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𝗩𝗘𝗡𝗢𝗠 - Snipa Finance NFT

A short step-by-step tutorial for claiming @SnipaFinance NFT available on Venom testnet

✈️ Airdrop : (Venom) 22% for community
⏳Estimed time : 5min
💸Cost : Free

#airdrop #airdrops #Venom Image
If you haven't started your Venom testnet adventure yet, here's my complete guide to create your wallet, claim faucet and first #NFTs :

⛔ As I write, VenomPools is still under maintenance, no problem, we'll claim that later Image
This time, I'm going to give you a quick tutorial to claim Snipa Finance #NFT, it will only take you 5 minutes

For your information, Snipa is a #DeFi portfolio tracker designed for users to manage their assets Image
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1/7 🧵
Today we will highlight @venompad, what it is and how you can participate in the Testnet with it!

Venompad it the official dApp from #Venom that acts as a launhpad dApp. Image
What is a launchpad dApp? 🚀💱

A launchpad dApp is a decentralized application that facilitates the launch of new blockchain projects, specifically through initial token offerings (ITOs) or initial DEX offerings (IDOs).
Its primary purpose is to provide a fair and transparent environment for project teams to raise funds and for users to participate in these fundraising events. It bridges the gap between project creators and potential investors in the blockchain ecosystem.
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1/ 𝗔𝗶𝗿𝗱𝗿𝗼𝗽 𝗛𝘂𝗻𝘁𝘀 - May Summary 🪂

Here's all airdrop strategies I shared in May
I only kept tutorials which are still up to date

Join telegram to not miss any strategy :

#airdrop #airdrops Image

1️⃣ Venom
2️⃣ BRC-20 Season
3️⃣ Davos
4️⃣ Polyhedra ZK
5️⃣ Polygon ZKEVM
6️⃣ Unlimited Leverage
7️⃣ Cashmere Labs
8️⃣ ZkSync Low Cost Strat
9️⃣ Entangle
🔟 Layer Zero Low Cost Strat
1️⃣1️⃣ AltLayer
1️⃣2️⃣ Holograph
1️⃣3️⃣ ZkSync - Anti Sybil
1️⃣4️⃣ Contago️
1️⃣5️⃣ BTC ecosystem
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⚡️You won't miss Venom #airdrop opportunity. They recently announced $1B ecosystem found to support the dApps..

🎁 22% of $Venom supply are intended for the community. We can earn significant amount of #airdrop from here 👀

Let's see how can we do it 👇

LIKE RT ❣️ Image
1️⃣ What is #Venom ?

@VenomFoundation has introduced a groundbreaking blockchain technology featuring asynchronous dynamical sharding, which offers unparalleled scalability, enhanced security, and decentralized operations. Image
⚡️ Venom is building the first layer technology, licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market

✨ Creating a self-sustaining blockchain ecosystem is their primary objective. They have partnered with Iceberg Capital to establish a $1 billion venture fund known as Venom Ventures Fund Image
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I spent the last 24 hours researching on @VenomFoundation they have recently launched $1 billion venture funds to invest in Web 3.

A potential #airdrop is on the way and you can claim $1,000 + with only a few mins interacting with the protocol

Here's how: 🧵 👇 Image
@VenomFoundation 2/ What's @VenomFoundation?

✅A global economy where governments, businesses and consumers operate with vastly expanded transactional capabilities.

Now launching $1B fund for Web3 and blockchain! Their testnet went live yesterday with an announcement:
3/ Venom's non-custodial wallet lets you safely store, send, and receive tokens!🚀

Add it to your Chrome Extension here 🔗

Don't forget to create your wallet and save the backup key

In this thread I'll teach you to position yourself for an airdrop👇
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🪂Millions have been earned on $ARB, now it's time for @VenomFoundation

Let's dive into detailed thread🧵& perform all possible #Testnet tasks to be eligible for $Venom Airdrop🚀🚀

Hit ❤️Button
🔁 Retweet &

#Airdrops #Airdrop #VenomTestnet Image

DYK: 🙅‍♂️

❓What is @VenomFoundation😬

✅The Venom Foundation envisions a global economy where governments, businesses and consumers operate with vastly expanded transactional

🚀🚀Venom Foundation launches $1B fund for Web3 and blockchain😍😍

#Airdrop #Venom Image

1️⃣Venom Safely store, send, and receive tokens with our non-custodial wallet is now Launched🚀

💴Chrome Extension🔗

🚨Create Your Wallet and Save backup Key. Image
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🗞️ Some important news if you're an #airdrop farmers :

1️⃣ @VenomFoundation just released official #Venom whitepaper.

22% tokens are for Community 🤯

Venom is building the first layer 1 blockchain, licensed by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), airdrop will be insane 🪂
@functionland just announce souscription to their incentivized testnet..
Incentivized = #airdrops 🪂
You really should register yourself :…
@shardeum Sphinx 1.1 is live !

You must reset Metamask by going to Settings > Advanced > Reset account

❌ A lot of performance issues are fixed

A Shardeum ultimate thread is on its way this week 🪂
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🧌 Its Alive! 🧌

Working theory, "Show replies" at the end for all.

Is SARS-CoV-2 a lab-created chimera?

A Frankenstein virus created from the genetic material of other lethal organisms, creating similar pathophysiological mechanisms in the body?

Gene sequences say YES >
The SC2 spike protein contains gene sequences that are homologous to those found in HIV, SEB, animal venoms, herpes, malaria, rabies and more.
The sequences from these organisms could release toxic peptides and pathophysiological mechanisms in the body similar to those found >
in the original lethal organisms.
Mechanisms are chemical recipes, like baking recipes.
A list of instructions from the genes that, when followed, produce a unique product like micro clots or a cytokine storm.

Just as a recipe for 🎃 pie produces 🎃 and not 🍎 pie. >
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“Premeditated Manslaughter Coordinated at the Highest Levels” – Part 2 -Psychopathic democide might be eligible for forgiveness in rare circumstances, but blanket amnesty is not in the cards for crimes against humanity - by @TraderStef #Nuremberg2 #Amnesty… Image
#Nuremberg2 #Amnesty? - “Plandemic 3” Trailer – Seeing Through The Propaganda…
#Nuremberg2 #Amnesty? #democide - Jr. covering for daddy, sooo late and behind the curve by a couple+ years, is pathetic - not humble
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The Kiss of Death

26 years have passed since the bizarre incident but it is still afresh in the memory. In the blistering heat of May 99, in the middle of Kargil War, Lance Dafedar Hari Ram of Indian Army’s Armoured Corps was forward deployed somewhere in d mighty Thar Desert+
Thar Desert of Rajasthan. Hari Ram’s Sentry duty was till 12 o’clock, midnight. Those days, every soldier in the Desert carried a Desi water bottle made of thick cotton cloth – locally known as “मशक”. It kept the water cool. As the Sun set, the desert began to cool, Hari Ram and+
Hari Ram & the rest of the soldiers were joking & chit-chatting almost till midnight. Hari Ram’s “मशक” was hanging on the branch of a Khajri tree.

Laughing in the middle of a typical ‘Fauji Joke’ Hari Ram took the “मशक”, sipped a bit of water +
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Qui sont les nouveaux personnages Marvel qui ont marqué les comics des années 2010 ?

Top 20 à dérouler🔽 ImageImageImageImage
Préambule : l'objectif est de valoriser aussi bien l'originalité, l'impact, le suivi du personnage, les histoires qu'il a vécu... C'est un savant mélange qui pour certains sera clément et pour d'autres exigeant. Je compte sur vous pour donner votre avis en commentaire !

1ère Apparition : Journey into Mystery #632 (2011)

Le chien de l'Enfer que tout le monde voudrait avoir chez soi ! Fidèle et grande gueule, il accompagne d'abord Kid #Loki puis #Thor Plus vraiment mis en avant depuis War of The Realms

MCU : non Image
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Questi sono stati formati dalla stessa Elite che ci ha condannato a morte per farci stare calmi!

Dove erano i nostri rappresentanti mentre i pupazzi della UE parlavano a una platea ASSENTE!

Abbiamo tutte le foto e i documenti che certificano che questi signori hanno comprato sieri sperimentali pericolosi a DEBITO, votato per il GP, SGP, invio di armi a AZ0V e obbligo💉over 50.. ripeto VERGOGNA!
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1A día de hoy ¿cuál dirían que es el caza ligero por excelencia? ¿El F-16? ¿El Gripen? ¿Y si hablamos de un aparato que era la mitad de la mitad?

Para mí, este es el caza ligero por excelencia, una pequeña historia del Folland #Gnat (y su hermanastro indio HAL #Ajeet)
2El padre de la criatura era el ingeniero William Edward Willoughby "Teddy" Petter, quien había trabajado previamente en numerosas aeronaves de la firma Westland, como el #Lysander, el #Whirlwind o el #Welkin Image
3incluso trabajó en el proyecto para mejorar el #Spitfire corrigiendo cierta inestabilidad del diseño original

Tras ciertas desavenencias con la dirección de @westland, en septiembre de 1944, Peter se despidió y se llevó consigo los trabajos para la propuesta B1/44 Image
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Mini crítica de #VenomLetThereBeCarnage
👍 Lo piola:
La aparición de #Carnage y el diseño (estilo German Peralta)
Referencia a Ravencroft y otras comiqueras como la mente colmena, la muerte de la araña, el nombre protector letal y Siegfried Farber (Miembro nazi de #Hydra)
Mención especial: Las escenas donde Woody Harrelson puede demostrar lo bien que le sale la cara de psicópata
y la foto de Stan Lee en el mercado de la señora Chan
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Can y'all play this for my #CQL / #TheUntamed /#MDZS / #MoDaoZuShi + Venom mashup AU thank you :') Image
1. It’s a CQL timeline but instead of a flute CQ is a symbiote that behaves largely the same way Venom does! Except it looks more smokey and wispy like in the show. It is also a sassy Bitch.
2. Ships will be largely following canon but otherwise gen. WWX is our Eddie Brock so he is the main character
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Yup! When you've got frostbite, rubbing the ice crystals in your damaged skin can actually cause more harm than good! Always warm up slowly and gently! #myths #survivalist #prepper #WeGotThis #dontworrybeready #Tips #YouGotThis
Sorry folks, #GPS won’t always be there for you in a #disaster scenario! Remember those paper things called maps!? Keep those around with a compass. #myths #survivalist #prepper #WeGotThis #dontworrybeready #Tips #YouGotThis
Unless you’ve got a superpower that makes you immune to snake #venom, don’t suck venom. It definitely sucks. Get to a hospital instead. #myths #survivalist #prepper #WeGotThis #dontworrybeready #Tips #YouGotThis
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B O M B A ! ! !
Según el insider Roger Wardell habría en breve un nuevo acuerdo entre #Disney y #Sony por #SpiderMan…
El nuevo acuerdo pondría muy felíz a los fanáticos del #MCU ya que permitiría la continuidad de #SpiderMan en el #UCM, como así también la participación de #Venom, #Morbius, #Shocker entre otros!
Y eso no es todo!!
Los #Avengers podrían hacer cameos en las películas de #Sony!!!

El Universo de #Marvel se completa!!!
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Les mangas ❤ Image
The quintessential quintuplets 3 ImageImageImageImage
The Promised Neverland 13 : j'accroche toujours autant. L'histoire conserve un bon rythme entre progression, révélation et mystère. Et Emma reste l'un des meilleurs personnages de manga de ces dernières années. ImageImageImageImage
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So I'm intending to do a post/pick a day of art I've bought or commissioned from an artist hopefully along with @chiefy2shoes & @seddonism
Day 1 is #hellboy by the great @duncanfegredo This started a theme of characters eating ice cream, I've not got too many in this theme though Image
Day #2 of sketches/commissions posts of art that I've got over the years. Continuing the theme of characters with #icecream here is #thegoon by the amazing Eric Powell @goonguy done at @ThoughtBubbleUK in Leeds. #ComicCon #commissions #comics #goon @chiefy2shoes @seddonism Image
Day #3 of art/commissions bought over the years. Baroness eating an ice cream by @RachaelAtWork. Think this was my final "character eating an ice cream" so not many in that theme, need to do more @chiefy2shoes @seddonism @Talking_Joe @TheFullForce #GIJoe #Baroness #comicart Image
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As redes sociais da @SonyPicturesBr @SonyPictures estão sofrendo ataques de fãs do #HomemAranha, que estão revoltados com ela por causa da saída do personagem no MCU. O que poucos sabem é que pelo menos 1 vez na vida, um estúdio tem poder de barganha contra a Disney e tão CERTOS!
Os direitos do #HomemAranha em cinema são da Sony. Na parceria com a Marvel, além da produção conjunta, a Sony fica com 95% da bilheteria do filme (5% pra Marvel). Já a Marvel fica com 100% do licenciamento de produtos (camisetas, bonecos, mochilas etc) e merchandising.
A Marvel também pode utilizar o #HomemAranha no MCU como bem quiser, mas nos filmes solos 95% da bilheteria é da Sony. A negociação, com certeza absoluta, era tentar igualar esses números. A Marvel queria 50% pelo menos e a Sony bateu o pé. E TÁ CERTA A SONY.
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