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1/3 Let’s try out
my first spoken word

They call me a warrior. They call me a fighter

I listen to them but again I know deep in my heart I’m just a learner.

A life learner or someone who tries to understand how the ocean form.

When I sit alone. I think deep that I want to
Stop a time that’s moving fast.
I learned the velocity has rules so do the life of a single man like me.

Impossible is a word they told me to stay away. I listened but again that self packed with Chinese spirit has told me not.

I resist and she resisted back
I know this is nothing more than a family matter where you are parenting and raising.

I know I’m stubborn. Maybe that’s why they called me a warrior. My father knew me this too. Life needs a warrior that can take punch in face, risk for sometimes. I accept

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A Movie, #WARRIOR telling A Biblical Story when your eyes are opened …

A TEACHER - Who taught everyone to be A MIRROR IMAGE?

Who Rebelled with an army of Angels?
Ripped the door off A #TANK?

YOU were once #BLIND, AND NOW you see ! ..

Pale Horse
(3) ImageImage
Wheeler ..

Let’s Do This, let’s #BREAK The Cycle !!! ImageImage
WHAT IF God is one of YOU the people by choice ? … ImageImage
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शिवपूर्व काळातील मराठ्यांविषयीची काही सुंदर चित्रे 👑🚩
चित्रकार - @Gandaberunda4

महाराजा हरपालदेवा चालुक्य आणि त्याचा सैन्य प्रमुख रघुजी.

#the_Mahrattas महाराजा हरपालदेवा चालुक्य ।...
देवगिरीच्या यादवराय क्षत्रिय मराठा साम्राज्याचे पायदळ गळतात प्रदेशातून मार्गक्रमण करतानाचे चित्र.

देवगिरी यादवराय । Yadavaray...
रांगड्या जाधवराव यांच्या पायदळाचे सेनापती ⚔️

#warrior #captain #जाधवराव #सेनापती ImageImage
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People literally leave him voice-mail prayers... People pray for him in comment sections of his videos and articles... When will the persecution, torment and slander end for Timothy Charles Holmseth? When will his high level gangstalkers, killers, pedos & traffickers be
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Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #FitnessGym #trainhard
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #fitfam
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #boxer #warrior
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Did you know? Rani Veli Nachiyar was considered the first woman of Tamil origin to challenge the British Empire and was credited with building the first human bomb and forming an all women’s army in early 1780. #Warrior #History #IncredibleIndia 🇮🇳 🙏🚩
Rani Velu Nachiyar (3 January 1730 – 25 December 1796) was a queen of Sivaganga estate from c. 1780–1790. She was the first #Indian queen to wage war with the East India Company in #India. She is known by Tamils as Veeramangai “brave woman". 🌺🙏
Velu Nachiyar was the #princess of Ramanathapuram and the only child of King Chellamuthu Vijayaragunatha Sethupathy and Queen. Sakandhimuthathal of the Ramnad kingdom. She was trained in many methods of combat, including war match weapons usage and #martialarts 🚩🙏🌺
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Ever since I can remember the one thing I have wanted was my own space- not even a car.
When you ask my sister what my dream home is, they will tell you -An estate.

But here I was sleeping on the floor everyday for the last 4 years!
I never share my personal life but I feel compelled to share even though my whole body is fighting it.

I started lolotalks 8 years ago with a webcam when I was in the university. This was during my 2nd degree..

But I want to zoom in on the last 4 years today.
I had wanted an office in my home - where I can work and create content.
I had a choice- Keep the bed or make the place an office. I chose the office.

I was broke- this was my daily reality.
I cleared the room and got a plastic table!! My God I was so happy!

My official office
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Nachdem gestern die Tandetzksche #Depesche eingeschlagen ist, hier Part II des #Leutnantsbriefwechsel:
Ich bleibe dabei, solange Kämpfen Teil des Soldatenberufs ist, wird es eine #WarriorCulture geben - let´s embrace it!
Vorweg: Wie @Kjell_Tan zurecht bemängelt hat, habe ich mich bzgl Uffz/Offz unklar ausgedrückt. Das #OffzKorps hat mehr als genug bewiesen, dass es perfectly capable ist, ebenfalls Kriegsverbrechen zu begehen.
Mir ging es hier um die Problematik, wenn das Untergebenen/Vorgesetztenverhältnis verkehrt und dadurch die Kontrollfunktion der übergeordneten Führung nicht mehr oder nur noch eingeschränkt wahrgenommen werden kann.
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Was mir beim Lesen aufgefallen ist: Eine toxische #WarriorCulture wird mehrfach erwähnt, als ein treibender Faktor hinter den Kriegsverbrechen gesehen. Allerdings wird weder definiert noch darauf eingegangen, wie diese #Krieger-Kultur im Dienst- oder Einsatzalltag ausgesehen hat.
Der Begriff #Warrior wurde zuletzt - u.a. auch #miltwitter - immer wieder problematisiert und immer wieder mit Artikeln wie diesem⬇️ unterlegt.…
"A warrior is a professional fighter trained since childhood whose class or caste holds power. Warriors feel they own the exclusive right to apply violence or bear arms." - Mit dieser Definition hatte der Artikel mich verloren.
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[#Parution] 5/06/2020 > Le Guide #AlanMoore par @marshotel et Nicolas Trespallé via @ActuSF @Editions_ActuSF #LaMethSci Image
I Licari-Guillaume > je conseille à mes élèves de commencer avec Marvelman/Miracleman car c'est là que Moore va poser les bases de ce qu'il va faire ensuite. Il commence là à interroger les codes des super-héros #LaMethSci
.@marshotel > Miracleman a lgtps été indisponible. On peut le lire depuis peu. Je pense qu'on peut aussi commencer par #Watchmen, une oeuvre qui condense un peu toutes les obsessions que Moore a des super-héros. Ou bien #TheKillingJoke ! #LaMethSci
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dear @econbrkfst

i don't think i'm going to have the energy tonight to send you/GoogleImages

all the relevant screenshot-worthy tweets.
The red pill and blue pill is a popular meme representing a choice between taking a "red pill" that reveals an unpleasant truth, and taking a "blue pill" to remain in blissful ignorance. from 1999 film The Matrix.…
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My name is Dawn Anderson, & today I should be celebrating my 54th brithday.

I was a grandmother, mother, aunt, & dear friend.

I was also a #ChronicPain patient.

I used #opioid medication to maintain a decent #QualityOfLife.

I was forcibly tapered from my pain meds in 2016.
I found other patients who were suffering because of the #WarOnDrugs, & I cried out for help.

I shared my story with journalists.

I wrote my PCP a letter.

I attended a #DPPRally with my daughter @AmandaLatronica. I'm so proud of her. She's a #warrior!…
In March 2019, my kidneys failed me, & I ended up at the hospital.

I was strapped to a hospital bed & injected with thorazine because I was confused.

The pain was horrific & STILL-no one listened. #PainStigma

I decided to let go on March 11, 2019.

I refused dialysis, & died.
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The announcement by the #POTUS that he is replacing National Security Advisor LTG H R #McMaster with #Ambassador #JohnBolton is great news. This is an over due change that I wish Mr #Trump had made long ago.
John #Bolton is probably the most experienced and capable #diplomat in America today. He will be coming in at a critical time when the #President needs solid advice on dealing with #Iran, #NorthKorea, #Russia, #ISIS, and an array of other threats.
As for LTG #McMaster, I thank him for his service and wish him the best in the future. That said, there were issues, as I see them, regarding the #General’s tenure.
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