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1) Who is the Promotor
2) Promoter Holding (Movement over last 1 year - Shud have increase or remain stagnant)
3) Promotor holding shud be more than 65% and Retail max holding shud not be more than 10%
3) It shud be a product based co and not services oriented
4) ROCE, ROE shud be more than 20%
5) Operating Mgn shud be more than 15%
6) FII Holding shud b there (Best is FII shud have increased the stake in the company in last 1 year)
7) There shud be Nil Debt or if debt is there check the DSCR ratio.. it shud be more than 4 ideally)
8) Check OTHER INCOME in Qtrly and Yearly balance sheet (It shud not be more than 5% of the total income)
9) Div payout history (Its good if they r sharing their income to shareholders)
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#stockmarkets #Pennystocks #microcap #hiddengem #nifty50 #prsunder

* Not Financial Advice* Just Analysis of A Share

Stock Name: Tyche industries

Mirco Cap

looking Fundamentals Good

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1. Company Overview market cap is only 184 cr. ...
2. Company Data: Tyche is a leading manufacturer of APIs & Advanced Intermediates of API’s for anti-retroviral, anti-depression, anti-arthritic, anti-diarrheal, anti-psychotic etc.

#stockmarkets #Pennystocks #microcap #hiddengem #nifty50 Image
3. Company Qtr. results

See the Results margin also improving and same qtr. results also coming very good. Image
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Shared this setup not just here but with my @HavanaOreen students as well at 11.45 am for #banknifty. This was the zone where most conventional studies could have been neutral to the max but not bearish for sure. But there lies the difference of having a view and trading the Image
view. To understand the context lets see what happened on 15th.I had shared a level in bnf spot which had unfinished business.Yesterday this level absorbed the whole day’s demand and didn’t let price close above it and notice how HiPro turned bearish by closing despite being Image
above the conventional norms of looking at RSI above 55. Now lets see today’s chart.Since opening there were 2 failed attempts to approach the zone whereas HRSI remained bearish.Since opening the index components were showing strength but not the right intent. Whenever this Image
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#trading #nifty #banknifty #nse #wealth #investing #stockmarkets Image

SYMBOL: Underlying name (e.g., Banknifty, Reliance)
TENOR: Maturity type (Weekly, Monthly, LEAPs)
SL NO: Maturity priority (1st = closest weekly expiry)
EXPIRY DATE: Contract maturity date
TODAY: Recording date Image
Future v/s Straddle chart - The front month future (blue) and the straddle (red). Consider a strike price of call+put having the lowest premium.Roll the strike price dynamically to plot the premium for at-the-money straddle. Image
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I always wondered which stock/index to select for trading.
@DestinedMusk gives us his insights on the criterias to select an underlying for trading in the YT video
#OptionsTrading #Nifty #banknifty #finnifty #TradingSuccess #wealthcompounders #trading

1/4 Image
2/4 Image
3/4 Image
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Hope people marked the zones and made use of them yesterday for #banknifty now anything that can be learnt from yesterday ? N I specifically mentioned " If you are an Options Buyer "

1. A buyer only makes money when there is a range expansion - what is the simplest way to Image
understand if there is a range expansion - Look at +/- DI if they are trading closeby and are below 25 you might make a few bucks by scalping(40-60 points in Spot) but it wont facilitate a range expansion (300+ points )

2. When price is between @HavanaOreen Bullish and Bearish Image
Breakout Zones the ADX generally is closely knit so we only expect scalping moves in the zone. People usually take years to master scalping as not everyone has fast execution and analytical skills and these dead zones contribute to the time where maximum people exhaust both their Image
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I started trading 4 years ago by buying options.

Had I known this intraday sell strategy by Vishal Mehta, I would have avoided the loss that I faced in my 1st year.

Don't do the same mistake that I did!

#OptionsTrading #tradingstrategy
#nifty #banknifty #finnifty

Let's go 👇 Image
The logic behind this strategy is to wait and sell that leg of straddle/strangle first that is decaying fast.

Basically follow the trend. Image
2. If the market is going down, the CE leg will get executed.
3. If the market is going up, the PE leg will be executed.
4. If the market reverses the other leg is also executed. Image
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Did you know ?

You can earn monthly rental income(between 1%-2%) from share market just like any house owner earns rent.

I have been doing this for last few years.

#OptionsTrading #Optionselling #coveredcallstrategy #stockmarkets #StockMarketindia #Nifty #Banknifty
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The strategy is Covered call strategy

Pre-requisites for the covered call strategy
1. You need to own a house. (Let's take #Nifty index for an example)
2. You need to own the complete house.
In our case, we need to own atleast 1 lot of Nifty.

How do we do that ? Read next
3. #Nifty is currently at ~18000 & it has a lot size of 50.
We need to own Nifty ETF worth 18000 * 50 = 9,00,000

Nifty Bees is the most liquid ETF & we get 90% amount after pledging as collateral margin.
So you get 8,00,000 back as collateral as well if you need more margin. Image
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10 tweets that will teach you more than a 49,999 course.

#TradingSuccess #tradingpsychology #OptionsTrading #nifty #banknifty #finnifty
1. Technical indicators are overrated, Market doesn't care about them.

Price action and volume is what feeds into indicators.
2. Stick to 1 strategy. Don't do strategy hopping.

Successful trading is all about doing the same thing over and over again.
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🚨🚨Ghansyam Tech (Art of Trading) makes ₹1.5 Crores / month by only OPTIONS BUYING

I spent 69+ hours analyzing his strategy and found the 11 Rules that made him a Crorepati

I turned it simple for you


Like + Retweet & read this thread 🧵 Image
1. Start with Less Captial

No Matter how much money you have you will lose it all if you don't have trading experience so start small like Max 2 Lot, even 1 is better.
2. Trade Everyday

No Matter what happens but never skip a day without trading it, which helps you understand the price action behavior and give you important teaching about market dynamics that impact the price behavior.
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Weekly Derivative Outlook (April 17 - April 21) 📉📈:
1⃣ #nifty
2⃣ #BankNifty

1/n Image

🟥 Nifty

♦️ The Nifty extended its gains by 1% in a truncated week & tested our targets of 17800 driven largely by short covering
♦️ Once again financial stocks were major gainers along with mid & small caps, which continued their momentum in the new financial year

♦️ Going ahead, we expect the Nifty to consolidate with support near 17500 amid results from heavyweights
♦️ The current open interest in the Nifty is nearly at a one year low as short closure continued during the series
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Ghanshyam Sir has made sometimes more than a #Crore in a Single day and is one of the Best option Traders in India, watched almost all of his videos and shared my learning that how to become the best #option trader.

Le's Start Image
1. Start with Less Captial :
No Matter how much money you have you will lose it all if you don't have trading experience so start small like Max 2 Lot, even 1 is better.
2. Trade Everyday: No Matter what happens but never skip a day without trading it, which helps you understand the price action behavior and give you important teaching about market dynamics that impact the price behavior.
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Hi Friends,

Sharing some useful #trading threads here

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it's 100% FREE

by @TechTradesTT & @Stocktwit_IN

1- Technical Analysis, a candlestick pattern -- part 1

#TechnicalTrades #TradingView

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Candlestick #charts patterns is a movement in prices shown graphically on a candlestick chart that some believe can predict a particular market movement

A thread by Naren Joshi @valuelevels

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Bullish Patterns


#stocks #TradingView
#nifty #niftybank #banknifty


#niftyoptions #niftyfuture
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🏦"Everything You Need to Know About AT1 Bonds"

Bonds are like loans that people can give to companies or governments.


1) What are AT1 Bonds?

AT1 bonds are a type of investment that banks can use to raise money when they need it.

#bonds #Banking #banknifty
2) How AT1 Bonds are different from traditional Bonds?

a) Higher Risk

AT1 bonds are considered to be high-risk investments as they are designed to absorb losses in the event of a bank's financial distress.
Interest Payments in AT1 Bonds

AT1 bonds often have non-cumulative coupons, which means that if the bank misses an interest payment, it is not obligated to make it up in the future.
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The bulls took the bears by the horns.

Let's check out where from here.

Outlook for the week Mar 6 - 10, 2023.

THREAD: Deconstructing BANKNIFTY on 4 different TF's.
You can also check out video where I have explained, how I do a multi-timeframe analysis & have shared my views on #BANKNIFTY for the upcoming week.

For those of you who prefer to read it lets continue:
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Credit Suisse - a bank too big to fail - crashes to all-time low after raising deposit rates to reverse bank run📉

Read the thread!


$CS #banknifty $SPY $QQQ #recession #stockmarketcrash Image
Credit Suisse offering a 6.5% annual rate on new three-month deposits of $5 million or above - and a rate as high as 7% for one-year deposits — far above matched maturity Bills, and suggesting that to attract a client, the bank is forced to eat a GIANT loss.

2/4 Image
Beyond liquidity woes, Credit Suisse faces significant talent bleed as dozens of private bankers at managing director-level & above have left, taking client assets with them. Senior bankers handling at least $1 bn. may take up to 60% of funds managed to their new employers.

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In this thread,I am sharing about moving averages,its key strategies,entry,exit,target everything..
These strategies are scalable to all timeframes,instruments etc

Simple thinks works in the market.

#Nifty50 #StockMarketindia #banknifty #movingaverage
Moving average is simplest method to understand and trade.Most common moving average is SMA,which totals close price over a certain period,then divides this total by number of period.Ex:10 SMA would calculate close price of last 10 period and divide sum by 10
I prefer EMA,as it put more weight on recent price data when calculating moving average. It will react quicker than to sma.

What ema I use
13-short trend
34-intermediate trend
55-long trend
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Bollinger bands are used to determine whether the price are high or low on relative basis.Bollinger bands use 20sma and 2 standard deviation of it.
I use three setup combined with RSI
This bollinger system is suitable for intraday traders,swing traders and even for long term players.
Top down approach increases accuracy.
Only the timeframe changes ,system remains constant.
%b indicator and bollinger bandwidth can be used to code this system

Squeeze setup makes us to enter the trend early on.


Look for very tight/narrow bands. and enter the breakout/breakdown of the band(price closing outside of bands)

Narrow bands :Sign of consolidation.
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Curious how to make use of India's best social stock market app for free? Here are a few reasons you should check out Stocktwits to improve your investing skills 📈 🚀 #nifty #banknifty

If you're not on Stocktwits, join here -

A thread 🧵
Follow your favourite investors, media houses, & financial institutions to know what everyone is saying & thinking. Follow them & enjoy their posts on your timeline.

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We're breaking #Budget2023 down for you.

Sit back, relax, and have a great read! 👇

Infra gets boost:

- Highest ever capital outlay of Rs. 2.40 lakh crores for Railways

- 50-year interest-free loans to states one more year for infra spends

Agri & Fisheries to benefit:

- Agricultural accelerator fund to promote agri-startups

- 10,000 bio-input resource centres in next 3 yrs to promote natural farming

- 6000 Cr outlay for Animal husbandry, dairy, and fisheries
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We traders, always make our trading so complicated & in live market that results into losses.

Simple range breakout strategy to catch Index trades.

A Thread 🧵

#StockMarket #trading @kuttrapali26
✨What is range bound market?
When the stock prices generally flow back and forth near the old highs and then fall back to the recent lows.
When we mark such highs and lows, we find a range, and when the price move between that range, it can be termed as range bound. (2/14)
✨What is Range breakout?

When the price breaks the range which we marked earlier, it means now the price is no more trading conjestion area, then it can be termed as range breakout.
After such range breakout, we can see good price movement in that particular direction. (3/14)
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(1/8) Scam 1992 Explained Simply:-

Harshad Mehta was a stock broker on BSE & was alleged to have engineered the BSE scam in 1992 using ready forward deals.#stockmarketcrash
#StockMarket #Budget2023 #banknifty #OptionsTrading #Singapore #Hedgefund $VRA $SNFTS #Wealth #Adani #BBC Image
(2/8)A ready forward refers to a short term, typically 15 day, secured interbank lending. In reality, the borrowing bank actually sells securities to the lending bank & then buys them back at the end of the loan period at a slightly higher price. #stockmarketcrash #banknifty #BBC
(3/8) A typical ready forward deal involves 2 banks brought together by a broker in a lieu of commission. As a part of the settlement process, the buyer & the seller need not even know eachother. #stockmarketcrash #StockMarket #Budget2023 #Adani #optiontrading #Wealth #singapore
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#orderflow can help make a reasonable guess if markets will remain in range or find potential strong break out points. This then helps build context to take positions on either range reversals or range breaks.
So today markets opened lower. Question- Break lower or pullback?(1/n)
#banknifty as an eg., assuming first scenario as a potential pullback into yday range. This is stopped out by large limit sellers near 42500, this coupled with large OI increase and aggressive selling at 42500CE adds credence to a downside theory. 150K+ traded in 2 candles (2/n)
With large absorptions at top ,about 35K & 30K at tops. This and the OI change should had led to a downside. What we are looking for is a sharp rejection and continuation. This is stalled with poor downside follow through delta and then large absorption of sellers at 1:!5. (3/n)
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