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In response to this comments by POTUS @realDonaldTrump & others

1. 🇭🇰 Protestors may shrink in numbers but this doesn't mean the movement is losing momentum / public support.

(Polls show that discontent towards HK Gov continues to grow by the day)…
2. 🇭🇰 Gov & #HKPF has been making efforts to disperse crowd (e.g. deployment of teargas & excessive force) at BEGINNINGS of protests

This means it is no longer possible to hold another peaceful 2M march without serious casualties.
3. Protests are no longer safe and recommended for elderly & children.

While not necessarily preferring use of violence, everyone out in the streets must be prepared to take the risk in case situation get ugly.

All protesters must be ready to run / put on a fight if need be.
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On Sunday, group of Mainland Chinese took down Hong Kong-style Lennon walls on the original Prague Lennon Wall and repainted with "China" and no. 70 with in PRC flag style. All this while taking pics and vids of their conduct yelling "We love China". Hard to get more distasteful.

Turns out it was a group of local Overseas Chinese (…) that took down the HK Lennon walls off the Prague Lennon Wall and then repainted anything related to #antiELABhk . Graphic designer Liao who authored the 70 with wrong PRC flag comments:
"Lennon Wall is a wall that expresses the feelings of people who like art and it brings real aesthetic value. It's not a place for political bickering."

Chinese tourist and 华侨 immediately started pictures with the Chinese posts.
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Sebuah panduan taktik para demonstran di Hongkong ketika berunjuk rasa. Panduan yang mungkin akan berguna saat melakukan aksi turun ke jalan.

Cara meredam gas air mata: jangan lupa bawa tumbler, tak lupa sarung tangan anti panas.
Jangan lupa bawa sarung tangan anti-panas. Suhu proyektil gas air mata yang baru ditembakkan bisa capai 70 derajat. Cukup buat kulitmu terkelupas.
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“831, you beat someone to death. 721, you disappeared.” Protesters are condemning police beating people up on August 31 while on 721 when triads beat up passengers, police were nowhere to be found.
“Killers, rapists.” These are two of the common accusations against the police.
Amid a sea of US flags, there is one lone German flag held by Carlos from Germany. He thinks Angela Merkel should use her time in #China to voice more concrete support for #HK.
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Live from Prince Edward - Riot police are now chasing a group of protesters who earlier set up a big fire in the area.
Police are now heading west on Nathan Road while bystanders are angrily calling them dark society. The situation is super chaotic.
Police are now at the intersection of Nathan road and Prince Edward Road.
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Hongkongers are creating a pro-democracy human chain along Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, in a tribute to the Baltic Way 30 years ago.… #HongKong #China #antiELABhk #antiELAB #NoToChinaExtradition
Participants hope to raise international awareness of the pro-democracy movement and anti-extradition law fight.… #HongKong #China #antiELABhk #antiELAB #NoToChinaExtradition Photo: @demosisto.
@demosisto One volunteer in her 20s told HKFP that she was handing out lyrics of popular songs that protesters are expected to sing later. #HongKong #China #antiELABhk #antiELAB #NoToChinaExtradition… @holmeschan_
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[Thread] have translated the passage of LIHKG post about the mindset of frontline protestors in the Hong Kong anti-extradition law protest.

Please spread by just copying it. Thanks.

#HongKong #HongKongProtests #antiELAB #antiELABhk #antiextraditionlaw #HongKongProtests
‘Why stay?’ ‘What is the point of storming?’ ‘Why stay to sacrifice yourself when the night is falling?’ ‘Why not ‘be water’ when the police begin to attack?

These are the frequently asked questions to the frontline protestors in recent protests.
I can summarise the mindset of the frontline protestors by just one sentence:
Our aim is simple: it is to make the police’s clearance efforts more difficult, every single time they attack.
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English Infographics for #FreedomHK Thread 🧵

Feel free to take them & use them to promote the Water Revolution of Hong Kong! They are made by netizens of HK & do not belong to anyone. #antiELABhk #HongKongProtests
Let’s start with the MTR Non Cooperation Movement: a message to MTR riders from Hong Kongers

#HongKongProtests #YuenLongDarkNight #FreedomHK
Resistance schedule! What are Hong Kongers up to? #HongKongProtests #antiELAB
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#HonKong Thread: Hong Kong protesters abandoned Facebook for other platforms - "Facebook is not a useful tool for the movement except for those celebrities and parties, on which they make announcements and deliver statements."…
The 2014 Hong Kong generation was dependent on Facebook. Now, "most young people don't use Facebook anymore & turned to Snapchat or Instagram." At the core of the issue is Facebook's algorithm, which prioritizes posts triggering an intense debate in the comments.
"In 2014, Facebook amplified the disagreements between the various "school of thoughts". EconReporter wrote. "In 2014, the movement had no experience and leaders did not know how to handle it and promote democratic decisions within it," Han Mei said.
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HK will likely ignite again on June 12 when the extradition bill is scheduled for second reading. Calls for actions have are now circulating in Telegram groups. Not heeding the popular will is going to have dire long term consequences for the HK government.
More calls for protest on June 12
Intersting poster, @jwassers. Goes to what you said the other week about protest as a form of learning and not an attempt to escape education.
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