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1/n Somebody wants to resurrect #LTTE!The target is not jst SRI LANKA bt also INDIA. So far 12 LTTE supporters hv bn arrested frm Malaysia. In April, aftr d bomb blasts that rocked #SriLanka I hd posted in my article,Pakistan's involvement in it. Will re-post it in this thread.👇
@meghdootindia @IFENewsDesk @desertfox61I @ToTheePoint @vanitajain21 @DetheEshaSen @CantstopulovinM 2/n Sleeper cells in Delhi r controlled frm ISI base in New Delhi, bt subversive activities in southern India is monitored by ISI frm SRI LANKA. As early as 2006, dalliance btwn ISI-LTTE ws revealed. In 2014, an ex-LTTE operative (Hindu-Tamil) ws caught spying in India for ISI.
@meghdootindia @IFENewsDesk @desertfox61I @ToTheePoint @vanitajain21 @DetheEshaSen @CantstopulovinM 3/N In 2012 Indian agencies hd exposed a Pak diplomat, Amir Zubair Siddiqui, stationed in Colombo, who ws involved in anti-India operations. #ISI is responsible for sowing seeds of radicalization in Sri Lanka hs bn proven repeatedly. #Malaysia is ISI's latest base.
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Lets Talk About @harsh_mander Today.

Part Of @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi Mother Led NAC.

Always With The Anti-India Forces, Say Letter Against Modi To The PrezOfIndia, Or CitizensToVoteOutNaMo, Or Hanging Of #YakubMemon, Or Appeal To Deny US Visa To @narendramodi, He Leads.
ISI's GHULAM NABI FAI Is Your Closest Friend, Mr.@harsh_mander. Deny You Weren't A Member In His "KASHMIR FORUM"???

Fai Is Pak's UN Face Now. See The Report Of @timesofindia.…
This Article Speaks LOUDLY About #GhulamNabiFai (The #ISI Frontman In US) Links With @harsh_mander (Member of NAC) & NAC Chairperson i.e. @RahulGandhi's Mom & Other Members.

What Was Cooking Mr.Mander ??? You Were Funded By ISI's FAI To Manage What ???
Hope @AmitShah Knows This.
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1. Those who don't openly disown GhazwaEHind, &conversion agenda can't be "apne"for us since their declared intent is to wipe us out. Those who think their mazhab most superior &that Hindus are kafirs & worship false & evil gods can't be "apne" for us.
2. Those refusing to restore Hindu temples that were looted, vandalized &forcibly taken over to build mosques, can't be "apne" for us. Those who deny the barbarity of Islamic invasions, deny that it led to millions being massacred, raped, captured as slaves, can't be "apne"for us
3. Those who wish to live in India by rules of Arabistan can't be our "apne"; Those who pretend they're progeny of Arabs,can't be our "apne";Those who are hostile to owning up that Muslims living in India today are mostly converts from Hindu faith traditions can't be our "apne";
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#Breaking: for the #first time observed, the recently arrived from #Russia to #Turkey #S400 is in operational mode and deployed in #Ankara.

#ISI #IMINT #VISINT #intelligence
#Turkey, #Ankara, Mürted Akinci #Airbase: Deployed #S400 launch components.

#ISI #IMINT #VISINT #intelligence #Russia
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#ArundhatiRoy's "apology" compounds her lies in the service of Pakistan's #ISI. Her "apology" claims that the Islamic State of Pakistan and its murderous army "morally equivalent" to India's, just a step down from it being "better."

Professional liar.…
Here is my article from Manushi nearly 15 years ago pointing out how Arundhati Roy is a good sepoy of the "imperialism" she claims to be fighting.…
In her "apology" #ArundhatiRoy says "I do not believe that the States of India, Pakistan or Bangladesh are in any way morally superior to one another. "

So, being an Islamic State is morally the same as a secular state. Isn't this a slap on the face of Indian seculars?
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#RahulShamesIndia just on J&K?

Do you know—

Rahul told US ambassador after 26/11 that Pakistan's #LeT was not the threat to India, Modi was.

UPA collaborated with Pakistan on 26/11 to frame fake "Hindu terror"?

Congress of today is an #ISI op.…
We must demand a 26/11 enquiry commission from the government which probes the role of the UPA govt in these attacks. See my interview with Home Ministry bureaucrat RVS Manu, who shares insider info.

Not only #RahulShamesIndia. #CongressAttacksIndia

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Which Indian journalists, academics, intellectuals were the beneficiaries of Fai's ISI-funded largesse? Who were the regular guests of the 2 Families and feasted on wazwan paid for with money stolen from people? Check their names. Now check who are crying hoarse over #Article370.
Who are the intel officers, including certain top guns, now retired, who had access to limitless GoI funds for their 'work' in #JammuAndKashmir ? Was an ex-RAW person helping ABV (and later MMS) on #Kashmir or running a transfer-posting-promotion racket?
Who received 'loans' from J&K Bank? What are the bank's NPA details? Who fronted for beneficiaries? To cleanse Kashmir of malcontent, make details public. Also publish list of journalists who are regular visitors to Pakistan High Commission and residences of Pakistani diplomats.
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ایک مفروضہ یا اندازہ یا پھر حقیقت۔
پڑھیں۔شیئر کریں۔
بریکنگ نیوز. 4اگست 2019
خفیہ اطلاع کے مطابق انڈیا کے سکھ کے کئی ٰاعلی آرمی افسر نے جموں وکشمیر میں دہشت گردی جنگ کا حصہ نہ بننے کے اعلان کے ساتھ اپنے عہدے سے استعفیٰ دے دیے ہیں۔
جس کے بعد انڈیا آرمی میں بغاوت کی فضا پیدا ہو گئی ہے اس کے پیش نظر مودی نے آج صبح اعلیٰ سطح کاخفیہ اجلاس بلایا خفیہ اطلاعات کے مطابق اس اجلاس میں یہ بات طے پائی جموں کشمیر کی تحریک آزادی اور خالصتان کی تحریک آزادی اور انڈیا فوج میں بغاوت کی فضا کو کیسے روکا جائے۔
نیندر مودی انڈیا دہشت گرد فوج کے درمیان یہ طے پایا انڈیا میں بمبئی جیسا دہشتگرد واقع کرایا جائے نریندر مودی نے یہ کام کرایہ کے دہشتگردوں سے لینے کا کہا نریندرمودی کسی بھی وقت انڈیا میں دہشت گردی کا بڑا واقعہ کراسکتا ہے جس میں وہ کسی بھی غیر ملکی سفارتخانے،
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End Game for separatism! Possibility predictions
1) If India changes status quo in #Kashmir, confused #PakistanArmy wud assort to adventurism! It may giv diplomatic approval for Kashmir as new country!
2) To disapprove Indian move, #Pakistan would launch military campaign to express solidarity with #Kashmiri Awaam n their Azadi feelings.
In that case Indian leadership wud employ Never-Seen-Before military power to stun #GHQ n #ISI combo and geographical changes possible in Pak
3) If Pakistan opens military front in Kashmir against India to protest change of constitutional Status Quo in Kashmir, Indian wud deal disproportionate air/ land punch of its choice anywhere on Western border triggering Pakistan's disintegration from within in no time.
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#Thread - 1/9: According to media reports, #Russia and #Japan have been in contact over the #Kuril Islands in recent months. New #ISI #intelligence #report shows that despite the negotiations Russia continues to build #military #infrastructure in the islands.

#IMINT #satellite
2/9: Coastal defense system in #Iturup Island, 18th Machine Gun #Artillery Division.
3/9: Coastal #Missile Systems Deployment, #Iturup Island: Two #Russian #Rubezh coastal missile systems.
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“A Muslim with a beard without mustache is tell-tale sign of an Islamist who has potential of becoming a jihadi terrorist” (@TarekFatah)
Now please follow this Thread
This #Pakistani guy #Fawad_Khan who’s supported by the Terrorist Army of #Pakistan has All the potential of becoming another #ISIS another #Jihadist as he goes around swearing at people in #Bradford_UK, his style is exactly like that of a person whom Mr @TarekFatah has described
#Fawad_Khan from #Pakistan has potentials of becoming a #Jihadist, he lives in #UnitedKingdom but he doesn’t support Tolerance and Freedom of Expression
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1@AmitShahOffice aa HM is VERY GOOD NEWS for India but bad news for #Jehadis,#Maoists & #TukdeTukdeGang.#ShariaBolsheviks went after him in Gujarat only because as HM he was very effective in smashing terror networks & criminal mafias.#JehadiMafiaDon Sohrabuddin deserved killing
2. Shameless that #TukdeTukdeGang succeeded in hounding @amitshah for whole decade-- all coz he eliminated known mafia don &LeT hitman on a mission to assassinate Gujrat CM. #ShariaBolsheviks making martyr out of Sohrabuddin means they wanted him to succeed in killing Modi.
3. With @amitshah as HM, we can be sure mafia dons will either flee India or beg 2b in jail, not encountered. And PDP, Hurriyat,NC stone pelters plus sleeper cells of #ISI terror groups likely to run to Pakistan. Shah cuts through fog, hypocrisy & sloth with razor sharp precision
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Check out @orfonline's featured experts on why '#ISI and #ISIS are a double threat to peace in #SouthAsia'
The fall of #Baghouz, a small nondescript town in #Syria’s desert regions of Deir Ezzor from the hands of the so-called #IslamicState may have forced the world’s most wanted man to re-emerge publicly in a video message, says @KabirTaneja:
.@KabirTaneja, in conversation with @KhalidShah, deciphers the recent #SriLanka bombings and the changing nature of Islamic State operations. Watch ⬇
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गृह मंत्रालय के सचिव श्री मणि के साथ "हिंदू आतंक" भ्रम पर मेरी वार्ता।
१ कैसे गृह मंत्रालय को पता था कि साध्वी प्रज्ञा और कर्नल पुरोहित निर्दोष हैं।
२ कैसे दिग्विजय सिंह नें यह षड्यंत्र रचा
३ कैसे २६/११ में कांग्रेस की मिलीभगत थी।…
My conversation with Home Ministry insider RVS Mani, He reveals how:
1. MHA inputs showed that Ahle-Hadees had done Malegaon blasts.
2. That Digvijay Singh was operating from MHA to frame "Hindu terror."
3. Truth about 26/11!!…
Yes, Shri Mani was tortured, there have been death threats and kidnapping attempt on him. He is taking on the biggest mafia in the country. Much respect to @RudraVS for his honesty and courage. 🙏🙏

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Col Purohit was a decorated rising star in the army. He had gone undercover and was busting terror modules.

Pakistan hated him, wanted him gone.

UPA bosses got #HemantKarkare to do the needful. Karkare framed Purohit, tortured him, destroyed his career. Just as #ISI wanted.
Read R V S Mani’s book.
Explain why 26/11 attackers were wearing a Hindu thread and why Congress leader Digvijay Singh released a book dubbing it Hindu terror. Sounds coordinated, no?

It is unbelievable. It took me years to ponder over it. My interview with R V S Mani was the clincher.

Difficult for army to act when UPA govt is against you. (Maybe “coup” rumors were related to this?)

Under Modi things changed, wish it wee faster.

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Though #Pakistan was created on religious line, #Jinnah was most liberal Muslim who never wanted #Pakistan a religious firm!
Till 1977 , Religion was just a personal choice in #Pakistan , General #Zia not only pushed religion but also took country decades backward !
Zia knew he had zero support from People hence he decided to take support from Mullahs and he ensured that hardcore Islam penetrate each institution in #Pakistan including #Army & #ISI !
#Soviet invaded #Afghanistan in 1979, #Zia used this opportunity to the fullest .
#US wanted to work on Proxy war, Zia got excellent platform to build these Proxies in Madrassa's of Pakistan.
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Brenton Tarrant Visited Pakistan in October 2018 .... Immediately After Bangladesh Cricket team defeated Pakistan in September 2018 in Asia Cup 🤔 Hummmm ... 🤯🤯
‘Tarrant’ spent his time in northern Pakistan-Specifically in Gilgit-Baltistan region in Oct.2018 🙄

This region has Developed as main Centre Of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan -Good Terrorist (👿) as per #ISI & Pakistani Govt😳!

Is the World being fooled again 🤔?
Who visits #Pakistan for tourism 😠?? Certainly Brenton Harrison Tarrant had some different motive & may be just a #Pawn in game of “ Dar al-Islam” ... !!
They want to capture the World & Pakistan has Same ambitions 😨

Are they fooling the world again 🤓??

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Trump is taken aback at the level to which the country has been sold out by embedded groups w/in govt, particularly w/regard to Chinese influence
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. -@POTUS

Do Your Job or be in breach of contract. #Declassify All.
9/12/18 @POTUS signed "EO on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election". The order empowers the admin. to impose sanctions on foreign govts & individuals who manipulate U.S. elections; UK, AUS & #DeepState
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Thread : Men from Pakistani intelligence agency ISI visited my elderly parents in Pakistan yesterday 20th June. They said loud and clear that they have orders to abduct and torture my father and attack my family to teach me a lesson. This is not the first incident.
Previously, they visited my family on 10th of may and said that they have orders to abduct my sisters, parents and brother. They also talked to me on phone. In May, they also threatened my mother directly.
They said ask Waqass to ShutUp. Don’t tweet or write and no activity at-least till the elections.
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