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#BOOK: My #Money Grows on Trees: Sowing into Revelation and #Wealth by Zari Banks, M.Ed (2013)

Ch 1. Revelation: You get revelation when Holy Spirit breathes life into The Word, He speaks directly to your spirit or thru someone w/anointed understanding.
Ch. 2 Submission and Obedience: You can't take the parts of The Bible you want to believe because they're comfortable, and ignore what's uncomfortable. Example, you don't get abundance without giving. You can't operate in Authority w/o submitting first to Jesus' Authority.
Ch. 3 Sowing into Revelation: You open a portal for receiving in your life by honoring Yahweh with various types of seed - money, time, service, study, prayer, love, etc. He multiplies every seed you sow for good or bad; you determine the seed.
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Moi #LosAngeles,

Our employee, eric, is showing quite a disdain for his people of late.

Well. We’re not his people. His donors are.

But who are they? Whose interest does he serve?

And: what job is eric gonna have after resining, with his network?

Let’s dig in—ongoing thread.
Let’s start with where eric’s cash comes from. You’d think a local office would be a local interest. But folks the world around seem to be interested in giving us eric.

While LA suffers covid and eviction at once, mr. jet-setter gets around.

A better career: location scout.
Some of those donors get shadier than others too. Our employee likes it fresh and green, and from such odd friends.

Though @MayorOfLA won’t #CancelRent, we think he should at least pay someone’s with these checks.

A better career: creepy Hollywood Hills party-goer.
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@UWM This is the pathetic response from University of #Wisconsin, #Milwaukee about senior lecturer retired @usairforce Lt Col Betsy Schoeller's disgusting #Facebook post about Vanessa Guillen's death. #VanessaGuillen #JusticeForVanessaGullien #FireBetsySchoeller @ProtectRDfnders
@UWM #Facebook posts are NOT PRIVATE. In #Ohio, college professors don't get tenure if they talk about "controversial topics" like mental illness concerns or #homeless individuals' #CivilRights on social media. If you don't have a #SocialMedia policy, you should. @ProtectRDfnders
@UWM @ProtectRDfnders: Army soldier Vanessa Guillen's horrific murder been a trigger for countless #veterans suffering from #PTSD from #military sexual #trauma. A reprehensible #Facebook post from fellow veteran Betsy Schoeller has further exacerbated it. #MilitarySexualTrauma
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Forced evictions & demolitions during #Covid_19 in Pakistan.
As “Eviction” contradicts the “stay at home” policy, the United Nations has called on member states & governments at all levels to stop all migrations & evictions at this time of pendamic covid-19.
The recent effects of the #COVIDー19 are causing a lot of problems around the world, especially for people who have suffered significant loss of #income. In such a difficult and critical time, ‘#home’ has become a ‘#defense’ against the #coronavirusPandemic.
States around the world are ordering people to stay “at home” to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But at the same time, many states are at risk of being evicted, while at least 150 million people worldwide are homeless and living on temporary shelters or sidewalks.
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Please clarify this. Multiple news outlets reported @CuyahogaCounty mandated mask use. It's likely due to the misleading headline in @CityofCleveland's press release. "Mayor Jackson & County Executive Budish to Mandate Use of Masks Throughout City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County"
@CityofCleveland @CleCityCouncil @CuyahogaCounty @CuyahogaCouncil: I have already received numerous phone calls, text messages & emails from individuals experiencing #homelessness & #homeless advocates asking how this will effect the homeless population. #HomelessLivesMatter
Please read this thread. I'm missing some @CleCityCouncil members because I don't know all of your twitter addresses. Thanks! @kevinkelleyCLE @CleKevinConwell @ClevelandWard5 @GriffWard6Cle @TBrancatelli @jsantanaward14 @zonemat @kazy_brian @basheerj @KerryMcCormack1
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The image you have of blonde Swedish women, they are front figures for the #freemasons, virtually all state workers at the lower levels

In recent times, they have shifted to #multiculture where the front figures represent various MENA and Islamic coalitions #svpol
Some studies from the 30s into the "aryans" pointed towards the nordics.

The idea is that had natural instincts for travel, and that's what led them out of Africa several millenia ago

I'd argue that #IndigoChildren are all manipulation and fronting #svpol
They actually put a child on a boat across the Atlantic.

Get it? Aryans, Columbus? Eh Eh Eh?

You are supposed to fill in the blanks. The gullibility of a pacified population makes the #IndigoChildren believe that they possess supernatural empathic powers #svpol @GretaThunberg
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What has Protesting Accomplished?
--- by Christopher Reilley

👉🏾Within 10 days of sustained #protests:
#Minneapolis bans use of #chokeholds.

👉🏾Charges are upgraded against Officer Chauvin, and his accomplices are arrested and charged.

👉🏾#Dallas adopts a "#DutyToIntervene" rule that requires officers to stop other cops who are engaging in inappropriate use of force.

👉🏾#NewJersey’s attorney general said the state will update its #UseOfForce guidelines for the first time in two decades.

👉🏾In #Maryland, a bipartisan work group of state lawmakers announced a #PoliceReform work group.

👉🏾#LosAngeles City Council introduces motion to reduce #LAPD’s $1.8 billion operating budget.
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🚨NYC Health Dept @nycHealthy released new guidance today on SARS-CoV-2 testing and symptoms. Brief thread of highlights—includes some directly relevant to #homelessness sector.… (1/)
The background is that NYC DOHMH preciously recommended SARS-CoV-2 testing primarily only for those sick enough to be hospitalized, for several rational reasons related to local conditions & testing capacity (I have a now-ancient thread on it). (2/)
New guidance expands testing to 3 groups:
1) All people with #COVID19 symptoms
2) Close contacts of people with #COVID19
3) Congregate residential setting staff (includes shelters!)
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The #1 influencer for World Economic Forum/United Nations is resurrected in order to promote "#digitalization for all" as the #FourthIndustrialRevolution brings civil society into it's fold. "Access to #digital #education" prioritized over nutrition, water, & sanitation. #WEF
"Amply, an online attendance-taking system [] to track “impact,” is being piloted through #SmartStart a S. #Africa pre-school franchise.

... financed in part through #UNICEF’s innovation venture capital fund... registered over 3,100 [] as of spring 2018"…
"The tone they use when talking about this lack of “#trust” in the development aid space is steeped in a racist, colonial mindset. The “trust” issue provides cover for their real agenda. Pen & paper methods don’t capture enough #data, & digitized data is what they most desire."
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Thread: Comparing the emergency response for vulnerable folks from British Columbia vs Ontario.

I want you to read this thread, then try to tell me that Ford is doing a "good job" for vulnerable Ontarians.

First, let's compare the provincial crisis response to homeless...
In Ontario, they still have the Safe Streets Act which police enforce. This act, if continued to be enforced, will cost lives of homeless people due to them needing to go to more dangerous lengths to not be seen by the police.…
In Ontaro, social programs have been cut, the foodbank is limited to 1 trip per month, ppl are still expected to live on the streets. They opened a respite centre in Ottawa to shower, not to stay at.…
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The @CuyahogaCounty Board of Health & the #Ohio #Health Dept are investigating a cluster of #COVID19 cases at Salvation Army’s Harbor Light complex in #Cleveland. The complex includes a #homeless shelter.… @CityofCleveland @CleDPH @CCBH_Net @OHdeptofhealth
According to Thomas Applin of Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland Area Services, 5 staff members & 6 residents tested positive for COVID-19. Clients & staff are being screened & tested. Residents who have tested positive have been quarantined in a separate part of the building.
Salvation Army’s Harbor Light residential complex has a #homeless shelter, #addiction services & a community #corrections program for people recently released from #jail or serving out the remainder of their sentence. It houses about 450 residents & has about 150 staff members.
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1/ Given my interactions with @ASlavitt and @jeremyfaust yesterday, I decided to make a compiled list of data on asymptomatic transmission. This is not complete, but the most striking data I have seen on #COVID19 and #SARSCoV2 worldwide.
2/ A nice summary published in @TIME yesterday:

Covert coronavirus infections could be seeding new outbreaks…
3/ USA (NY) #usaCoronavirus #NewYork

Universal Screening for #SARSCoV2 in Women Admitted for Delivery @ColumbiaWomens @NB83
- 33 positive cases, 29 (87%) asymptomatic
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1/I have spent part of my time assisting VA and community efforts to address #homelessness in tandem with COVID19, not usually as “lead” but as “support”. I have some reflections on clinical, organizational & political aspects of response…
2/ #COVID19 transmission is more likely to occur in people who have no home or seek help in crowded places. However, in most places there are NO mechanisms to widely assure testing persons who are homeless or uninsured (payment for costs is possible, maybe)…
3/We can expect that homeless & poor communities will continue to have incident infections that are off radar until someone's hospitalized. At that point we’ll say “wow, that means a whole BUILDING full of exposed, but we don’t have funds or staff to test or evaluate” Yes
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Today would have been the annual @UnitedWayKC Community Resource Exchange. Thousands of people experiencing #homelessness would have had access to housing, jobs and other resources. Hundreds of volunteers and services providers would have provided hope and help. #COVID19
We can’t all be together for my favorite day of the year because of #COVID19 but we CAN and MUST advocate for our unhoused neighbors.

1. This public health emergency builds on our homelessness crisis. Right now we need to make sure folks have adequate shelter and resources.
2. We need to open hotels, dorms, and other spaces to unhoused people. In Seattle and throughout the country.

3. We need to support our front line shelter, outreach, and housing providers. This people are hero’s every day and especially in this crisis.
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Hi all, I've made a blog called '#CertainSupport' that will collate information of spaces of help during these strange times. It's very basic but I hope it is useful and am open to suggestions and more information.
today's blog covers help for the #elderly in #Pune for #food and #medical supplies.…
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MAR 23 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 1: Most stories from WaPo .. but not all. Two Today on #MAGA #Trumps preferred Treatment ( it usually kills faster than COVID) and Are you Immune if recover? FIRST NUMBERS 351,731 Deaths 15,374
MAR 23 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 2: and here is link to yest thread on Thread Reader .. with piece on #Croatia Earthquake. Sharing #London #Volunteer .. do consider Meals need delivery, patients in #FieldHospitals need moving. WASH YOUR HANDS Wear gloves outside
MAR 23 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 3: @Surgeon_General begged Americans to #stayhome while warning that the situation is “going to get bad” in the coming days — #Trump seemed to suggest that containment measures may be too extreme... ? Calls for #MAGA revolt? PICK YOUR POISON..
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@BHCHP We’ve been all hands on deck preparing for #COVID19 among people who lack housing in Boston. Wanted to share some of the incredible efforts of our partners & dedicated staff!
Working closely w/ incredible partners like @PineStreetInn to reduce #COVID19 risk in shelters. Their advocacy and operational changes have been swift and strong! Will have HUGE impact on people who are #homeless.
So proud to work with other #homeless service providers like @SFHBoston & @DisruptPoverty & @HealthyBoston – these agencies are stepping up in major way, making lots of ops changes to reduce #COVID19 risk in their congregate settings.
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Just finished my first #COVID19 Assessment Centre shift. We were run off our feet with over 198 people seen. Despite that, I can’t say enough about how staff & health workers are stepping up in this time of crisis. This is inspiration. This is dedication. This is community. 🙏🏾
Amidst a crisis of pandemic proportions, #COVID19 is presenting us with an opportunity for our communities to think differently & improve the way we care and treat each other, not just today, but for the future. Here are some examples:

#COVID2019 #Covid_19
1. Equity: #COVID19 has disproportionately impacted the #homeless & marginalized. The burden of poverty makes it impossible to mount a defence against a pandemic. I'm inspired by community advocates responding to this issue. How can we eradicate inequity to create a just society?
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@MayorAdler #Homeless fights everyday. Many are #MHMR & spend their mental checks on #drugs . They like this #lifestyle , & it's all by choice. All in the same boat #homeless,
#insecure , #depressed , #stressed , #bipolar , #schizophrenic ; plus, they're #smoking #K2. Their mind isn't right
@MayorAdler Those providing GOVERNMENT services to the homeless like failed accountability @caritasofaustin and those involved in what's dubbed the “ #HomelessIndustrialComplex ," are invested in hiding the truth.
@MayorAdler @caritasofaustin We must ask how misrepresenting or even lying about what is going on, on our streets, might benefit
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Friends, it has been a really crazy week and I know it's hard to keep track of everything happening both nationally and locally, so I'm going to make a little ICYMI thread of some of the South Bay stories from the past week or so in case it's helpful! Strap in!
Let's start with the newest first. Santa Clara and the 49ers have found themselves in the midst of a legal battle again, this time over whether the city had the right to take away the NFL team's right to make purchases for Levi's Stadium.…
The talented @_katielauer reports today that Santa Clara County BOS unanimously approved an ordinance requiring the safe storage of firearms within residences on unincorporated county land.…
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This proposed Tory legislation will affect & severely limit the rights of thousands of vehicle-dwelling people. Not just Gypsies, also seasonal workers, farriers, racing & sports people, festival crew, blacksmiths, construction crews, & others who Ms Patel classes as -
- having 'other' lifestyle choices.

This is an escalation of Thatcher's Criminal Justice Bill. Whilst not directly related to #Brexit, there's no denying the Leave mandate has emboldened racists and those seeking to curtail freedoms. -
These ideas are worse than before, and are nothing short of Ethnic Cleansing.
If you just a holiday maker then this doesn’t apply to you, but if you live in your vehicle AT ALL, if you use a live-in for your lifestyle, work, sport, festivals or everyday life, this is about you. -
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Kemiskinan bukan sebuah Alasan untuk meminta melainkan sebuah Perjuangan mendapatkan Kesetaraan
Tidak ada alasan untuk berhenti Mencari Kesempatan apa yang seharusnya Kamu dapatkan, Kesempatan akan menjadi milikmu Jika Kamu mampu mewujudkannya dengan Tekad dan terus menerus dilakukan tanpa henti. ilustrasi diatas merupakan Gambaran dari sebuah Tekad @as_boediono #hening
Tekad Anak Manusia yang menginginkan Kesetaraan ditengah Ketidakberdayaan, Miskin bukan berarti Hina, Miskin hanyalah Ukuran Materi yang tampak diluar. Miskin juga Anugerah yang patut diSyukuri. Ilustrasi diatas sebuah Potret perjuangan Kesetaraan @as_boediono #hening
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Moderator @mshannabrooks kicking off our #HousingVoterForum @seattleu tonight, where we’ll talk about the role of #housing & #homelessness in our City Council election. Follow along on @tech4housing YouTube channel.
.@mshannabrooks says she’s attended 30+ candidate endorsement meetings thus election season, & she observes a lot of candidates know the language to use to talk about #homelessness, but not necessarily what it means.
For example, says @mshannabrooks, everyone talks about #HousingFirst; but when you ask their policy, some have said they want FEMA-style tents. [For the record, tents aren’t housing.]
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