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Let's see which retweet bots are super excited about the third Democratic presidential debate. #ThursdayThoughts

#Warren2020 #AmyForAmerica #YangGang #Booker2020 #FeelTheBern #KHive #MayorPete #Biden2020 #BetoForAmerica #Castro2020

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote A duo of extremely similar real estate bots (@RealtorFairfax and @FairfaxVAAgent) were the first two automated accounts to retweet the preceding tweet. Based on a brief jaunt through their timelines, they seem more focused on retweeting political hashtags than real estate.
@ZellaQuixote @RealtorFairfax @FairfaxVAAgent The third bot retweet comes to us courtesy of @BernieBot_2020, which retweets various Sanders-related hashtags (#Bernie2020, #FeelTheBern, #NotMeUS, and #NoMiddleGround.) We've run across it before.
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🤨How many church leaders, including pastors, murmur privately about how awful Trump is- AFTER they make sure that none of their tithing/influential Trump-supporting church members are listening?

Even people I generally respect are guilty of this.
They will live to regret it.👥
Living as a free person means you value integrity more than money and influence.

But make no mistake- it is often quite costly.
That is why Jesus warned his disciples that to continue following him would include taking up a cross, a metaphor (at the least) for exclusion & loss.
My wife just joined me to watch Beto's speech from Arkansas yesterday.

She said, "For someone who isn't a Christian, I sure hear a whole lot more of Jesus' way in him than I do in all of those who boast about their churchiness." (paraphrase)

We are working for #Beto2020
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Thread: Bear with me cause this is a bit long, but I’ve seen a lot of attacks on @betoorourke lately and I want to give my perspective of a Texan, who supported him in 2018 and who supports him now.

#beto2020 #betoforamerica #anewkindofpolitics #betoforeverybody #betobeliever
2/ I think the thing that inspires me most for @BetoORourke is that his message to people is - that *you* matter. *Your* vote matters. For too long you have been ignored or written out of this so-called democracy by a corrupt government -
3/ that gerrymanders, that passes racist voter ID laws, that commits blatant acts of voter suppression, that limits polling locations in minority areas, that creates hours-long wait time to vote, and-
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Today, a person on Twitter asked why I support Beto. I think it's a fair question. I will state at the outset that Beto was my Representative, and I have a lot of love for the man based on what he delivered for us and his willingness to listen and engage with his constituents.
Nevertheless, there are three key reasons why I support Beto O'Rourke for President. They are:
1. Electability
2. Ideology
3. Messaging

I'll start with electability. I think Beto is arguably the most electable candidate in the race for three reasons.
First, he brings TX to the table. Demographic trends are only weakening Republican hold on Texas, and statistical modeling showed after the 2018 race that Beto likely would have won with Pres. Election turnout. Cruz is surprisingly popular in TX (moreso than Trump in some polls).
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Beto's Experience:

✅6 Years in Congress
✅6 Years on Veterans Affairs Committee
✅4 Years on Armed Services Committee
✅2 Years on Homeland Security Committee
✅6 Years City Council
✅Tech Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner
Beto Effect Texas Edition⭐:

🥇More Texas votes 4+ Million than Hillary 3.8+ Million or Obama 3.3+ Million
🥇Over 500k Republicans voted for Beto in 2018 Midterm
🥇Highest youth turnout 500%+ increase in Texas
🥇Increased voter turnout from 1.5 M+ to 4M+ for Texas Senate Races
Policy: Gun Control

Beto led on Gun control in Texas one of the strongest gun loving states with no apologies.
✅Universal Background Checks
✅Assault Weapons Ban
✅Close Gun Buying Loopholes
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