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Washington Post Displays Glaring Double Standard When Reporting Sexual Assault Claims…
It is now apparent that The Washington Post’s standard for reporting on cases of sexual assault is dependent upon whether the accused is a political target of their choosing.
Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax issued a statement Monday morning denying accusations of sexual assault from 2004. Fairfax said the allegations were investigated by The Washington Post last year, who found, “significant red flags and inconsistencies within the allegation.”
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THREAD: There’s all kinds of crazy things being said about voter fraud. Every time a GOP loses a race, people scream fraud. My response is, it depends.
The most common type of voter fraud is to fill out absentee ballots en masse. When that’s done, you see large blocks of votes voting straight ticket, and the turnout is excessively high. When compared to other counties, the turnout will be higher than all or most of them.
Another common type of fraud is to bus people in to a district where eligibility checks are either non-existent or extremely lax. You see this type of fraud going on in places like New Hampshire, where students are bussed in from Boston to tilt an election.
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“There are a lot of reasons I’m not a Democrat. For example, I believe that…”

1. Jesus, America, and capitalism have been the three greatest forces of good in world history.…
#VoteRepublican2018 #DemocratMobRule #JobsNotMobs #DemocratsAreEvil
2. An attractive woman posing with an AR-15 beats a screaming feminist in a pussy hat 10 times out of 10.

3. You can’t #believeallwomen or #believeallmen; you have to #believetheevidence.
4. It’s wrong and disgusting to harass people in restaurants and at their home just because you disagree with them politically. Also if you block traffic to get attention for your cause, whatever it may be, I am not on your side.
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Leftists/Democrats and their media propagandists have normalized lawlessness, violence, aggression, racism, sexism, and bigotry. They have trained blacks to attack blacks, whites to attack whites, women to attack women who don’t fall in line with what theydeem is acceptable.
Dems organize protests, (mob riots) of outraged, perpetual victims to attack, harass, and threaten, all in the name of restoring “civility,” civil rights, and protecting our “institutions.
The aggressive mobs’ astonishing, outrageous behavior is treated as acceptable and righteous and the master elites herald it as democracy in action. In reality, the zombie mobs are weaponized, oblivious puppets being used by elite corrupt politicians to keep the base in line.
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Looking forward to your tweet ‘eloquently’ telling GOP/GOP voters “FUCK. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.” I cheer a sane GOP protecting presumption of innocence that Dems disdain. Dems are the party of angry, violent, bullying, deranged psycho mobs #ItCanHappenToYou
The blatant hypocrisy of Dems who say #BelieveAllWomen don’t believe @KeithEllison’s accuser, @RepKihuen ‘s accuser, @BobMenendezNJ sex with underage girls, and more. They want Dems elected no matter what-and in doing so, they say “Screw #MeToo
Charged with 9 counts of domestic abuse, @SenJeffWoodburn just won his primary reelection to take a 4th term… via @conmonitornews
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Nobody Believes All Women

Believe all women… unless they accuse the Left.…
The willingness of more Democrats to believe Bill Clinton’s accusers isn’t evolution, it’s hypocrisy.

Democrats covered for Bill Clinton as long as the Clintons were a viable political dynasty.
Only when Hillary went down in flames, and Bill Clinton seemed to spend most of his time playing with balloons, was it safe to start believing the same women they had been ridiculing and demeaning all these years.
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1/ Reading this piece was a total waste of time, except that it prompted me to try to check out something I've been curious about: are there, in fact, a substantial number of progressives who say that we should believe ALL women?
2/ My normal operating assumption is that there is not view so stupid that you can't find SOMEONE who holds it, so I assume that there are people who believe this one. But *lots* of them?
3/ I checked out the hashtag #BelieveAllWomen . It's almost entirely people on the right, being sarcastic. Random example:

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.@DNC, Whose No. 2 Was Accused Of Abuse By 2 Women, Demands Kavanaugh Investigation…
#BelieveAllWomen can be a touchy subject when your organization's no. 2 has been accused of abuse by two women.
There's no police report with Kavanaugh and thus nothing to investigate. However there is a police report involving Ellison.

There's one Kavanaugh accuser from ages ago. But there are two Ellison accusers. And the most recent one is... fairly recent.
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