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The WUC thanks @MaajidNawaz for his strong support of #Uyghur human rights.

With his recent hunger strike, he called on the UK government to hold a debate on the #Uyghurs facing genocide in #EastTurkistan.…
‘’I have been so moved [...] after so many years, my people’s suffering is recognized, and the conscience of the good people of this world, of whom there are so many, is stirring into action’’ said WUC UK Director @MahmutRahima
‘’We are deeply appreciative of his brave action against China’s ongoing atrocities against the Uyghur people. It is very meaningful for Uyghurs, we will never forget his strong support in times of crisis’’ said WUC President @Dolkun_Isa
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Op-ed ⬇️
In today's warfare & geopolitics, Human Rights has become 1 of the most abused words in the dictionary. Politicians & govs use 'Human Rights' to discredit their opponents, as argument to invade & as a tool to justify own actions & policies.
This article includes the history of #HumanRights, how it got politicalized and became a 'Western' hegemony that neglects its own violations & some of the outrageous allegations, sanctioning & invasions based on HR reports we face in #China #Russia #Iran nowadays.

Some excerpts:
The horrors of fascism created an evolving consensus around human rights as an international norm that led to the 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights'. This declaration became the foundation of a multitude of global & regional measures that established a body of HR law.
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So this old video from #Xinjiang of inmates transfer from Kashgar to Korla is making rounds on social media again. It 1st surfaced in Sept, 2019 but appeared to be older video from 2018 based on image analysis. Thread:
Here’s thread by Nathan Ruther of @ASPI_ICPC establishing the timeline of the video to be Aug, 2018.

Note @ASPI_org is a Australian think tank funded by US weapons manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin and US State Department
We don’t have any more information about the nature of this inmate transfer whether it was routine btw prisons in #Xinjiang, or it was tied to re-education program. What we do know is that Chinese gov have stated that all camps closed in July 2019. It was reported by NYT Aug 2019
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Abduwéli Ershidin Bozlan is part of a remarkable generation of avant-garde #Uyghur poets who came of age in the 2000s. Here is my translation of my favorite of Bozlan's works, a strangely compelling and romantic poem I keep coming back to. Tr. published in @harvardadvocate


You secretly try to howl my heart,
a thousand years I've lain listening as you howled among bones.
Our souls were two bullets shot at each other,
when our corpses like buried cities are half uncovered,
you secretly try to howl my heart.

You secretly try to howl my heart,
ruins flow through veins like a dead man's lost body.
Our tunnels back to you were choked up with mud and clay,
when the peal of a bell breaks through the wine cup,
you secretly try to howl my heart.

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The @AP story on #Uyghur hair weaves supposedly from Xinjiang prison camp detainees such mess that I had to read it several times to establish their sources for allegations. Thread:…
1st paragraph seem pretty unambiguous: US officials seized hair weaves suspected to be made from human hair harvested from Chinese internment camps. Then I started to look for their source of allegation, that’s when things get messy...
Then we are told this is 2nd time this yr hair weaves frm China seized on suspicion of being made w forced labor. No further mention of claims abt harvest hair frm #Uyghur prisoners...

Also apparently the order is to hold goods until CBP can investigate claims of wrongdoing...
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1. Ilham Tohti
2. Rahile Dawut
3. Halmurat Ghopur
4. Tashpolat Teyip
5. Chimengul Awut
6. Arslan Abdulla
7. Dilmurat Ghopur
8. Jemile Saqi
9. Abdukerim Rahman
10. Abduqadir Jalalidin
11. Zulpiqar Barat
12. Alim Ehet
13. Nurbiye Yadikar
14. Mutellip Sidiq Qahiri
15. Gheyretjan Osman
16. Abdurehim Rahman
17. Ababekri Ablet
18. Perhat Behti
19. Abdusebir Shukri
20. Tursunjan Behti
21. Dilmurat Tursun
22. Erkin Omer
23. Qurban Osman
24. Kamil Metrehim
25. Nijat Sopi
26. Sattar Sawut
27. Abdurahman Ebey
28. Abdurazaq Sayim
29. Abduletip Abdurehim
30. Hebibulla Tohti
31. Muhemmed Salih Damolla
32. Gheyret Abdurahman
33. Qurban Mamut
34. Tahir Nasir
35. Ehmetjan Momin
36. Alimjan Memtimin
37. Ablimit Bilge
38. Ilham Weli
39. Kuresh Tahir
40. Tursunjan Hezim
41. Omerjan Nuri
42. Muhtar Rozi
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Latest for @dw_chinese - On Monday, @adrianzenz published another groundbreaking research that revealed how #Beijing is carrying out a mass-sterilization program targeting #Uyghur women in #Xinjiang. I talked to him about the logics behind the program.…
"This particular research points a little bit to the direction of actual genocide since it ticked one of the criteria of the United Nation’s Convention on the Prevention of Genocide. There is evidence showing China has launched a mass suppression of births targeting the Uyghurs."
"This extremely draconian regime of population control gave an impression that China is enforcing existing family planning regulations. However, the evidence that I uncovered points to the fact that they are doing a lot more than enforcing existing family planning regulations."
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Almost everyone expected #China to reach econ and military superpower status within our lifetime.

But this is now in serious question due to President Xi’s misjudgement and mismanagement.

My piece in the @TheNatlInterest

Short thread 1/10…
Unlike previous CCP leaders, President Xi views Chinese history and future trajectory from a Han-nationalist perspective. Success is “payback” for two centuries of “humiliation”. China must not just win the global geo-political game but must “assert” itself. 2/10
1. Belt-and-Road initiative whereby China would build the trade infrastructure to serve the next century is degenerated into a crude mechanism of “debt diplomacy” complete with demands for territorial concessions. 3/10
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#THREAD: #Beijing Steps Up the Pace of #Uyghur Forced Labor into Inner #China

Beijing ramps up transfers of Uyghurs into forced labor outside of their region, said an #Australian think tank

A #Nike manufacturer uses such forced labor

A must read👍…
Tens of thousands of unwilling Uyghur recruits, many straight from internment camps, are being herded as never before, onto trains. To fulfill a rising tide of punishing Government quotas, they are being shipped in increasing numbers to factories and sweat shops to
In “Uyghurs For Sale,” the original report, 83 global brands & labels were identified as having benefitted from Uyghur forced labor at some stage in their supply chain. Major tech, automotive & fashion int. firms, including from nine European countries, have all been implicated.
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6 yrs ago today, an attack at a market near the URC People's Park in Ürümchi. I woke up to the news a few km away & felt afraid. So many things changed. The city & region grew more securitized; the era of "People's War on Terror" and 便民卡 soon followed…
There are many watershed moments in the #Uyghur region's recent history. This is one. So much fear was born that day. My own never went away; instead it morphed into something ambiguous, agitated constantly by the security forces stationed @ street corners, marching thru the city
Those security forces never went away, not even after I moved back to the US in 2016. Back in the Uyghur region in 2018, it struck me that the "new" checkpoints + stations weren't even all that new -- just more material manifestations of that heightened security presence.
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China has resumed placing tens of thousands of #Uyghurs from #Xinjiang's notorious re-education camps to forced labor in at least 19 provinces around the country, @SCMPNews revealed.…
"Excellent graduates were to be taken on as labourers by various inland governments, in particular, 19 provinces and municipalities," said one source.
According to SCMP, at least 19 provinces and cities have been given quotas to hire Muslim minorities, mostly Uyghurs, who have “graduated” from re-education camps.
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"The sooner #China was included into the international community, the earlier it would learn to play along with international norms, the argument went. But, China’s current measures indicate otherwise. International norms are the ones being played."…
"China’s attempts to make the @UN a tool for achieving its hegemonic ambition would erode the institution’s trustworthiness from within and render international cooperation parochial."
"China’s approach to international cooperation would defeat the UN’s purpose to settle distributional conflicts since, very soon, other stakeholders would realize that cooperation is a cloak for advancing China’s national interests."
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◼️◻️ After the International call to protect the rights of prosecuted #Catalan civic and political leaders, #Spain is positioning agents in @UN and @EUroparl_en decision-making boards, directly putting in danger the protection of human rights.


◼️◻️ Another new member of the @UN #HumanRights committee is #China, recently tarnished by the #Uyghur concentration camps scandal. Digital gag laws, political persecution and police abuses are also in #Spain's track record.

◼️◻️ In 2017, @UN experts Annalisa Ciampi, @leilanifarha, @Alfreddezayas & José A. Guevara, urged #Spain to stop police violence against #Catalan #indyref voters, while @davidakaye advised not to persecute political figures.

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For #IWD2020 Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, highlights 25 Women Political Prisoners in #Egypt, #Russia, #China, #Iran, #Turkey, #Burundi, #Saudi Arabia, the #Philippines, and #Eritrea
“In #Egypt, President Sisi has attempted to quash dissent and consolidate control by wrongfully imprisoning human rights defenders.”

- Mahienour el-Masry, a human rights lawyer
- Esraa Abdel Fattah, a human rights activist and reporter
“In #Russia, President Putin’s government utilizes politically-motivated imprisonment to bolster its power by cracking down on journalists, human rights advocates, religious minorities, Ukrainian citizens, and civil society advocates.”

- Yulia Tsetkova, LGBT activist
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1/ Think Tank @ASPI_org found that over 80000 #Uyghurs as forced labour from #Xinjiang’s #ReEducationCamp are forced to work in factories for 83 well-known global brands, including @Apple, @BMV, @Gap, @Nike, @Samsung, @Sony, @Volkswagen and #Huawei.
2/ Also, #Uyghurlabour is forced to receive ideological brainwashing, live under surveillance, barred from religious practices, and deprived of their freedom of movement. Without doubt, #China now tramples on human rights of the ethnic minority to boost its economic growth.
3/ It is terribly disgusting and morally wrong for #China to frame those Xinjiang workers as “government-led, semi-military style management, can withstand hardship, no loss of personnel” in advertisement these state-sponsored #Uyghur labour.
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1. Yaxing, sebetulnya saya sudah cukup lama tahu. Dulu, hingga 2016 adalah sekolah untuk anak-anak yg kurikulumnya memasukkan hafalan Al Quran di dalamnya. Tak salah jika kita di sini menyebutnya pesantren.

Tapi, Yaxing bukan di Xinjiang. Yaxing berada di Kab. Linxia, Gansu.
2. Dari Xinjiang, saya harus naik pesawat selama 3 jam ke Lanzhou. Lalu berperjalanan darat selama 3,5 jam ke Linxia.

Linxia adalah juga kota yg Muslimnya cukup banyak. Tapi bukan dari etnis Uyghur, melainkan etnis Hui. Maka, Linxia juga sering disebut Huimin Linxia.
3. "Xianzai, zhe shi yige wenti. Now, it's a problem" kata Abu Bakar, Direktur Yaxing, ketika saya tanya kenapa sekarang Yaxing hanya menjadi sekolah 'biasa' seperti sekolah lain di China.

Sejak 2016, kurikulum agama Islam di Yaxing ditiadakan. Pemerintah melarang.
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For Christmas 2019, I skipped the usual festive celebration and instead received a holiday message from Ablimit, the #Uyghur father of four who lost contact with his family for the second time this year. We chatted a bit, and he sounded just tired and powerless.
Over the last year, I’ve had dozens of interviews or simply chats with overseas #Uyghurs who set aside their usual life and took on the mission of advocating for their missing families.
For all of them, repeated threats and harassments from #Beijing is nothing new, and having to actively engage with government officials as well as human rights organizations have become a new normal.
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#China_Is_Terrorist, An Analysis

The Power of K-Pop Fandoms
And Indonesian Users

This hashtag is very interesting. It gained 1M+ conversations in 3 days, and among the word trending topic for quite long.

Drone Emprit has collected 1,140,662 twits. Here is the result.
Trend: Started by Turkish, Exploded by K-Pop Fandoms, Extended by Indonesian

The #China_is_Terrorist hashtag was started by Turkish users. Until 19:00 (21 Dec), it went no where. Then K-Pop Fandoms came in and quickly brought it into WTT. Indonesian users extended its live.
Top Influencers: Dominated by K-Pop avatars

During the period of 21-23 December 2019, K-Pop avatars e.g. @btss117 and @min_miso_yoongi, dominated the top influencers of #China_is_Terrorist hashtag.

@R4jaPurwa from Indonesia is among the top 5 influencers world wide.
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The @Europarl_EN held a debate about the situation in #EastTurkistan, hours after Ilham Tohti was honoured with the #SakharovPrize.

EU High Rep for Foreign Affairs @JosepBorrellF spoke first, noting the EU's deep concern & the active role it has played in addressing the issue.
@Europarl_EN @JosepBorrellF "We ask China to allow access to these camps and allow those detained to be released. They have been detained simply for following their religious beliefs or expressing their opinions."

- MEP Isabel Wiseler-Lima @iwiseler
@Europarl_EN @JosepBorrellF @iwiseler “All mass detention centres must be shut and perpetrators of the massive human rights abuses must be brought to justice. We also expect that the EU is ready to adopt targeted sanctions against those responsible.”

- MEP @KatiPiri
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Begini Bang @Yusuf_Mansur
1. Chef di restoran Chinese Muslim di PIK itu dari Lanzhou. BUKAN dari Xinjiang. Kapan waktu nanti saya kenalkan.

2. Syaikh DR. Abu Bakar adalah Hui, bukan #Uyghur. Beliau tinggal di Lin Xia. S2 di Pakistan, S3 di Amerika Serikat.
Lanjut ya Bang @Yusuf_Mansur
3. 'Pesantren' Ya Xing juga BUKAN di Xinjiang, tapi di Provinsi Gansu. 2.100km jauhnya dari Xinjiang. Sama seperti Jakarta-Medan.

4. Ya Xing dalam bahasa Mandarin artinya peacefull. Jauh kali kalau dicocoklogi sama Yasin.
Saya memang tidak terlalu dekat dengan DR. Abu Bakar, tapi dengan pengusaha-pengusaha Muslim yg mendanai pembangunan Ya Xing-nya. Nanti Bang @Yusuf_Mansur saya kenalkan.

Oh ya, Uyghur itu etnis, Xinjiang itu wilayah. Jadi yg benar adalah jalan ke Xinjiang, bukan jalan ke Uyghur.
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Two Turkic Islamic Empires, Ghaznavid and Qarakhanid split up Persian Samanid Empire btw them. Qarakhanid with its capital in Kashgar laid foundation of traditional #Uyghur culture. At the time Uyghur only refer to Buddhist Uyghur Kingdom in Gaochang to the east of Qarakhanid
Mahmud al-Kashgari, a scion of Qarakhanid Dynasty in Kashgar, author of Dīwān Lughāt al-Turk (“Compendium of the languages of the Turks") castigated #Uyghur as infidels for their Buddhist beliefs.
Mahmud al-Kashgari also recorded poem celebrating Turko-Islamic Qarakhanid conquest of Buddhist Iranian (Saka) Kingdom of Khotan:

We came down on them like a flood!
We went out among their cities!
We tore down the idol-temples,
We shat on the Buddha's head!
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Here is another trick to getting longer lashes! #uyghur #camps

In new report dropped yesterday… I wrote abt how 🇨🇳 tech companies - Huawei, ByteDance/TikTok, Alibaba, even telecom companies - are aiding rights abuses in Xinjiang, and the policies that encouraged them to. See section: “All roads lead to Xinjiang”
And watch this 10 min documentary (disclaimer: I made it). Listen to the Uyghur people… (Sorry @adilawhy for using this pic again. It’s a really strong quote)
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Latest for @dw_chinese - In the midst of the intense #HongKong coverage, I took some time off to follow up on the "confession" video of #Uyghurs released by @globaltimesnews on Sunday. I talked to two American Uyghurs targeted by that campaign, and here's what they told me -
@dw_chinese @globaltimesnews @Alfred_Uyghur and @ferkat_jawdat's mothers and uncles are all featured in the video, and Arfat told me that the Chinese government has been refusing to answer his questions about his parents' conditions since he started speaking out about their disappearance.
@dw_chinese @globaltimesnews @Alfred_Uyghur @ferkat_jawdat "My mom was detained in re-education camps from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2019. Three months ago, I made a testimonial video, in which I talked about how I learned about my mom’s release from the camp and the life-threatening surgery that she received afterward."
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Father of “East Turkestan”: Russian Sinologist Nikita Yakovlevich Bichurin. He 1st invented the term “East Turkestan” to replace “Chinese Turkestan” in foreign language usage in 1829.

coincided w Russian conquest of Central Asia which led to establishment of Russian Turkestan
Since then, “East Turkestan” have been used interchangeably with “Chinese Turkistan” for #Xinjiang as a geographic term to mark it from ”West Turkestan” or “Russian Turkestan”

This 1909 map use “Chinese Turkistan”👇🏼
This 1897 map of Russian conquest use “East Turkestan” to denoted Tarim Basin area, #Uyghur homeland in South #Xinjiang under Chinese Empire.

It also marked in orange, part of Ghulja, Xinjiang occupied by Russia in 1871 and cede by China in Treaty of Saint Petersburg (1881),
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