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As a contribution to the current, #humanities debate, here's what Juan-Luis Vives, the Spanish humanist, thought of STEM-types 500 hundred years ago. (1/7)
STEM is not suitable for "those who are suspicious, or who twist everything into the worst shape... Nor should those who are weak in religious convictions be introduced to this subject." (2/7)
He supports a common justification for STEM: "the contemplation of nature is unnecessary and even harmful unless it serves useful arts of life..." (3/7)
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Why are the #humanities dying? Why is enrollment dropping precipitously, why are departments shutting down from lack of funding and support? A 🧵by a former English professor:
The answer: the humanities are becoming more and more irrelevant, and its stakeholders are refusing to critically address its irrelevance.
A case study from my former field, #literarystudies: the central object of analysis in literary studies has not changed for century: only novels, poetry, drama are acceptable. Everything else is either on the margins or relegated to another department.
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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is jointly conducted by @iitbombay, @iitdelhi , @IITGuwahati, @IITKanpur, @IITKgp, @iitmadras, @iitroorkee and @iiscbangalore. @IITKanpur is the organising institute for #GATE2023.
#GATE2023 will be a computer-based test (CBT). It will be conducted in twenty-nine subject areas with the choice of selecting two papers in some subjects.

@EduMinOfIndia @PIBHRD @MIB_India @prasarbharati @DDNewslive
The examination will test the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in #engineering, #sciences, #humanities, and #socialsciences.
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The influence of Immanuel Kant on modern philosophy cannot be underestimated - a thread on #Kant in #Iran
Often in academic departments of philosophy (#analytic but also beyond) #Kant is the key figure if the modern period 2/
He represents a systematic approach to philosophy, to metaphysics, ethics, and much beyond covering theoretical and practical philosophy displacing #Aristotle 3/
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Not just "shoddy papers", but the wholesale (no pun intended) #neoliberal destruction of scientific inquiry (as well as a couple of bizarre "cash for impact factor" schemes in #China)...
...@gentraso's essay is worth reading on its own, but it is also a review of @StuartJRitchie's Science Fictions, 'Required reading for everyone' @AdamRutherford.…
Excellent article on citations in #humanities journals by @PeterHerman4 from 2018…genuinely disturbing if read with @gentraso’s essay on #impactfactor. I wonder if and by how much the situation differs for #Criminology journals? @threadreaderapp #unroll…
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Was speaking to someone regarding the development of transferrable, applicable, and/ or any other learning and development related commutative technical skills during the period of study at any polytechnic or a university.
Of course, the conclusion we drew might help pedagogy.
What kind of skills we develop bifurcates into two directions.
Direction 1- #STEM Based Skill Programs
Direction 2- #Liberal #Arts, #Humanities and other #Social #Sciences based Skill Programs
Over time the divergence particularly in the fields of social sciences and natural sciences has been reduced due to advancements, interfaces, and cross-fertilization of concepts, theories and models, being exchanged.
Hence, Skills are being shared and improved upon both ways!
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After the negotiators have come to a final deal on the budget of #HorizonEurope, we can look at the programme and its different aspects.

So what’s in for #SocialSciences and #Humanities?
In fact, #SocialSciences & #Humanities are prominently featured in the regulation, which will be the political and legal foundation of #HorizonEU…
Art 4 of #HorizonEU regulation on the general structure states:

"#SocialSciences and #Humanities (#SSH) shall play an important role across all clusters”

There will be Clusters on Health, Society, Security, Digital, Climate/Energy/Mobility & Food/Agri/Env
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Kennt ihr schon #CeciliaPayne, die #Astrophysikerin, die herausgefunden hat, dass Sterne aus #Wasserstoff bestehen? @swr2wissen widmet ihr heute eine ganze Sendung und ich durfte ein paar Worte zu #Gender und #Wissenschaft beisteuern. Weitere Details dzu hier im Thread 👇 1/x
Eine wichtige Frage ist ja, warum #Forscherinnen wie #CeciliaPayne heute kaum bekannt sind - trotz der bahnbrechenden Erkentnis, die ihre Forschung zu Tage gebracht hat. 2/x
Dies hat, so meine These, mit #Geschlechterverhältnissen in der #Wissenschaft zu tun. Der weit verbreitete Einwand, es gäbe einfach zu wenige #Frauen* – oder zumindest nicht genügend #Wissenschaftlerinnen ist hierfür ein Symptom. 3/x
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At a time when the #humanities face increasing threats from the political right, this book by Prof. Nicole Wright (@WriteNWright) is a reminder, amongst other things, of the value of the humanities & associated transdisciplinary work. [1/7]…
The book is a helpful corrective to the tendency to read eighteenth-century & Romantic-era novels as seeking to induce empathy towards only the lowly and marginalised. Wright shows that novels of the period are also used to cultivate empathy to support the privileged. [2/7]
What I found especially interesting in the book (though I am not here attempting a comprehensive review) was the examination of the relationship between the novel, law, social class interests, and political ideology – illustrated in the excerpt from the book, below. [3/7] Image
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Some thoughts on increasing fees for #Humanities programs in Australia from the perspective of a 19th-c. Humanities scholar.… A thread… 1/14
2. NB: teaching humanities is pretty cheap. My faculty’s budget has been about the same as its tuition revenues for nearly a decade now, & tuition revenues are approx. matched by gov’t funding in my univ’s budget. Our students don’t see gov’t funding in their classrooms.
3. Increasing the price of Humanities education (regardless of its low *cost*) will limit access. What’s that line from “Withnail and I”? “Free to those who can afford it, very expensive to those who can’t.”
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By its very nature, @Europeanaeu supports #eResearch by offering a wealth of resources coming from 3,700+ data providers. In the past few years, these resources have been increasingly complemented by sophisticated #tools for their reuse and enrichment. 1/15 #DHgoesVIRAL
As you may have heard, @Europeanaeu grows, in terms of new collections and tools, mainly thanks to @EU_Commission's funding for @DSMeu. You can get a clearer idea from the ongoing call for proposals under #CEF Telecom Programme:
2/15 #DHgoesVIRAL
#DidYouKnow that a new website was launched on 23 March, offering faster, more discoverable and more accessible experience?
3/15 #DHgoesViral
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Former National Security Council staffer: "State needs more foreign area officers and peoples who know the humanities, not political science. They need people that know languages, religions and are comfortable overseas. Right now most head overseas to stamp passports for a few
years then are sent back and stuck in Foggy Bottom this is not what we need. There is also a growth of insta-experts on Afghanistan. These people believe in cliched ideas (like Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires, or that Afghans are legendary xenophobic or hostile) that are
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A thread on process? Organizing #ZoraAcademic Conference is a group activity. Building on @zorafestival commitment to #humanities and the #arts. I work with @scotfrench, Trent Tomengo (@SeminoleState), @clarissawhite and others. @WorldProfessor @Prof_Kennedy
@zorafestival @scotfrench @SeminoleState @clarissawhite @WorldProfessor @Prof_Kennedy This is a year long process linked to five year vision. The Zorafestival20# is first year of new cycle. The turn toward #Afrofuturism at @zorafestival
give @k8dee16, @Hardcore888 & @3Isiah opportunity to speak to the public. @WorldProfessor @Prof_Kennedy
@zorafestival @scotfrench @SeminoleState @clarissawhite @WorldProfessor @Prof_Kennedy @k8dee16 @Hardcore888 @3Isiah This year's theme has always been "What is Afrofuturism?" internally. The programming across the festival spaces is an answer. The festival bring a black speculative past and future into dialogue. @scotfrench @Prof_Kennedy @WorldProfessor #zorafestival20 #zorafest2020
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How do we re-imagine our Educational Institutions?

History is important...#PostcardsFromALAIGBO

An old but very relevant piece by Obi Nwakanma

1/ "As a result of Azikiwe’s own ideas of the university, he pushed for the establishment of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka,.."
2/ "Zik passed the charter of the University through the Eastern Nigeria House in 1955. The University of Nigeria, Nsukka was established in 1955, but it opened its gates for the first 280 students on Oct 7, 1960, just one week on the attainment of Nigeria’s independence..."
3/ "Aside from Azikiwe, the next most important figure in the establishment of University of Nigeria was Dr. I.U. Akpabio, Minister for education in the government Azikiwe led in the East. Akpabio & Zik traveled around seeking funds across the world for the proper establishment."
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Fmr Indian FonSec Jaishankar @raisinadialogue: for yrs we saw China pushing. Over last yr, we've seen US fighting back. Whether it wld, was unclear a year ago. It's clearer now, but we still don't know how serious, sustainable it is yet
Fmr Indian FonSec @DrSJaishankar at @raisinadialogue: In the US, on China my sense is that the "deep state" and the "loud state" are united.
Fmr Italian PM Gentiloni: Growing awareness in Europe of necessity of having common stand on China - we recognize that in econ rels, it's not just an opportunity. But worried abt unpredictable escalation btwn US and China. @raisinadialogue
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I suppose we can safely say that now #TheFrighteners have been so successfully and publicly put on a certain sector their combined angst will spew a diarrhoea of spin & warp whilst trying to use THAT VERY THING to generate $ÂŁEs Some with automated AdTech software already bought.
2/ Some bought by gormless companies, by mistake, some in full knowledge or partial knowledge of what it could do. It will be interesting as time goes on to see who apparently DIDN'T CARE about the likely instigation of its more negative 'dark' capabilities looking to 'side-step'
3/ or even 'wrong-foot' Irish & EU regulation standards, & possibly law. This too is a kind of #climatechange & #ClimateAction in itself, a would be mammoth untouchable iceberg of 'dominion' & 'control' being melted out into an ocean of citizens' scrutiny & advancement for change
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Introducing #ClassicalZooarchaeology
This is my 1st thread highlighting how animal bones can answer important questions in the ancient Mediterranean
#Zooarchaeology is often thought of as a niche study, but it relates to traditional forms of evidence
#scicomm #humanities
When we think of #Classics, ancient texts are often prioritized. Animals were an important topic for ancient authors
For example, according to the TLG the lemma hippos (horse) is the 13th most common term in Homer’s Iliad (417 mentions). Horses were important to epic warfare
It’s no surprise that animals – especially plow oxen – are important to Hesiod’s agricultural poem Works and Days
But texts don’t tell the whole picture about #AncientAnimals
Pigs are only mentioned once in Hesiod: boars should be castrated on the 8th day of the month (WD 790)
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