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The former UK prime minister @GordonBrown went to Chibok, the first and only high profile figure that visited Chibok since the abduction of 14April 2014. And promised to take over on scholarship of some girls to UK, Kashim as Borno state gov. Shettima blocked it. Just so u know
The Church of the servant King California, gave Scholarships to initial 5 of the Chibok girls, travel document and parent consent were secured. Kashim Shettima masterminded their blockage and arrest of the girls at Abuja airport. Only to let them go after the plane left.
Kashim Shettima promised to ensure the education of the 57 #ChibokGirls that initially escaped from terrorists. Some of them got good grades from secondary school, but since then, they all were forgotten by him.
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@toluogunlesi I am ready to "reason" with you on this.
#APCandPDPSamePartyWithTwoOffices is not about the people in them. It is about how they act.
1) APC & PDP have competent candidates in their parties but they always choose the worst to give tickets to.
Tinubu & Atiku are egs
You will agree with me that Atiku and Tinubu are not the most competent in both PDP and APC but they emerged with the party tickets.
That's why we say #APCandPDPSamePartyWithTwoOffices
2)Both APC and PDP have shown and demonstrated it is all about how much money you have and not about your competence, character and capacity when it comes to clinching their ticket.
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Significance Of September 6: From Nigerian Army Declaring Me Wanted To Shaping HumAngle

On Sept. 6, five years ago, I landed in Abuja on an Emirates flight from the UAE after the Nigerian Army declared me a wanted man on Aug. 14, 2016. I heard the news on Al Jazeera before I began to receive calls from friends and family.
I was very shocked because I had a chat with the COAS less than 2wks before the embarrassing declaration by the Army under his leadership. According to the Army spokesman at the time, my crime was that I knew where the #ChibokGirls were and refused to share their location.
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A Thread.

As a Believer, one of the greatest tests of my life is granting real forgiveness to all those who because of Politics twisted my deep agony and agitation for rescue of ChibokGirls into all forms of wicked accusations I have had to bear since 2014. And yet I must.
In this 2018 tweet, I was recounting how the @BBCAfrica handle broke the news of the abduction of ChibokGirls on the 15th and my immediate reaction was to ask them if the news was “verified”.
I mean, it was hard to imagine hundreds of schoolchildren being abducted. It was hard.
My follow-on tweet after asking @BBCAfrica if their breaking news on the abduction was verified is captured below. It sank in my mind that it was BBC News and that by the quality control standards, it was near impossible to break unverified news. Ah. My eyes rolled down tears.
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Was it not in this country that rising to take a strong stand that young women who went to school and were abducted deserved the justice of rescue by their @NGRPresident and @NigeriaGov , earned one attacks, falsehoods, impugning, arrest and detention? It’s their way. Just stand!
They lied to you that reason I, your fellow citizen was determined for #JusticeOfRescue to be given abducted children is “she wants to be minister”, “she’s looking for attention”, “she was hired as a consultant to embarrass xyz “, “ she is angry at xyz”.
You foolishly believed.
The total lack of cognitive ability or unwillingness to connect-the-dots and see through all the lies that the two administrations of the @NigeriaGov and their allies have hurled at your fellow citizens for daring to #SpeakUp for #ChibokGirls will remain a wonder to me. Na waa.
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Since you guys want the low down on Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan here is a thread for you. Goodluck arguing with the facts compiled

1. A sectional ruler

2 October 2010: Jonathan defends MEND in Abuja Independence Day bomb blast.
1. A sectional ruler

2 October 2010: Jonathan defends MEND in Abuja Independence Day bomb blast. He sides with terrorists and politicises the matter. 'What happened yesterday was a terrorist act and MEND was just used as a straw; MEND is not a terrorist group.'
Also, 'It is erroneous to think that my people who have been agitating for good living will deliberately blow up the opportunity they have, now,' Jonathan said
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1. It is six (6) years already, since the abduction of April 14th, 2014 In Government Secondary School (GSS) Chibok, where 503 students were on School extension writing their Final High School Exams (WAEC/NECO)
#6YearsTooLong #ChibokStory
2. The School is the only high School in the entire LGA and the community requested as it be turned to Co-education School for male students to also have access because of the closeness to their farming communities.
3. Thus; the reason of having large number of students in that school at the time of abduction. Many have questioned that, it wasn't possible to have that large number of students in a Village School. Note: The Chibok is a missionary hub, they started education early and still do
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On this day 6 years ago, we woke up to 2 bomb blasts at a motor park/bus station in Nyanya. The strategic blasts occurred just before 7am when commuters were trying to make their way to their places of work. 100's died, 100's more were injured.

Boko Haram claimed responsibility.
Later that night, while Abuja + the rest of the country reeled from that attack, Boko Haram rolled into Chibok & abducted 276 school girls from their dorm; would have been more but some girls jumped off the trucks. Today is the 6th anniversary; over 100 girls are still missing.
I remember the first ever #BringBackOurGirls march like it was yesterday... Standing at Unity Fountain with @AbangMercy and co, and beginning the march led by @obyezeks. Then it started drizzling, and folks started turning back.

"Are you salt? Are you salt?" Madam Oby asked.
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I came on @Twitter eleven years ago in April of 2009.

In all its Good, Bad and Ugly moments, one thing stands out for me: I love that many more citizens use their Voice.

If you are one of the 1 Million people that follow this handle, I hope we continue learning together.🙏🏾
Thanks @ChineEzeks for making me join @Twitter to be able to engage my passion of teaching Public Policy . You gave me the insight on hashtags and helped birth #PublicPolicy101.

The vision stays alive.

Daaalu! 🤴🏿❤️🤗🙏🏾
In my 11 years on here @Twitter , I have watched a good number of you grow into amazing leaders in civic society, business and government. I have watched you excel get married and become parents. Watched you innovate solutions to advance humanity.

Today, I celebrate you folks.
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From the very beginning of @BBOG_Nigeria , one Key Demand we made of @NigeriaGov was the decisive apprehension and conclusive prosecution of ANYONE involved in abduction of Nigerians. We wanted this for Deterrent effect.
Well, our Demand fell on deaf ears of our leaders.
The failure of successive Administrations to heed Citizens’ Demand for effective and predictable Punishment or Penalty for Bad Behavior is what created a thriving markets of Illegalities in our country.
That our Children are victims of this Governance Failure breaks the heart.
In the same way our Governmental systems and leaders failed our #ChibokGirls #DapchGirls #LeahSharibu so also this latest case of the 9 children kidnapped in Kano &taken to Anambra.
These ARE CRIMES. Crimes against our weak & vulnerable.
@NigeriaGov should stop failing them.
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Dear Sega, I respect you because of the work that you do. I also have tremendous respect for Dr Oby. In fact, no one amongst Nigeria's elite has inspired me more profoundly than Oby. There is no such thing as "phantom" numbers of the #Chibokgirls.
The #ChibokGirls were held and some are still being held by one of the most vicious and secretive organizations in the world. What I did in April 2018 was to use my deep knowledge of the conflict to challenge the FG and BH to provide full disclosure on the status of the girls.
What happened immediately after I threw that challenge was, my Twitter account was suspended temporarily and death threats followed. Only my family and I bore the brunt of that experience, and several other ill treatment for always trying to get the story out.
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My April 14 tweets was clear; I made my findings known to the public, and challenged both the Govt and leaders of BokoHaram to come forward with full disclosure. So, when I said only 15 #ChibokGirls were alive, the onus is on BH and the authorities to prove otherwise.
When a BH source came out to say, 30 were alive, as a reporter, I bear a duty to report. If I was insensitive to the parents, I would have put out the names of the 15, but I never did, instead I forwarded it to the appropriate authorities. I however, stand by my story of 15.
I have verifiable names of 15 girls alive, then. Also, a source inside the group disputed my figure and insisted that the girls were 30, but failed to provide the names of the rest of the girls alive, as I have. So far, other sources and eyewitness accounts support my claims.
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President Muhammadu Buhari has now shown neither the capacity nor the aptitude for the highest office in the land.

Do you remember? The chant all across the country was ‘Anyone But Jonathan’. Sadly, that is how we ended up with this reprobate government.

This time it is: ‘Anyone But Buhari’. And by that they mean that we should reinstate the failed PDP and its candidate, former vice president Atiku Abubakar because they think Atiku is the only person that can defeat Buhari in 2019.

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This is going to be a very long thread on #ISWAP, recent negotiations that went wrong and the controversial #BokoHaram ‘technical defeat’ bubble that was created to achieve political value rather than address the conflict indicators in the #LakeChad.
Apparently, Shekau has not recovered from the fallout of his extreme and tight fisted rule, which led to a split in 2016. Many may argue that the splinter group (ISWAP), is now as extreme as Shekau, but insiders disagree, that there is freedom of expression in ISWAP.
To many insiders, the execution of an overrated Mamman Nur and two aid workers would have been carried out by Shekau if he was faced with similar situations. It is also on record that Shekau has executed dozens of his associates and has been the largest beneficiary of ransom...
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Flash: The Nigerian Police Force just paraded 22 #BokoHaram suspects in #Maiduguri, amongst them, the Police claimed, are those involved in the abduction of the famous #Chibokgirls and facilitated suicide bombings and other attacks across the #Northeast. @YomiShogunle
The Police Command said it recovered 11 AK47 Rifles during the raid that led to the arrest of mid-level-commanders (Munzirs), and foot soldiers (Nakibs), across several cells, thought to be members of the #AbubakarShekau faction.
The police said it deployed the Special Operatives of the IGP Intelligence Response Team IRT, led by DC, Abba Kyari with support from SARS, using high tech equipments to achieve this feat between the 4th of July to the 9th of July 2018.
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In January I published an article on the militia in Benue state, where I publicly profiled one of the militia leaders, Aliyu Tashaku. The insights I provided changed the narrative to an extent & mounted pressure on the Governor, leading to arrests.…

The report that Benue is host to self-help militias, where a self-confessed member of BH; Tashaku, was recognised by the state as a leader of a vigilante group that hacked and killed scores, under the guise of protecting the people of the state against armed Fulani herdsmen.
I did not seek the approval of anyone or security agencies to write that report, I'm not an employee of any security agency, I'm a journalist. My report is targeted at helping ordinary pple in the streets and those handling the problem or shaping policy, to accurate information.
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I will be tweeting BH response to my 4th anniversary tweets on #Chibokgirls abduction later in the day, after I have finished the usual checks. Watch this space for details
1/ The objectives of my earlier tweets marking the 4 yr anniversary of the abduction of the #Chibokgirls included, one, stir debate. Two, compel Govt and the insurgents to come clean with whatever info they have. Three, ensure the parents have current and accurate information.
2/ Indeed, the anniversary tweets have accomplished the objectives it was set out to achieve. Number one, the media, locally and internationally feasted on the tweets, commentators have analysed the issues I raised, so that's the debate. The debate is still ongoing.
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As we commemorate the 4th anniversary of the abduction of the #ChibokGirls tomorrow, April 14, let me again assure the parents and families that their daughters will never be forgotten or abandoned to their fate.
I appeal to the parents to keep their hopes alive regarding the return of their daughters. The recent safe return of more than 100 of the #DapchiGirls, following the determined efforts of the Federal Government, should give all of us confidence that all hope is not lost.
My administration remains focused and determined to see that the remaining #ChibokGirls and Leah Sharibu return safely to their homes and their families. Rest assured that we are doing our very best to free the girls from their captors.
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Tomorrow, I will be tweeting rare insights on the rest of the #ChibokGirls in captivity. How many are alive and the need for the parents to know the truth, no matter how unpleasant the revelation is.
1/ Four years ago, a middle ranking BH commander led dozens of fighters in search of food and other supplies in the remote town of Chibok, like an afterthought, they saw a chance to abduct school girls in GSS Chibok, the girls at the time were preparing for their exams.
2/ The dozens of BH fighters faced no opposition during the abductn, as they struggled to convey their captives to the forest of Alagarno, the insurgent's first war capital, which they named Timbuktu. It was in Timbuktu that they organised most of the horror we experience today.
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My dear young ones, if there is ONLY one thing you ever LEARN from me let it be this:
Be a person of Truth and Consistency.
When you are, no matter the LIES against you; events will unfold and find you still standing on the same spot of Truth and Consistency.
In this same country, in 2013 at a #UNNConvocationSpeech, I spoke up about the Squandering that was going on with the OIL BOOM MONEY. I asked then FG to stem the hemorrhaging.
What was their reaction?
By 2015 the TRUTH of what I said REVEALED!
In this same country in 2014, after 29 boys of FGC -Buni Yadi were gruesomely killed by terrorists and burnt to death with a video of their charred remains disseminated to taunt Nigeria, I asked then FG to ACT DECISIVELY & also POSTPONE Centenary Extravaganza.
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