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@ministerVWS dringt u een gifprik op en als u schade heeft, zoekt u het maar lekker uit.

#ikdoewelmee #gevaccineerd #vrijwillig

De 💉brigade wordt bedankt voor haar medewerking aan het slaafs volgen van een smeerlappen bende met een "zoek het uit".

Je hebt er zelfs je eigen
kinderen aan uitgeleverd, je familie gek gemaakt die prik te nemen, je werknemer verplicht die spuit er in te laten rammen en als klap op de vuurpijl, je medemens buiten gesloten. Uitgesloten van deelname aan de maatschappij.

De rot zit niet bij mij ;)
U krijgt nu de rekening gepresenteerd. Schade? Uw probleem. Mogelijk bevat de nota zelfs de hoogst mogelijke prijs. Uw dierbaren overlijden aan de prik. Of, u zelf.

Maar de overheid is niet aansprakelijk, de gifmengers zijn niet aansprakelijk maar U.

U nam dat spul!
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1/ Culture & its development in #web3 #openmetaverse #NFTs is the foundational building blocks of a true digital #metaverse economy powered by #blockchain a 🧵👇following talks at #OuterEdge2023 #ParisBlockchainWeek #nftparis… @decryptmedia @animocabrands
2/ Production of arts & cultural goods in the US is already a close to trillion dollar industry employing over 5 million people, direct participation in the industry of culture is already a critical component of any thriving economy today…
3/ However when you consider the impact #arts & #culture have in other industries it becomes clear that culture is the foundation of most of our economic activity from retail, gaming, entertainment and even outdoor recreation.
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@RonaldReagan, the racɪst and profoundly *disgusting* figurehead President, whom the @GOP installed in 1980 through an act of treason intended to humiliate Pres. Carter, taught his nation a lot of very bad habits.

"worst President" sticks fairly firmly to Ronald Reagan.

among the worst of the habits which @RonaldReagan taught American politics was the appallingly hypocritical and destructive habit of pretending that "government" was an enemy force—it was always absurd, because Reagan and the @GOP were running the government.

but when the @GOP—through their mouthpiece @RonaldReagan, who was a third-rate actor going senile but was still lucid enough to be rehearsed and scripted into delivering speeches full of reactionary diatribe—said "government" they meant something rather specific.

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The ROH (& ballet) is a flagship company bringing mostly international artists in most disciplines of the art form. It is not our NATIONAL opera company. Not in terms of ambitions of education, price entry level, outreach, audience demographic, innovation,artists or identity.
ENO is/has always been these things. That is why it created English National Opera North which tours the smaller cities / venues in midlands & up to Newcastle. Why axe the National company in our capital where larger audiences for every production will only be sustainable there
due to population/travel accessibility/ being the cultural hub? Every large European city sustains its international house & home house for its own creatives & tours from there.
You can't find a year round audience in any region outside the capital for rep theatre/ musical so
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📢#MiCA is complete!

The landmark #crypto regulation sets out uniform 🇪🇺 requirements for offerors of #cryptoassets and service providers (#CASPs) to apply for authorisation in the Single Market.

👀🧵for a full dive on #MiCA and what it means for the #cryptoindustry.

Even though a better agreement was close last week, 🇫🇷 vetoed it during the 🇪🇺 MS intervention period & raised concerns on USD-denominated #stablecoins used as a "means of #exchange", suggesting a return to their restriction when used for #settlement purposes ❗️

The compromise was to at least clarify that USD-#stablecoins used for spot #trading would NOT be captured.

The final text was approval by #COREPER yesterday and @EP_Economics will do it on 10/10. Final adoption by Ministers and the Parliament’s Plenary will be end of Oct.

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Byzantine Empresses in modern art and imagination ✨🎨

#History #Arts #Byzantium Image
Irene of Athens (752 – 803)
Coming from a prominent family of Athens, Irene was brought to Constantinople to marry Emperor Leo IV. She is famous for bringing an end to the first iconoclasm, the fight with her son for the throne & for being the reason for Pope to name the frankish
King Charlemagne as Roman Emperor since the title was "vacant" if you were a woman Empress. Yeap...that according to the Pope. Of course Romans/Eastern Romans/Byzantines thought that was crap...but here we are now with this confusing nomenclature.
*They also tried to marry them Image
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Divonne-les-Bains : Karin Schneider, l'insolente qui fait du vin ...
Elle réfléchit déjà au vin qu'elle veut faire l'année prochaine, certainement avec du raisin en culture biologique ou en biodynamique.… #biodynamie
Le Hofgut Rengoldshausen célèbre 800 ans de ferme et 90 ans d'agriculture biodynamique. Depuis la fondation au XIIIe siècle, une ferme progressiste s'est développée et les femmes sont toujours influentes. #Biodynamique…
Château d’Estoublon: le jardin provençal du couple Bruni-Sarkozy Depuis longtemps conduite en agriculture biologique, les vignes se voient appliquer les principes de la biodynamie depuis quelques années.… Image
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🗒️Depuis un an, nous avons établi 130 #listes thématiques publiques afin de vous offrir une #veille de qualité :

L’interface de Twitter ne permettant pas de les classer, nous vous proposons, pour y pallier, cette Liste des listes, aka la #Métaliste🤓 !⬇️
✅La recherche made in @SciencesPo :

Veille générale :
SP, RI, affaires publiques :
✅Nos veilles en #SciencePolitique :

SP générale
Socio pol
Philo pol
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Looking forward to hearing what should be an interesting debate from an illustrious panel on what contents of the #LevellingUpWhitePaper will really mean for local & regional policymakers #PolExEvents
First speaker Mayor @BenHouchen opens his talk saying that the #LevellingUpWhite Paper was never going to please everyone due to "different people wanting different things". However, welcomes the fact we now have definition for #LevellingUp & list of govt priorities #PolExEvents
Houchen says we now need to see a delivery plan ASAP. Gives his priority as the future of #Devolution - which now has a "sliding scale" between County Deals & creation of more Combined Authorities. Says we need to see clarity around devolution in rural areas #PolExEvents
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Enchantingly Woven | Thirubuvanam, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

A wrap of glory!

The craft of silk weaving has been practised in the town of Thirubuvanam for generations, and the charm of it remains intact.
The art is well-known for its distinct patterns, which were influenced by the Chola dynasty. Thirubuvanam silk sarees are light in weight and have a variety of exquisite motifs as well as a unique folding pattern, making them a craft developed to offer you the glossy grandeur.
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You never thought that #SNEAKERS would take it this far

With more than 190 countries in one place, if you're in #Dubai - 25 - 31 Oct 2021

#DontSleep on our Folks @MenziMthethwa & @Ayashisaamateki at #Expo2020

#CULTURE #OFFICIALTISSUE #KICKGAME #SouthAfrica Pavilion 🔥🔥🔥🚀😎 ImageImageImage
Are you #Addicted to #Fresh?
Do you #RespectYourFeet?

With more than 190 countries in one place, if you're in #Dubai - 25 - 31 Oct 2021

#DontSleep on our Folks @MenziMthethwa & @Ayashisaamateki at #Expo2020

#CULTURE #OFFICIALTISSUE #KICKGAME #SouthAfrica Pavilion 🔥🔥🔥🚀😎 ImageImageImageImage
A premier celebration of #Arts and #Culture

With more than 190 countries in one place, if you're in #Dubai - 25 - 31 Oct 2021

#DontSleep on our Folks @MenziMthethwa & @Ayashisaamateki at #Expo2020

#DrESTHERMAHLANGU #OFFICIALTISSUE #KICKGAME #SouthAfrica Pavilion 🔥🔥🔥🚀😎 ImageImageImageImage
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[#THREAD] Retour sur la #FDS2021 avec un florilège des spectacles qui y ont eu lieu cette année : 👇👇

#arts #science #artsciences #culture #scientifique #theatre #cirque #hashtag #musique #CSTgre
1/ KOMPENSS’TONDÛ en #HautesAlpes : une conférence-spectacle convoquant Darwin pour aborder la #biodiversité et ainsi, faire sortir la #biologie du cadre institutionnel 🌿

| ➡️… Image
2/ Des étoiles dans le pudding à La Versanne #Loire : un spectacle mêlant #cuisine et #astrophysique, dans lequel une cheffe nous partage la recette pour créer un Univers… 🍮💫

|➡️ Image
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1/ Regarding music classes, @APSArts, students who participate in indoor singing were 2.8 times MORE likely to get #COVID19 in Omaha schools study. Also, air samples from choir rooms contained virus, even w/ kids singing in masks.…
2/ CDC: "High-risk extracurricular activities are those in which increased exhalation occurs…” CDC recommends activities be canceled or held virtually (unless ALL participants are fully vaccinated) when a community is in high transmission.…
3/ APS, go outside to sing; it’s best and requires little to no mitigation!

Best resource so for performing #arts and #COVID19, including other recommendations for band and orchestra 👇

Caveat: #DeltaVariant requires extra precautions, not minimums!…
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Was speaking to someone regarding the development of transferrable, applicable, and/ or any other learning and development related commutative technical skills during the period of study at any polytechnic or a university.
Of course, the conclusion we drew might help pedagogy.
What kind of skills we develop bifurcates into two directions.
Direction 1- #STEM Based Skill Programs
Direction 2- #Liberal #Arts, #Humanities and other #Social #Sciences based Skill Programs
Over time the divergence particularly in the fields of social sciences and natural sciences has been reduced due to advancements, interfaces, and cross-fertilization of concepts, theories and models, being exchanged.
Hence, Skills are being shared and improved upon both ways!
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A metal ion orients SARS-CoV-2 mRNA to ensure accurate 2′-O methylation of its first nucleotide
The #SARSCoV2 #coronavirus is able to utilize the changes in metal ion concentrations to disguise itself in the human host body thus evading immune responses. Image
Efficacy of #clarithromycin on #COVID19 pneumonia without oxygen administration; protocol for multicenter, open-label, randomized-controlled, 3-armed parallel group comparison, exploratory trial #CAMECOVID
Japan Registry of Clinical Trials jRCTs071210011 Image
The influence of #HLA genotype on the severity of #COVID19 infection
A genetic link has been discovered explaining why some people catch #Covid but don't get sick. The gene is found three times as often in people who are #asymptomatic. Image
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🔝5 Concerns about #SARSCoV2 #Biology: A Call to Pause, Deliberate, and Revise Policy─This review is intended both as a basic resource and to initiate an open and critical dialog about SARS-CoV-2 biology for an independent and public call to action.…
Structural basis of ribosomal #frameshifting during translation of the #SARSCoV2 #RNA #genome
A unique feature of the SARS-CoV-2 genome controls protein synthesis and presents an "Achilles heel" of the virus. Image
Brainstem neuropathology in two cases of #COVID19: #SARSCoV2 trafficking between #brain and #lung
Neuropathologic evidence strongly suggests that the pathophysiology of COVID-19 related respiratory failure includes a neurogenic component. Image
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🎨⏳📜Nautilus Cup, Chicago Art Institute
During the Age of Discovery, European artists were inspired by the exotic materials suddenly available to them. Goldsmiths seized on the opportunity to include wondrous and seemingly magical materials -
-including coconuts, ivory, ostrich eggs, and, in this case, a nautilus shell from the Indian Ocean - into works of art that celebrated both nature and artifice. These types of objects were also popular with collectors during the 19th c, when the mounts on this cup were reworked.
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India bleeds of creativity! From,movies,to Art ,our country is rich in cultural heritage and home to numerous forms of art. On #WorldArtDay presenting 64 art forms of India
The mastery of as many of the 64 traditional arts. believed that Krishna possesses these #arts
1. Geet vidya: art of singing.
2. Vadya vidya: art of playing on musical instruments.
3. Nritya vidya: art of dancing.
4. Natya vidya: art of theatricals.
5. Alekhya vidya: art of painting.
6. Viseshakacchedya vidya: art of painting the face and body with color
7. Tandula­kusuma­bali­vikara: art of preparing offerings from rice and flowers.
8. Pushpastarana: art of making a covering of flowers for a bed.
9. Dasana­vasananga­raga: art of applying preparations for cleansing the teeth, cloths and painting the body.
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ADO-EKITI | March 30, 2021 – Governor Fayemi @kfayemi inaugurated the Local Organising Committee for the organisation of the National Arts Festival (NAFEST) 2021 being hosted in Ekiti State. In attendance was the Director General of @ncac_nigeria, Otunba Segun Runsewe.
#NAFEST Ekiti 2021 will attract participants from across Nigeria and will be held under very strict #COVID19 protocols.
The Fayemi administration remains committed to the promotion of our culture and the development of #arts and #tourism in Ekiti State.
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Reducing #COVID19 #Airborne #Transmission Risks on #PublicTransportation Buses
Wearing of #facemasks reduced the overall particle count released into the bus by an average of 50%, the dispersion distance by several feet and #aerosol particles by 84.36%. Image
🔝#SARSCoV2 Infects Human Engineered Heart Tissues and Models COVID-19 Myocarditis
#COVID19 can kill heart muscle cells, interfere with contraction. Details of how #coronavirus infects #heart: models of tissue damage may help develop potential therapies. Image
High-content screening of coronavirus genes for innate immune suppression reveals enhanced potency of SARS-CoV-2 proteins
196 protein products of seven coronaviruses: the genes encoded by #SARSCoV2 are generally more potent immune suppressors than others Image
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⚠️#Ocular #MRI Findings in Patients with Severe #COVID19: A Retrospective Multicenter Observational Study
All patients had nodules in the macular region, 8/9 (89%) had bilateral nodules, 2/9 (22%) had nodules outside the macular region. Screening needed. Image
⚠️🔝New-Onset #IgG #Autoantibodies in Hospitalized Patients with #COVID19
An international team of researchers studying COVID-19 has made a startling and pivotal discovery: The virus appears to cause the body to make weapons to attack its own tissues. Image
⚠️🔝Patterns of myocardial injury in recovered troponin-positive COVID-19 patients assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance
Damage to the heart found in more than half of #COVID19 patients discharged from hospital who show raised levels of troponin. Image
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🎨✨⏳🕯Earthbound, 1897
Evelyn De Morgan, née Pickering, was an English painter associated with the Pre-Raphaelite Movement. Her paintings are figurative, foregrounding the female body through the use of spiritual, mythological, and allegorical themes.
Evelyn De Morgan, 1855-1919
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