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🧵 11 tips from experts to enhance your willpower 💪 Image
1️⃣ Believe in yourself, take small steps daily to improve, and keep believing in your potential. 💭💪 #selfbelief #personaldevelopment
2️⃣ Our heart is the critical focus to generate willpower that will self-sustain. Find your true essence free from external influences and let your will free flow. ❤️🧘‍♂️ #heartfocus #patience
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Hey $QUACK fam! Today, we're exploring the way of life of the #ninja and the valuable lessons we can learn from these legendary warriors. From their strategic thinking to their mental toughness, let's dive into the world of the ninja. #RichQUACK

🧵🥷👇 Image
The ninja lived by the principle of "ninja no michi," or the way of the ninja. This philosophy emphasized the importance of perseverance, flexibility, and adaptability in achieving success. $QUACK
The ninja were skilled in the art of #strategy, using their intelligence and knowledge of their environment to gain an advantage over their enemies. They believed that strategy was just as important as physical strength. $QUACK
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Seguimos con las aplicaciones de la #tecnología #nuclear más allá de las centrales. ¿Sabías que en la actualidad hay hasta 5 vehículos espaciales que funcionan gracias a baterías nucleares? Te contamos qué son y cómo han ayudado a la exploración espacial 🚀
¡Dentro hilo!
Estas baterías se llaman generadores termoeléctricos de radioisótopos (en inglés, Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator o RTG) y desde los años 60 se usan para suministrar electricidad a las sondas y vehículos que exploran los confines del sistema solar 🪐 Fuente: Robert D. Abelson. Thermoelectrics Handbook: Macro t
¿Y cómo funcionan? 🤔 Un RTG se basa en el fenómeno físico de la desintegración radiactiva, por el cual un núcleo atómico inestable libera parte de su energía mediante la emisión de partículas (electrones, fotones, neutrones, etc.) a las que llamamos #radiación
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Ever wondered what's the most impactful law case regarding the government's ability to regulate carbon emissions? Don’t worry I know the answer is yes. Follow this thread and you'll learn the ins and outs of the 2007 Supreme Court case Massachusetts v. EPA 👍 #law #planning
Way before the court case in 2007 Joe Mendelson, based at a D.C. environmental non-profit wondered how the government could be motivated to regulate carbon emissions
Mendelson came up with the idea that the Clean Air Act could be an avenue to propel the EPA to regulate carbon emissions coming from vehicles #bigbrain #sosmart
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I'm interested in a thoughtful and critical review by lawyers versed in #RICO, for a novel legal argument applicable to 'Hosts' of disinformation websites.

Why novel? Have 'ISP's' or the 'World-Wide-Web' already been accepted as, 'Legitimate Enterprises'.

Any takers? Image
Hosting and defending websites against cyber-threats belonging to persons promoting or allowing illegal content, including: fraudulent claims about vaccines during a global pandemic, threats to harm government officials, etc.…
"perpetrators of the protection racket may offer these services to protect vulnerable targets... or may simply offer to refrain from themselves carrying out threats on the targets..."

E.g., 'Providing or denying hosting services including DDoS protection, etc., for websites'
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@chudders Thank you for the RT @WorldOK_
I was involved in India's largest open source digital education platform. Target audience-millions of Govt and aided school children K-1 to 4 then 2015. I started by framing as how do you 'design participation' where the issue was dropouts. 1/n Image
@chudders @WorldOK_ Field studies and other sources pointed to planning engagement by exploring #touchpoints on a typical day. 2/n Image
@chudders @WorldOK_ Since it was conceptualized as a digital platform, while education, like news media, was actively adapting from physical to digitization (CD roms, PDFs etc) to digital (platform, data driven), I explored service map to trigger interactions, leading to data, feeds to analysis. 3/n Image
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🧵Fui revisitar um #factcheck antigo e tropecei noutro #disparate do #LesteOeste da @SICNoticias a propósito deste “vídeo do exército do Azerbaijão com militares bem maquilhadas da ala feminina das operações especiais”, como descreveu @nrogeiro:… (12:43) 1/ Image
#Factcheck: a única mulher no videoclip é a cantora #NarminKarimbayova, claramente identificada na ficha técnica do vídeo, tal como o cantor #CeyhunZeynalov e a banda Nur: 2/
A cantora azeri já tinha participado (com a mesma banda) num videoclipe anterior do Serviço Nacional de Fronteiras do Azerbaijão: .
Entretanto fui espreitar outros #LesteOeste no site da @SICNoticias e facilmente encontrei mais casos de #gatoporlebre 3/
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Beyond thrilled to have been awarded a *renewal* for my @NIH_LRP award!!!!!! Story time (on #privilege and #perseverance)

#medtwitter #academictwitter #blackinSTEM 1/
As a first-generation #Kenyan American, raised in #Kenya and very much an #African child (if you know you know), a #doctor is very much what I was going to be from the time I was born. 😋 (thankfully, also a marrying of my love of science and taking care of people!) 2/
So it was to my parents’ incredible delight when I got accepted to #medicalschool, never having... basically... known someone who had done so, in the US anyway. #firstgen #firstgeneration (yes, this story has a comical peak, wait for it...) 3/
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 06/06/2021…
The Birth of the Administrative State: Where It Came From and What It Means for Limited Government…

#AdministrativeState #OrganizationDesign #constitution #government
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#PlanetaryProtection has an enormous impact on interplanetary #astrobiology mission design and execution. Check out the rest of this thread for a few case studies on how it has been implemented over the years!

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech
During the #Apollo era, it was unknown whether life existed on the Moon. To prevent contamination of the Earth’s biosphere by lunar microbes, both astronauts and the samples they collected were subject to quarantine following return to Earth.

Image: NASA
Following splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins were transferred to a camper-like mobile quarantine facility. From there, they were transported to Johnson Space Center, where they spent 3 weeks in quarantine.

Images: NASA
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NASA just released some interesting preliminary data from their instrumentation onboard the #Mars2020 lander that delivered #Perseverance

Here’s a quick thread w some thoughts

[TLDR: Mars entry is HOT, but we made the heat shield too big (again)]

So to start, let’s turn back the clock to 2012. While you were watching The Walking Dead and the London Olympics, the good folks at NASA were measuring the aerothermal environment of Mars entry for the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL Curiosity) mission
They did this with an instrumentation suite called “MEDLI” which stands for Mars Entry, Descent, & Landing Instrumentation

This contained, among other things, a bunch of heat transfer, pressure, and temperature measurement devices in and around the MSL heat shield
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#FunFact Aujourd'hui, le rover #Perseverance a photographié les cibles de calibration de l'instrument @SHERLOC2020 avec la caméra WATSON, située au bout du bras. Et il s'y cache quelques easter eggs que je vous invite à découvrir dans ce fil ! 🧐 (1/..)…
Les 5 cibles du haut sont des lames minces de minéraux, les 5 cibles du bas des échantillons de tissus utilisés dans les combinaisons des astronautes.
Cette photo est une mosaïque de 3 photos, cliquez sur ce lien puis sur la loupe pour zoomer. (2/..)…
Les minéraux utilisés pour les lames minces sont des silicates, la 2e lame est par exemple un quartz.
Au centre se trouve une lame mince de météorite martienne ! La 2e photo est un zoom sur ce morceau de Mars qui a retrouvé sa planète d'origine. (3/..)…
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- SALT Story -

“I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that my story is not unusual. If I just say that I was born to a farmer in a Solapur village, you will get the drift. My mother was very young and used to everything that comes with being a mother of five girls." (1/10)
"As the eldest, I grew up determined to be the son. Fortunately, I was good at Math. I saved myself from early marriage by getting into an engineering college on merit. My sisters were very happy." (2/10)

#realstory #Finance #womenpower
"Not because I was going to study, but because they could now share the scooty that I used to ride to school!

I am like a mother to my sisters because I do not want them to go through what I did." (3/10)

#money #education #scooty #MOTHER
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Never give up!
Two years ago I applied to 11 PhD programs and was rejected by all. I wept and wanted to give up but I chose to persevere!

This year I got 5 PhD offers 3 from Johns Hopkins, Stanford and UoCambridge!

I hope this motivates someone to keep pushing!
Thank you all for the congratulatory messages! I did not expect this much traction from my post! I am glad that I was able to inspire people.
As has been indicated in some of the comments, perseverance without growth only leads to stagnation. A lot happened in those two years!1/2
Speaking with them made me realize that the major flaw in my previous application might have been my lack of RELEVANT research experience.
My training at @JohnsHopkinsMMI was life changing and provided me with the needed research experience in a supportive environment.
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Cette photo de la planète Mars vous est offerte par la source d'#énergie la plus fiable de l'univers 🌌🙂

La #NASA a publié les premières photos panoramiques haute définition du rover #Perseverance ➡️…
🧵⬇️ Image
En plus des détails incroyables des reliefs du cratère #Jezero et de la poussière déposée dans un ancien delta, on peut apercevoir sur ce cliché le générateur thermoélectrique à radioisotopes de Perseverance ⚛️ (le cylindre à ailettes radiales).
Pour alimenter le rover en électricité dans les situations les plus extrêmes, la NASA utilise un #MMRTG (Multi-mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator) au plutonium 238.
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NASA is set to hold a briefing in just 5 minutes on Perseverance's post-landing operations and to unveil the entry, descent, and landing imagery captured for the first time ever.


Watch live:
Thomas Zurbuchen, assoc. admin, SMD, HQ
Michael Watkins, dir., JPL
Matt Wallace, Perseverance deputy project manager, JPL
Al Chen, EDL lead, JPL
Dave Gruel, EDL camera lead, JPL
Justin Maki, Perseverance imaging scientist and instrument operations team chief, JPL
Jessica Samuels, surface mission mgr., JPL
Ken Williford, Perseverance deputy project scientist, JPL
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525.- La lista de los mejores lugares para encontrar agua en #Marte. La sonda #Perseverance intentará producir oxígeno 'in situ', pero las colonias marcianas también necesitarán agua; en @techreview_es #ciencia #scigelv #JuntosPerseveramos #mars2021…
526.- El rover Perseverance envía su primer vídeo desde Marte; en @diariosevilla #ciencia #scigelv #Mars2021 #JuntosPerseveramos #Perseverance…
527.- Así suena Marte: primer audio del rover #Perseverance desde el planeta rojo; por @susanacgomez en @diariosevilla #ciencia #scigelv #Mars2021 #JuntosPerseveramos…
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A chi si sta sorprendendo della bellissima storia marziana di #Perseverance, atterrata proprio ieri, come se fosse un evento epocale, senza nulla togliere alla sua ragguardevole tonnellata di tecnologia vorrei sommessamente ricordare qui...

Mars Pathfinder (1997), atterrato rimbalzando su cuscini che poi saranno usati su tutte le automobili terrestri con il nome di airbag.

Missione durata poco meno di due mesi...

Spirit, esserino ammartato nel 2004, finito in una tempesta di sabbia nel 2010 e lasciato definitivamente al suo destino dalla NASA nel 2011.

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Check out these images of #PerseveranceRover being dropped from the sky crane (left) and descent with chutes deployed via Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter! Incredible photos!

#Mars2020 #Perseverance #NASAPerseverance #NASA #Mars ImageImage
Folks, we just snapped of a photo of a spacecraft landing (possibly still at supersonic speed) on ANOTHER PLANET from a satellite also orbiting that planet. That is WILD

#NASAPerseverance #NASA #PerseveranceRover #Perseverance #Mars2020 #ScienceTwitter Image
I just can’t believe this image—am I right that we’re seeing some of the dust plume from the retro rockets? This is like a baroque painting Image
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So as I suspected I would be exhausted today, being an industrious sort of fellow, I had prepared some tweets ahead of time if #Perseverance hadn't worked........ but with a little tweaking, still relevant #countdowntomars

As everyone who follows space knows, there is a narrow line between success and failure - and there but for the grace of…
As many of you know, the British tend to celebrate failures and heroic ones at that.....…
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Morning everyone. Sleep well? No, was way too stoked up with adrenaline from last night's excitement, so today will probably be tweeting less as I keep falling asleep!
Here in Cheshire Cat Control, the landing was enlivened by a “RIMU” confirmation at the entry interface - “Rascal Imminent Madness Unfolds” thanks to Treacle who decided to see what all the fuss was about
Said rascality only stopped when there was an intervention and my wife decided to remove him so I could actually see what was happening at JPL
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(Thread) Continuing down the EDL sequence of #Mars2020 #MarsPerseverance, how was the Skycrane phase prepared? Obviously, it worked on @MarsCuriosity , was there anything to improve? Apparently, yes. @ATAEngineering performed studies with @MSCSoftware ADAMS to simulate the phase.
To simulate the event, a technique called multibody simulation is used (ADAMS is a software dedicated to that). Basically it's a physics simulator to perform analyses in time-domain. That's jargon for "it's a sandbox for engineers".
Because we cannot know in advance what the exact conditions for the landing will be, engineers resort to "Monte Carlo simulation". That's jargon for "we are running thousands of calculations with changes on the initial assumptions to cover all cases".
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Upcoming: The #Perseverance Post-Landing briefing.

We'll be covering and live-tweeting it in the thread below.
#CountdownToMars #Mars2020
You can listen in here, on NASA TV's media channel.
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