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“Commencing countdown, engines on...
Check ignition and may God's love be with you” #CountdownToMars  👇#Mars #Mars2020  #MarsPerseverance #BREAKING
Incredible! The first image from @NASAPersevere now safely touched down on #Mars! #MarsPerseverance #Mars2020  #Mars #NASASocial #NASAPersevere #NASA #Mars2020
Thanks to Swati “touchdown confirmed" Mohan for talking us through the @NASAPersevere #MarsLanding @DrSwatiMohan
#CountdownToMars  #mars2020 #Perseverance #WomenInScience #WomenInScienceDay
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I wrote my BSc thesis on work performed by Avi Lo*b and I would happily shred it.

This is disgusting behaviour that should not be tolerated.
@Harvard, I am interested. Did you celebrate #WomenInScienceDay?

How do you promote a culture of inclusion and respect?

Because I am not seeing this in the behaviour of one of your high-profile professors.
Can we, collectively, stop platforming these individuals? Do we really want to hear about them when they can't recognise the ongoing work that someone else has put into a field for DECADES and expects adoration for them instead?
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Hi, I'm #MarvellousMarthy & this is a mini #GlobalScienceShow to celebrate @WomenScienceDay. I'd like to tell you about my STEM Role Model @MarineMumbles. Stick around for @philjemmett who’s up next. #WomenInSTEM #WomenInScience4SDGs #WomenInScience #girlsinSTEM
Go to to watch my film. I love Rockpooling now as a hobby & I have got Mummy & Daddy into it too. I have learnt loads about marine life over the last year & Elizabeth @marinemumbles has shared her ❤️ of the oceans with me. I LOVE crabs 🦀 🦀🦀!!
This is Gem, Marthy’s Mummy. There have been so many other STEM women who have truly inspired #MarvellousMarthy over the past year: @DrJoScience has ignited a love of experiments, @ScienceAmbass has brought giggles with some fab experiment-alongs, @HanaAyboob for introducing her
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"Perché non ho ricevuto il Premio Nobel per le mie scoperte? Una lunga storia. Storia di misoginia, di avversione verso il lavoro di noi donne. Iniziata fin dai 16 anni, quando dissi a mio padre che da grande avrei voluto fare una cosa sola: la scienziata. #WomeninScienceDay 1/7
Per questo mi ero iscritta al Newnham College di Cambridge. Mio padre non la prese bene.
Le donne, secondo lui, potevano al massimo dedicarsi alle opere di beneficenza. Che volete fare, nel 1936 era così. 2/7
Chi sono? Rosalind Elsie Franklin, anche se mi chiamavano “dark lady”, solo perché «all’età di 31 anni vestivo con la fantasia di un’occhialuta liceale».
Più volte mi fecero capire che una femminista non era gradita in quel laboratorio. Ma io non mi arresi. Mai. 3/7
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International day of Women and Girls in Science is for recognizing the critical role they play in science.
We have amazing Women & Girls in the Maldives playing essential role in making a difference in our lives with science
#GirlsInScience #WomenInScienceDay #EqualityInScience
Aishath Rukhushath, Laboratory Technologist / Technical Manager, National Health Laboratory, @MoHmv
#GirlsInScience #WomenInScienceDay
Fathimath Afaaf, Student, Bachelor of Science (Biology), @MNUedu
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On #WomenInScienceDay here are some suggestions to improve retention of #WomenInSTEM. 1/2
1) 50/50 funding ($, not just %).
2) sponsor & mentor them.
3) Eradicate bias.
4) Encourage diversity in conferences, seminars, etc (there are lots of great women to invite, not few).
5) Create separate awards for women & men in each category (be inclusive & encourage diversity for these awards, minority gps esp).
6) Assess productivity relative to opportunity (incl outputs/$ funded).
7) Eradicate bad behaviour.
8) Stop trying to fix women, fix the system.
Adding here an apology for non-binary/gender diverse re point 5, I realised the poor wording after this was sent. We need to create award categories that are inclusive for everyone yet separate the minority gps from mainstream- many have career trajectories that are not linear.
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Happy #BHM! Each day for the month of February we will feature a black scientist and their noble contributions that changed the world. More here:… Image
#1 James E. West (Born in 1931)
Inventor and acoustician.
Fields: Physics & Electrical Engineering
Work: West invented the foil electret microphone in 1962. Today, he is working on a device to detect pneumonia in infant lungs. More:… Image
#2 Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806)
Mathematician, astronomer, farmer, and surveyor
Banneker's Almanac: The six volumes published between 1792 and 1797 included information about astronomy, medicine, future eclipses.
#BlackHistoryMonth #BHM… Image
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Continuing with the #womeninScience #WomenInScienceDay

Here are some interesting links from @CellPressNews…
Joan Steitz speaks with Cell editor Lara Szewczak about how she came to be an advocate for women in science.


This one celebrates young and diverse scientists and the mentorship that has guided them. Their stories come from different corners of the world but are tied together by a common thread of tenacity and perseverance.…


Researchers and STEM advocates argue that science is fundamentally about people and that these human narratives must be captured and shared publicly as an integral part of the scientific process.…


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In honor of International #WomenInScienceDay
Turning Chutes into Ladders for Women Faculty: A Review and Roadmap for Equity in Academia

A Thread based on our newest publication :…
(1/16): Institutional interventions can increase awareness of and commitment to establishing gender equity in hiring.
(2/16): Between 1961 and 2008, women who received paid leave had a greater odds of returning to work within 3–5 months after the birth of their first child, compared with women who did not receive or use paid leave.
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Join us 🚨 ce jeudi à 19h chez @adatechschool pour une table ronde passionnante en compagnie de filles inspirantes !…
@adatechschool Préjugés, peurs, complexe de l'imposteur, méconnaissance des débouchés ... Pleins de freins qui nous empêchent de nous lancer dans la Tech 🤔
@adatechschool Pour dépasser ces barrières, on vous propose une discussion sans tabous chez Ada ce jeudi avec trois développeuses qui l'ont fait 😊
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The rise of women in STEM in the Arab world🌍👇
Arab women in STEM are definitely inspiring (contrary to stereotypes and propaganda), and their success stories are good examples to other countries attempting to increase female interest in the field
According to UNESCO, 34-57% of STEM graduates in Arab countries are women – a figure much higher than that seen in universities across the US or Europe
In Jordan, women make up 64% of students in the natural sciences, medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy, as well as 60% of engineering students in the Gulf (compared with only 30% in the US and Europe)
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On #WomeninScience day let's talk about Williamina Fleming (1857-1911).

#WomeninScienceDay Williamina Fleming
Williamina was born in Dundee, the daughter of a carver and gilder with premises in the Nethergate. She left school when she was 14 and became a pupil-teacher.

In 1877, Williamina married James Orr Fleming, an accountant and fellow Dundonian. She worked as a teacher for a short while, before the couple emigrated to America (specifically Boston, Massachusetts) when Williamina was 21.

#WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM
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Mileva Maric was the only woman in the physics program w Einstein. She failed her exams a few weeks after discovering she was pregnant and then dropped out. They both were working on 2 papers each. A few years later he published 4 papers that became known as a miracle. No
physicist has had as strong a year in history. Their marriage suffered but she would not grant a divorce- until he promised Mileva the entire Nobel Prize if he were to win it. In 1922, he won for his work of the 1905 “miracle year.” In their love letters, Einstein refers to her
having the “better topic” and “our work” on relative motion. John Statchel, the Einstein expert who almost single handedly erased academic open mindedness to believing in a co-authorship history took down the theory by insisting Einstein gave Maric too much credit bc he was in
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My book "Ask An Ocean Explorer"(*) is out in 30 days (on 21 Feb).

So for the next 30 days, I'll be sharing some of the wonders & history of exploring the deep here, in #30daysofdeep

(*<cough>available for pre-order, e.g.…; also for Kindle, & audio book)
On this day, 59 years ago, two people reached the ocean's deepest point for the first time.

Here's a wonderful account by one of them, Don Walsh, in his own words:…

And here's some archive newsreel footage:

#30daysofdeep 1/30
#30daysofdeep 2/30

Here's Gorringe Bank, a twin-peaked seamount near Portugal that rises from ~5 km deep to ~50 m deep, taller than Mont Blanc in the Alps. Home to >800 species, from deep-sea glass sponges to kelp.

Discovered by USS Gettysburg in 1875 under Capt Henry Gorringe.
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