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I still believe that our country would not be in the current state of division had HRC won the presidency in ‘08. Conservative backlash against a Black #POTUS fueled the rise of #FormerGuy and pushed #TodaysGOP to out themselves as The #AmericanNaziParty. That said, he is still
the best #POTUS we’ve had during my lifetime! @BillClinton is definitely a strong runner-up, and I believe @HillaryClinton may well have been the best #POTUS since #FDR and his astonishing #NewDeal which, had he lived to fully implement, might very well have accelerated
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Have you seen the REAL 2020 Election Results? …

“You’ve Got Mail”

With All the lies about “Covid” being uncovered, it really makes you think, what else have THEY lied about? ..

Humanity will either destroy itself or rise above it all ..
The choice is yours, I’ll be
On the beach, when everyone is done figuring that part out & you all get what you want, I’ll be waiting …
Until then, absolutely nothing happening outside of fake fake fake will matter until the truth about fake fake fake is told.

Want to make A Deal?
“Let’s Make A Deal”
“No Deals”
Let Her Free - She owes none of you ANYTHING .. She has done her time & done all she had to to be set free.
‘The Man with 1 Red Shoe’

Little to none reading this will know what We’re talking about so it really doesn’t matter. I’ll figure something out as
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Can we all have a serious bipartisan conversation around the history of immigration in America and it’s impact on #ADOS? The Immigration Act of 1864 was one of Lincoln’s most signature pieces of legislation prior to the #EmacipationProclomation of 1865.…
“This law legalized and bureaucratized labor recruitment practices similar to indentured servitude to encourage immigration to the United States and economic development.”
“Although many poor Europeans had arrived as indentured servants during the colonial period, the practice had ended in the 1820s.”Congress repealed this law in 1868 after protests by labor organizations.…
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Reflactions are important.
What would happen to A human body with all the poisons evil poisoned tou with?
What's in the water?
Why Would ones burn up if theere was some kind of Biblical sun event? What steps were put in place OTHER than spraying the air with reflective
Metals that reflect the sun like bill gates wanted to do, to stop fake "Global Warming"? . #INHALE

God has A "Green #NewDeal" for everyone, it's not called the "Green New Deal", it's Called the deserts will be GREEN again from all the rain in placea that NEVEE get rain ..
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Por tener perspectiva, en el último siglo EE UU ha sobrevivido a presidentes que fueron forzados a dimitir por mentir: Nixon, que además se presentó prometiendo cerrar la guerra de Vietnam (veníamos desastre LBJ), y lo que hizo fue intensificar la contienda.
Y para mí no es el peor: #Wilson fue presidente siendo miembro del KKK (hablamos del s.XX), es también el presidente de la Ley Seca que fue un acicate estúpido al contrabando, las mafias y la violencia en todo el país. Un desastre también en lo int. (idealista sin ideales).
Curiosamente el presidente más proto-fascista de USA es uno de los más admirados (con un relato histórico mejor construido): #Roosevelt. Un populista demagogo, ganó las elecciones por el buen uso del Twitter de su época: la radio; luego incumplió todo lo que prometió.
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1/ $AXXA Although the #Tweet front is #quiet, $AXXA has been working on yet another #NewDeal for several months which would expand our range of #TechnologyPlatforms.

#BigPicture: #Platforms are key to $AXXA ‘s #RevenueGrowth and #AssetDiversification #strategies.
2/ $AXXA ‘s management team seeks to acquire technologies that can be #repurposed in order to generate new revenue streams. Repurposed #technology may not even be used in the same #sector or #market it was originally developed for.
3/ #AXXAInvest was one example:…

$AXXA combined its #CurrencyExchange, #AI, and #Blockchain technologies, into one new #SoftwarePlatform $AXXA
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#BlackWeek der politischen Sprache. Und des Entwendens. Hier historisch und doch aktuell und frisch verhashtagged aus der trend onlinezeitung zum ä Green New Deal Green:

Konflikt bei #SMA
Kein #NewDeal für #ZeitarbeiterInnen

von Peter Lenz
Im September 2011 feierte die Firma „SMA Solar Technology“ 30jähriges Firmenjubiläum. Fast wie bei #Apple ranken sich Legenden um ihre Entstehung. Elektrotechnik-Studenten gründeten eine Firma, die sich auf die Herstellung von Wechselrichtern für Solaranlagen
spezialisiert, die - vereinfacht gesagt - Solar-Gleichstrom für Wechselstromnetze verfügbar machen. SMA hat in den letzten Jahren bemerkenswerte Umsatz- und Profitsprünge gemacht. Ein Vorsteuergewinn von über 27% liegt noch über Ackermanns 25%-Träume hinaus.
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So the race has now been called for Biden, and it looks like that call will hold. Many Trump supporters believe that Biden's victory was due to massive fraud/malfeasance, and that's possible - some stuff does seem quite dodgy, and there's certainly...
...been a lack of transparency.

The spectacle that we've seen over the past several days has been, as @ggreenwald puts it, an utter disgrace:

Banana republic stuff!

There's no good reason why the richest & most powerful country in the world shouldn't... able to count its votes in a timely and transparent way that EVERYONE can trust and have faith in - regardless of whether or not THEIR SIDE is winning.

And you can bet that millions of Biden voters would be screaming that it wasn't legit now too, if Trump were winning!
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#Subex is setting the market abuzz with many brokers talking of relisting above 20 Rs - which is across a major 8 year breakout level of around 18.50

#CrunchMetrics #IDCentral #DigitalTrust #IoT #IoTSecurity
Will be see a dream run in #Subex post relisting given fundamentals are fast improving for both business operations and balance sheet

See embedded thread for brief history of its turnaround.

#CrunchMetrics #IDCentral #DigitalTrust #IoT #IoTSecurity #CyberSecurity
Typo-plz read “Will be” as “Will we”

I think we will 😊-next 2yrs at #Subex should be similar or better to what #TanlaPlatforms achieved in same time since #Karix acquisition in Aug2018

Cash books are ringing at Subex with good visibility

So watch this space for M&A/BuyBack!!
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New death tax revealed for Queensland: Clive Palmer

The Palaszczuk Government was discussing a new death tax to be imposed on Queenslanders if returned to power.

The Qld Labor Govt would justify the new tax to combat its $120bn debt blowout.

Under a returned Labor Govt, we will see family assets taken by the state. Our children & grandchildren will have assets chiselled out from them after hard efforts and endeavours of those before them
“I stood with Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen when he abolished the death tax in Queensland and we saw the immediate wealth created for the state when people from Victoria and New South Wales fled the Labor states for Queensland.

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And will not God give JUSTICE to his elect, who cry to him day and night? Will he delay long over them? I tell you, he will give justice to them speedily.”

— Yeshua Image
Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

Langston Hughes

#VIRGINIA: The Lily White Republican Movement vs. Black Virginia Conservatism

A White Virginian Republican response to being labeled the Party of the Negro… Image
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#VIRGINIA: The Lily White Republican Movement

A Republican response to being labeled the Party of the Negro

Despite black support, the Republican party increased efforts to recover white votes through a "lily white" movement.…
A History: Virginia Black Republicanism

Imagine walking into the corridors of White Supremacy; like an African King reclaiming your fucking crown 👑?

If you can grasp this ...
Tnen you'll better understand who Mr. John Langston Mercer was.

Black Excellence on Fucking Fire🔥!
Momma Africa Reclaiming Her Time!
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Fascinating speech by @michaelgove:… at the US #DitchleyFoundation: this evening.

(Ditchley's list of Governors:… makes it quite clear all references to "#elites" in his speech are with a nod and a wink...)
No sackcloth and ashes, nor any real acceptance of #responsibility by the (now) Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, despite a pretty accurate description 👇 of what's happened - in large part - during his time in Government... Image
A grand, arguably grandiose, framing that feints at (but ultimately falls short of promising) a new #NewDeal, on #FDR's #Democratic model.

Themes we've heard time and again: locating the business of Gov't outside the Westminster/Whitehall #bubble; #reform (24 references) and...
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#CF40 #MACROECONOMIC POLICY REPORT The Great Depression and Roosevelt’s New Deal by senior fellow Zhang Bin:… #COVID19 #novelcoronavirus #economics
The #GreatDepression and Roosevelt’s #NewDeal are very precious historical treasures, of enduring significance to future generations as to avoid great depressions, carry out relief programs,reinvigorate economy &implement reforms.Key measures for the current crisis may include:
1. Maintaining credit growth and preventing deflation are cure for avoiding severe depression. The excessive tightening of credit led to the Great Depression, which ended following the restoration of credit, and economy could not recover from the Great Depression without help.
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#CF40 #MACROECONOMIC POLICY REPORT: The Great Depression and Roosevelt’s New Deal led by senior fellow Zhang Bin:… #COVID19 #novelcoronavirus #economics
The novel coronavirus is wreaking havoc on China and the global economies, as economic activities come to a standstill and unemployment rate skyrockets. The #GreatDepression and the #NewDeal are valuable experience and lessons for the current economic situation.
1. Maintaining credit growth and preventing deflation are cure for avoiding severe depression. The excessive tightening of credit led to the Great Depression, which ended following the restoration of credit, and economy could not recover from the Great Depression without help.
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People trying to draw analogies with the #GreatDepression, wartime, or 70s stagflation are missing the point IMHO 1/x
GD was a ‘sudden-stop’ shock which ended the credit-boom lending to Weimar as the Young Plan looked in jeopardy. Made worse by politics (war debts, etc), #protectionism (Smoot-Hawley), Hoover call to maintain wage-rates, #FX chaos (esp. when Brits left #gold standard) 2/x
The initial slump & ‘secondary (financial vicious cycle) depression’ then perpetuated by #NewDeal boondoggle vote-buying, #FDR capriciousness, & Brain Trust cranks. This was much more a post-#GFC parallel than today’s #ContaminoBay #lockdown 3/x
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I am done with voting for one dumpster fire over another? FUCK IT. A vote for no one is a vote for everyone.STOP LOOKING TO SO-CALLED LEADERS to do anything REAL or LASTING to improve society. IGNORE THE POPULARITY CONTEST and #SHUTITDOWNNOW. #KEEPITSHUTDOWN #NoOne2020
#FuckIt Time to start to use their tactic of #ShockDoctrine to catalyze Revolution AKA How to use this crisis to everyone's advantage.
I know shit is bad. It's going to get worse, before it gets better. We know that. MUCH WORSE. We are going to have to accept that many of our friends and relatives won't make it through this shit show. We need to bite the bullet and make sure we #KEEPITSHUTDOWN #GeneralStrike2020
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This is the #NewBrexitDeal. The MP numbers mean the only way to deliver Brexit is to find common ground in @HouseofCommons. That's why @theresa_may has made a bold offer to those who want to deliver on the #Brexit #referendum result. 1/
👇 Image
This is as a result of compromise negotiations that deliver on the result of the referendum + provides a genuine way forward.
I will be voting for it in @HouseofCommons and making the case in and out of @UKParliament in support of it 2/
If we back the #NewDeal by the summer recess, we would leave by 31 July.
The delay + uncertainty is doing damage to
- #businesses and consumer confidence
- and #democratic confidence
across the country.3/
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Updated #Democrats 2020 Pres. Primary Candidates & Delegates Map begun mid-Mar. Now 23 candidates. So many candidates from higher pledged del. states is attempt to dilute 1st round majority vote (50%+1), forcing 2nd rnd, bringing Automatic del (not so supers) back into play.
August 2018, @DNC voted (as a concession to #Progressives ) to remove not-so-super automatic delegates, but only for 1st rnd voting. A real reform would have removed them entirely - hence the flood of Dem. candidates - an end run around to concession.…
Since the 1982 Hunt Commission creation of not-so-super automatic delegates to prevent #Progressives from being elected, graphic ⬇️ shows how many candidates ran each election vs no. that withdrew before #DNC Convention.
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To move rightward, is about the desire to conserve, hence #conservative. In order to want to conserve, you have to have something you want to conserve. If all you have is debt and more #debt, what the heck do you have to conserve? @sapinker
The progression to more right with age is a historically temporary #American phenomenon born out of the fact that #boomers acquired increasing affluence because of the society in which they found themselves as a result of the #NewDeal & #progressive policies which they inherited
Having been born on third base and believing they had hit a triple, as a generation, they decided to slow this #wealth distribution thing down a little and now we find ourselves where we find ourselves. The move rightwards requires something to conserve.
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Graeber/W pitching Fukuyama all embrac. style ag Fukuyama: what's the point?

Both wanna descr THE World Hist as 1 devel 🤪; G/W go on as if we're to forget #sociology & its #capitalism insights incl. Capit means A+SOME! qual diff ways of org society #Marx #Durkheim #Foucault
G/W explain inequality is dealth with regularly throughout hist: "Rather than idling in some primordial innocence, until the genie of inequality was somehow uncorked, our prehistoric ancestors seem to have successfully opened and shut the bottle on a regular basis..." Ok, fine
G/W conclude on the above : "If so, then the real question is not “what are the origins of social inequality?” but, having lived so much of our history moving back and forth between different political systems, “how did we get so stuck?”

Focus Q: "how did we get so stuck?"
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