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1/ @NamitaGokhale_, you publicly "Liked" THIS* ?

[*My pinned tweet]

I can understand @AartiTikoo, @Sanjay_Dixit, @MakrandParanspe @KanwalSibal & @TVMohandasPai liking, RT-ing this..

But "@DalrympleWill's partner in crime" ?

Asserting your Azadi from Western handlers?👍 ImageImage
@NamitaGokhale_ @AartiTikoo @Sanjay_Dixit @MakrandParanspe @KanwalSibal @TVMohandasPai @DalrympleWill 2/ After damaad @PatrickFrench, you read this RT-ed FB post abt yr daughter @MeruGokhale's g'bye message to @PenguinIndia,

her salute to great authors she learnt from (#ArundhatiRoy & co) & her deafening silence on best-selling @vikramsampath, so... 3/
@NamitaGokhale_ @AartiTikoo @Sanjay_Dixit @MakrandParanspe @KanwalSibal @TVMohandasPai @DalrympleWill @PatrickFrench @MeruGokhale @PenguinIndia @vikramsampath 3/I'm wondering WHY @MeruGokhale resigned from @PenguinIndia.

@vikramsampath being India's top author-to-cancel (Paris #IPRCI2024 HQ NEVER names him, he's Voldemort),

was Meru shamed for supping w/ The Enemy & couldn't take it any more?

Also google 'Penguin Staff in Tears'.
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Thread: The Horrific Killing of Ehsan Jafri in the #GulbargMassacre
On 28 February 2002 Ehsan Jafri was gruesomely murdered by a feverish mob. Slaughtered along with him were around seventy women, children and men who had taken shelter with the man....
...whom they had believed was influential enough to save their lives from a colossal armed mob baying for blood.
But he was dragged away by the horde, his limbs were cut off from his body before he was burned. His family could not even locate his remains.
He was a renowned poet, labor leader and politician who was killed in infamous #Gulbarg Society massacre in Gujarat 2002 riots. #Modi, then the CM of Gujarat, was accused of doing little to stop the anti-Muslim riots -an allegation he has always denied.
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.@UN_CSW #CSW65 hosted an excellent panel discussion this morning on "Supporting Vibrant #Feminist Movements & #Leadership." Organized by @cdnwomenfdn & @equality_fund A thread 👇🏾.
.@F_Moudouthe on #CapacityBuilding: it's purpose to undo information asymmetry to tackle systemic barriers for womxn & girls. #power dynamics must be understood & mitigated. @awdf01's approach is to focus on the grantees lens to probe the what, why and how of capacity programs.
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COVID-19 isn’t the world’s ‘great leveller’.

It’s impact has revealed how the social and economic inequalities that surround us are much deeper, more pervasive and much more problematic than we thought. #AllHailTheLockdown
Episode 4 @hey_alirae looks at:

India: #socialdistancing as privilege
Caste: compounding injustice with cruelty
Gender inequality & the value of essential workers
COVID between neighbourhoods

With #ArundhatiRoy @BezwadaWilson @josefinamar14 & @mfranco_uah. #AllHailTheLockdown
@hey_alirae @BezwadaWilson @josefinamar14 @mfranco_uah The COVID-19 lockdowns sent shockwaves across India. It was instantly obvious that the virus was much more brutal on those who have less, are marginalised & systematically oppressed. Arundhati Roy explains. #AllHailTheLockdown
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#ArundhatiRoy must know, in India, no one really becomes casteless just because he/she is a Christian. Dalit Christians continue to face discrimination to this day. Isn’t Roy, the radical Left activist, aware of this? @aroybot
The fact that she can claim to be casteless only proves her privilege — lower castes in India can’t afford to conveniently forget their caste. #ArundhatiRoy #aazadi
She also claimed that Brahmanism is, in fact, not about Brahmins“The anti-caste movement has traditionally used this word ‘Brahminism It isn’t about Brahmins but the idea of this kind of caste hierarchy. So,it isn’t just Brahmins that practice Brahminism.” @aroybot #ArundhatiRoy
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A thread on..
- English language Indian films
- "Hinglish" films
- Crossover films
- International films with Indian theme

..on digital platforms..
#TheHouseholder (1963) by Merchant - Ivory.

Feat. Shashi Kapoor, Leela Naidu, Durga Khote, Achla Sachdev, and Harindranath Chattopadhyay among others.

#ShakespeareWallah (1965) by Merchant - Ivory.

Feat. Shashi Kapoor, Felicity Kendal @madhurjaffrey Geoffrey Kendal, Utpal Dutt, Pinchoo Kapoor and Partap Sharma.

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Globalization is a process that's repeatedly happened in waves, which often break in pandemics like Covid-19. To find our way forward we need to understand the forces involved, not just the virus. At @Salon 1/18…
While Covid-19's mortality rate is lower than previous pandemics, neoliberal globalization is *deliberately* more fragile & future pandemics loom. *Resilience* should be a guiding principle in response. 2/18
But visionaries like #ArundhatiRoy need to understand the history-shaping forces they're up against described by @Peter_Turchin's explanation of the dynamic. 3/18…
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If you didn’t get chance to watch Arundhati Roy live in conversation with @imaniperry last night then you should absolutely check out the @haymarketbooks discussion on why #COVID19 is the portal into one of two worlds...
The pandemic and its consequences provide an opportunity for reflection and a chance to undo the terrible rounds inflicted on the planet - and other humans - by the human race. But there are others who want to deepen the injustice and inflict more and more damage #ArundhatiRoy
We may be a common humanity but #COVID19 is not affecting everyone in the same way. The virus has worked like an x-ray explosing the bones of injustice in our societies and amplifying the inequalities #ArundhatiRoy
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#ArundhatiRoy (1/1)
Everyone including the Government knows who is she.
By summarizing her entire career & work one can conclude that She is the link between ISI & Left Exterimist organisation. undoubtedly dear to Congress.
Many sedition charges against her destroyed during UPA ImageImageImageImage
#ArundhatiRoy (1/2)
most amazing is that knowing all her #Arundhati acts of anti-India nature Why Congress-led UPA protected Her!!!
Arundhati has been working as an axle rod between the #UrbanNaxals & anti-India campaigners of abroad. A report of PAK defence (now deleted) ImageImage
#ArundhatiRoy (1/3)
The Link with Left extremist is one side another side is #Arundhati 's link with Banned JKLF, Jammat ud Dawa is quite conspicuous.
She got Soros patronisation besides ISI
She is regarded as #IronLady of anti-India network Image
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#ArundhatiRoy's "apology" compounds her lies in the service of Pakistan's #ISI. Her "apology" claims that the Islamic State of Pakistan and its murderous army "morally equivalent" to India's, just a step down from it being "better."

Professional liar.…
Here is my article from Manushi nearly 15 years ago pointing out how Arundhati Roy is a good sepoy of the "imperialism" she claims to be fighting.…
In her "apology" #ArundhatiRoy says "I do not believe that the States of India, Pakistan or Bangladesh are in any way morally superior to one another. "

So, being an Islamic State is morally the same as a secular state. Isn't this a slap on the face of Indian seculars?
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Tweet (1/n):

Mother Teresa: The Mistaken Saint (Long Thread)
#MotherTeresa #ArundhatiRoy

@Aabhas24 @ARanganathan72
@Aabhas24 @ARanganathan72 Tweet (2/n):


I was indoctrinated about the greatness of Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu aka Mother Teresa during my schooling at a convent. Read the story -
#Rupee @sankrant
@Aabhas24 @ARanganathan72 @sankrant Tweet (3/n):

But, what first helped create the “illusion” that was Mother Teresa?

The answer: Malcolm Muggeridge ‘s 1969 documentary & 1971 book titled “Something Beautiful for God.”

#AmbedkarStatue @mariawirth1

Book Link -
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