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#YogiAdityanath’s biggest challenger is not #AkhileshYadav.

His real competitors are the chief ministers of other BJP-run states.

Assam, Tripura, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka are four such examples, writes #PriyaRamani in #BQOpinion.…
Politicians who run these states were seemingly never automatic fundamentalists, points out #PriyaRamani.

Read more in #BQOpinion: Image
In 2014, Himanta Biswa Sarma, then a Congress politician, said we do not do “Hindu-Muslim”.

By 2021, he was saying India belonged to Hindus, writes Priya Ramani in #BQOpinion.…
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Institutional holding in Maruti Suzuki has remained steady at around 30%.

The lay investor too has nothing but a positive view.

The long-term chart picture, though, is not really reflecting this overall positive sentiment, finds @CK_Narayan.
@CK_Narayan The monthly chart on Maruti Suzuki, having dropped to 62% of the rise already, suggests that the worst of the price decline is over and hence only the time correction part is left.

Read @CK_Narayan in #BQOpinion.
@CK_Narayan The Maruti stock has also retraced to 62% of the fall.

So far, everything is moving in perfect Fibonacci relations, writes @CK_Narayan in #BQOpinion:
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Not only does India produce more consistent compounders than China, but they also deliver over twice as much shareholder return.

#BQOpinion by @MarcellusInvest's Saurabh Mukherjea & team.
@MarcellusInvest How India Inc.’s star companies trump China Co. on consistent compounding.

Read @MarcellusInvest’s Saurabh Mukherjea, Omkar Sawant & Nandita Rajhansa in #BQOpinion.
@MarcellusInvest Not only have emerging markets grown twice as fast as developed markets over the past decade, China and India have been the fastest-growing emerging markets if measured by growth in real GDP over the past decade.

Read #BQOpinion by @MarcellusInvest team.
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There is a running MF joke that even ‘Thank You’ slides of marketing decks come with: “past performance is not indicative of future results”.

Yet, there is no better advertisement for any asset class than recent past performance.

@Swa_Kel in #BQOpinion
@Swa_Kel It was difficult to drum up any sort of interest for #Bitcoin during its languishing years.

But with recent spectacular returns, interest has now exploded.

Read @Swa_Kel in #BQOpinion:
@Swa_Kel The reason perhaps is that our minds are primed to extrapolate, writes @Swa_Kel.

Read his #BQOpinion column:
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#BQOpinion | Why traders will need to put in some extra hard work next week. By @CK_Narayan.
@CK_Narayan Since a lower top has formed already in the most recent rally, the break of the last swing low would be a slightly bearish signal of a lower top and lower bottom, writes @CK_Narayan. #BQOpinion
@CK_Narayan In the earlier correction, the price loss remained limited, and the 23.6% retracement was not reached. In the current reaction as well, prices have not yet reached the 23.6% retracement.

More in @CK_Narayan’s #BQOpinion column.
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Time to be somewhat watchful about the market proceedings and expect some heightened volatility, writes @CK_Narayan in #BQOpinion.
@CK_Narayan After the good showing in the truncated Muhurat week, there was some expectation that the market may continue higher.

It didn’t play out that way, until Friday afternoon.

Read @CK_Narayan in #BQOpinion on what could happen next.
@CK_Narayan A comparison with the Bank Nifty moves is worth making, writes @CK_Narayan.

Read more in his #BQOpinion column:
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As India races to open up, booming indices and asset prices have catalysed optimism about the promise of the potential. That though is not the complete picture, writes @ShankkarAiyar. #BQOpinion
@ShankkarAiyar The decoupling of cost and valuation fuelled by public monies triggered a transfer of gains to private wealth, with billionaires globally adding over a trillion dollars to their wealth in just in the last 12 months.

Read @ShankkarAiyar in #BQOpinion: Image
@ShankkarAiyar Of the $130 billion added by 19 Indian billionaires, Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani added $65 billion, nearly the wealth of Jim Walton, the heir to Walmart, in just one year.

Read @ShankkarAiyar in #BQOpinion:
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Every week in #BQOpinion, Priya Ramani’s ‘Rational Anthem’ column casts a mirror on the lives we live and the society around us.

Read them here:… ImageImageImageImage
How #Covid19 has left its Yeti-sized footprints all over our closest relationships.

Read #PriyaRamani in #BQOpinion.
In India’s worst health crisis after independence, children have come closer to death than ever before.

Talking about death is no longer something to be done in whispers after the kids have gone to bed, writes Priya Ramani in #BQOpinion.
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The post-pandemic economy has been full of paradoxes, writes @jpmorgan chief India economist Sajjid Chinoy.

One such paradox is the surge in equity market while economic activity remains below the pre-pandemic path. What explains this? #BQOpinion
@jpmorgan A second paradox has been the strength in foreign direct investment against a backdrop of subdued domestic investment.

@jpmorgan chief India economist Sajjid Chinoy delves deeper. #BQOpinion
@jpmorgan - Large surplus liquidity but soft credit growth.
- Wide output gap but high core inflation.

@jpmorgan chief India economist Sajjid Chinoy on what these paradoxes reflect:
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Brands cannot continue to be naïve in assessing what their degrees of freedom are, writes branding guru @desaisantosh, on the recent outrage against #Fabindia and #Dabur.

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The commercial logic for withdrawing in the face of outrage is straightforward, writes @desaisantosh.

Read his #BQOpinion column: Image
@desaisantosh Attempting to broaden the definition of love by including other kinds of sexual orientation is not an action that seeks to divide people, quite the contrary, writes @desaisantosh.

Read more in #BQOpinion on the #Fabindia and #Dabur ad outrage.
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How to assess whether the current greatness of portfolio companies can sustain over time.

#BQOpinion by @MarcellusInvest's Saurabh Mukherjea & Harsh Shah.
@MarcellusInvest On average, only 40-50% of the Nifty 50 index constituents continue to remain in the index after a decade, find @MarcellusInvest’s Saurabh Mukherjea & Harsh Shah.

Read their #BQOpinion column:
@MarcellusInvest #BQOpinion | As one would expect, upon exiting, these companies see a significant decline in their market capitalisation and thus the wealth of their shareholders.

Read @MarcellusInvest’s Saurabh Mukherjea & Harsh Shah:
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We’ve seen this playbook used against Muslims, students, critics and activists. Doctors are the new enemy, writes Priya Ramani. #BQOpinion
A war cry on Twitter by Balkrishna – the main shareholder of #PatanjaliAyurved, was a signal for India’s globally-famous right-wing troll army to charge.

#PriyaRamani on #Ramdev Vs #IMA in #BQOpinion.
The man who owns India's 2 largest religious TV networks has effectively converted a cheap publicity stunt to boost sales of Patanjali’s controversial products such as Coronil into a battle between allopathy & ayurveda, writes Priya Ramani. #BQOpinion
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#BQOpinion | Why @CK_Narayan is marking the high for the coming month to be around the third week of June.
@CK_Narayan The support zone has wound its way higher and now the stop for traders would be revised to around 15,190 levels, writes @CK_Narayan.

Read more in #BQOpinion.
@CK_Narayan What also emerged from the roll data is how the metal sector seems to be a bit heavy in terms of positions.

Read @CK_Narayan in #BQOpinion.
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To get a sense of the state of delay and decay in the Indian judiciary consider this one factoid.

Over two-thirds of the country’s 4.78 lakh prisoners are under trial, yet to be convicted.

Read @ShankkarAiyar in #BQOpinion.
@ShankkarAiyar The fact that India needs more courts and judges, has been known for decades.

Inadequacy of funding is worsened by inertia in staffing.

Of the 1,080 sanctioned posts for judges in 25 High Courts, nearly 40% are vacant, finds @ShankkarAiyar. #BQOpinion.
@ShankkarAiyar India’s legal landscape is littered with laws; many of them so archaic that texts are unavailable for citizens to be informed of, writes @ShankkarAiyar.

Read more in his #BQOpinion column ‘Thought Capital’:
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Dear Finance Minister Sitharaman, this is the time to shed convention, dogma, fear, and stasis. Go for broke. Listen to ‘fiscal heresy’. Cut taxes, writes @Raghav_Bahl on #Budget2021. #BQOpinion
#Budget2021 | Everybody’s hollering for the wrong kind of fiscal stimulus.

#BQOpinion by @Raghav_Bahl:
What Modi government must do to give India a fighting chance of getting back to its 7-8% trend growth rate. #Budget2021

#BQOpinion by @KrishnaMemani:
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Is India’s current high inflation transitory or structural?
What can we expect going forward?
And what policy course should the Monetary Policy Committee set?

Read @Rabobank’s Hugo Erken in #BQOpinion.
@Rabobank Partly, this was due to unfavourable base effects related to waning food inflation in H2 2018, writes Hugo Erken in #BQOpinion.
@Rabobank But, core inflation rose as well.

Sectors that have been hit hardest by Covid-19 like transportation and hotels have begun pushing up prices, points out Hugo Erken in #BQOpinion.
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The Mistry family has said it is time to separate from Tata.

Follow this thread for our extensive coverage on the Tata-Mistry saga.

Read: Image
Read the full statement of the Shapoorji Pallonji Group here...
Tata-Mistry Separation | @menakadoshi and @sajeetkm discuss the legal and financial contours with S&R Associates' Rajat Sethi and Senior Advocate HP Ranina.

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Some states have tried to launch urban job guarantee schemes.

But because of the budget crunch, these are symbolic.

NREGA architect Jean Drèze offers another option – a
Decentralised Urban Employment and Training or DUET scheme.

Right now, there is very little room in state budgets for ambitious initiatives.

So here’s how such a scheme could be structured, Jean Drèze proposes in #BQOpinion👉 Image
What sort of work could DUET involve?

To start with, India’s public institutions as well as public spaces have a chronic problem of poor maintenance.

There is plenty to do, argues Jean Drèze in #BQOpinion.

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The classic trilemma of central banking has morphed into a quadrilemma for India.

With more objectives than instruments, how can RBI navigate this ‘quadrilemma’?

JPMorgan's Sajjid Chinoy writes in #BQOpinion.
The RBI is facing a 'quadrilemma' as it balances multiple objectives ranging from growth and inflation to capital flows and the currency.

One part of this is the 'problem of plenty', writes @jpmorgan's Sajjid Chinoy in #BQOpinion.

Read: Image
@jpmorgan A flood of capital flows leads RBI to the question – should it absorb dollars and add liquidity?

That's in keeping with its growth objective but runs counter to inflation concerns, writes @jpmorgan's Sajjid Chinoy.

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Should India resort to debt monetisation, or is the cure worse than the disease?

Read Hugo Erken and the @RaboEconomics team in #BQOpinion.
@RaboEconomics Debt monetisation or Modern Monetary Theory seems to generate some consternation among economists, and indeed people in general.

But the mechanism by which MMT works is very simple.

Read more in #BQOpinion 👇
@RaboEconomics #BQOpinion | But there are huge risks involved.

A country can adopt MMT without causing side-effects only if it meets three criteria.

Here is one of them 👇
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