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parliamo di #Cina

cosa sta succedendo a HK ora che si avvicina il 4 giugno

come prima mossa

per impedire adunate e veglie per commemorare #Tiananmen
il governo di HK ha prima detto che quest'anno⬇️…
la veglia non si sarebbe tenuta per lavori di manutenzione al parco

poi ha dato lo spazio a un mercato

dopo il governatore ha fatto sapere che
"i residenti devono obbedire alla legge e considerare le conseguenze delle loro azioni" ⬇️…
poi ha messo i soldati a pattugliare il parco dove per 30 anni si erano tenute le veglie

ricordo che HK era l'unico posto in Cina dove le veglia si sono tenute sempre dal 1989

in concomitanza con l'apertura a NY
del Memoriale del 4 giugno da ⬇️…
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Colorful & publicly unrestrained for such a high-level #CCP leader, #JiangZemin played a key role not just in the demise of #ZhaoZiyang's reformers, immediately after the #Tiananmen disaster, but in their resurgence. 1/n
In May 1989, as Shanghai's mayor, Jiang shut down the liberal (pro-Zhao Ziyang, Hu Yaobang)"World Economic Herald," which Party conservatives accused of having colluded with foreign forces against the CCP and socialism. 2/n
As the new CCP Gen Secy in June 1989, Jiang, like Deng Xiaoping, opposed the conservative push to elevate state planning over market forces. His compromise: declare "patriotism" to be the mission of PRC intellectuals while continuing economic reforms. 3/n
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#Chine (Bis)

Depuis #Tiananmen (1989) la Chine avait choisi le renoncement aux libertés politiques contre la garantie du devt éco. Et ce fut "gagnant" : en 25 ans, le PIB/ habitant a été x par 9 avec 745M pers sortis de la pauvreté 1/4…
2/4 Sauf que c’est terminé : la #Chine va connaître en 2022 sa croissance la + faible depuis 50 ans, les 50% les plus pauvres possèdent aujourd’hui 3x moins de la richesse chinoise qu’il y a 30 ans. Sans aucune compensation.
3/4 la Chine a reculé de la 142e  à la 148e  place du "Democracy Index" de @TheEconomist pendant les 2 1ers mandats de #XiJingping. Résultat : ce sont auj les 20-30 ans, ceux qui n’ont pas connu la transformation économique, qui manifestent dans les grandes villes.
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On this 33rd anniversary of the #VelvetRevolution - we reclaim our revolution, our democracy, our freedom, and our friends.
His Holiness @DalaiLama was the first foreign leader and friend President #Havel welcomed.

Mr. Havel didn't befriend him because of his military or economy. He befriended a leader who fled his home, who was not recognized by the world, and whose people faced annihilation.
President #Havel sought alliance and friendship with one who yearned to be free - who believed that truth and love must prevail over lies and hatred in the face of naked aggression and brutal repression.

#HongKongers need the same friendship from you - the Czech people - today.
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天安门大屠杀 Today commentates the 33rd anniversary of the #Tiananmen Square Massacre in China. The CPC has made #HongKong a police state. This will be the first remembrance without a public commemoration in #HK . Remember this was about inflation and runaway food prices 🤫1/8
China’s military executed over 10,000 students protesting food scarcity and runaway prices. The government rolled their tanks over the dead students and then washed their remains down the sewer with fire hoses..#Emblematic of how Xi treats his detractors. #XinjiangPoliceFiles 2/8
As the Rules-based world marches ever closer to a kinetic conflict with China, we must all remember the bravery that Tank Man showed the world in defiance of China’s poor policies and autocratic government. 3/8
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Thread. Seeing the anniversary of one of Americas colour revolutions in China is coming up, I thought it was time to repost what was lost. There are many myths regarding the supposed #TiananmenSquareMassacre, knowing what we know now, how America fabricates information...
Take a look at that Iconic Image, the western media portrays #TankMan as a symbol of defiance, but what is the truth? Did you know he lived? Did you know he was actually stopping the tanks from leaving the square the morning after? Did you notice he has two bags? Lets see below Image
Here we have the full video, as you can see he goes on his merry way, his friends even give the soldiers a wave, that second bag, where did that go? A gift for the soldiers perhaps, but that is speculation. Facts are he stopped them leaving, and he lived
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#HongKong’s leader Carrie Lam has announced she won’t “run” for another term (ie won’t be selected by a Communist Party approved committee). This means she will be retiring soon and a new leader will be appointed.
Carrie Lam will be known as the leader who instigated the 2019 political crisis in #HongKong by trying to push through a massively unpopular law allowing for extradition to mainland courts controlled by the Communist Party. She then governed as the upheaval got worse. #China
At the end of a calamitous year in 2019, Carrie Lam and her allies were obliterated at the ballot box (in the only real elections #HongKong had) losing control of all but one local council. She then did #Beijing’s bidding destroying that system to ensure no more proper elections.
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1/ Ist in #China die #NoCovid Strategie gescheitert – ein Faktencheck.

Derzeit gehen die Zahlen aus #Hongkong herum und werden gerne als Beweis genommen.… Image
2/ Nur #Hongkong ist nicht #China.
In den Zahlen↑ liegt China noch auf der x-Achse – #Inzidenz <1.

Es ist eine „Sonderverwaltungszone“ mit einer relativ hohen Autonomie. Das war IMHO der Grund das #NoCovid hier unzureichend umgesetzt wurde.
3/ In diesem Zusammenhang seit daran erinnert das im Dezember die Nachrichten umher gingen, das die #Tiananmen Denkmäler entfernt wurden.
Solch ein Denkmal in Festland-China wäre IMHO undenkbar gewesen.

Aber #NoCovid ist kein Synonym für Diktatur.… Image
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20. yüzyılın sembol fotoğrafının hikayesi ve Çin’in yükselişi…

Çin'deki son etkili gösterinin üzerinden 32 yıl geçti. Ekonomik #kriz ve yüksek enflasyon gibi nedenlerle Nisan 1989'da başlayan ve demokrasi talepleriyle kısa sürede büyüyen gösteriler...
öğrencilerin #Demokrasi Tanrıçası'nın heykelini Mao'nun heykelinin karşısına dikilmesiyle devam etti. Gösteriler o kadar hızı büyüyordu ki 400 kentte caddeler dolmaya başlamıştı. Öğrencilerin başı çektiği olaylar başkentteki Tiananmen Meydanı’nında yoğunlaştı.
İlk zamanlarda müdahale konusunda çekimser kalan Komünist Parti kararını verdi: Göstericilerin taleplerini karşılanamaz, kalabalıklar sertlik ile dağıtılacak.
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3. İlaveten; Çin'in üzerinden de çok buldozerler geldi, geçti. En önemlisi Çin, aklını yeniledi. 3000 Yıllık “Tarihi Çin Aklı” hapsedildiği “Yasak Şehrin Zindanları”dan çıktı ve devletin değer verdiği bir konuma yerleşti. Görünürde hala bir “Komünist Çin “Akılsızlığı” var.
4. Da… Bundan sonrasının Çin’inin yol haritasını çizilecek olan, “Tarihi Akıl” olacak kanaatimizce.
Bu durumu; dünya fark etmedi; doğal olarak, bizde de fark edilmiş değil.
5. Lakin ne kadar saklarsa saklasın, Çin'in akıl değiştirdiğini, Galler Masası ve o masanın etrafında, gittikçe çoğalan halkalarıı oluşturanlar çok iyi biliyorlar. Onlar; durumu gördü ve ona göre formatladılar/formatlıyorlar kendilerini.
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THREAD: So @vox writer @seanilling just said that ppl like me worry too much about #freespeech b/c “speech has never been freer.” Bizarre assertion in 2020. Speech was probably freer in 2005 before the "democratic recession" began, but it was certainly freer in, say, 2015. (1/65)
It’s important to address this because there’s been a trend in “nothing to see here,” thinly sourced stories claiming that nobody should really worry about free speech, Cancel Culture, or any of these themes. (2/65)
So, where to begin?

First, I'll start with the global picture, but don't worry, I'll get to my specialty, censorship in US higher education, later in this thread.

Bottomline: The situation for global #freespeech has gotten worse this year & over the past several years (3/65)
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Parabéns pelo Massacre de #Tiananmen.
Parabéns pelos presos e mortos na revolução cultural.
Pelos Uigures presos em campos de concentração.
Pelos órgãos retirados de prisioneiros.
Pela invasão e ocupação forçada do Tibet.

Parabéns, Partido Comunista Chinês. Image
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Feeling very down on #June4. Then CBC called to ask me to join a conversation on the particular significance of this anniversary and other callers’ comments were so kind. A reminder to try to not feel hopeless about the hate #COVID19 seem to exacerbate.…
Thank you so much @michelle_eliot @mabeltung for the conversation.
My recent conversations with people on the ground in Hong Kong:… @TorontoStar #June4 #Tiananmen #NationalSecurityLaw #hk #cdnpoli
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31 anos do Massacre da Praça da Paz Celestial na China.

Não deixem que a China nem o Átila esqueçam.

#TiananmenSquareMassacre #Tiananmen #China #TiananmenMassacre ImageImageImageImage
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Never forget the #TiananmenSquareMassacre of 31 years ago. It was a day on which the Chinese military was send in to "restore order" following massive pro-democracy protests.

Bodies and bikes lay crushed in the streets around the square, run over by armoured vehicles ImageImageImageImage
#HongKong commemorates the #TiananmenMassacre tonight, despite HK police banning the rally.

For Hongkongers the bloodshed of #Tiananmen serves as a nightmare scenario for their own city Image
#HongKong commemorating the #TiananmenMassacre ImageImageImageImage
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AFP graphic comparing police and organiser estimates for the turnout at Hong Kong's annual 1989 Tiananmen vigil.

Hong Kong police have banned this year's event for the first time in its 30-year history

Hong Kong is to mark China's deadly Tiananmen crackdown with candle-light ceremonies after authorities banned a mass vigil

📸 Isaac Lawrence
VIDEO: Man kneels in front of barriers blocking entry to Victoria Park where Hong Kongers usually gather in large numbers annually on June 4 to mark the anniversary of China's deadly Tiananmen crackdown. This year's vigil has been banned
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Take an #intelligence #History
break! The #photography & #Video evidence of what was left of the #Chinese people after the "People's Liberation Army" committed the #TiananmenSquareMassacre
(link to directory, ++NSFL). Never again. #FreeHongKong…
Fair disclosure: In the 90s I was a "welcomer" for #HongKong students at my uni. Overtly we were 🇨🇦 peer mentors. Really we were defending 🇭🇰 students whom the #Chinese & #Communists clubs targeted for #psychological #Terrorism with #Tiananmen gutter-burger pics & rape threats.
As always, I do my best to withhold my politics while teaching - you can construct your own narrative by critical thinking or you wouldn't bother to engage & educate yourselves about espionage - its methods & manifestations; its history & historiography; its fact & fantasies. Yet
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Exactly 31 years ago at this moment, Chinese troops entered #Tiananmen Sq. after opening fire on peaceful protesters.

In memory of the 1989 victims, this is what Raymond Yeung, who lost an eye in a peaceful protest, has to say about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP):
In June 1989, hundreds of souls in Tiananmen Square were lost in the fight for democracy from the CCP.

When bullets started flying and tanks moved through the streets of Beijing, Hong Kong became the last beacon of hope for freedom in China.
For 30 years, tens of thousands of #Hongkongers have kept candles lit in 4th June vigils to remember the fallen.

This year, the vigil is banned in Hong Kong for the first time ever, after a year of our #FightForFreedom and China forcing the #NationalSecurityLaw on Hong Kong.
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I get that there are a lot of law and order folks who are absolutely sick of watching these left wing extremists burn our nation.... but turning DC into #KentState or #tiananmen will NOT stop this problem. The left is DESPERATE /1 #GeorgeFloyd
because in he last 72 hours they have (1) lost public support (2) been targeted as a terrorist movement with the full support of moderates (3) provided tons of footage showing exactly what animals #antifa are and (4) shown categorically /2 #GeorgeFloyd
that @realDonaldTrump is NOT a dictator desperate to turn his guns on minorities at the slightest provocation. Far better that his response be measured and err on the side of caution because if you hand @CNN footage of /3 #GeorgeFloyd
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#30MAGGIO 1989 🇨🇳

In Piazza Tiananmen a Pechino gli studenti svelano la statua della "Dea della Democrazia", o "Dea della Libertà", alta quasi 10 metri.

Verrà distrutta dall'esercito il #4giugno successivo.… Image
#3GIUGNO 1989 🇨🇳

Alle 22:00 del 3 giugno 1989 a Pechino l'esercito cinese uccide il primo manifestante: è il 32enne Song Xiaoming.… Image
#TAIWAN 🇹🇼 ha chiesto alla #CINA 🇨🇳 di scusarsi per Piazza #Tiananmen, la sanguinosa repressione del 1989 contro i manifestanti democratici.

Pechino come al solito ha respinto sdegnosamente la richiesta: «sciocchezze»
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1. LONG THERAD: I'm very excited to read this brilliant new biography of @SpeakerPelosi — a longtime ally of #HongKong's pro-democracy movement and one of my most admired figures in contemporary international politics — written by @mollyesque. Image
2. In case after case, Pelosi's mastery of the House of Representatives shows through in the pages. She's a hardworking, purposeful progressive who knows how to lead her increasingly diverse caucus well while also making necessary compromises left and right to get things done.
3. Chap. 7 is the most personal to me. It charts Pelosi's rise to national prominence after the #Tiananmen Massacre of 1989 as a second-term congresswoman from California. She'd support the protests from afar and now wanted to protect Chinese students in the US from retribution.
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This thread contains information/tweets about #Tiananmen ("massacre") of 1989.
1."Facts, fiction and propaganda"…
3. The Truth Behind the Myth of the 'Tiananmen Square Massacre' - Opinion Piece By Dr. Dennis Etler

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A note on why it's important to recognize the anniversary of #TankMan and the 1989 events in #TiananmenSquare, as many did this week. 1/4
A friend in his twenties works for a private company, and his colleague is a young Chinese woman who worked as an English translator for Chinese government officials while she was in college in China. She lives and works in the U.S. now on a visa. 2/4
My friend mentioned #Tiananmen to his Chinese colleague, and discovered this coworker believed the massacre never happened. She thought #TankMan was a conspiracy theory. 3/4
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A western liberal interpretation of #TianAnMen dominates in current commentaries. Yet, it seems that the movement instead derived from a #socialist conception of #democracy and was a reaction against the elite betrayal of egalitarianism in the early reform period. @CriticalDev
@CriticalDev Indeed, I knew a fine old man from Chengdu who had suffered deeply during the Cultural Rev and was fearful of the student protests precisely because he was worried of a return to Cult Rev chaos. Not to justify what happened, but just to say that… 1/n
@CriticalDev … the dominant narratives are so shallow, especially in terms of understanding the divided social sources of power that were underpinning and informing the erratic state response. 2/2
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