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US, #SouthKorea sounding the alarm -again- about #NorthKorea|n #cyber actors targeting think tanks, academia & the media

@NSAGov @FBI & ROK intel services say they are seeing sustained info gathering/spearphishing efforts from #DPRK impersonators

The main #DPRK threat is coming from #cyber actors known as Kimsuky, THALLIU or VELVETCHOLLIMA

"...strategically impersonating legitimate sources to collect intelligence on geopolitical events, foreign policy strategies & security developments" per @NSA_CSDirector Rob Joyce
Per a joint #cyber advisory, the spearphishing efforts "provides the [#NorthKorea|n] regime with broad intelligence collection and espionage capabilities"
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#FISA Section 702 "has been vital to countering these threats" from terrorists, #cyberattacks, espionage, WMD, @StateDept's Assistant Secretary for @StateINR
Brett Holmgren tells @CSIS
But @StateINR's Holmgren adds #FISA Section 702 "doesn't just help defend & protect US interests. It is essential to advancing & promoting US interests in the world"
"It is hard to overstate the centrality of [FISA] 702 collection to providing the secretary of state & US diplomats w/objective, timely intelligence & analysis & information, from assessments on #Russia, #China, #Iran & #NorthKorea to foreign influence" per @StateINR's Holmgren
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“US propaganda paints a false picture, not only of the #DPRK, but also of the Republic of #Korea.
It doesn't tell you that #SouthKorea is not an organically created Korean state, but a state created by Washington to serve US aims: an American Korea.
It doesn't tell you that for…… ImageImage
“Stone illustrates how the eruption of full-scale war on the Korean Peninsula advanced U.S. geopolitical interests and those of its key Asian clients. The country had been unnaturally divided by the U.S. in 1945 in order to protect its control of Japan and to provide a beachhead…… Image
The willingness to believe the most ridiculous propaganda about anything related to Kim is amazingly. Image
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Kim #Jongun’s sister says;
#Biden appears to be old man with no future | Apr 29
- "It may be taken as a nonsensical remark from the person in his dotage who is not at all capable of taking the responsibility for security and the future of the US, Image
#NorthKorea responds to #Biden's 'end of regime' #threat | Apr 29
- NKhas accused Joe of "senility" after the US leader threatened to annihilate the #DPRK in the event of a #nuclearattack, denouncing the #US for "extreme" and "#hostile" policies.…
#NorthKorea warns of more provocative military displays after US-Seoul deal | -33min
- Kim Yojong said the deal reflected a “hostile and aggressive will of action” against North Korea and will put peace in the region in “more serious danger”.… Image
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#China's spy balloon - "This was a surveillance balloon is equipment that is inconsistent w/weather balloons" per @ASD_IndoPacific Ely Ratner, speaking at @HudsonInstitute

We "have not heard a plausible explanation for this activity" from the PRC, he adds
US deterrence vs #NorthKorea "is to deter agression & deter conflict" per @ASD_IndoPacific

"It's not to deter Kim Jong Un from killing a bunch of fish with his missiles"
"We're focused on readiness. We're focused on deterrence. We're focused on ensuring that Kim Jong Un doesn't take risks that go way beyond his capacity" per @ASD_IndoPacific

re #DPRK
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Today during the new phase of #UkraineRussiaWar, I'll talk about why Nordic, Eastern Europeans and Central Asians want #Russia to be disintegrated, and how pro-Russian supporters seek to undermine these narratives. Thread. 🧵 Image
The map of Russia is very big. Including the Kaliningrad exclave, Russia borders 13 countries on land and one country at the sea. However, Tsarist and Soviet conquests also led to Russia having some sort of influence beyond the border. Image
Being an inland empire, Russia expanded via land, a different compared to typical Western maritime empires. And Russia has, for a long time, treated its colonies in a brutal, repressive manner. ImageImageImageImage
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📢@YonhapNews: USFK conducts frontline MLRS training previously criticized by North Korea
#ONN #KoreanPeninsula #DPRK


📢@NSAGov: U.S., South Korean Agencies Partner to #StopRansomware Threat from DPRK
#ONN #KoreanPeninsula #DPRK


📢@YonhapNews: S. Korea's 'strategic command' to oversee space, cyber units, F-35s, submarines: official
#ONN #KoreanPeninsula

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Time for a #NorthKorean #sciencefiction #comicbook:
Science fiction comic book
The Maestros of High Tech 1
Text Han Kwang-nam
Pictures Choe Sung-hyok
Kumsong Youth Publishing Juche 96(2007) Image
Science fiction comic book
The Maestros of High Tech
Vol. 1
The Monster’s True Identity
Text Han Kwang-nam
Advisors: Prof. Rim Tae-gun, PhD
Ass. Prof. Kang Ki-chan, PhD
Kim Chol-ho, BA
Editing Han Kwang-nam, Song Chol-su
Pictures & cover Choe Sung-hyok, Han Myong-sin Science fiction comic book ...
Layout Chong Hyang-ae, Choe Chong-sun
Proofreading Kim Un-hui
Publisher Kumsong Youth Publishing
Printer Pyongyang Central Printing
Printed March 10, Juche 96(2007)
Released March 15, Juche 96(2007)
Product code ㄱ-6610184
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Kim Jong Un expects another type of strategic weapon of the #DPRK will be made soon, according to state-run KCNA.
The comment reportedly made by #DPRK leader Kim as he visited a satellite test launch site.
"On the morning of the 15th, the Academy of Defense Sciences successfully conducted the first ground ejection test of a 140 ton force high-power solid fuel generator at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station," reports KCNA.
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NEW: Intense fighting near #Bakhmut where #Russia launching counteroffensive to take the city from #Ukraine, per a senior US military official
#Russia's Wagner Group active in area around #Bakhmut & Russian forces making some incremental gains, but "the #Ukrainians continue to hold the line" per a senior US military official
"We know the #Ukrainians can fight & fight well under these [winter] conditions" per senior US military official
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2022년 코라시아포럼에서 #이재명 @TheMinjoo_Kr 대표과 #김진표 국회의장은 축하를 연설했어요
I am at the @hankookilbo’s 2022 #KorAsia Forum this morning. opposition Democratic Party leader @Jaemyung_Lee & Nat’l Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo just delivered congratulatory speeches ImageImageImage
Fmr. US SoS @mikepompeo joins virtually for a talk with ex-US Amb. An Hoyeong. On 🇨🇳 influence, he says it is already entrenched, & states worldwide must push the CCP back from inside their gates. Also, “🇨🇳 wants every nation to be a vassal state that pays it tribute & homage” Image
On North Korea, says that Trump failed to achieve denuclearization in the #DPRK, but the admin. delivered more certainty, which Biden has failed to continue.
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SitRep - 05/11 - "The night is dark and full of terror"

An overview of the daily events of the war between #Russia and #Ukraine. In addition, a look at the front lines of #Kherson, #Bakhmut, #Kreminna and more.

1/X Image
As usual, we start with daily losses and captured Russian material.

+600 personnel
+8 tanks
+21 APCs
+12 UAVs

These are most noticable. Image
General Staff reported that two Ka-52 were shot down today, as well an Merlin UAV which has already been factored into the overall numbers in the previous tweet.
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Happening now: @SecDef Lloyd Austin speaking to reporters following the public release of the unclassified National Defense Strategy (NDS)

Says the main focus is #China as the pacing threat and #Russia as the "most acute" threat" Image
Main message to #China #Russia #DPRK #Iran, others - "The cost of aggression against the #UnitedStates or our allies and partners far outweigh any conceivable gains" per @SecDef
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IAEA Director General @RafaelMGrossi delivered statement at Board of Governors meeting this morning. Remarks on nuclear safety and security in #Ukraine, #JCPOA and #Iran, #DPRK, and more.
📝 Full statement:
#Ukraine: "Just a few days ago I led IAEA Support and Assistance Mission to #Zaporizhzhya NPP. ISAMZ established a continuous IAEA presence at the site to help ensure nuclear safety & security and allowed inspectors to undertake vital safeguards activities" - @RafaelMGrossi
#Ukraine: "ISAMZ made clear the urgent & imperative goal of halting the shelling that is hindering the safe operation of #Zaporizhzhya NPP. A nuclear safety & security protection zone is urgently needed & I have begun initial consultations with relevant Parties" - @RafaelMGrossi
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Last week was a significant (and worrying) one for those who watch U.S./Western interactions with #China and the #UnitedNations, for three reasons.

First, and most widely discussed, the High Commissioner for Human Rights's visit to #China turned into a (100% predictable) public relations mess. [2/5]…
Second, #China joined #Russia in vetoing a U.S. sanctions resolution on #DPRK, signalling a break with previous (uneasy) accommodations among the P5 on North Korean issues. [3/5]…
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#ICYMI, here's a #threatintel related🧵👇 by me on @USTreasury advisory on DPRK IT workers' attempts to obtain employment while posing as non-North Korean nationals:… (1/?)
DPRK IT workers "engage in a wide range of IT dev work, such as: mobile & web-based apps, virtual currency exchange platforms & digital coins. Some
designed virtual currency exchanges or created analytic tools/apps for virtual currency traders & marketed their products." (2/?)
This reminds me, for example, of Marine Chain Token: (…;…), #AppleJeus (…) and, more recently, #TraderTraitor (…). #HIDDENCOBRA/#APT38 loves loves loves their crypto (3/?)
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NEW: Day 30 of #Russia' invasion of #Ukraine - "We've more than 1,250 missile launches since the start" per a senior US defense official

Russian forces "no closer than they were " to #Kyiv, per the officials "They are in defensive positions..."
#Makariv - "at the very least contested & may now be in #Ukrainian control" per a senior US defense official
#Chernihiv - "No real progress there" by #Russia|n forces, per a senior US defense official

#Ukraine forces - "some indications they are pushing the #Russians back"
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1. On 24 Mar 2022, the #DPRK conducted an apparently successful test of an international ballistic missile (#ICBM). This was the first such test since Nov 2017 and marked the official end to the DPRK ICBM and nuclear test moratorium.
2. According to 🇺🇸JCS and 🇯🇵MoD, the ICBM was launched at ~2:33 pm local time. It followed a highly lofted trajectory, with an apogee of >6200 km before splashing down ~150 km west of 🇯🇵Toshima Peninsula, 1080 km from its launch site at 🇰🇵Sunan airfield. The flight took ~71 min.
3. Considering that the apogee is significantly higher than previous tests, the 24 Mar test probably involves the new ICBM that made its debut during a military parade on 10 Oct 2020. The name of this new system is possibly Hwasong-17.
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The next #NorthKorean #comicbook translation project will be volume 2 of the series “The End of Operation AT” [《A.T작전》의 종말]

It's a prosecutorial procedural drama about some missing #DPRK citizens, with many flashbacks and even more characters. Image
《A.T작전》의 종말 The End of Operation A.T
Vol. 2 of 4
Publ 문학예술출판사
Printer 평양종합인쇄공장
Printed 2007.7.20
Released 2007.7.25
Pages 99
Product code ㄱ-960170
Text 황명관 & 리재환
Illustrator 최영석
Editor 류인호
Cover 최영석
Proofreader 정경진
Layout 강은정 Image
This book offers some insights into North Korean civic life, the duty of each DPRK citizen to keep an eye on each other, and how state institutions and state owned enterprises work. Image
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ICYMI: Pentagon says #NorthKorea ballistic missile tests on Feb 26 & March 4 " involved a new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) system that the #DPRK is developing, which was originally unveiled...October 10, 2020" per @PentagonPresSec
MORE: "The purpose of these [#DPRK] tests, which did not demonstrate ICBM range, was likely to evaluate this new system before conducting a test at full range in the future, potentially disguised as a space launch" per @PentagonPresSec
MORE: US revealing info on #NorthKorea|n #ICBM tests "because we believe that the international community must speak in a united voice to oppose the further development and proliferation of such weapons by the #DPRK" per @PentagonPresSec
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NEW: "With the PRC [#China] as the department's pacing challenge, #Taiwan is the department's pacing scenario" @DeptofDefense Asst Sec for #IndoPacific Affairs @elyratner tells HASC
"We aim to deter & deny PRC aggression thru a combination of Taiwan's own defenses, its partnership w/the #UnitedStates & growing support from like-minded democracies" per @DeptofDefense's @elyratner
#NorthKorea's Kim Jung Un-"I think he is focused solely internally, on protecting his regime & that what this nuclear testing, the rockets are really about" @USForcesKorea Cmdr Gen Paul LaCamera tells HASC Image
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HAPPENING NOW: House Intelligence Committee holds open hearing on Worldwide Threats

Testimony coming from:

@ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines

@CIA Dir Bill Burns

@FBI Dir Christopher Wray

@NSAGov Dir Gen Paul Nakasone

@DefenseIntel Dir LtGen Scott Berrier
NEW: "One of the key challenges of this era is assessing how many of the various threats & trends are likely to intersect" per @ODNIgov Dir Avril Haines
NEW: "#China remains an unparalleled priority for the intelligence community" per @ODNIgov's Haines

Next comes #Russia #Iran & #DPRK

"All 4 gvts have demonstrated the capability & intent to promote their interest in the ways that cut against US interests"
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Breaking: House Intel Committee posts @ODNIgov's 2022 Annual Threat Assessment, aka the Worldwide Threat Assessment

"#Beijing, #Moscow, #Tehran, & #Pyongyang have demonstrated the capability & intent to advance their interests at the expense of the #UnitedStates & its allies"
"#China increasingly is a near-peer competitor, challenging the #UnitedStates in multiple arenas—especially economically, militarily & technologically—& is pushing to change global norms & potentially threatening its neighbors" per @ODNIgov report
"#Russia is pushing back against #Washington where it can—locally & globally—employing techniques up to & including the use of force" per @ODNIgov report, compiled w/info available up to January
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NEW: @TheJusticeDept launching new Strategy for Countering Nation-State Threats, Asst AG Matthew Olsen tells audience at @MasonNatSec

"We see nations such as #China, #Russia, #Iran & #NorthKorea becoming more aggressive & more capable...than ever before"
Foreign Malign Influence - "In recent years DOJ has exposed & prosecuted covert influence efforts undertaken on behalf of the governments of #Russia, #China, #Malaysia & #Pakistan, to name just a few" per @TheJusticeDept Asst AG Olsen
#Cyber-"We continue to see costly interference with critical infrastructure and public service systems, supply chains & private businesses" per @TheJusticeDept Asst AG Olsen citing example w/#China #Russia #Iran #NorthKorea
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