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HK will likely ignite again on June 12 when the extradition bill is scheduled for second reading. Calls for actions have are now circulating in Telegram groups. Not heeding the popular will is going to have dire long term consequences for the HK government.
More calls for protest on June 12
Intersting poster, @jwassers. Goes to what you said the other week about protest as a form of learning and not an attempt to escape education.
Well, let's just hope everyone stay safe...
The HK govt response to the protest yesterday did not go down well.
More posters circulating online
That's an interesting place to find "不忘初心". I wonder is the creator realise the irony.
Incoming Memes
Using cars to blockade HK roads, Molotov cocktails, tactical operations...

Tomorrow is unlikely to be as peaceful as yesterday.
That's innovative, but chilling...
A draft letter going around, an appeal from protesters in HK to the world.
#HongKong #antiELAB
Some creative art coming out in the last hour or so.
The Telegram coordination group for protest has doubled from last night to now over 17k people. This doesn't look like like a de-escalating situation to me.
Another batch of posters
With friends like these...
A draft letter from the protest organisers, appealing to the silent majority to actin. #HongKong #antiELAB
Looks like they've finally finished with the letter of appeal. #HongKong #antiELAB
Not looking peaceful... Oh dear

#HongKong #antiELAB
More protest posters
#HongKong high school students are mobilising for #antiELAB protest tonight and tomorrow.
There is an ugly nativist side to the protest too. Identity is such a powerful force.
#HongKong #antiELAB sudent sentiments are changing: from limited protest tonight and tomorrow to prolonged civil disobedience.
#HongKong #antiELAB protesters gathering in the rain.
Police is stopping and searching at metro stops in an attempt to stop #HongKong #antiELABhk protesters from gathering.
Resentment towards police running high at this point.
While this does put obstacles in protest gathering momentum, it risks inflaming the situation further.
Jordan MRT, looks tense
Police withdrew from Admiralty MRT. Good decision to de-escalate.
Police starting to stop cars for checking
#HongKong #NoExtraditionToChina protesters and police.
Admiralty Centre
She's here as always
Singing. Note many have white flowers. Not everyone is out for a fight.
Seem calm atm
Near Admiralty Centre police searching groups of young people.
Really heavy police presence in #HongKong against #antiELAB protesters. Big deployment happening now, clearly wants to take the initiative.
Police with riot gear arriving. #HongKong #antiELAB
Police on standby.
Calm now, but all it takes is one spark for people to get hurt.
They certainly look ready for action.
Okay... Police has more than riot gear, they have rifles too.
Sir, that's alot of pepper spray.
More young people getting rounded up and searched.
Must be shit to be a riot police in this rain. These people are only doing their jobs under tough conditions, so let's be kind.
Crowd getting bigger despite rain.
Respect grandma!
Police on standby at Legislative Council. Its going to be a long night for them, I think.
For those wanting to keep an eye on the situation here is a stream with English commentary:
I'm off to bed.
After a peaceful night, we are about to find out whether bug crowds will turn out to challenge the authorities.
Additional police deployed in #HongKong against #antiELAB protesters. Clearly anticipating a big turn out today.
Grandma spotted again
People gathering #HongKong #antiELAB
Leaked police tactics says the police will defend Legco gate as the focus of their effort.
#HongKong #antiELAB protesters setting up supply depots for the day.
#HongKong police arrest a young man. Pepper spray at ready to keep back the #antiELAB crowd.
Police reinforcements arw constantly arriving as crowd swell.
Sit in at MTR
People walking on the roads!
#HongKong #antiELAB
This is quite something.
Not sure about the authenticity of this. But if true, that's very worrying. #HongKong #antiELAB
Police organising their equipment, including weapons. #HongKong #antiELAB
These are circulating online right now. I don't think cancelling second reading of the extraditionary bill will satisfy the #HongKong #antiELAB protesters.
#HongKong #antiELAB second reading cancelled today. The pressure has worked, but we don't know whether this is simply a tactical shift...
Supply depots working hard. #honggkong #antiELAB
Certainly the police is well geared.
A sea of #HongKong #antiELAB protesters.
Hmmm...wait guys...let's think about this again. #HongKong #antiELAB
Exhausting work. You guys stay safe too. #HongKong #antiELAB
This changed things fair bit.
Tense situation in #HongKong atm
#HongKong #antiELAB protest first aid and supply depot locations.
#HongKong #antiELAB protesters planned to blockade major roads. Limited success outside the protest zones I believe.
#HongKong #antiELAB ultimatum circulated calling for the govt to shelf extradition bill before 6pm HK time today or else prolonged protest and escalation, inc blockading roads.
Ultimatum now for 3pm now.
Ultimatum time set at 3pm for govt to shelf bill. I don't actually think this is a good idea, because now #HongKong #antiELAB protesters have little flexibility other than to escalate, which was what they intended to do in the first place perhaps.
Continued tense standoff. #HongKong #AntiELABHK
What an amazing photo! #HongKong #AntiELABHK
Banner on the Barriers say: students are innocent, listen to your [police's] conscience.
#HongKong #AntiELABHK protesters' demands.
Civil Human Rights Front calls for continued non-violent protest. #hongkong #AntiELABHK
Clash outside Legislative Council between police and #hongkong #AntiELABHK protesters.
Suspect undercover police person getting brutalised. #HongKongProtest #AntiELABHK
Suspected shot
Beanbag rounds fired into the crowd
Live coverage here:
#HongKong #antiELAB
Appeal by #HongKong #AntiELABhk protesters.
Police baton charge and bash an unarmed young man. #hongkong #AntiELABhk
Tear gas, rubber bullets, baton charges by police. #HongKong #AntiELABhk
British consulate opens door to protesters needing sanctuary. #HongKong #antiELAB

Other consulates should do the same, immediately.
She is always in the front line.

#HongKong #AntiELABhk
#HongKong #antiELAB protesters begging for international help.
#HongKong #AntiELABhk

#HongKong #antiELAB someone seriously seriously hurt.
Unverified, but possibly live rounds in that weapon. Could someone more knowledgeable have a look pls.

#HongKong #AntiELABhk
#HongKong #antiELAB tactical map.

Blue under police control
Red protesters
#HongKong #antiELAB reorganised first aid and supply stations.
Urgent call for asthma medication. #HongKong #antiELAB
Police pushing into the streets. #HongKong #antiELAB

#HongKong #AntiELABhk
Legislative Council will not operate today due to the protests.

#HongKong #AntiELABhk
#HongKong #antiELAB protesters appeal for urgent medical help.
Legislative Council will not sit today.

#HongKong #AntiELABhk
At the #HongKong Supreme Court.

Tear gas.

#HongKong #AntiELABhk
PLA soldiers in their complex masks ready.

#HongKong #AntiELABhk

According to people in China, PLA is on alert near Shenzhen. I can't verify this however.
Unverified info coming out of HK police: more force will be used if necessary to clear protesters.
Many #HongKong #antiELAB protesters trying to retreat arw jammed in MTR stations.
Drivers blocking roads in support of #HongKong #AntiELABhk protest.
#HongKong #AntiELABhk
crowd growing in Wan Chai #HongKong #AntiELABhk
Statement from the Civil Human Rights Front on police brutality towards #HongKong #AntiELABhk protesters.
@Twitter seem to have deemed this sensitive material, including the letter of appeal from the Civil Human Rights Front against police brutality. #HongKong #AntiELABhk

Could @Twitter explain this?
There are indications that police is preparing to clear the protesters with more violence at 8pm HK time, in around 25mins. Apparently hospitals have been put on alert (designated disaster level).
What a timing?! Telegram is the key plateform for #HongKong #antiELAB protest organisers.

Protest organising Telegram groups all appear to be encountering issues. Messages coming though very slowly. Who is tempering with Telegram?
Appeal by the Civil Human Rights Front in German. Could German speakers pass it on. #HongKong #AntiELABhk
A number of groups are advocating abandoning the streets due to the likelihood of further violence. Sentiments are divided. In fact, people are talking about plans for escalation, including taking down the city's transport network in more coordinated way. #HongKong #AntiELABhk
Apparently, one admin of the main telegram group that's coordinating #HongKong #AntiELABhk has been arrested by police. Group lost a few thousand members in the last few hours.
No over yet. #HongKong #AntiELABhk are still not ready to quit despite what they have gone through.
Outside Wan Chai police station. #HongKong #antiELAB
Plenty of people still out #HongKong #AntiELABhk.
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