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This we, in Kerala saw in run to last parliament elections. His book, 'Why I am a Hindu' and the @INCIndia projecting @RahulGandhi as Janeu-Dhari Hindu were not coincidental (3/n)
We have seen his flip-flops before. A good example was #Sabarimala Women Entry Issue. Note, what he said in 2010:…

He then said that "there is nothing sacrosanct about social practices...
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Now that the #Article370Scrapped , what next for Kashmir? There are many 'nexts' to be done , but as an artist and cultural enthusiast and as far as the culture of Kashmir is concerned, the next big thing that must be done is re-establish Sharada in Kashmir.

For those who are not aware , Sharada peeth is what Vishwanath is for Benaras , Jagannath puri is for the Odiyas, or Pandharpur is to the Marathis, and possibly much more than that! @Aabhas24
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#Kashmir “disinformation buster” Thread 2 continuing from here
51n juicy juicy exposé. You remember notorious fakenewsist & terror normaliser @MuzamilJALEEL at @IndianExpress we’ve him here exposed before? His baccha at IE Basharat Masood is now at it...
52n 2 days back Basharat claimed he was reporting from the ground in Sopore. Yet in his “heart rending” fabrication today, Basharat a Sopore resident, claims he hasn’t been back in 7 days and is missing his kids. Which piece is a lie? Both? Cc @rajkamaljha factchecking please?
53n oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, we shouldn’t sell porkie pies should we? Via @detresfa_
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Thread alert:

They are, now, equal.

In 1957, marginalised Valmikis were brought to J&K by govt. to quell union protest & clean streets.

3 generations later but no Permanent Residence Certificate, STILL forced to work as Safai Karamcharis.

Heartwrenching stories follow-
Listen to this man crying. #Article35A

"I am Sanitation worker. Remained hungry, saved money to take her to exam centre. She cleared but was denied due to PRC Residency."

He worked as Sanitation worker - with low wages, in hope for children future. Family not allowed a Govt job
20-year-old Radhika wants to join @BSF_India
She cleared physical test but was denied on state-recruitment basis. As No PRC.

Can she be accepted now?

Sitting with her father. He worked hard to help fulfil her dreams, not a possibility in his lifetime.

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As per chatter in high-level bureaucratic circles GoI is in talks with foreign multinational corporations for development of Srinagar-Jammu Industrial Corridor, including Chinese ones. A major Kashmir Development Summit slated to be organised soon with global investors lined-up.
Meanwhile discussions are also underway for a possible deployment of American missiles in Kashmir - possibly Ladakh. The move already rejected by Australians.

Washington withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces INF Treaty, the sametime military was deployed in Kashmir
Both Australia and South Korea have categorically rejected US demand for the deployment of American ground-based missiles on their soil.

Hence, India is on the cards now.
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Scrapping #Article370: What does it mean?

What were the ramifications of notifications issued by Kashmir's Maharaja Hari Singh? What are state subjects? What exclusive rights did state subjects hold? How did #35A come into being?

Explains @sarthakraizada Advocate, Supreme Court
What is Article 35A?

#Article35A guaranteed exclusive rights to permanent residents of Jammu & Kashmir like exclusivity in employment, grants, education & property rights. This meant that an ordinary Indian citizen could not buy property in J&K. This was clearly discriminatory.
What took so long?

Several deliberations between State & Central govt took place over the years but in vain. A host of petitions were even filed citing the discriminatory nature of #Article35A. On many occasions the Hon. Supreme Court refused to entertain these petitions.
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I think BJP will remain in power for next 30-40 years. We will move back to a mono-party system, as was the case in 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.
It's got less to do with Article 370 and more with the deep damage done by Azad Ghulam Nabi and Adhir Ranjan Choudhary.
Amidst propaganda of 'not taking the trust of local Kashmiris into account'. Let me call open this bullshit by Pro Pak propagandists like S Vardarajan, Burkha, Ravis, CPM, thousands of other trolls, hate haha, bigots and hate mongers.
1. The state had 3 regions not just Kashmir
So it's not that Kashmiris alone should have a say in this. People from Jammu and Ladakh also have EQUAL say in #Article370Scrapped.
2. Ladkah has 50% Hindus+Buddhists, MOST of who celebrated this decision
3. Of the remaining, bulk are Shia Muslims who celebrated as well.
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In the run up to #370repeal this is what was fed to the public.
How should an ordinary Indian view an agency issuing a "security alert" going forward?
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A historical wrong has been corrected!

Welcome my brethren from #Kashmir to a world of peace, progress and prosperity!
So now with #Artcle370Scrapped, the article 35A is moot and doesn’t stand.

There will be 2 new Union Territories -
Ladakh (with no legislature)
Jammu & Kashmir (with legislature)
#Ladakh has a very sparse population and hence will be an overkill to have a CM along with a Lieutenant General. It will be governed by the centre like Dadra Nagar, Daman Diu etc.
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#Kashmir was an inland sea called Satisaar, inhabited by Pahadis/ Nagas (Sanskrit for mountain).
Brahma’s grandson, Rishi Kashyap on his pilgrimage from South India, (when In Jalandhar) was approached for help to free Satisaar of demons Jalodbhav who were tyrannizing the Nagas.
Kashyap Rishi performed poojas to save Nagas from Jalodbhava.

Tripursundari Sharika Devi, Durga incarnation, came to his aid in the form of an enormous bird/ Haer with a Divine stone in her beak; dropped it on 2 demons & killed them.
That stone transformed into Hari Parbat 🙏🏻
Indra helped Kashyap Rishi kill all demons but Jaldeva escaped. Vishnu ji transformed Himself into Varah & killed him.
Hitt by his tail, the mountains made a pass through which the waters of Satisaar flowed out..
That spot where mountains parted is called Varahmula/ Baramulla.
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"तू थकेगा न कभी
तू थमेगा न कभी
तू मुड़ेगा न कभी
कर शपथ! कर शपथ! कर शपथ!

वृक्ष हों भले खड़े
हों घने, हों बड़े
एक पत्र छाँह भी
मांग मत! मांग मत! मांग मत!

यह महान दृश्य है
चल रहा मनुष्य है
अश्रु-स्वेद-रक्त से
लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ! लथ-पथ!"

Remember the name. Narendra Damodardas Modi. #Article370
To the people of Kashmir: Seize this incredible moment in History. Love India, just as India loves you.

Light a diya, not a Molotov.
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