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#BoogalooBoys or some wannabes defaced @StPeterChaldean within the last few days…
people on aren't able to add swatiskas + "wp"+ "#BLM"+ "#Biden2020” and come out with #Cult45. Let me help them figure it out:…
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His entire career has been defined by subservience to corporatism and punching the disempowered. Joe was appointed by the same folk who sandbagged Warren & crooked Bernie. It's a rigged game & climate change is going to end America. #collapse #Biden2020 1/3
What are their packed courts and gerrymandered districts, represented by village idiots, going to do when large parts of America are uninhabitable, crop production fails, tens of millions of refugees emerge, and the economy tanks? There is no future with these miserable curs. 2/3
The Obama-Biden-Pelosi party are not revolutionaries. They are standard pro-business centrists who believe in ensuring their class -the moneyed elite class- are taken care of first. For humanity to survive, both parties need to die. #ClimateCrisis #Biden2020 #Trump2020 3/3
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New 17 > deploy camouflage. #DigitalBattlefield Image
New drops 4735 and 4736 > Rig for red. Red pills incoming?? Deploy camo. Fire at will 😁💥 #KewAnon Image
This could be fun 😃 #Biden2020 #BidenHarris2020 ImageImage
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PARASITE @realDonaldTrump
Is an Unpatriotic Unconstitutional Un-American TRAITOR. Most AMERICANS
See right Through Your Facades and BS.
You Belong in Prison.

Trump ridiculed for saying VOTERS need to Elect him to FIX what is Broken while he’s president.…
Trump on Tuesday once again lashed out the state of New York — and argued he “can fix it” if voters were to elect him on November 3rd.

“Police Chief, and most of the police in Rochester, N.Y., have resigned. The Democrat Mayor and, of courses, Governor Cuomo ..
have no idea what to do. New York State is a mess – No Money, High Taxes & Crime, Everyone Fleeing. November 3rd. We can fix it!” Trump tweeted while on his way to North Carolina for an event that could be a COVID-19 super spreader event.
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No it does NOT!! Our country is divided in 2, by 2 parties...pick one or don’t provide your useless opinions!! If you don’t vote for Biden, you give your vote to the tramp!! The repubs know this, and even when they hate tramp, they voted for him!!
They also knew the difference of voting down ballot!!

They realize the importance of party survival! But many have defected and will be voting democrat because they believe in country over party...

You believe in “me, me, me!” And fail to see your rhetoric affects our country
This Me not Us is pure bs!! You think withholding your vote affects us voting for Biden, but it affects everyone, even the people you claim to be fighting for!!

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And the Russian Intel leaks continue:
DHS (Chad Wolf again) withheld a July Intel briefing meant for Fed'l State/local law enforcement calling out Russia for disinformation attacks on Biden's mental health
#Biden2020 #Vote…
2-"In early July the Department of Homeland Security withheld publication of an intelligence bulletin warning law enforcement agencies of a Russian scheme to promote ‘allegations about the poor mental health’ of Joe Biden, according to internal emails & a draft of the document
3-"The draft bulletin, [obtained by ABC News] titled ‘Russia Likely to Denigrate Health of US Candidates to Influence 2020 Election,’ was submitted to the agency’s legislative and public affairs [office] for review on July 7.
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WH has said US will not join more than 170 Countries in a WHO linked effort to develop & distribute a Covid vaccine
Because the WHO is involved
This REEKS of Trump's pettiness
Is this what you want from your POTUS?
#Vote #Biden2020…
2-"The Trump administration said it will not join a global effort to develop, manufacture and equitably distribute a coronavirus vaccine, in part because the World Health Organization is involved, a decision that could shape the course of the pandemic and the country’s role in
3-"health diplomacy. More than 170 countries are in talks to participate in the Covid-19 Vaccines Global Access (Covax) Facility, which aims to speed vaccine development, secure doses for all countries and distribute them to the most high-risk segment of each population.
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Antifa is a prison gang who isn't in prison.
Antifa falsely said a fascist killed a black person tonight, which riled up their people to violence as well. Bluechecks and Antifa accounts both working together to kill us on behalf of #Biden2020
Okay i'm going to back off on the ID of this screwball for now. These are clearly not the same. Our killer has the raised fist on his neck.
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1. 2 wks ago, @rz_3 & I broke the news that Joe Biden's ancestors owned slaves & simultaneously debunked @Snope's own "debunking" of this question (see video linked below).


2. Kudos to @danieljevon of Snopes for following up & working w/@RZ_3_ to update their coverage accordingly.

From his article published just this week:

>"Did Joe Biden's Great-Great-Great Grandfather Own a Slave?"

>"The Evidence is compelling."

(cont. to next tweet) 👇 Image
3. From the Snopes new article:

>"Some social media users" = Yours truly & @RZ_3_

>"In August 2020, we received a tip" = from @RZ_3_

Props to @danieljevon for taking this new info & running w/it.

*But wait, there's more!*

Read on 👇 Image
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One party discusses God.
One party discusses Darkness.
One party promotes God.
One party eliminates God.
Symbolism will be their downfall.
The Great Deceiver(s).
#DemocRATS #Demoncrats #Antifa #BLM #WakeUp #WalkAway #DatktoLight
When was the last time you
witnessed a #Democrat party leader being Patriotic? exhibiting National Pride
(love of Country)?
When was the last time you
witnessed a #Democrat party leader 'speak
out against ' the riots violence in the streets?
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President Trump phones into #fauxfoxandfriends #FoxAndFriends #TrumpInterview

President Trump on his late brother Robert: "He was my friend. I guess they say best friend, and that's true."
President #Trump: "He was my biggest fan. People would tell me all the time, 'I spoke to your brother and your brother was so thrilled.' And so thrilled at what was happening. And what was happening for the country, he was so angry with #China."
President Trump says, he's going to #Wisconsin. He was told that every yard has a Trump sign in it and hardly any Biden signs visible. Talks about the record breaking #TrumpBoatParade, says we have great spirit, more than in 2016. #Trump2020 #MAGA #potus45
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A misunderstanding that liberals in this particular political moment are having is that they think that "anyone but trump" will solve the systemic issues that are being exposed through the pandemic, recession, police brutality.
individual leaders historically have not created change. trump is the symptom, capitalism is the disease. socialism - a complete overhauling of the current political & economic & cultural apparatus is the cure.
liberals 2 months ago: defund the police!!! blm!!!
liberals now: maybe kamala will help us create a more just police force that provides more policing infrastructure to limit crime so that we see the police as our allies and not our adversaries #biden2020 haha 🙂
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1. How about a thread of tweets that have aged well?

Joe Biden's racism won't hurt him. ✅
2. Joe Biden's racism is baked into the cake. Y'all can stop wasting your breath on it.
3. Joe Biden's handlers' strategy still going strong, right @BillKristol? Cancel those debates!
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Well I woke up to the realization that the democrats have jumped the shark. They no longer have any compunction even pretending like they want to win the election. The decision to invite a cop onto the November ticket (even a 'black' one) cements their idiocy. #FuckBiden
I was delighted to watch #Tulsi2020 take down @KamalaHarris in the start of primary season. She's done little to defend working people from the banks. Failed to go after @stevenmnuchin1 for his part in the forclosure crisis. She thought the way to address truancy was to attack..
working parents and throw them in jail, rather than addressing the underlying systemic issues. She smoked pot for years while enabling her departments to continue to arrest black and poor people for the same thing. She is so out of touch with what needs to happen to accect..
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A short THREAD:

It is fitting that at this chaotic time, filled with pain and suffering, Americans remember that on November 19, 1863, President Lincoln gave a speech simply known as the Gettysburg Address. President Lincoln’s speech rings true today:

“Four score and seven 1/
.years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can 2/
.long endure. We are met on a great battlefield of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.
But, in a larger 3/
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Hi. Presidential head-of-state phone call guy here again. This is nuts. Let’s dissect. So, if he’s not involved, he’s not there to prep the President with expert advice from the interagency. /1
If he’s not there during the call, he can never be sure what was said, agreed to, or promised by either side, nor can he offer impromptu assistance when something unexpected comes up. /2
If he’s not there after the call, he cannot take any immediate direction from the President or participate in a call post mortem analysis. /3
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“...some inside the White House cautioned about a political downside to blocking the deal. While TikTok has been used by Trump critics, some officials pointed out that many young Republicans also use the app, as well as the children of conservatives.”…
“A prominent TikTok account that features young conservatives, called @ConservativeHypeHouse, posted to the platform pointing to seven billion views the hashtag #Trump2020 has received on TikTok, compared with the approximately 900,000 views #Biden2020 has received.”
“In addition to Messrs. Mnuchin and Pompeo, White House counsel Pat Cipollone and Matthew Pottinger, the deputy national security adviser, have been involved in trying to broker the deal...”
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Another Thread About Why Biden Is Choosing Harris, A Layman’s Terms Analysis. #KamalaHarrisforVP #BidenHarris2020 #KHive #Biden2020 (1/22ish)
Let’s start with the obvious reasons: She’s a woman. She’s Black. She’s intelligent and vibrant. She is also over 20 years his junior. With the uncontrolled pandemic and Biden’s alleged (I say with the utmost sarcasm) senility, a younger VP is necessity.
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Dear Sub-Human Filth, I'm appealing to all of you stupid idiots to vote for @JoeBiden in 2020. That is if you have the basic education enough to read a ballot, anyway. I understand the majority of you racist rednecks can't even read this post, though.
But those who can, please pass my message on to the rest of your inbred family. We Democrats are morally, culturally and intellectually superior to you in every way.
I will qualify myself by noting that I have a Liberal Arts degree from a college, which you obviously have never been to, if you even know what one is. I also have a black friend. I have been told by several professors that everything you hold dear is terrible.
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I was talking to a friend who plans to vote for Joe Biden & she said verbatim, “I have issue with Trump lying & I feel more comfortable voting for someone more honest.” +
You can imagine how confused I was. I have no idea if she’ll still vote for him but after seeing these she was definitely confused. It requires digging up the articles for her to even believe me

a 🧵 👇🏽
That time Joe Biden lied about being arrested 30 years ago in South Africa while trying to see Nelson Mandela. He doubled down until the ambassador blew his story up. +…
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So these are the reasons why Kamala Harris shouldn’t be Biden’s VP pick and if he chooses her - then take it with a grain of salt

#Biden's VP #KamalaHarrisDestroyed #KHive #Bass
Kamala Harris pushed a law that forces schools to turn undocumented students over to ICE, separating them from their parents and violating human rights, and continues to defend the existence of ICE…

#Biden #KamalaHarrisDestroyed
Laughed about putting parents in jail if their kids missed school, disproportionately harming single parent households, the poor, and families of color like this one (evidence supports it in article above) #Biden #KamalaHarrisDestroyed #2020Election
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(Thread) @replouiegohmert @GOP @Jim_Jordan I find all of you total hypocrites. Ol Louie says Barr being destroyed for doing his job & how terrible that is. Yet #gop has had no problem destroying good men & women in govt just doing their jobs b/c they dared go against @POTUS 1/
& reported wrongdoing or doing their job of intel. When there are so many contacts w/Russians & it is known @FBI & intel agencies monitor foreign govts. It is t/person's fault who was talking to them in inappropriate ways that they got caught in counter intel. @TheJusticeDept 2/
& #BillBarr is obviously the protector of #Trump, not of equal justice for all. No one, no not one, forced Flynn to lie or not register as foreign agent. Those were HIS choices. Manafort should be in jail. All found guilty by jury of their peers & commuting Stone & releasing 3/
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With this, following on the mass positive #COVID tests in the #Marlins clubhouse, there's no way this #MLB season happens. And all the other sports will be cancelled as well. Mark my words. Now let's take this beyond baseball and sports and look at things from 30,000 feet (1/7)
We were told in mid-March that if we locked down—really locked down—for 2-3 months, then we could start opening things up safely by July-ish, and maybe we'd have school this fall if we'd really beaten the virus. It was called quarantine. We could've lived with that bargain. (2/7)
Instead, in some states, thanks to, yes, #Trump and some stupid, Trump-loving propagandists (I mean #Republicans) running the show, they opened up in early May because they wanted to own the libs. And they shunned masks and hit #Fauci because they wanted to own the libs. (3/7)
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