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Biggest story in #SouthKorea today is Lee Yong-Su, former "#ComfortWoman" who exposed Yoon Mi-Hyang, former head of the civic support group, of systematic embezzlement. This THREAD is on Yoon's husband. A tale of spies, jail term, reinstatement, blackmail.
In 1993 Kim Sam-Seok (KIM), Yoon's husband, & KIM's sister were indicted for violation of SK's National Security Law; in particular, receiving cash from Hantongryeon (재일한국민주통일연합), a front for #DPRK, & transferring mil. secrets to NK during several visits to Japan. 2/
KIM reportedly received 600,000 Yen (roughly USD 6000 USD) & Ms. Kim 200,000 Yen. In July 1994, a Superior Court sentenced KIM to 4 years imprisonment. Ms Kim got 3 year suspended sentence (2 year probation with no jail term). Both defendants appealed to the Supreme Court. 3/
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QUESTION: With the health of #DPRK leader Kim Jong Un in doubt, we asked Rosa Park @rosainhaepark Dir. of Programs & Editor at the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea @committeehrnk, how #COVID19 & Kim’s situation impacts North Koreans? Follow this thread for the answer.
ANSWER: “For the average North Korean, this is a terrifying time. North Korean leadership is unlikely to be transparent about both the health of Kim Jong-un and the COVID-19 pandemic. A former senior North Korean government official said that...
“it is very likely that the number of coronavirus cases and fatalities in North Korea exceeds imagination.”… North Korea’s Kim regime is defined by its totalitarian, draconian characteristics.
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We continue to see positive signs that the #coronavirus "has passed its peak," according to @POTUS.
"They're way ahead of us in terms of death" from #COVID19, says @POTUS of #China.
"You don't hear anymore about ventilators. What happened to the ventilators? says @POTUS.
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Latest UN Panel of Experts report on #DPRK sanctions evasion has just been published: Some interesting bits, a thread. (1/?)
DPRK apparently continuing to deploy IT workers abroad, securing freelance contracts with unwitting clients in Canada, China, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and the US. (2/?)
DPRK workers remain abroad, despite the UN requirement to repatriate. Workers make use of other visa categories or move to third countries instead of returning to DPRK. (As it has been suspected they would.) (3/?)
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1. I admit I don't follow emojis and memes so I had to look up what a red rose emoji 🌹 in a profile meant. I found it means the account identifies as a #DemocraticSocialist. What I've found in a day with Sanders trolls and a few apparent actual supporters is they don't seem to
2. know what #DemocraticSocialism ideology is.

"Democratic socialism is a political philosophy supporting political democracy within a socially owned economy,[1][2][3] with a particular emphasis on workers' self-management and democratic control of economic institutions[4]
3. within a market socialist economy or some form of a decentralized planned socialist economy."…

So the Red Rose imoji says they believe that everyone should work only for the State.
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1. @BernieSanders attacks "Corporate Wing" of @TheDemocrats because #DemocraticSocialsist don't believe in corporate employers. Only the revolutionary state employs you. Like in #DPRK. 😬 Under #DemorcraticSocialism elections lead to Socialist State with no private employers.
2. I'm guessing most the the limousine liberals like @ewarejman @SteveKornacki with the Range Rovers and three houses don't know that. Ever ask Bernie about his ideology? Or do we call him Comrade Bernie now? Commies attack you. That's what they do. So bring on commies trolls.
3. From the Wiki:

Democratic socialism is a political philosophy supporting political democracy within a socially owned economy,[1][2] with a particular emphasis on workers' self-management and democratic control of economic institutions within a market socialist
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[THREAD] China Coronavirus Outbreak
A deadly virus is spreading from Asia, affecting hundreds of people and resulting in dozens of deaths, in what may become a gloabal health epidemic. This thread contains news about the outbreak.
#Coronavirus #WuhanOutbreak #ChinaVirus #WarWatch
On Dec 30, 2019, Chinese authorities confirmed cases of pneumonia of unknown cause in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A team of national experts was sent to carry out detection tests. Patients at a local seafood market were put in quarantine.
#Coronavirus #WuhanOutbreak #ChinaVirus
Liu Youning, a professor of epidemiology and respiratory medicine, told the Global Times that the #coronavirus found in #Wuhan appears to be far less serious than the virus that caused the severe acute respiratory syndrome (#SARS) or the Middle East respiratory syndrome (#MERS).
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UN noon briefing from which Inner City Press is banned for 555th day by corrupt censor UNSG @AntonioGuterres, Inner City Press has submitted Qs on Uganda @HEBobiWine, #Liberia, #China / #Kazakhstan, UN rapes, #Cameroon, #DPRK/Griffith - no answers at all. thread
@antonioguterres @HEBobiwine @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked On #Uganda on which you have refused Inner City Press' questions this year, what are the belated comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on the arrest of the Uganda’s most high-profile opposition member, @HEBobiWine?
@antonioguterres @HEBobiwine @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi Banned Inner City Press asked January 9-2: On #SouthSudan, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Gutteres on the human rights sanctions against South Sudanese First Vice President Taban Deng Gai? The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned Deng on Wednesday
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1. For folks who don't know the significance of this data, "Cobra Ball" Wiki:

"The RC-135S Cobra Ball is a measurement and signature intelligence MASINT collector equipped with special electro-optical instruments designed to observe ballistic missile flights at long range.
2. The Cobra Ball monitors missile-associated signals and tracks missiles during boost and re-entry phases to provide reconnaissance for treaty verification and theater ballistic missile proliferation."

Are we getting ready to take a shot in boost-phase or shortly after?
3. Our Destroyer force is quite the thing. They're bristling with SM3s.

If Turkey pulls our Iran targeted SM3 radar, we'll need to deploy permanently in the Black Sea. Should we build a DDG or a new class Black Sea missile frigate in #Ukraine's Mykolaiv ship yard? 🇺🇦 😎✌️
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1. Here is the order that, if history is written, could mark almost became a dictatorship. Trump's legal positions are objectively frivolous. If four members of #SCOTUS think there is any validity to Trump's claims, the Republic may be finished. And Russia won.
2. IMO in the Nuclear Missile age of 20 minutes to respond, each state can constitutionally prepare in advance for an independent defense policy under Art I, 10, 3. @DeptofDefense. They won't but I suggest a governor has standing to move to advance the briefing to January.
3. In Hawaii we are at personal risk with a pro-Russian pro-#DPRK tyrant in the @Whitehouse.

So what can Congress do? If I were @SpeakerPelosi, I'd impeach as planned but announce a delay in appointment of the Managers until the #SCOTUS rules and join or file a motion to
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What is interesting about @CNMF_VirusAlert's release of suspected to be #DPRK 🇰🇵 operated malware is the date and time. We're mad, because it is Sunday here. However, the North Koreans are mad, because it is 9 September, which is a DPRK national holiday...…
Attribution, subtle or otherwise, is a key component in any deterrence strategy. You need the adversary to know that the myth security researchers have been perpetuating, that cyber offers a non-attributable venue to conduct attacks, does not apply against your capabilities.
People will say dumping old malware has no affect, but those people are narrow minded. The signal to the DPRK that their activities are attributable does matter. The significance is the DPRK can't just do whatever they want to do with anonymity. That's behavior shaping.
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1. Why are the Russians burning their quota of Open Skies flights over Honolulu? We have nothing here that threatens Russia. IMO it's possible Russia is providing #DPRK fresh targeting data for a first strike. @INDOPACOM @US_Stratcom @DefenseIntel
2. We entered the Open Skies Treaty when the Soviet Union collapsed as a peace offering. We have no interest in allowing it to be used to attack us. US has many redundant surveillance satellites and Russia has two by my count. Russia has been game playing in Kaliningrad
3. that is becoming an Iskander missile launch platform in the heart of @NATO territory. We should consider giving notice of our intent to withdraw under Article XV-2. @NSCA @JimInhofe @SenJackReed @mikercarpenter
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Very true Mr President. Chairman Kim has honored your agreement. I'm sure he wishes he could get you to give him some sanction relief. The DPRK has had many UN violations over the years ~
I agree Mr President, #NorthKorea 🇰🇵 will lose if they push it too far. It would be a shame #DPRK would be squandering another opportunity like walking away from your generous offer at the #SingaporeSummit.
They can have a great future; Chairman Kim Jong Un can lead #NorthKorea into a future of prosperity. I hope he will make the wise choice. The days of Obama, Bush, and Clinton are OVER.

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"The president began by joking to his Cabinet members about all the cameras and told one 'it helps to have a good head of hair,' according to print pool reporter @BennettJohnT.
#Germany called, according to @POTUS to talk about a “big” development with a “certain” model car. He did not elaborate, according to @BennettJohnT pool report from the Cabinet room.
#Mexico government has been “fantastic” at slowing migrant flows, @POTUS tells Cabinet.
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More on the roughing up of @StephGrisham45 that took place after #DPRK guards pushed and shoved American reporters to block them from entering Freedom House on the #ROK side of the border, compelling the @SecretService to intervene.
I can attest that @SecretService press agents (when we are in the 'bubble' with @POTUS and @VP) ensure that we are able to do our jobs and will intervene on our behalf when host country security tries to step in front of the @WhiteHouse traveling media pool.
On Feb. 9, 2018, when #ROK agents blocked us from entering the room with @VP, @moonriver365 and @AbeShinzo, @SecretService agents scuffled with their counterparts and shoved us into the room to ensure we could do our job.…
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History was made once again today! What a YUGE BOOM 💥

What a week this is going to be! What’s going to habben next?

@POTUS #o7


What an amazing time it is to be alive. A to witness history in the

making. We’ve come a long ways since Nov. 2017.

#AnonsKnow #WeThePeopleKnow However we’ve only just

begun & we have a ways to go. #TrustThePlan! #FakeNewsMedia

will never tell you about the #ForbiddenCity
@POTUS made history today by being the first sitting President

to enter North Korea. It may have only been a few steps into the

#DPRK however it was a step in the right direction. If we don’t try

to achieve peace then there never will be peace.
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1. On #DPRK: If you looked at my Twitter posts you will see several alarming calls for action going back to the early #Obama administration. I won't repeat them but after the launch of the DPRK ICBM, I observed subtle signs that we were preparing a preemptive strike.
2. Allowing Tokyo, Guam or Hawaii to be in range of a Korean first strike was bad, but the ICBM that I believe was powered by a Russian SS-18 (Satan) R-36 motor, was the last straw because it put DC in range. I had a suspicion that Mattis had gotten SLBM authority for
3. US launches and Russia and China may have even been advised to not consider the plumes an attack on them. I think the idea of killing several tens of millions of North Koreans was too much for Trump and that's what prompted his bizarre conduct leading to today.
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“I understand they (the North Koreans) want to meet”, @POTUS said, explaining details still being worked out for his DMZ visit today.
“I want to say hello,” he added. “Let’s see what happens.”
“It will be very short but that’s OK. A handshake means a lot,” adds @POTUS in Seoul.
“This would be a significant milestone in the peace process on the Korean peninsula,” says @moonriver365 of possible DMZ handshake between @POTUS and Kim Jong Un.
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News conference by @POTUS following the #G20OsakaSummit finally begins.
"I understand that we may be meeting with Chairman Kim" in #Korea, says @POTUS.
"I let him know we'll be there and we'll see," says @POTUS of #DPRK leader Kim.
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Yeah, this is disappointing..No, I don't mean the President. Chuck Ross.
This is apparently what you need to do to hang with the "cool kids" at lunch:
@ChuckRossDC "Trump brags about getting a "very nice letter" from Kim Jong Un, who murdered Otto Warmbier."
@ChuckRossDC Well it's interesting that the "elite media" and Chuck keyed in on that one factor. I watched the whole press conference. Twice, to really hear what was said. Here it is:
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Our investigators should trace the money that went to create the patches worn by @USNavy personnel. Russian troll activity on this issue is like Oct 2016. I think the thought of an investigation has Kremlin boss man spooked. Don't think for a minute he won't go after our forces.
100% certain that who ever cooked up the plan new they'd get caught and IMO it was done to harm US military morale. That means my first suspect is the enemy. #DPRK and/or Kremlin. This is how you destroy morale.
Fun fact: My high school debate partner helped me move here. He was in the Army here and later he ran a reserve psyops unit in San Diego. I studied propaganda too.. IMO this was likely another GRU operation. Soviet text book. And Russian trolls are all over it. Like 2016.
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1. Did @senatemajldr @GOPLeader @SenateGOP watch @justinamash's town hall? Very red district gave "impeach trump" a standing ovation. I've said, when it turned on Nixon it went fast. Back then @SenateGOP just got in a car to tell Nixon he was toast. Twitter may torch GOP before
2. the drive down Pennsylvania Ave. Is Trump soon to be the mother-of-all branding disasters. The "new" GOP: "Be like the guy who hangs with a guy who feeds babies to dogs."

Nixon was out in August 1974 and the GOP leadership had moved fast and were never tarred with Nixon's
3. crimes. They were applauded as patriotic "statesmen."* But this time @DevinNunes @MarkMeadows @Jim_Jordan @LindseyGrahamSC insured that all of Trump's crimes are owned by every @GOP Congressional member.

In 1974, though blameless, the GOP lost 48 House seats.

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Do @AnnCoulter @TuckerCarlson @foxandfriends @seanhannity @laura @rupertmurdoch @IngrahamAngle @SteveDoocy @JudgeJeanine also support baby murdering #DPRK? Do they support feeding babies to dogs like @realDonaldTrump does? Why not be proud of who your are. Be evil. Be proud.
Rather than a scattershot boycott of numerous Fox News sponsors, my thought is to pick one large sponsor. An insurance company. They are state regulated that makes all carriers pay for an insolvent one. If we kill one, we may kill them all. Regulators will be the boycott vector.
Once insurance carriers are forced to all shun Fox it will create environment to take out the rest of the sponsors. We are at war with Russia and Fox joined the enemy. Any company giving aid and conform is a fair subject for economic destruction. #ThisIsNotADrill. @foxandfreinds
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#NorthKorea has published #KimJongUn take on what happened in Hanoi. He positions himself as the rational, flexible person in US-DPRK #nuclear negotiations. Essentially says US team came unprepared & disorganized. #KCNA
Kim: “In a word, the U.S. did not ready itself to sit face to face with us and settle the problem nor had a clear direction and methodology.” So Kim’s getting a taste for how things work these days in the White House.
While including the usual threats & pinning blame for Hanoi breakdown on US, Kim does make clear he’s open to negotiation. That means signaling this week from @TheBlueHouseENG @TheWhiteHouse paid off. #Kim got the assurance he needed that #NorthKorea remains priority for #Trump.
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