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Former J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti's daughter Iltija Mufti on Friday asked whether J&K was an integral part of #India or a colony.

J&K is not a colony. It is an integral part of #India. It is #Kashmir based parties who treated India as their colony by playing the separatist card.
Iltija Mufti also said that that #Article370 had nothing to do with development.

Only a person who lives outside the state can afford to be so ignorant. Iltija Mufti lives in Chennai and enjoys all the facilities which are not available here in #Kashmir.
#Article370 and 35A were responsible for J&K's backwardness while only benefiting a select few like the separatists, politicians of mainstream political parties of #Kashmir and their families.
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A classic case of how influence operatives such as Mohsin Dawar are allowed to gain a voice in #Pakistan.

How our media regulators such as @reportpemra & @pid_gov’s weak vetting processes allow such elements to gain a public voice.

I present to you Veengas Yasmeen:

She’s been peddling seditious propaganda for a long time, with sinister links to #Indian media establishment, recently she was laying low to begin a Sindhi/English News Service

Now, her ‘NONPROFIT’ network is being built to recruit local journalists (operatives) in #Pakistan
Her timeline was cleared of many tweets, when she applied for a news outlet license.
However there are ways to find those posts.
How much more obvious do you have to be in your anti-#Pakistan propaganda for the media regulators to take notice?

Read till the end:

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While I have deep respect for India and its important relationship with the US, I condemn the revocation of #Article370 & #Article35A, the imposed comms blockade, suppression of life-saving medical care, and reports of widespread human rights violations in #Jammu and #Kashmir.
The communication blockade doesn’t just mean people cannot get in touch with their families, it also means shortages of medicine and an inability to receive medical care.…
And multiple reports indicate that over 3,000 people have been indefinitely detained without charges by the Indian government under the Public Safety Act, including children, lawyers, doctors, religious leaders, and opposition political leaders.…
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An inspirational story of Avtar Singh and his Khalsa bakery.

Orphaned during partition violence, a young boy trekked to Indian border. Survived pain & loss... and worked hard to become the famous baker in J&K's Udhampur.
#India #Pakistan #Jammu #Kashmir…
"At his funeral we realised the impact Papaji (father) had created on people's lives. Dozens of locals were in tears when they recounted tales of financial help or opportunities they received from him - all in secrecy. Even we were taken aback," said his son. #Udhampur
#SardarAvtarSingh had "trekked from Pakistan and reached Udhampur all alone. However, when he left the mortal world, he had earned the goodwill of an entire town. He will be remembered for his generosity and the delicious bread he baked". #Jammu #Udhampur
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Hand on my heart I have been thinking of Dulat the last few weeks. Not just because of the brilliant tweet by @rahulpandita asking us to think abt Faesal & his trip to Delhi & back, but also because I have been wondering who has been pushing these separatists as opposed to Jammu.
How are two bit KMs from the valley on TV Panels & no one from Jammu ever is.
How do only Kashmiri scholars/journalists reach the research & policy orgs, are groomed & become blue eyed boys/girls & Jammu remains unrepresented.
Why are seminar circuits dominated by KMs?
How do regional & anti Jammu papers continue to run despite being boycotted in Jammu?
Why is a Shehla who most don’t know in JK getting so much attention.
Why js a joker like Faesal who asked for a Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan hailed as an answer to a prayer.
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Thread alert:

They are, now, equal.

In 1957, marginalised Valmikis were brought to J&K by govt. to quell union protest & clean streets.

3 generations later but no Permanent Residence Certificate, STILL forced to work as Safai Karamcharis.

Heartwrenching stories follow-
Listen to this man crying. #Article35A

"I am Sanitation worker. Remained hungry, saved money to take her to exam centre. She cleared but was denied due to PRC Residency."

He worked as Sanitation worker - with low wages, in hope for children future. Family not allowed a Govt job
20-year-old Radhika wants to join @BSF_India
She cleared physical test but was denied on state-recruitment basis. As No PRC.

Can she be accepted now?

Sitting with her father. He worked hard to help fulfil her dreams, not a possibility in his lifetime.

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When things are still unfolding, we can only be hopeful and positive and unitedly articulate what we want and aspire for #Jammu @HMOIndia @narendramodi
Level the playing field and empower Jammu by giving it equal if not more seats, for a fair representation in the Legislative Assembly. #Delimitation
Recognition to Dogri and making it part of the school curriculum in #Jammu
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#OIC General Secretariat is deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation in the #Indian occupied #Jammu & #Kashmir including reports of deployment of additional paramilitary forces & use of banned cluster munition by Indian forces to target civilians…
The OIC General Secretariat is saddened to learn about the civilian casualties resulting from ceasefire violations carried out by #Indian forces across the Line of Control and expresses solidarity with the people of Indian occupied Jammu and #Kashmir. #KashmirBleeds
The OIC reiterates its call upon the international community to rise up to its responsibility for the peaceful resolution of Jammu and #Kashmir dispute through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite in accordance with relevant UN Security Council resolutions.
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A major economic setback for farmers of #Jammu
Jammu business houses are already getting queries on situation as #Walnut harvest is due in 10days and the #Walnut traders have invested millions for upcoming harvest.
#VictimCard #PoliticalDistress #JammuLooses
Tourism department is seeing a big dip and high losses with refunds on existing businesses.

Yet again a big blow to the economy and survival of #Jammu
How will #Jammu Entreprenuers sustain themselves in an atmosphere of instability, without any support from the administration
Ceasefire violations affect farmers in border villages. Jammu tourism entrepreneurs affected without mistake and Kashmir makes Jammu suffer, without their mistake. #AmarnathYatraOnTarget
@PMO #JammuTooExists
#YatraAffectedAgain #JammuFears
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Social media claiming about possible trifurcation of #JammuKashmir into Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh region

Important to know that #Pakistan did that way back in 1949 when it divided the occupied parts of #Jammu & #Kashmir into so-called "Azad Jammu and Kashmir" & Gilgit–Baltistan
After India-China war, Pakistan took one step more

Shaksgam tract an area of more than 2,700 sq mi along the northeastern border of occupied Gilgit–Baltistan, was ceded by Pakistan to China in 1963

Now it is part of China's Xinjiang Uygur region.
#Jammu and #Kashmir is just an occupied piece of land for Pakistan

It gifted parts of the state to China in order to internationalize and complicate any future mediation

Article 257 of the Pakistani Constitution of 1973 clearly exposes the hypocrisy and stupidity of Pakistan
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My Good wishes on the auspicious ocassion of #InternationalDayofYoga

Saptarishis performing Yoga, from Bandralta/Mankot, #Jammu ,c.1700.
The names of seven sages are inscribed in #Takri letters.

The list of sages tallies with Brihadaryanaka Upanishad & Shatpatha Brahmana
@narendramodi @Prof_Hariom @KhajuriaManu @eGangotri @moayush @yogrishiramdev @SriSri @SadhguruJV @myogiadityanath @VoiceofDogras At the centre in the top row sits Rishi Jamadgni with his head tilted backwards, & his hair reaching upto thighs. With his right hand, he holds a long rosary
@narendramodi @Prof_Hariom @KhajuriaManu @eGangotri @moayush @yogrishiramdev @SriSri @SadhguruJV @myogiadityanath @VoiceofDogras Next to him in clockwise direction is Rishi Gautama, clad in loin cloth, with long nails and hair. He holds his hands above his head in a tight clasping posture
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Brigadier Rajinder Singh, was born on 14th June 1899 to Subedar Lakha Singh in Bagoona, Samba, #Jammu Brig Rajinder Singh, Chief of Military Staff, JK State Forces & the first MahaVeer Chakra Awardee of Independent India is also known as the #SaviourOfKashmir
A brief timeline of his unparalleled contribution to keep Jammu Kashmir from falling into the hands of Pakistan in October 1947 -

* 22nd October the Princely State of Jammu Kashmir comes under Pakistani attack.
* After the fall of Muzzafarabad Brigadier Rajinder Singh and his gallant men leave Badami Bagh Cantonment for the front at Uri-Domel border on the fateful night of 22nd Oct "to hold the enemy on the Muzzafarabad-Uri road until the arrival of Indian troops".
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A thread on Appetizers and Snacks unique to Jammu region.

This is a list on #JammuStreetFood

All are requested to add on food items to this list.

Kaladi Kulcha
Kachalu Chaat
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Continuing my thread.

#Jammu & #Ladakh always received unfair behaviour due to #KASHMIR.

Total 88 seats:
Kashmir has 47 seats
Jammu 37 seats
Ladakh has only 4

Parties need 44 seats to be in majority in #JammuKashmir. Kashmir has around 98% #Muslim population.

For the last 30 years, no other party other than @JKNC_ or @jkpdp has been able to form Govts here.

NC is a proprietary of the Abdullahs while PDP is that of the Mufti family.

They concentrate on 46 seats which is in #Muslim majority areas and hence end up having a majority.
#ModiSarkar realized the core issue & are working towards making sure #Jammu & #Ladakh have more seats thereby ending the unfair dominance of #Kashmir which has become a sole proprietary of the Abdullahs & the Muftis.

Ofcourse, NC & Pdp are hellbent to stop it from happening.
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The last Governor of #Gilgit was Brigadier Ghansara Singh Jamwal, r/o Raipur Bantalab, #Jammu
The brave Brigadier had stoically accepted the role of Governor on 1st August 1947 despite the known dangers of this position. #DograHistory #JK
When Pakistani raiders attacked J&K in Oct 1947, Major Brown and #Gilgit Scouts which he commanded, rose in revolt. More than a 1000 men surrounded the Governor’s house and Brigadier Ghansara Singh along with his men, including the driver and attendant put up a brave fight.
Raja Sultan Abdul Hamid DSP of Gilgit Baltistan joined Major Brown in his treachery and lead the Gilgit Police to the Governor’s house. Brig Ghansara Singh surrendered only after Maj Brown gave an ultimatum that all non Muslims in Gilgit Agency would be killed.
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@JandKBank calls a youth based campaign a parochial attempt by vested interests as a cover up. For state wise selections they made dist wise “requirement” & upon declaration of results added a Dist wise “recruitment” without announcing the Dist wise posts. Hogwash of a notice.
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Breaking this down:
1. The bank calls a campaign lead by students “parochial attempt by some vested interests”.
2. Does not clarify the ‘esteemed public and candidates in general’ quest on no mention in the notification of district wise “recruitment”. Requirement is mentioned.
3. Why is there no break up of district wise posts on the Bank’s notification?
4. So how does what should have been a State wise selection and has become Dist wise recruitment fill vacancies in branches outside the state. Which dist does the honour?
5. The reference to religious adherence to Board’s decisions and policy basically reads as an admission to blatant policy of discrimination against #Jammu
6. Clearly the Bank’s policies are divisive and create schisms between Regions.
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I knew that a massacre took place during 1947. But when I started to read up on the subject, it shocked me to see just how unaware we are about the "Nakba" that took place & the tales of horror it caused & most of all how the narrative got distorted by the perpetrator.

Because how can this crime, nothing less than a genocide, be so ignored outside of the area? How can massacres, several hundred thousands killed & a million forced to flee, not even render a whisper in our history books?

It is time to lift this historical injustice to the surface & give the victims the right to own their stories.
I have collected some articles dealing with the forgotten massacres & expulsion of the Kashmiri people. Each article has a short intro or quotes from content.

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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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The more I look at #Kathua case, the more bizarre it gets. It seems less about #JusticeforAsifa but a narrative being spun by puppet-masters.
Let the facts come. Let's ask—
1. Why did this 3-month old murder case suddenly become news. Why was it not news when the murder happened?
Why was a police officer from #Kashmir with a highly dubious history of murder-rape based on Islamist leanings, assigned to this case in #Jammu?
Q 3.
Were certain people being framed to create a narrative in this case. Was a poor dead girl being used to push agendas?
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