles #LieOfTheCentury

Huge loophole! Xinjiang Victims Database directly contradict the identity of Hawagul Tewekkul, who was reported as being a 50-y old Uyghur woman, in the documents that were leaked by Adrian Zenz.
It's important because she's the one with watering eyes and whose photo was undoubtedly the most eye-catching and that stirred up emotions.

Let's recall that it's not the first time we find oopholes in Western medias' narrative according to Xinjiang Victims Database.
The last one was the testimony of Tursunay Ziyawudun whose testimonies to CNN, BBC, etc. were in contradiction with her testimony record on Xinjiang Victims Database.
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Thread #XinjiangPoliceFiles

Sobre os campos de concentração chineses, com links para consulta.
Enormes arquivos obtidos de dentro da polícia de Xinjiang.
Computadores do campo de reeducação contêm material de imagens de dentro dos campos q revelam Chen Quanguo emitindo ordens de atirar para matar, Xi Jinping exigindo novos campos porque os existentes estão superlotados.👇🏻
O material é sem precedentes:
1.Discursos d alto grado,implicando liderança superior e linguagem contundente.
2.Instruções d segurança do acampamento,mais detalhadas do que a China Cables,descrevem unidades d ataque fortemente armadas com rifles de assalto d campo d batalha👇🏻
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I went through every photograph of the #XinjiangPoliceFiles. It was this weird mix of gut-wrenching anxiety that I might see a relative of mine & hoping that I wouldn't.

I know we're all doing the same. (1/9)
That's how starved for information our diaspora is- that we're willing to go through thousands of photographs that we start feeling sick and angry. We hope but we don't hope.

And at the same time, we already know. Even if their photos aren't there, we see them anyway. (2/9)
We see their faces in every Uyghur. We see them in the photo of 15-year old Rahile Dawut. We see them in 73-year old Anihan Hamit. In Hawagul Tewekkul's eyes, brimming with tears. We see their faces and we see what they're going through, and we can't help but wonder. (3/9)
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NEW: Thousands of images and documents leaked from public security bureaus in Xinjiang provide an unprecedented view of the militarized nature of China’s mass internment camps, refuting official claims about so-called ‘educational centers’ for Uyghurs. 🧵
The leak is the first of its kind, bringing to light photos taken inside the camps, and unearthing evidence of prison-like conditions in Xinjiang, police training materials, confidential transcripts and more. Chinese guards at a detention center in Tekes county in Xinj
The #XinjiangPoliceFiles include mug shots and personal information of thousands of Xinjiang residents, about 2,900 of which were detained, dating back to the height of the Chinese government’s mass internment program of ethnic minorities in 2017 or 2018. The Xinjiang Police Files contains more than 5,000 photos of
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BREAKING: huge trove of files obtained by hacking into Xinjiang police / re-education camp computers contain first-ever image material from inside camps, reveal Chen Quanguo issuing shoot-to-kill orders, Xi Jinping demanding new camps because existing ones are overcrowded. 🧵 Image
The material is unprecedented on several levels:
1. High-level speeches, implicating top leadership and containing blunt language

2. Camp security instructions, far more detailed than China Cables, describe heavily armed strike units with battlefield assault rifles Image
3. Vivid image of police drills, and over 5,000 images of persons taken at detention centers/police stations, 2,884 of them are interned.

4. Spreadsheets showing vast scale of internments: over 12% of adult population of Uyghur county in 2018 shown in camps or prisons. Image
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