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Oh y’all. It’s so much worse. SO much worse. @Tennessean has threatened to sue #CovenantSchool, Covenant parents, & Covenant Church for attorney’s fees & expenses if the parents aren’t successful in keeping Audrey Hale’s writings unreleased. 1/
Trying to find a video link that I can post here, but on @NC5’s FB page, 5/23 at 4:24pm, there’s a post titled “The Covenant School document hearing,” in which Metro Law Director Wally Dietz provides a personal comment about @Tennessean’s threat to #CovenantSchool survivors. 2/
Dietz: “We believe that those parents & family members should have the right to have a day in what documents get released & don’t. We believe the church & the school each has a right to be heard.” (Regarding Metro Legal’s approach to the #CovenantSchool shooter’s writings. 3/
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Peggy Doris Hawkins, nacque a #Nashville nel Settembre del 1927. Il nome non vi dice nulla? Vi aiuto a rinfrescare la memoria: molti la conoscono solo con il nome di Margaret D. H. #Keane.
Una grande pittrice, famosa per i suoi ritratti con occhi grandi. Ha fatto epoca! 1/7 Image
Quando si parla di frodi non si può dimenticare mai la sua storia: in questo caso il #ciarlatano era l'ex marito, Walter Keane, che si auto attribuì le meravigliose opere della moglie (vessata dallo stesso più volte). Ribellatasi nel 1979, dopo il divorzio, fece causa 2/7 ImageImageImageImage
Nata nel Tennessee, Margaret Keane era conosciuta nella sua parrocchia locale per i suoi disegni di angeli con grandi occhi e ali cadenti. Durante tutti gli anni sessanta le sue opere vennero vendute a nome del marito, Walter Keane, che ne rivendicava la proprietà 3/7 Image
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Monday rant…

LIE: There is a genocide of trans people
TRUTH: Murder of trans people is VERY rare

LIE: Trans people are victims of hate crime
TRUTH: Trans people are MUCH more likely to COMMIT violence than be its victims

The problem with these lies comes down to propaganda…
…from an omnipotent media/expert class specializing in manipulating low IQs.

You can’t find data on the number of transgender murderers. It doesn’t exist. No matter the search terms, the same result always claim Trans people are victims.

If they mention gender identity… ImageImageImageImage
…of murder suspects, they always revert to a male/female binary.

Just like all of the articles about #Nashville claim #AudreyHale was a “transgender woman” or “a woman who identifies as transgender.”

Almost every article frames the attack as the result of or cause of bigotry. ImageImageImageImage
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TOMORROW'S #TennesseeCapitol #TennesseeThree ACTION INFO THREAD ⤵️

Firstly: Go to for an overview and schedule. (Try a different browser if it won't come up.)

#LocalActionsTN #LocalActionsNashville #TN3
#GunSense #MarchForOurLives
An ask from us: #TNLeg is notorious for cutting cameras and we suspect GOP leaders will try to prevent reporters/the public from entering the #TennesseeCapitol viewing gallery.

PLEASE SHOOT VIDEO. Upload to the #TennesseeThree hashtag ASAP. THANK YOU.
@AftynBehn is the media contact for the #TennesseeThree website. Follow her if you haven't.

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Y'all I'm livid rn. Just got home from meeting with Rs to try to convince them not to vote out my state rep, @brotherjones_ . One of them said to my face that they were scared for their life bc of what happened at the protest. They flat out lied to my face......
... this TN R rep said that state troopers were checking IDs and that most of the protestors were brought in from out of state. I've been up to the statehouse and Capitol too many times to count at this point and NEVER have they checked my ID as I went through security...
.... this same rep said state troopers were confiscating knives and mace from people. And that might be true as ppl carry pocket knives and mace regularly. But I saw no evidence that anyone at those protests were anything but angry people of #Nashville.
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Our second thread in a series about why #Tennessee @TNGOP leadership is resorting to authoritarianism.

Generally they only care about big business/their donors. Their policies are failing average Tennesseans.

This thread is about our poor economic outcomes.

#Tennessee is #42 of 50 states for average income.

The median US income is $67,521 - well above our $56,071. (Source next Tweet)…
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If what is happening in #Nashville is constitutionally permissible then we may as well declare that democracy is Dead and stop acting like we’re going to change this by increasing turnout. A voter suppression timeline….
First the TN Republicans gerrymander Nashville into 3 unrecognizable congressional districts. It’s so bad that for the first time In history we don’t have a representative that lives in Nashville. The states capital. We have no congressional representation..
Next voters show up to the polls and literally vote in the wrong districts and it’s dismissed, because well…, it’s not enough votes to make a difference.
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Later TODAY: Join @Nashtivists for a #GunSense #NotOneMore phonebank calling #Tennessee legislators on gun bills (lowering permitless carry age, guns in cars etc.)

TODAY OR TOMORROW: If you haven't already, contact your Metro Councilmember prior to the vote on #NoNewNashvilleStadium tomorrow night.

Our petition here contains language on why we think it's a bad idea, feel free to copy/paste.…
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On Monday, my friend was murdered in the #CovenantSchool shooting, along with a janitor, 3 children, & a substitute teacher. I was frustrated with Bill Lee’s response, & I said as much.
Let’s review what has happened in the week since. A thread. 1/
@steveharuch reached out, & I told @ThisIsNashville about my friend #KatherineKoonce & how I hoped #Nashville & Tennessee would be led through this darkest of times by @GovBillLee & @MarshaBlackburn, who were in community w/ Katherine & me at #Covenant’s sister school. 2/
5 hours after I told @ThisIsNashville I was stunned by Bill Lee’s lack of repsponse, the Governor posted what I think must have been the most difficult video of his life. He appeared to be remembering @BillHaslam’s advice about a governor being a pastor to the people. 3/
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@AnonUpon @moronmomma @ThatOneTek @AgesSnark @DouleurExquise3 @StormWarningMom @Monkee_Don @Maga_GA1 @tlshaw1997Q @joenonotthatone @Dman7210 @GenFlynn @aked31 @TrumpWarRoom Okay, folks. Gotta pass this on.
So one of my relatives lives in Nashville, and a friend of theirs did some digging on Covenant.
According to the digger (haven't verified yet) there were some issues at the church back around the time Audrey was there.
@AnonUpon @moronmomma @ThatOneTek @AgesSnark @DouleurExquise3 @StormWarningMom @Monkee_Don @Maga_GA1 @tlshaw1997Q @joenonotthatone @Dman7210 @GenFlynn @aked31 @TrumpWarRoom Supposedly, the pastor (not the one there now) set up his house as a "safe place" for kids of the church if they were having problems at home - he would basically take the kids away and foster them or something like that. And then shenanigans ensued.
@AnonUpon @moronmomma @ThatOneTek @AgesSnark @DouleurExquise3 @StormWarningMom @Monkee_Don @Maga_GA1 @tlshaw1997Q @joenonotthatone @Dman7210 @GenFlynn @aked31 @TrumpWarRoom That old pastor allegedly wrote some books with Huckabee so was obv protected from consequences (old story, right) so nothing ever happened to him.

Gonna do some looking around to see what I can see. Will share here.
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1/3 #Nashville Che si tratti di un neonazista, di un suprematista bianco o di un ex studente traumatizzato dall'esperienza scolastica, ciò che accomuna le #stragi nelle #scuole degli #USA sono due elementi di base: la cultura del #nemico che trasforma gli altri esseri umani >
2/3 in potenziali soggetti da abbattere e la grande disponibilità per tutti di potenti #armi da fuoco.
Una teoria e pratica di #guerra che non ha soluzione di continuità tra territorio interno e resto del #mondo >
3/3 - in un Paese sostanzialmente sempre in #guerra fin dalla sua fondazione, che copre da solo oltre il 40% della #spesamilitare mondiale - che si fa tragica #pedagogia di fatto
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#BREAKING | #Nashville PD went right in and took care of the threat 🔥Police have released body-#camera footage of the Nashville officers fatally shooting #transgender shooter Audrey "Aiden" Hale inside the Covenant School yesterday #usa #nashville #nashvilleschool
This sweet angel, Hallie Scruggs, was one of the Nashville school victims. Her father, pictured with her, was the Pastor of the Presbyterian Church associated w/ the school. 💔💔💔
Audrey Hale interviewed in 2022 at a college portfolio show
#NashvilleCovenantSchool #Nashville #nashvilleschool #AudreyHale #Audrey_Hale
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ACTION: He laughed when Christian children were gunned down inside a Christian SCHOOL

REACTION: The crowd protested his immoral behaviour

CARD: He did not apologize for his immorality, but played the #antisemitism CARD. These gangsters are playing games with us
Our magnificent department did some digging and this is not the first time this far right Jewish extremist disguised as a liberal agitator has made disgusting remarks about our Christian brothers being killed inside a school or a church.
Some more anti Christian hatred. He never criticises Judeism or Jewish people. All the hate is directed towards Christians and their Christian values.
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#GlobalPamphlet | Do you know that 53 people are killed daily by a firearm in the US?

Read this #thread to know how the superpower has been suffering from gun violence!

The #UnitedStates, with its army, adores bringing peace and democracy to every nook and corner of the globe but its own home is saddled with bullets and blood.

In a recent incident at a Tennessee school in #Nashville, a transgender ex-student shot dead 3 children and 3 adult staffers!

Credit: @SkyNews

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1. Audrey / Aiden Hale #nashville #audreyhale #aidenhale Mickey Mouse Mk ultra programming trigger, one eye club. Dogtags - usually associated with military. Audrey aka Juno #audreyhale #nashville #mkultra Image
2. Audrey the Artist with cat another symbol of mk ultra /monarch mind control #audreyhale #nashville #mkultra Image
3. Interesting Audrey should choose this as another artpiece #audreyhale #nashville Image
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#BREAKING | Sensitive Content 🚨

Security footage released showing #transgender #Nashville shooter #AudreyHale driving & shooting her way into the school building.

Live on #FoxNews, an angry mom at the #Nashville School #Shooting #PressConference, steps in front of the mic and gives an incredible speech.

Meanwhile Fox News is caught off guard and panics, trying to not show her on air. I'm sure the gun lobby and NRA aren't too happy.…
The mass shooting in Nashville yesterday is the 129th mass shooting in the US so far this year. 6 people including 3 children killed the shooter captured here on CCTV. That’s a rate of 1.4 mass shootings per day in the US in 2023.

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#Nashville occurred early in the occult “Season of Sacrifice”…
The address is 33.
33 teachers
3 is the number at the beginning and end of the date of the attack
3 students and 3 staff killed
3 weapons
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"The Trans Will To Power: Or, why the Trans para-species has to convert or kill Christian children to save itself" @Timcast @MattWalshBlog @0x49fa98 @JackPosobiec @TheQuartering
1. Transgender people do not naturally reproduce and represent a small portion of the population. They are a para-species.
2. Transgender people have the natural urge to see their values and identities spread, but are aware that they are not apt to do so by natural reproduction. These values and identities are spread to the next generation memetically, instead.
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3 settimane fa il #Tennessee ha vietato la #mutilazione di genere infantile.

Oggi un #transgender ha commesso un crimine d'odio per omicidio di massa premeditato contro i cristiani uccidendo 6 persone, tra cui tre #bambini piccoli.
La portavoce della #CasaBianca: "Quanti altri bambini dovranno essere uccisi prima che i repubblicani al Congresso si facciano avanti e agiscano per approvare il #divieto delle #armi d'assalto?".
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BREAKING: The deceased mass shooter of the Christian school in #Nashville has been identified as #trans person Audrey E. Hale. Three children & three staff were murdered. The shooting comes amid a surge in far-left death threats in Tennessee over the state…
BREAKING: Audrey E. Hale, the 28-year-old woman who identifies as he/him and uses the name "Aiden," is identified as the now-deceased suspect who shot up a Christian school in Tennessee, killing 6, including 3 children. The killings follow the state banning the medical……
Nossi College of Art & Design, formerly attended by the #trans mass shooter of a Christian school in Nashville, has locked down its Twitter account.
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1) Getting gun in Sweden: apply w/police after 6 mos active membership in registered gun club. May not be carried in public. Gun safe req'd. Hunting in Sweden: written theory test (70 qs, min. 60 correct); 3 different practical tests (security, accuracy); license. #Nashville
2) Don’t let gun nuts bullshit you about Europeans "having their guns taken away." Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway all have many legal weapons. Gun control is about testing, training, licenses and restricting access to high-powered weapons no civilian would ever need. #Nashville
3) Swedes treat guns like any other dangerous instrument requiring knowledge, training & responsibility. Like cars. Swedish driving test is very difficult. Result? Sweden one of lowest road fatalities per capita in world despite harsh winter climate. 4x lower than US. #Nashville
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This father had gone to the school to pick up his daughter who had detention for not completing an assignment related to the ‘Pet,’ a book about a trans teen girl. Image
Angered with the book's content, he warned that if the school continued to teach it, he would return with other parents and there would be ‘bloodshed.’
*related to ‘Pet’
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