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It is my opinion that one only needs to read this far into this piece to get the answer you're looking for about #elizableu. #BelieveEvidence. Put up or shut up Eliza. Trafficking is a crime. "Legal reasons" don't pass the sniff test, dear.…
I'm going to give you my live reactions as I read this. Moses on a cracker this is ridiculous. No journalist would accept this bonkers BS. Didn't she write about the musician she was with (MCR) on MySpace? Has anyone just asked him if he trafficked her? Maybe this guy did...
IF she was a minor when this happened (and that's not verified) then this is a crime. It's a crime for adults too. She admits to using drugs willingly. Prostitution for drugs is very common. It's a sad fact. I have friends who survived it. (cont)
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Watch #Snapped. Sometimes it's the wife. It's not "always" the husband. Why don't feminists get pissed off at female murderers? Do they have ID TV? Murderers come in both genders. #BelieveEvidence #WomenKill
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Amanda de Cadenet must be held accountable for her complicity in Amber Heard malicious false allegations hoax. She knew multiple times, starting with Amber Heard attending her birthday party 5/22/16, that she was lying about 5/21/16, yet she said nothing.
Amanda de Cadenet is a misandrist/4th-wave feminist and a proponent of the #MeToo movement. She willingly, knowingly was complicit in perpetuating Amber Heard malicious false allegation hoax for her own nefarious agenda, through #Girlgaze, which she founded and her podcast.
Amanda de Cadenet is a perpetrator of Amber Heard's malicious false allegations, and she is a coward. Scheduled to testify on behalf of Ms. Heard in the UK trial, she suddenly backed out of testifying after the first Audio recordings were released to the Daily Mail in 2020.
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(1) Forget the headlines from the lying, leaking, liberal MSM. Read the official statement here:…
(2) The MSM critiques of the President's statement focus on peripheral aspects like his use of exclamation marks. Reflect on that, against the incredibly serious points made about Iran, international terrorism, global oil prices etc.

Which side is talking about what MATTERS?
(3) Every point POTUS made was already known to me, & to you, if you've been following actual events & trends, instead of the MSM spin.

YES the murder of Mr Khashoggi was AWFUL & it is NOT condoned by Trump, the US, or me, or you.

A President must consider the whole picture.
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(1) Caravan Thread #2.

There is no way these thousands of intended illegal "immigrants" are getting into the US this time. Remember April 2018 & stay focused on the ELECTION instead!

Thread #1:

All my caravan threads:
(2) Welcome to my thread folks, including the haters & losers.😁 I provide amateur coverage of major events free for the benefit of all. You don't *have* to read my Thread #1 linked above, but if you reply to this one without doing that, I can usually tell. Remember your manners.
(3) Like all major news affecting the Trump mvt, there's 3 narratives:

A: The liberal MSM distort & lie to undermine the US.

B: Fake Trump supporting pundits sow FUD (fear, uncertainty & doubt) to undermine the US.

C: Calm, reasoned observers expose A & B.

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(31) Reminder: The above tweet has the thread that gave rise to the twitter account @FridgeIntern.

Below: Rod Rosenstein flew with POTUS on AF1 to Orlando today for the IACP convention. Smiling, laughing, not a care in the world (for both of them.)
(32) Rod Rosenstein knows Justice Kavanaugh well, they are friends from way back. And they have a lot in common. I'm sure he will be thrilled to attend tonight's ceremonial swearing in at the WH. He was at the announcement in July, & the first day of hearings in Sept.
(33) RR in WSJ interview: "The Mueller Probe has revealed widespread Russian efforts to meddle in the 2016 election. Robert Mueller's investigation is legal, independent and I'm going to protect it."

I agree, ofc. Yes they TRIED to meddle. No this doesn't mean Trump COLLUDED.
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