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Dans @lalibre, @Adri_deMarneffe nous apprend qu'en
septembre 2022, David Leisterh, président du #MR bruxellois, David Weytsman, Clémentine Barzin et Gaëtan Van Goidsenhoven, se sont rendus au #SaharaOccidental (Laâyoune) aux frais du Parlement marocain, et aux frais de celui-ci.
#MR bruxellois au #SaharaOccidental (2)/ "Cette ville, rappelle @lalibre, est la plus importante du Sahara occidental que le Maroc a annexé de fait en 1975 prônant une autonomie sous sa souveraineté exclusive. Une demande que la Belgique ne reconnaît pas, à l’instar de l’ONU"
#MR bruxellois au #SaharaOccidental (3)/ Les divers articles de la presse marocaine, relève @lalibre, présentent les élus belges du #MR bruxellois comme une forme de #caution . Exemple:…
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I'm being tagged in a #conversation about the #safety of #women travelling to #Tanzania. I shall repeat my story to #caution women who want to travel there. A thread.
I went to Tanzania as a #tourist. Depending on where you are, I would call it a very #unsafe place especially for solo travelers. There are rules I wasn't aware of which turned my 'holiday' into a nightmare.
I was #attacked by a mob on my first day. Fists flew, blows pounded on my body and head for 'indecent' dressing. It was when one woman lifted my dress and started to pull down my underwear did I say, "Fuck this shit'.
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Whys #NavPancham considered generally good?#NavPancham is #Genesis, #Progression, #CauseEffect relations. In #KaalPurush #Kundali, if #Jaatak is denoted by #Lagan, his/her progeny is denoted by the #PanchamBhaav while the father of this #Jaatak is the #NavamBhaav of the #Chart...
Many ancient #Astrologers have expressed that a #Bhaav can find #Catalyst 5 houses behind itself or 9 houses away from itself (same thing).

So in effect if there is any good connection of the #Navam #Bhaav with the #Lagan (or #Navam #Bhaav from any other #Bhaav) ...
the particular #Bhaav in question can get #SuPrabhaav. The #Lagan or any other #Bhaav is always the #PanchamBhaav from the #Navam.Hence the theory- #NavPancham, is generally considered #YogKaarak.

Basic theories apply as always...

Explaining #Shadow #Grah #Rahu...
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#Caution 🤔😟
I was shocked to read the news that the #Sensex is again beyond 50,000. When, the whole world is in danger, so the economies of countries are collapsing, the #economic cycle is slow, the productivity of Co.,
is negatively affected. In such a negative environment, it is beyond understanding why the 'Sensex' kite is flying high in the sky❓Or are some Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh-like #Tadipaar giving it air❓
#OrgyOfDeath by #pandemic in #India has no effect on the #SENSEX

यह खबर पढ़कर चौंक गया कि #सेंसेक्स फिर से 50,000 के पार! जब पूरी दुनिया खतरे में है, सभी देशों की अर्थव्यवस्था चरमरा रही है, आर्थिक चक्र धीमा है,कंपनियों की उत्पादकता नकारात्मक रूप से प्रभावित है।इस नकारात्मक माहौल में भारतीय सेंसेक्स की पतंग आसमान में ऊंची क्यों उड़ रही है❓
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Lesson from recent past.

BALAKOT Airstrike did not trouble market much, I am confident that Indo-China border tussle may not too.

Note: 20 day Average True Range for #NIFTY is 260pts (CMP 9914)

Hence, will maintain 9600 as trigger level to change stance. #NIFTY
Update on #Nifty chart

4th Higher High formation
No weakness in volume to assist divergence
20Day ATR now 250pts (ATR falling means low volatile zone in an Uptrend which is bread butter for Trend Followers)

My view: Bullish as there is no sign of weakness yet.

TREND is UP Image
Update on #Nifty and #Banknifty chart.

I cannot see any sign of weakness externally or internally anywhere.
Prices are rising hence TREND is up.

It is as simple right now.

Current view: Bullish

(Nifty is UP +557pts since Indo-China tussle) Image
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This 👇was a #MustRead for me since it was sent by a friend I respect a lot .

I was so glad I read it and actually found it #TooGoodNotToShare


It’s Not related to stock market swings nor to some juicy gossip but
A very nice one.

Reading highly recommended
A young man saw his primary school teacher on a wedding.
He went to greet him with all the respect and admiration.

He said to him:
"Do you remember me, Teacher?"

The teacher said: "No, please introduce yourself."
The student said: "I was your student in the 3rd Grade, I am the one who stole the watch of a child in the classroom. I will remind you but I am sure you remember the story."

One of the boys in my class had a beautiful watch, so I decided to steal it.
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