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Hair oil penetration in India is 90% + and there have been huge wealth creators from this space over last 2 decades

We were recently looking at co. which hasn't done well but is making amends under new team

In the process looked @ hair oil industry...some details 🧵

(1/n) Image
Hair oil is a product formulated to nourish, moisturize, and promote the health of hair and scalp

Hair oils are formulated with specific ingredients to target different hair concerns & achieve various desired effects -

shine, blackness, frizz control, hair growth, etc.

(2/n) ImageImage
Types of Hair Oil available in the market

Coconut Oil
Almond Oil
Amla Oil
Olive Oil
Castor Oil
Onion Oil
Jojoba Oil
Ayurveda Oil

Key Market Segmentation

By Ingredients, by Price, by Consumer, by Distribution Channels

(3/n) Image
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1/ Here’s all you need to know about the #Budget2023: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s final Budget before General Elections 2024

A thread 🧵 #BudgetSession2023
2/ Economy

FM Sitharam lowered the fiscal deficit target to 5.9% in FY25 (vs 6.4% currently). This is positive for the Indian economy as it would strengthen the Govt’s finances and increase private sector investment.
3/ Capex
FM raised capital investment outlay by 33% to Rs 10 lakh cr in FY24, representing 3.3% of the GDP. This is positive for a host of sectors like capital goods, engineering, cement, and metal.
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@DaburIndia this AD is in such bad taste especially when people are suffering

Can you please share the SCIENTIFIC data to prove that #daburchyawanPrash Protects your lungs from PMI 2.5 !

#RETWEET for Maximum Reach

Dabur did the same thing during #covid. Do these brands have any Moral ethics ? Here is my #thread on #DaburChyawanprash disputing what they claimed about the product.

PLEASE #RETWEET for Maximum Reach.
These are Advertisements by #Dabur claiming that SMOG can be countered by #chyawanprash

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Sunday Stocks catch up with Janak.. Let's go 🧵

Disc: Not a reco
(1/N) Auto industries focused, #KPIT Technologies’ Q2 profits surged 28%. The Company has guided for yearly profits to be higher by around 32%.
(2/N) #RIL’s Q2 profit was flat despite a 32% rise in revenue. Jio business going strong thought
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Brands cannot continue to be naïve in assessing what their degrees of freedom are, writes branding guru @desaisantosh, on the recent outrage against #Fabindia and #Dabur.

Read more in #BQOpinion
The commercial logic for withdrawing in the face of outrage is straightforward, writes @desaisantosh.

Read his #BQOpinion column: Image
@desaisantosh Attempting to broaden the definition of love by including other kinds of sexual orientation is not an action that seeks to divide people, quite the contrary, writes @desaisantosh.

Read more in #BQOpinion on the #Fabindia and #Dabur ad outrage.
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डाबर रेड - एक नवीन टूथपेस्ट ते १००० कोटींचा ब्रँड 
बरीच वर्षे डाबर कंपनी त्यांची ओळख असलेली 'लाल दंतमंजन' विकत होती. त्यांनी हा मंजनचा ब्रँड बराच मोठा केला होता. या ब्रँडचे चाहतेही बरेच होते, आहेत. डाबरने जेव्हा आपला बिझनेस डायव्हर्सिफाय करायला सुरुवात केली तेव्हा
#मराठी #Dabur
त्याचा एक भाग म्हणून टूथपेस्ट मार्केटमध्ये प्रवेश करायचे ठरवले. जिथे आधीपासून कोलगेटसारखा ब्रँड वर्षानुवर्षे मार्केट लीडर आहे, 'टूथपेस्ट म्हणजे कोलगेट' असं समीकरण आहे, तिथे दंतमंजन बनवणाऱ्या कंपनीने प्रवेश करणे हेच मोठे आव्हान होते.
#म #मराठी #Dabur
त्याहूनही मोठे आव्हान म्हणजे या स्पर्धेत टिकून राहणे. डाबरने ते फक्त साध्यच करून दाखवले नाही तर 'डाबर रेड' हा ब्रँड १००० कोटींवर नेऊन पोहोचविला.याची सुरुवात २००१ मध्ये झाली. 'उगाच या फंदात पडू नका, प्रतिस्पर्धी तुम्हाला कच्चे खाऊन टाकतील.'अशी वॉर्निंग डाबरला देण्यात आली होती. #म
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'एक निर्णय' ज्याने डाबर साम्राज्य घडवले... 
या साम्राज्याची सुरुवात १८८४ मध्ये डॉ. एस के बर्मन यांनी केली. एसकेंनी कॉलरा आणि मलेरियावर कलकत्ता येथे घरच्या घरीच औषध बनवायला सुरुवात केली. ते औषध गुणकारी ठरल्याने त्याची लोकप्रियता वाढत गेली.

#म #मराठी #Dabur
मग त्यांनी बंगालमधल्या वेगवेगळ्या गावांमध्ये आपले औषध विकायला सुरुवात केली. त्यावेळी लोक त्यांना 'डाक्टर बर्मन' म्हणत. या डाक्टर शब्दातला 'डा' आणि बर्मन मधला 'बर' एकत्र येऊन 'डाबर' असे कंपनीचे नाव झाले.

#म #मराठी #Dabur
पुढे त्यांचा मुलगा सी एल बर्मन यांनी कंपनीचे स्वतःचे आर अँड डी युनिट आणि दोन मॅन्युफॅक्चरिंग प्लॅन्ट सुरु केले.पुढे १९३० आणि १९४० मध्ये सी एल यांची मुले पुरन आणि रतन हे व्यवसायात उतरले.एकाने मॅन्युफॅक्चरिंगची जबाबदारी घेतली आणि दुसऱ्याने सेल्स, डिस्ट्रिब्युशन आणि फायनान्सची.

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Case Study 11 : #Dabur - A Stock that doubles every 4 years!

CMP – 590.45 (2/7/2021)

(Must read Thread 🧵for #TA & #FA learners)

Fundamentals Sound & Technically Strong Upmove Candidate!


@rohanshah619 @Vivek_Investor 🙏(Views Invited) 🙏

Dabur India Limited is a leading Indian consumer goods company with interests in Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin Care, Home Care and Foods.

#Dabur #TechnoFunda #Trading #Investing #StockMarket

Dabur derives around 60% of its revenue from the consumer care business, 11% from the food business and remaining from the international business unit.

#Dabur #TechnoFunda #Trading #Investing #StockMarket
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Ministry of #AYUSH new task force 2 study effects of Ashwagandha+Yashtimadhu+Guduchi+Pippali+poly herbal drug (AYUSH-64) #Covid_19
Decision coms aftr prev imaginary but negative trials on Ashwagandha+Guduchi+Chyawanprash

More than meets the eye+
This time the ministry is DAMN sure this combination will work - bcoz they hav included their 'trump' card in the treatment combination - AYUSH-64

Know more about this super *cough* drug

Made in 1980 (Yes, older than me)
First released in 2000 4 malaria (yes, anti-parasite) Image
Sadly, peer-reviewed paper in Current Science
showed it was not good, inferior 2 chloroquine

2016 - licensed 2 #Dabur as anti-malarial - failed 2 gain momentum

In between did an item-number dance as anti-filarial
Movie flopped

Thereafter, every1 forgot abt AYUSH-64😭

But, Image
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A story of how one doctor’s unwavering dedication towards treating his patients gave rise to a brand that was set to rule the roost and create benchmarks in the Indian market for years to come.

Who's up for a thread 👇🧵

#fintwit #dabur
Founded in 1884 by Dr. S.K.Burman in the pre-independence British capital of India – Calcutta, Dabur started as a small clinic in a by-lane of the city.

The name Dabur was coined by taking ‘Da’ from Daktaar (Bengali pronunciation for Doctor) and ‘Bur’ from his last name Burman.
Given the effectiveness of ayurvedic formulations to treat the then life-threatening diseases like malaria & cholera, Dr. Burman decided to start a mass production facility of his medicines.

In 1884, he set up @DaburIndia from a small house in Calcutta.
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#BrokerageRecos 25th September 2020
#ANUP The Anup Engineering Image
#BRITANNIA Britannia Industries
Previous Appearance:… Image
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Stocks for 07/08/20 Intraday


Based on NR7, Volume and Volatility
Only 1 stock gave tradeable move today!

It was #HDFCBANK. However, it gave two separate entries.

1/2 Entry was @ 11:30, price made huge tails at Support with High Volume and was consolidating on VWAP.

+2R profits booked till the previous day resistance level Image
2/2 Entry in #HDFCBANK was @ 01:25. A/D ratio was around 2:1 the entire day and hence supported Bullish bias. The price was again consolidating at Previous day support turned Resistance turned Support!

Entry was with BE candle. +1.5R profits booked for this second, late trade. Image
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#Option Chain
#Option trading

# ATM CE position built up... Strong resistance
# ATM PE position built up... Strong support.
# Far OTM position built up on call side...Strong bullish
# Far OTM CE position built up... Strong bearish....

I couldn't find it so simple.
Mostly, what I learned is this presumption is a very easy way to misguide the masses by using the option chain.

On many occasions I have taken absolutely opposite stand and got good hit ratio.
Apart from the position built up, if one pays attention to futures position, traded value in cash and delivery% along with the traded value at the each strike price of respective option, this may give much stronger insight of bias, since, bigger money at stake.
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Marico CMP 337
👎Uninspiring performance over the last 1 year
👎Headwinds in the hair oil segment have hurt recent operational performance
👍25% of the hair oil market is still in the unorganized space and this offers growth opportunity

👍H2 FY20 would see better volume growth due to price cuts
👍Improvement in gross margins due to the lower prices for RM
👍In Q2 FY20, copra prices were lower by 10% YoY & Mgt expects prices to remain in lower range in near term
👎Vol growth was also hurt by flood like situations
👍Building/Expanding new biz such as food franchise, skin care, male grooming range & serums
👍This will reduce dependancy on Parachute & Saffola
👍Foods franchise posted strong growth of 34% YoY
👍Modern trade (29% sales growth in Q2) & e-commerce (75% YoY) continue to do well
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There are 1000s of companies listed in #NSE & #BSE, but how many of these companies were able to make at least more than 10% returns on yearly basis? Here's the details
There are always certain stocks that makes multi fold returns in short span of time, for example all Tech stocks were making huge returns during 1999–2000 period and all real estate stocks were making huge returns during 2006–2008 and NBFC recently.
So when you calculate annualized returns of all stocks, such bubble stocks can also come into list.
Instead I calculated all stocks yearly returns since listing and checked how many times, they were able to make at least 10% returns on yearly basis.
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#TweetStorm - Expensive or deserves to be Expensive ? 1)One thumb rule for screening expensive companies is Market Cap to Sales or Enterprise Value to Sales. A 10x or more is generally expensive unless the company can grow sales rapidly or has extremely high Net Profit Margins.
2)Another way to look at expensive is if the Market Cap is equal to the Total Sales of the Addressable Market Size. This would lead to company having to launch different products in the future.
3)May not be the approach to take a Sell Decision or a Short Sell Decision. Very few companies can command such high valuations. Thumb Rule is just to review the investment thesis and the quality of the business. If doubts on quality , get out.
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