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#Thread on untold story of 1962 indo-china war

We all know that we lost in 1962 with china. Have you ever thought why we lost to china? An army who have never failed in any operation, how it failed to china, which was considered as weak in 1962?
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There is an untold story behind it-

V.K krishna menon who was indian defence minister in 1962. He was very close to nehru.

On October 8, 1959, Lt Gen SPP Thorat , then responsible for Eastern Command, sent a report about the “Chinese Threat on India’s borders is worth citing”, Image
to the Army chief, who forwarded it to the menon.

Thorat’s findings were outright rejected by Menon and, worse, Thorat was accused of being an “alarmist and a warmonger”.

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Occupied Land doesn't belong to occupiers,So wt r they fighting for?
Dear occupiers you are pained when other occupiers are trying to take someone else's land, think about those whose land is under your occupation since decades🤔
You are fighting,killing n getting killed for the land occupied by you and you call it defending borders.
When land owners fight for their land, how come it is terrorism for you? 🤔

Every suppressed soul curses you all.
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#chinaindiaborder Cooking is an organized activity. you practically know every ingredient, action and are certain with 99.9% confidence you are in control.
Let us assume a husband, as he has to eat the food ( patriarchy, yes) wants to know a report readiness of each step +
#chinaindiaborder wants to get status update, wants to know the temperature of fire, and in between wants third party validation on risk of gas running out and HSE audit.
Actually what he wants to know is knowable. Feasible. But marriage is the price#
#chinaindiaborder compare it to what is happening in border. Everything is evolving. Nothing is in control. I can understand the Chinese stooges cranking up for stutus, a minute by minute status. But why are outside bright spots doing it?
That is our curse.
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China has yet to release the official death toll. Hu Xijin doesn't confirm the death toll in the Weibo post.

Zhao Lijian's statement with English subtitles.

Indian Army's official statement which was awaited:

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That China had entered wasn't disputed by anyone & is a common occurrence especially patrol clashes.
Talks at the level of high ranking Army officials were ON to resolve the same.
Minutes of such talks are supposed to be classified as Top Secret/Secret.
But to settle political score rival party sponsored so called defence analysts started presenting a grim picture. Obviously if talks are ON that means India wasn't happy with the #Chinese perception & resulting claim across LAC.
So these paid so called defence analysts knew
that ultimately both countries can't afford a war & there WILL be a diplomatic closure to the issue hence the window of painting a grim picture is LIMITED. It is but natural that till such boundary matters get resolved, a running commentary would put the govt down in media.
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Only way to beat China is by being economically stronger. How does a $2.7 trillion economy take on a $14 trillion global bully? Get growth back, use it to upgrade our defence make India an integral part of the globe. Everything else is crap. #ChinaIndiaFaceoff #chinaindiaborder
Countries that have progressed globally stay away from wars, conflicts and hatred. U.S does all the wars but thousands of kms off its coast,Japan and South Kores don’t disturb N. Korea. Germany hasn’t fought a war since WW2...
England fought Argentina thousands of miles down south near the Falkland Islands. No advanced nation goes into war. The cost of war is unimaginable and takes you bacK by decades . War is the tone of the weak and good for winning elections not for raising people out of poverty.
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Since Boycott China has been trending at the top in #Pakistan
Here is thread on how
#HumanRights &
#AnimalRights are being violated in #China openly
Also, the culture and super hit songs of China against other nations
China is responsible for #coronavirus Image

This is how the administration treats #women & kids in #China

Boycott China


Brutally Killing People, shooting them with pallet guns & violating #HumanRights is a common practice in #China

Boycott China
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As tensions between India & China rise at border, its pertinent to recall the 1962 Indo-China war that India lost under the Prime Ministership of Jawaharlal Nehru

Did you know? Nehru wrote secret letters seeking help from USA.

We reveal the contents of those letters here (1/n)
For years successive Congress govts denied the existence of these letters

They were written by Nehru on the 16th & 19th of November, 1962

The existence of these 2 letters, especially the second one, was not made public at the time. These letters came to fore only recently (2/n)
Nehru described how the Chinese were in possession of the greater part of NEFA & were poised to overrun Chushul in Ladakh

"There is nothing to stop them till they reach Leh..." wrote Nehru sounding rather helpless at the hands of the Chinese

#IndiaChinaFaceOff #chinaindiaborder
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आज भारत के पहले कथित प्रधानमंत्री की पुण्य(?)तिथि है. वैसे सोशल मीडिया ने उनकी खूबियों की पोल पहले ही खोल दी है. मैं इस थ्रेड से उनका बचा हुआ कच्चा चिट्ठा बताने की कोशिश करूँगा। नेहरू की कुछ खास उपलब्धियां मैं यहाँ पर समराइज कर रहा हूँ
अपने कोको द्वीप के बारे में सुना है ? जी हाँ ये पहले भारत का हिस्सा था जो इस महान नेता ने अपनी बपौती समझ कर बर्मा को दिया था और आज चीन उस द्वीप से भारत पर निगरानी करता है ।
ये इतने बड़े दिल वाले थे की भारत को अपने पुरखों की विरासत और खुद तो कहीं का राजा महाराजा समझ कर सबकुछ दान किया करते थे. काबू वैली मणिपुर का के मुकुट में एक अनमोल रत्न था वो इन्होने बर्मा को प्यार मोहब्बत में दे दिया था.यहाँ पढ़े। 3/n…
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So, finally it begins. Happy2 know China took d 1st step.Clears us from & on many things. Now,dat we've a situation.I expect & suggest2 Go all out. No holding back of any sort.Dis is d time4 everything that we ever wanted is there up for grabs.
Whole heartedly agree. International community supports only when dey know dey won't have any repercussions. India hv always done well in assuming & ultimately hving seen absolute non-supportive behaviour of the world. We're alone in this & shud work according2 dat only.
Hong Kong iron-clad unity will mean new incursion & skirmishes between India-China border areas. Now, it won't be limited to just Ladakh. Upcoming events will involve North East & Nepal.
Yes, Nepal too. Troop deployment will increase.
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