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I’m celebrating the 4th #autieversary #autiversary of getting my v late in life #autism diagnosis today.
Here’s a thread of some of the #threads I’ve written along the way, starting with my 1st anniversary when I wrote about my beloved dogs.
Nearly two years on from my #diagnosis I wrote about how much I had discovered about #autism and myself.
On the second anniversary of my #autism diagnosis I wrote a thread about #bullying (not realising that it was my #autieversary at the time). It was very appropriate though, as bullying and abuse have had a huge impact on me, especially in adulthood.
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What therapy has taught me.
After several unsuccessful attempts to resolve some painful and deep seated issues I finally found a therapist I had the right kind of understanding and rapport with to address this effectively.
They were autistic too.
We had lots in common.
Pacing was important.
There were places I wasn’t ready to go at the outset.
Things evolved gradually.
Situations occurred in my life that led to us exploring specific issues.
It felt natural not forced.
Everything happened in its own good time.
Some things resolved themselves.
There was a lot about being autistic that I didn’t need to explain.
This was liberating.
Implicit acceptance of what that meant was combined with active discussion about effective strategies.
Knowing that there were certain things that many of us struggle with was validating.
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Paper 32 of 2020! I'm back!

'When my autism broke': a qualitative study spotlighting autistic voices on menopuase (2020) Moseley, Bruce & Turner-Cobb, Autism

Picking up this paper in response to a Twitter chat yesterday

#Autism #Menopause #AutisticElders #AutisticWomen

Onset of menstruation can be very difficult for aut women, but this is first paper looking at onset of menopause. 7 aut ppl assigned female at birth (AFAB) took part in online focus group, age 49-63. Found lack of knowledge, impact on masking, and need for support
Lit Review

Autistic women are historically under-researched and their experiences under-represented

Esp lack of lifespan work, which is important as being bio female carries specific health events and risks, esp around reproductive trajectories

#Autism #Menopause #WeeklyPapers
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Paper 20 of 2020!

Autism in Later Life: what is known and what is needed? 2020, Sonido, Arnold, Higgins & Hwang, Current Developmental Disorders Reports

This is a review of work with #AutisticElders covering a wide range of areas

#WeeklyPapers #Autism

Review of literature with autistic over-50s between 2010 and 2019, as we know little about impact of aging among autistic people

Find high rates of co-occurring conditions, often complex. Compounded by low employment, healthcare access issues, and relationship issues
Autism is a lifelong condition, but nearly all work focusses on children and adolescents, some early adulthood.

All adults experience decline in health and abilities as they age, but we don't know if/how this differs for those on the spectrum

#WeeklyPapers #AutisticElders
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The MYTH of #HighFunctioningAutism

(sorry, long thread; also about #ABA, but PLEASE try to read it!)

For skeptics who believe an #Autistic with a job or a profession or a child or a relationship leads a life similar to a #Neurotypical (#Allistic), please read this./1
Also, to #AutismParents wanting an #Autistic child to grow up looking & acting “normal” & considering #ABA, please read on.

This is a 2-hour snapshot from my fairly functional day as an #ActuallyAutistic, outwardly very “successful” #Neurotypical-appearing health professional./2
The following represents a particularly SERENE 2-hour slice of my day, a lot less harrowing than the rest of it.

In other words, this is #AutisticMasking at its LEAST taxing./3
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