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Governance is a crucial component of #Decentralization

This is something that #Bitcoin & #Ethreum conveniently ignore

But, #Cardano is built based on 1st principles & governance is a key focus of development

Here is a thread on Governance, Voltair era & Project Catalyst🧵👇
Like the way, democracy unshackled regular citizens to grab power from the feudal lords

#Bitcoin was the 1st movement

Enabling regular citizens to grab power from the flawed financial institutions

To create a fair, transparent & inclusive financial system

To bank the unbanked
But #Bitcoin has a fundamental flaw, which #Ethereum inherited

"Lack of Governance"

This lack of governance resulted in major community splits

Ethereum & Ethereum Classic as a result of a hack in 2016

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash over the debate of the network's scalability in 2017
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Qui sont-ils?
Que se passe-t-il?
Qui est affecté par cette chute?
Quelle est la suite?
Quelles sont les conséquences de cette chute?

Un long 🧵 pour tout comprendre

C’est parti.
Comme d’habitude, toutes les sources seront citées à la fin de ce thread dans un Google doc
Le partage est fortement apprécié pour le travail fourni pour vous éclairer de la meilleure manière possible
Les retweets, follows et likes sont la meilleure manière de nous soutenir
3AC est un hedge fund Singapourien fondé par @zhusu et @KyleLDavies
Le but d’un hedge fund crypto est d’investir dans des pépites, projets early stage et donc réaliser un bénéfice sur l’investissement
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You can bridge over your BTC to Avalanche to take advantage of instant transfers, swaps and, very soon, borrowing against your BTC holdings.
You can get some good yields for BTC if you bridge it over to #Avalanche and use it too provide liquidity.

Bridged BTC on #Avalanche is called BTC.b The (.b) suffix indicates where the asset originated. There are also other assets on Avalanche that were bridged over from Ethereum with the (.e) suffix, as well as native assets (e.g. USDC and USDT).
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If you're a fan of the #RPG genre and are looking for games in the #Avalanche and #Solana ecosystem, these are the top names that you should give a shot. Game on! 🎮

#AvaxholicInsights #CSSADT #AVAXDT #GameFi‌ #Crypto #AVAX TOP RPG GAMEFI ON AVALANCHE AND SOLANA  If you're a fan of t
And here are some of the latest game updates:
- @HeroesChained Minigame: Fortunes of Ventuna
- @PlayAscenders updated the new whitepaper
- @galaxy_survivor ticket sale is opening
- @DCGgamefi updated new elements, repair function, new intro video, etc
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#Bitcoin is growing ever stronger”

Core enables a seamless bridging experience for the Bitcoin Community who can now deploy BTC using the same tech that powers the Avalanche Bridge

Bridge your BTC & start Farming #AVAX rush rewards NOW!

Farm $AVAX - $BTC.b
Earn $AVAX + $JOE
Steps to Bridging your BTC
• Buy $BTC on exchange
• Send your $BTC to your Core Wallet
• Bridge to the Avalanche C-Chain
• Start yield farming ✅
CORE has been built to be simple, secure, practical, and convenient. Unlocking a new level of performance for the #Avalanche network.

You can download the non-custodial Web 3 Command Centre today! @CoreApp_ 👈
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Dive in to learn more about @YetiFinance! This thread 🧵will cover 4 main points:
- What problems does CDP solve?
- What is Yeti Finance?
- How does it work?
- Yeti Finance's Stablecoin: $YUSD


Lending projects for #DeFi have similar role as banks in traditional markets, where they allow capital to flow freely and stimulating economic development.

Lending projects are classified into 2 types: Third party and First party. 👇
Third Party: An intermediary protocol for users to deposit tokens to earn interest and receive profit when lending those tokens back to others.
- Users can borrow & lend
- Not sufficient when the demand for #stablecoins loans is large
- Featured project: @AaveAave with TVL: $6.3B
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It’s that time of the week!

Sit back, stay calm and spend a minute for our handpicked #Polkastars news 💆‍♂️

This is the #Building time. Let’s do this 🧵👇

Plant, Spout, Reveal your Mojo at on June 23rd 🔥

🌱Get ready to play @WeArePlanetMojo games in Q3

💡Reminder: holding your Mojo = airdrop of your 4 Champion #NFTsImage
@WeArePlanetMojo #2 The @CryptoverseVIP Marketplace is here 🆕

Learn how you can trade your #Cryptoverse LAND and assets.

Get all the details now ⤵️ Image
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Since $290 million incentive for subnet development, we've seen two projects that have launched subnet, @DefiKingdoms and @PlayCrabada. Let's take a look at the achievements that these two have achieved!

A thread 🧵

1.1/ Overview:
@DefiKingdoms is a #PlayToEarn game on the Harmony #Blockchain platform, the DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem is a combination of games, DEX and Liquid Pool. Up to now, DeFi Kingdoms is the TVL leading protocol of the Harmony ecosystem.
1.2/ How they run Subnet:
- Token $JEWEL was chosen as the gas fee and players only need to hold $JEWEL to pay gas fee
- DeFi Kingdoms uses $JEWEL to control gas fees and keep gas fees as low as possible so that players don't have to worry about high gas fees
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After first being announced almost 2 months ago, the @MeritCircle_IO team have shared exciting information about their new NFT marketplace: #Sphere - @GetOnSphere

Here's a short summary of what we know from $MC so far, and what we have to look forward to 🧵

Despite NFTs being heavily related to #GameFi, current NFT marketplaces (@OpenSea, @LooksRare, @the_x2y2) are still completely focused on PFP/memes/membership/utility/celebrity NFTs.

Gaming asset NFTs are lost in the mix, and this is where Sphere comes in.

Merit Circle are working with @DeptAgency to deliver a purpose-built NFT marketplace which specifically targets these gaming assets.

The aim is to become a multi-chain, all-in-one, low-fee, marketplace for gamers to buy, sell, and trade their in-game NFTs.

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Before the #Subnet was released, the #Avalanche ecosystem had mainly focused on the #DeFi market with the substantial rise of prominent projects such as @traderjoe_xyz (DEX), @BenqiFinance (Lending),...

A thread🧵👇 Image
1/ Meanwhile, the term #NFT is also a topic that seems to be hot again with solid development on the @solana and @ethereum ecosystems.

In this article, we will share our perspective on the @joepegsnft project - a new NFT Marketplace platform for the #Avalanche NFT market.
The article consists of 3 main parts:
- Market opportunity of NFT Marketplace on #Avalanche
- What are @joepegsnft? The next piece completes the @traderjoe_xyz ecosystem
- Forecast for Joepegs with current NFT market
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6 months anniversary of @colonylab! 🥳

Born at the top of the bull market, now thriving in the bear market. It has been quite a journey already!🔺

A thread to review what has been achieved and what’s next! A big thank you to our amazing community 🤗

🧵Thread to celebrate!
To start with, the team is glad to build on #Avalanche. It’s a robust platform, with amazing uptime & performances! 💯

From a development perspective we couldn’t ask for more (almost 😉)!

Many other platforms can’t say the same so I want to highlight this one! 🚀

The nascent #Avalanche community is amazing & everyone is starting to realize it.

We’re going through hardship together and you all know the destination! 💫

It’s a pleasure to ship innovative features with @colonylab for our beloved community! 🙌🏼

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1/ GM Nansen Explorers 🧭

We're thrilled to announce #NFT support for @avalancheavax C-Chain!

You can explore:
- NFT Market Trends
- NFT Paradise (Market Overview & Mint Master)
- NFT God Mode
- NFT Item Profiler

Some interesting data 🧵👇
@avalancheavax 2/ We see a total of 2.34M $AVAX in volume across 99.8K unique wallets.

The weekly peak of 9,399 users minting 26,582 NFTs and 6,560 users making 15,637 trades.

Most activities are between 20:00 - 22:00 hours UTC time zone.
@avalancheavax 3/ #NFT projects with +10 sales per week and +100 sales per week have experienced distinct growth over time, increasing from 4 and 2 projects respectively about a year ago to 61 and 17 projects currently.
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Almost every large chain today has made some monumental contribution to the crypto ecosystem and for a chain like Avalanche, gaming and GameFi seem to be its cornerstone feature.

Almost every month, new acquisitions for GameFi & gaming projects are being built on Avalanche. But why is $AVAX the chain that everyone is flocking to for gaming & P2E mechanics? Let’s take a look at how Avalanche works, its major benefits, & how GameFi is perfect for it

Avax was designed from the ground up to be fast, scalable & easy to use with the intention of being used as a go-to platform for almost any transaction someone could think of. By this time, Ethereum had already been created but AVAX wanted to learn from some of the mistakes

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🧵on all IBC connected chains in Cosmos and how we came from no #IBC to around 48 active IBC chains and 70%+ in developer growth in 2021. We explore all #Cosmos IBC chains in an easy to digest thread. Or through Medium… #IBCGang #ATOM @cosmos
2) #Cosmos has been having rapid growth over the last couple of years. To give a little context Inter‐Blockchain Communication protocol (#IBC) was only approved on March 29th, 2021 from governance proposal #41.
3) According to a report by Electric Capital Cosmos had a 70% growth in developers in the #Cosmos ecosystem in 2021. This will only continue to grow as Cosmos technology improves and more tools come such as EVM-based chains.
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DeFiance Weekly Portfolio Highlights (Trader Joe $JOE)

Today, we would be sharing more about @traderjoe_xyz, the one-stop decentralized trading platform on the #Avalanche 🔺 blockchain.

A thread🧵
Trader Joe might have started out as a fork but has gone on to exceed expectations by innovating on new products while building a loyal community and brand

The Trader Joe team has done so by delivering on their public roadmap, staying accountable to their community and having a strong focus on user experience.…
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🔺 #Avalanche Weekly Landscape

🧵 This thread will cover:

- Highlight numbers on Avalanche W21
- Highlight news on Avalanche W21
- Ecosystem deep dive

Let's jump right in ⬇️
⬩ Some highlight numbers on Avalanche:

- Total txs on the DFK Chain subnet exceed 13M
- In terms of Eth Bridge TVL, Avalanche Bridge ranked 3rd: $2.1B
- $AVAX burned: 1.8M+
- Top 4 DeFi TVL ranking: $4.22B
- Unique Contracts Deployed spiked to 166k Image
⬩ Highlight news on #Avalanche:

- Details around the $AVAX reserves that the Luna Foundation Guard and Terraform Labs hold:
+ TFL purchased 1.09M $AVAX, 1 year lockup
+ LFG purchased 1.97M $AVAX, to be used for the Terra reserve pool.
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Project Deep Dive: @StepApp_

🚶#MoveToEarn is the current hype in crypto, following the popular #PlayToEarn model that most Metaverse and NFT coins adopted.
🔺On #Avalanche we have our first #M2E application @StepApp_

So what is Step App?

@StepApp_ 1/ Overview

In 2021, we see an explosion of gamefi, play-to-earn genres, a trend led by @AxieInfinity and then gradually cooled down.
Currently, gamification involves the incorporation of traditional gaming elements into non-gaming activities.
@StepApp_ @AxieInfinity Move-to-earn is the current hype in crypto, following the popular play-to-earn model that most Metaverse and NFT coins adopted. As the name suggests, move-to-earn projects enable users to earn rewards for walking, running, dancing, or simply moving around.
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🐧Platypus token breakdown🐧

Did you know that the $PTP coin, besides being used on @Platypusdefi , can also be used in other protocols and has interesting use cases?

Dive in with us 🧵👇
$AVAX #AVAX #Avalanche
@Platypusdefi 1/ @Platypusdefi

- Stake $PTP on Platypus to Boost Yield
- When you stake $PTP you also receive $vePTP -> Boost more Yield
@Platypusdefi 2/ @vector_fi

Vector Finance is a DeFi project that belongs to the Yield Optimizer model on Avalanche. Precisely, Vector symbiotically works with Platypus Finance.
Vector allows users to deposit stablecoins, stake $PTP and earn greater profits than on Platypus Finance
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💸Stablecoins farming strategies💸

In a time of unpredictable market volatility, it's very important to protect your assets. While holding stablecoins is a good risk-free way.

In this thread we will show you how you can make money with stablecoins on #Avalanche

1/ One-side Farm

1.1/ Platypus Finance

When it comes to farming/staking stablecoins, we must of course mention #1 AMM stableswap @Platypusdefi
. If you are holding stablecoins, you should check this out:
- Go to Pool, Select Alt Pool
- Deposit Deposit into pool and earn APR
@Platypusdefi Bonus tip:
- Stake some $PTP on Platypus to Boost Yield
- When you stake $PTP you also receive $vePTP -> Boost more Yield
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I believe more #PoW than #PoS due to trust in Satoshi's original intention to create #Bitcoin, which is to associate energy & chips in the real world with value in the digital world, not left hand to right as $UST & $LUNA

$KDA #KADENA is scalable #PoW 😀

It's an amazing song👇
Find this old twitter ...

#PoW vs #Pos
#Bitcoin $BTC #Ethereum $ETH
#XRP $XRP #Cardano $ADA #Solana $SOL #Polkadot $DOT #Tron $TRX #Avalanche $AVAX #Polygon $Matic #Litecoin $LTC #NEAR $NEAR #Monero $XMR #Stellar $XLM #Cosmos $Atom #Algorand $Algo


+1) And this one twitter ...

When you feel scared, take a look at the hash rate graph😀

Don't forget they are #PoW #Blockchain

#Bitcoin $BTC
#Kadena $KDA

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Has anyone started paying more attention to the scalable #POW blockchain, #Kadena?

$KDA @kadena_io inherits the #security, #stability, and #decentralization of #Bitcoin
The biggest difference is that it is #scalable and has Turing's incomplete readability contract language #Pact
Please read it ...

#PoS != #Crypto

Nothing is worse than Proof of Stake ...


$BTC #Bitcoin $ETH #Ethereum $AVAX #Avalanche $SOL #Solana

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🔥Important new🔥
@avalancheavax propose that @apecoin DAO launches "Otherside" subnet on Avalanche

👉Vote now:
- Smooth, low-fee customizable layer driven by $APE
- Supports from @avalabsofficial , #Avalanche Foundation
- .... Detail 🧵👇

$AVAX Image
@avalancheavax @apecoin @avalabsofficial 1/ ABSTRACT

@avalancheavax propose that ApeCoin DAO launches Otherside on an Avalanche Subnet to support Otherside’s future community growth through rapid transaction processing, higher throughput, greater ability to scale and lower gas fees.
@avalancheavax @apecoin @avalabsofficial 2/ MOTIVATION

- Apecoin has their own blockchain driven by the APE token.
- Avalanche Subnets deliver the necessary speed, security, low fees, and customizability for the Ape community
- Ava Labs team will provide technical support and expertise to ensure a seamless transition.
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The subnet model is an extensible solution for the #Avalanche ecosystem.
Previously, the #Cosmos ecosystem did this very well with #IBCGang , so what is the difference between these two models?

Avalanche Subnet vs Cosmos IBC
1/ Blockchain Trilemma

You know how you can’t balance a social life, work, and sleep easily? The blockchain trilemma is similar.
Security. Decentralization. Scalability. Three of blockchain’s pillars that all seem to constantly strive to co-exist but struggle to live in harmony.
2/ This thread will cover Avalanche Subnet and Cosmos IBC in 3 aspects:
- Scalability
- Decentralization
- Security

Our previous comparision Avalanche Subnet vs Parachain
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"Şuana kadar gerçekten ölçeklenen bir blok zincir görmediniz, bu yüzden bazı olağan dışı keşiflere hazır olun. Yeni bir blok zincir değer yaratma paradigmasındayız ve işler ilginçleşiyor."

@el33th4xor'dan oldukça aydınlatıcı ve açıklayıcı bir bilgi seli ⬇️
@el33th4xor Her şeyden önce, ölçeklenen bir zincirin ücretleri düşük olacaktır. Ethereum'da bir takas 500 dolar olduğunda nasıl şikayet ettiğinizi hatırlıyor musunuz? Avalanche'ta bir transfer 0,05 dolardan 3,50 dolara ne zaman çıktı?

Şimdi 0,05 dolara geri dönüyor. Hepimizin istediği de bu
@el33th4xor Düşük ücretler, ağın kullanımının veya zincir değerinin düştüğü anlamına gelmemekte.

Tam olarak aynı ekonomik faaliyetler gerçekleşiyor ve onlar için çok daha az ücret ödemiş oluyoruz. Yine tam olarak istendiği gibi..
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