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On Monday, my friend was murdered in the #CovenantSchool shooting, along with a janitor, 3 children, & a substitute teacher. I was frustrated with Bill Lee’s response, & I said as much.
Let’s review what has happened in the week since. A thread. 1/
@steveharuch reached out, & I told @ThisIsNashville about my friend #KatherineKoonce & how I hoped #Nashville & Tennessee would be led through this darkest of times by @GovBillLee & @MarshaBlackburn, who were in community w/ Katherine & me at #Covenant’s sister school. 2/
5 hours after I told @ThisIsNashville I was stunned by Bill Lee’s lack of repsponse, the Governor posted what I think must have been the most difficult video of his life. He appeared to be remembering @BillHaslam’s advice about a governor being a pastor to the people. 3/
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@AnonUpon @moronmomma @ThatOneTek @AgesSnark @DouleurExquise3 @StormWarningMom @Monkee_Don @Maga_GA1 @tlshaw1997Q @joenonotthatone @Dman7210 @GenFlynn @aked31 @TrumpWarRoom Okay, folks. Gotta pass this on.
So one of my relatives lives in Nashville, and a friend of theirs did some digging on Covenant.
According to the digger (haven't verified yet) there were some issues at the church back around the time Audrey was there.
@AnonUpon @moronmomma @ThatOneTek @AgesSnark @DouleurExquise3 @StormWarningMom @Monkee_Don @Maga_GA1 @tlshaw1997Q @joenonotthatone @Dman7210 @GenFlynn @aked31 @TrumpWarRoom Supposedly, the pastor (not the one there now) set up his house as a "safe place" for kids of the church if they were having problems at home - he would basically take the kids away and foster them or something like that. And then shenanigans ensued.
@AnonUpon @moronmomma @ThatOneTek @AgesSnark @DouleurExquise3 @StormWarningMom @Monkee_Don @Maga_GA1 @tlshaw1997Q @joenonotthatone @Dman7210 @GenFlynn @aked31 @TrumpWarRoom That old pastor allegedly wrote some books with Huckabee so was obv protected from consequences (old story, right) so nothing ever happened to him.

Gonna do some looking around to see what I can see. Will share here.
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About a week ago, @TalosSecurity team shared some insights related to a recent cyber attack on @Cisco. According to Indicators of compromise, mentioned in this article (, we have known this group of attackers since the beginning of 2022.
Group-IB's researchers has discovered their TTPs in a series of attacks using #CobaltStrike, #Sliver and #Covenant tools. Our internal name of this group is #TridentCrow.
One of the domains that was published by @Cisco (ciscovpn2[.]com) has a self-signed SSL certificate with unique values. According to Group-IB Threat Intelligence database, out of more than 2 billion certificates, only 39 have similar values and mimic well-known IT companies. Image
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Many customers log process starts and executed programs in a SIEM, or have an EDR in use. Nevertheless, the question often arises: which product could one still buy? None at all! Best build-up detections with the existing logs. An example (🧵):

#UACME ( lists a large set of UAC bypass techniques. Here is a (recent) overview of which techniques currently work and which do not:…

The file we use to bypass UAC is "Akagi64.exe" - either compile it yourself from the UACME repository or download it (at your own risk) from a public source. Use the upload task from #Covenant to upload the binary to the target host (given ofc that we already have a shell).
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1/ #ReshetKeshet
Before #RoshHashanah there's a common practice to utter a blanket request for forgiveness. E.g. "To everyone I know or encountered please forgive me. OK bye!"

You're correct in thinking that this depersonalized superficial "apology" is hollow & thus ineffective.
2/ How can I forgive someone if they don't know what they did to me? Doesn't admit real guilt, express regret, detail how they will work towards restitution, or describe how they will fix their mentality/behavior to avoid hurting me in the future.
3/ However, #RoshHashanah is a dangerous time of year. Tradition understands the stakes are the highest possible. It's an annual review before the King of Kings, arbiter of justice, and we treat it like the final exam worth 100% of our grade.
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1) This pic is the #peopleofpraise prophet named #kevinranaghan and his prophecy is the only one that people in "the community" listen to and act on. That is how the group refers to themselves internally. They used to be really open. This pic is from "New Covenant" magazine
2) I have to describe #peopleofpraise because I can't be quiet while our country gives a lifetime seat on the #supremecourt to a member of a #cult. I know it's a cult because I was raised in it. I didn't have a choice. But #AmyConeyBarrett did.
3) The #peopleofpraise attracted new members from the grad school programs at #notredame and by absorbing other groups of people who believe that they had been "baptised in the spirit" and can now #prayintongues. But that's not real.
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The black church tradition is theologically centered in Moses, not Paul. As such, old Covenant Theology has been a more sustainable home for blacks than the "5 Solas/Sovereignty" Calvinism which tends to confuse God's sovereignty with "white Sovereignty."
Covenant theology points to Israel's vulnerabilities vs. God's faithfulness. Nehemiah 9:2-3 is easier to do(if "you weren't there"). The number for blacks who've left Reformed evangelicalism generally came through 5 Solas/Sovereignty. From Xian hip hop to seminaries. #Predictable
For the record, I've been saying this for 26 years as I watch the revolving door of black guys come in (excitement, they get celebrated, then the gaps come) & eventually leave. Year after year. Same narrow focus on Pauline soteriology, same Moses results. Onwuchekwa. Who's next?
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1.The Transforming Covenant 2 – 2nd Corinthians 12:9 (NKJV) – And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. #Covenant
2.This was formerly Saul of Tarsus, one man that experienced a radical change in his life. When he met Jesus the old ‘Saul’ dies, and the new ‘Paul’ resurrects. As we said last week, for you to become someone you have never been before, the old you need to die. #Covenant
3. In a blood covenant relationship with God, you and God become one. That was why Jesus said in John 14:8-9 when Philip asked him; show us the Father. He responded that if you have seen me, you have seen the Father. I pray that your presence will become God’s presence. #Covenant
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1. Crisis will always come with opportunities. This is an opportunity to press the reset button; we must not waste this opportunity. I pray that you will evolve through this experience into a new person. You will conceive new vision, dream, & inspiration this season. #Covenant
2. THE COVENANT OF REST – Genesis 2:2-3 (NKJV) – “And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done. #Covenant
3.Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all his work which God had created and made. #Covenant
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1/n O que é #covenant? É uma #cláusula contratual q estabelece critérios/ #indicadores q a #companhia precisa respeitar. Caso um covenant seja quebrado, a empresa tem q arcar c/ as consequências contratuais. São comuns em vários contratos, mas mais vistos em contratos de dívida..
... alguns exemplos: dívida/ebitda, rentabilidade, dívida/ativo, despesa financeira/dívida ou ebitda etc. Cada covenant é inserido para monitorar melhor as atividades dos gestores. Em geral, eles reduzem o comportamento oportunista impondo limites. Alguma vezes são renegociados..
... ou podem ser revistos quando algo fora do comum ocorre nas atividades empresariais. Quando o ocorre isso, a credibilidade da #empresa cai e em muitos casos ela pode estar a caminho da recuperação judicial ou algum evento forte externo (crise, por exemplo) ou alguma nova lei..
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** NEW BOOK ** - I am excited that “Deuteronomy: Renewal of the Sinai Covenant”, the 5th and final installation of my Covenant & Conversation series on the Hebrew Bible published by Maggid Books (part of @korenpublishers), is out now! More details here: Image
@korenpublishers I called this series #Covenant & #Conversation because this, for me, is the essence of what #Torah #learning is – throughout the ages, and for us, now.
@korenpublishers The text of #Torah is our covenant with #God, our written constitution as a nation under His sovereignty. The #interpretation of this text has been the subject of an ongoing #conversation that began at #Sinai thirty-three centuries ago and has not ceased since.
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