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#AskingAutistics #ActuallyAutistic #AllAutistics

Forms of affection other than 'standard' physical contact (e.g. hugs, hand-holding), eye contact, and saying 'I love you'.
Please reply with any you can think of.
Saying 'I like you'. For some reason, 'I love you' is considered this massive thing, yet 'I like you' is barely thought of. I find something very profound in it and think liking someone can be just as important as loving them.
Giving them a nice rock.

Rocks are good.

Though I would probably feel bad about moving the rock from it's "natural habitat".
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I hope its OK to appropriate the term, but 'coming out' as #autistic can be an extremely traumatic experience, both in your personal life and at work. Here's a #thread based on experience and what I've read/heard /1 #AllAutistics
I'll focus on being diagnosed as #autistic as an adult, as that's where a lot of problems occur. Basically, people will react either positively, neutrally or negatively. Trouble is, these positions may not be intuitive. /2
Generally speaking, positive reactions are not actually effusively cheerful and exuberant reactions. Reactions of this type - "wow!! You're autistic! What a superpower!" can be excessively wearing and irritating, and may necessitate in walking away muttering. /3
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(Still taking a break, just wanted to make a statement from this account)
After thoroughly analyzing a lot of the arguments going on in the autistic community, as in, people active in social media that are either autistic, or caregivers/professionals/etc for those that are autistic, I have realized a large majority of arguments are, in fact, wording.
In a sense, a majority of people actually agree on things that should be done, what terms should be used, not be used, etc; and the disagreements stem from people having different definitions of said words, but when you ask, as I have, both ends to describe the meaning of what
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#Autistic people and industrial action: A THREAD.

Anyone who either follows me, or works in a UK higher education institution at the moment, probably won’t have missed the fact that members of UCU will be taking strike action from 25 November to 4 December... 1/
I thought I’d put together some thoughts on the potential impact of industrial action on autistics – whether they are participating or not. To make clear: I AM participating in the action. To make clear: I AM participating in the action... 2/
However, whilst striking is difficult for anyone, there are extra layers of difficulty for many autistics like me who might be doing so. (Caveat: I only speak for myself, but there are some generalisations that follow which will be quite widely applicable to others)... 3/
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How Autistics Are Mistaken for Shoplifters: A THREAD.

#ActuallyAutistic #AllAutistics #Retail #LossPrevention
I've spent half of my life in retail, and was pretty good at spotting shoplifters.

But since being diagnosed with autism, I realized that I was really learning how to spot autistics.

Here are the ways autistics are mistaken for shoplifters:
1. Fidgeting:
Autistics often fidget or ’stim’ to self-regulate in stressful or overstimulating environments. It doesn't mean that we're nervous about pocketing your merchandise.
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I'm going to talk a bit about an experience I just had.
So I was saying my experience with a situation that wasnt racist but felt kinda upsetting to me and a group of people got mad at me for talking about it. Once I said I was autistic, one of them apologized and said
I seemed tone deaf. Which I probably was (and am).
If they had moe awareness and acceptance of autism instead of calling me a troll (which they did) and getting upset at me they may have thought that I was autistic and treated me with that empathy of "they may not understand
All of our social norms and we should expect them to."
This is why we need awareness. This I why we need acceptance

#Neurodiversity #AllAutistics #ActuallyAutistic
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A thread on being diagnosed as #ActuallyAutistic before most people knew that #AllAutistics existed.
I’m 50 next year.
I was diagnosed aged 13.
36 years ago.
Many autistics my age are only recently diagnosed. How have our lives differed?...1/13
...At least I’ve known as an adult WHY I was different to others. I didn’t have their doubt, that feeling of being an alien ALONE on this planet – I knew there were others like me, even if it took me well over a decade to meet any...2/13
...I still had to mask though. I couldn’t TELL anyone about my #autism because until recently they didn’t know what it meant. If they knew anything of autism it was usually down to Rain Man or some tragedy story on the news. People like me who...3/13
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I have just stepped out of the most horrendous meeting I've ever known.
For those not aware, my eldest son is also autistic. I just had a meeting with his social worker and a few other professionals and included adults.

I am fucking fuming right now and really need to vent this.
I'm not going to explain or repeat the entire thing. Just the crux and the take away that has my anger so ready to explode.

According to my son's social worker and her boss - autistic people should know that the world isn't going to change for us. Because the world is happy.
Apparently, neurotypicals enjoy their hectic, stressful lifestyles with their bright lights, loud noises and their blatantly ignorant and arrogant attitudes and this will never change.

Because - ACCORDING TO MY SON'S SOCIAL WORKER - they won't allow it to change.
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I finally took an improv class at @SecondCityTO. It was super fun b/c the instructor let me observe rather than interact so I was able to learn a bunch of really useful info. Then came the angry abusive desk clerk who unloaded on me saying I'd been "aggressive this whole time"...
@SecondCityTO When I gave my credit card to pay, he refused to give it back because "collateral" then threatened to call the police. I have no idea what he was on but it was terrible. I told him he could us inclusivity training because he was treading in lawsuit territory. His response was...
@SecondCityTO ask me what my disability was. I told him he couldn't ask that. He then asked the instructor if I'd been giving him trouble then proceeded to comment derisively on my stimming (I was trying to keep calm).

It was awful, y'all.

This is why we are at risk in the world.
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The MYTH of #HighFunctioningAutism

(sorry, long thread; also about #ABA, but PLEASE try to read it!)

For skeptics who believe an #Autistic with a job or a profession or a child or a relationship leads a life similar to a #Neurotypical (#Allistic), please read this./1
Also, to #AutismParents wanting an #Autistic child to grow up looking & acting “normal” & considering #ABA, please read on.

This is a 2-hour snapshot from my fairly functional day as an #ActuallyAutistic, outwardly very “successful” #Neurotypical-appearing health professional./2
The following represents a particularly SERENE 2-hour slice of my day, a lot less harrowing than the rest of it.

In other words, this is #AutisticMasking at its LEAST taxing./3
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A thread on #autism and being a parent.

I have a feeling that this will be a long thread! Please share widely to help raise awareness.

All based on my own experience, add your thoughts as you wish. /1 #AllAutistics #Neurodiversity
I recently made a point of saying that #autistic adults exist. Yes, they do. And as such it is very possible for these adults to meet someone and have children, or adopt, or become a parent by any other means. #autistic parents exist. /2
We know that the world doesn't seem quite ready to accept the existence of #autistic adults, and as such it is far from ready to understand #autistic parenthood. So it needs to be spoken about as much as possible. /3
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Full diagnosis journey of an autistic woman. A thread.

This thread explains signs of autism that I was either fully aware of or spoke to doctors about, since childhood, through my 20s and up to formal dx at 31. Sharing in case others find it useful. #AllAutistics #autism /1
I've tweeted before about how I felt different as a child. I missed social cues and context, had sensory/sleep issues. But I was mostly quiet and cooperative with no developmental delays. I even had friends. So no one suspected autism. /2
I got through school OK. At university, I hit a rough period in 2nd year. I don't know if it was burnout or overwhelm or what, but I skipped a whole lot of class and work, and barely passed the year. Around exam time, I experienced periods of acute anxiety for several weeks. /3
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#autistic people and exams - a thread. Just some thoughts about how various aspects of autistic experience can affect our ability to handle exams. Please share, especially with teachers. Thanks /1 #autism #AllAutistics
I'm a teacher by day, and part of my job is to prepare all kinds of students for formal, official exams - the big old stressful ones which in the UK take place at 16 and 18. Of course, many #autistic students will sit them too. /2
Exams are of huge importance of course, as far as academic achievement goes anyway, and yet not much thought seems to be given to how #autistic students can access the exams in school. /3
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Autism and indecision,


'Is the reason I can't choose a sandwich because I'm autistic?'

A thread. Please share widely if you can. #autism #AllAutistics /1
Remember executive function? This is the part of your psychological system that enables you to plan, judge risk, problem solve and make decisions. #autistic people can have some 'gaps' in theirs.../2
I'm not fond of the language of impairment a lot of the time when discussing #autism, but I have to concede that executive function problems are impairing. They cause difficulty in our complex, fast paced world. They are a significant factor making autism a disability. /3
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Autism and implication - a morning thread. Please have a read and a share. I warn you now, I'm likely to be developing my thoughts on this as I go, so it may meander a little... /1 #autism #AllAutistics #autistic #Neurodiversity #NeurodiverseSquad
It's one of the more commonly known traits of #autism - the missing of subtext, implication, hints. It's one reason why #autistic people can come across as strange and uncomfortable conversation partners. But what's happening here? /2
The idea is that an #autistic person may not pick up the subtext of a sentence. So on being asked to put the kettle on, thst is all they will do - boil the kettle. The expectation will have been to actually make a hot drink, but as that's not explicit, it doesn't occur. /3
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Being #Autistic is not perfect. It's not fun or quirky, it's a disability, it makes my life difficult, and makes life difficult for millions of people, including the people and children I've worked with in the past.
I've met those who have varying support needs, from those who require 24/7 care, can't speak verbally, or through any assistive communication, to those who on a good day you'd have no idea they're autistic.
At the same time, the above person could even be the same person, a childhood like that, where in adulthood, through support and what works for them, be able to communicate better, and be more independent.
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Thoughts on diagnosis - a thread in the early morning (there's a novelty). Please share widely. #autistic #AllAutistics #autism /1
One of the most frequently asked questions I see on here and elsewhere is whether a diagnosis of #autism is worth chasing, if you suspect you or someone else is #autistic. I think it is, for reasons I'll elucidate below. /2
Many, possibly even most diagnoses begin with a form of self-diagnosis (or dx for short). This is a necessary step with an invisible disability like #autism, as its extremely subtle in many cases and the struggle may not be outwardly apparent. /3
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Thread: Careering through life as an #UndercoverAutistic

I've had 30+ jobs in 40+ years but then I only discovered last year I'm #ActuallyAutistic

As a child my career aspirations were:
a) nun
b) lighthouse keeper
c) almoner*

*hospital social worker #AllAutistics 1/
In the sixth form my art teacher got me a Saturday job at a picture framer's. My main role was making excuses when customers phoned.

A trip to buy supplies with the owner turned dodgy but luckily I had the presence of mind to get away.

#ActuallyAutistic #AllAutistics 2/
In my university vacations I worked back to back shifts in a bakery and local cinema to save up money.

On my first shift in the cinema the senior usherette threw hot tea over me. I was promoted to cashier and removed to the box office, out of harm's way #ActuallyAutistic 3/
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Saying No While Autistic: a thread

When most people receive a verbal request or suggestion, they take a quick second to evaluate the request and choose a response.

But part of my masking is that I often skip evaluation & go straight to Yes #NeurodiverseSquad #AllAutistics /1
Because I need those extra split seconds to craft a socially appropriate response. The only time I actually evaluate is if there's an obvious logical flaw.

This makes me appear to be a great employee. You ask me for something, I provide it, all of it, no questions asked. /2
It's not until coworkers or friends get to know me that they start to ask, "Did you... just do all that (or say all that) without even thinking if you should?" and the answer is yes.

I often don't take time to reflect because I need all my response time for social processing./3
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We need to come together as an #autistic community, everyone who allies with the #Neurodiversity movement; we need to do better than we have been, because it's been the same arguments for 11 years now, with no change, and only more divisiveness.…
If Neurodiversity is truly a civil rights movement for all people who are autistic, that includes EVERYONE, no matter if you agree or disagree with their standpoints, their statements, their lives and choices.

I stand for #AllAutistics.
I stand for my younger brother, who wants a cure desperately.

I stand for my wife, who does not want a cure, and just wants to be accepted and loved by society for the wonderful and amazing woman she is.
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Thread: reflections on very late autism diagnosis #AllAutistics #ActuallyAutistic

In the 12 months since my autism diagnosis aged 58 I haven't written a blog or a best-selling book, gone on an adventure or found inner peace. But then I am still recovering from burn out. 1/
My deficit-focused autism diagnosis triggered an existential crisis even though it was done kindly. Being made aware of differences other people see as weaknesses compromised my self confidence. 2/
My mind is still replaying scenes from the past - looking at things through an autism lens - re-examining experiences and packing them away again. It's exhausting. 3/
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I am mad. I am mad at the so called “professionals” who are promoting ABA and continuing to use ABA as a means to keep the autistic person oppressed. #askingautistics #AllAutistics #ActuallyAutistic #NeuroLurker
It is YOUR FAULT so called “professionals” that the autism community and the autistic community are at odds. I am so mad and disgusted with you so called “professionals” and I am here to give you a piece of my mind.
You so called “professionals” are proliferating Conversion Therapy for Autistics. Convert the autistic person to so called “standards”, “normalcy”, “typical” is the main underlying theory of any form of ABA. Period. No arguments needed. That is fact.
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I've been very ill lately. Functionally bedridden and on death's doorstep. There were hours in the last two weeks that I thought might be my last. What I'm about to say might be a mistake, but I am going to say it anyway. Trigger warning for completed suicides and bullying.
When I first told my closest living friend about being autistic, it was the first person I'd told other than my husband. This was her response. A chat conversation where a woman tells the account holder that her autism is fucking bullshit and then says she is blocking her on social media.
Though she knew I was going to be tested, she'd continued to use the word Asperger's. I'd been helping her through the process of understanding her son and autism. I loved her deeply. I still do. But she blocked me on social media and told everyone before I was ready to come out.
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Autism in academia. A thread.

#Autistic people often have intense interests. These can quite quickly become areas of specialism & expertise.
Presumably, universities would have high numbers of autistic people, surely?
#ActuallyAutistic #AllAutistics #AutisticsinAcademia /1
It's hard to know.

I began my PhD 10 years ago. I've yet to meet a scholar or student who is openly autistic. I am literally the only one I know. I 'network' a lot, I've worked in 3 institutions.
Not one person.
On Twitter, there are a fair few of us. Many autistic scholars specialise in autism research. This is extremely important. #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs

Why is it so hard to find other autistic academics 'on the ground'?
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