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Why do I agree w/ #CharlieMunger? Crypto supply isn't regulated by govt. How much of our inflation bubble was caused by massive unregulated infusion of weird M2 infusions of bitcoin into the economy? And how much recession fear is from an unregulated bust?…
#M2= Money in circulation on Federal Reserve statistical tables. The Federal Reserve uses the indicator to control of the supply of money. #Crypto wreaks havoc with the reliability of this number. On the front end, it created explosive growth that helped trigger inflation. (2)
On the back end, with the #CryptoCrash, it helped to cause an un-measured contraction in the supply of money (M2). Are you happy that a chunk of this key economic tool is now in the hands of con artists, gamblers & dark money launderers? (3)
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more #cryptocurrency talk. it seems that there may be (another) #cryptocrash developing; there's been so many of them.

to reiterate my earlier point: the allure of #cryptocurrencies is instant #money in vast volumes, and that's why $BITC and @ETH have a million copycats.

#cryptocurrency (and the related #blockchain money-making gewgaw, the #NFT) are in a sense nothing new. there have been untold millions of #investment scams and #business tricks and other shifty clever ways that at least *pretend* they can guarantee an effortless #profit.

this is an artifact of the extreme #wealth inequality encouraged by #capitalism: once you've got a bunch of elite capitalists *hoarding* all the #money, that means you've got big enough piles to *steal*. all get-rich-quick schemes are ultimately acts of disguised _theft_.

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1- Crypto Winter everywhere @Bybit_Official Crypto Exchange Layoffs
#layoffs #cryptocrash $BTC $ETH…
2- After $UST incident, everyone is talking about “Crypto Winter” because of the liquidity crunch that’s why Exchange reduced its workforce today’s #Bybit announced layoffs workforce to survive the bear market. #Bybit previously cut its workforce by an unspecified number in June
3- @benbybit, the CEO, and co-founder of the Singapore-based crypto exchange, previously worked for XM, one of the world’s largest forex and CFD trading brokerage firms. made the announcement on Twitter at 12:32 a.m. ET.
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1- #FederalReserve hikes 75bps interest rate? Stocks Analysis After US jobs report.
2- Stocks went up sharply on Wednesday after Fed chair Jay Powell gave a strong hint that the central bank would slow its interest rate hikes later this month. That’s why on Wednesday, S&P 500 surged 3.2% in one day, while bitcoin strongly holds the $17,000 range.
$SPX Image
3- And here on Thursday, December 2, US jobs numbers were hotter than expected, which added to the pressure on the Fed to maintain its tough stance on inflation. After the report, $SPX slipped 1.2% because of fear of tightening.
@financialjuice Image
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1- Crypto Winter is here Cryptocurrency Exchange fires 1,100 global workforce
#cryptocrash #cryptowinter…
2- The world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange laid off more than 1,100 employees and declared a crypto winter. The company said in a blog post that the weakening in crypto markets was caused by slowing macroeconomic and geopolitical factors.
3- Kraken, which is the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, is letting go of about 30% of its staff, according to the company’s CEO.
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Increases in #Stablecoins Net Buy Value indicate traders are swapping #alts for safe-haven assets, which usually reflects the start of a crash.

Eg, $USDC & $USDT Net Buy on #Polygon simultaneously recorded buying power surges at 23:05 UTC. (P1/P2)

👇… ImageImage
At the same time, the number of $USDC & $USDT buyers on #Polygon increased sharply. (P1/P2)

Live Signals - Free to access this chart👇…

#crypto #TradingSignals ImageImage
Check the $WMATIC Net Buy Value Indicator
- a large red peak representing selling power showed at 23:05 UTC on Nov 27. (P1)

The #cryptomarket also retraced from then on. (P2)

Set up Alerts to monitor #cryptocrash signals👇 ImageImage
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I own this thesis: two months ago, an article was released reporting on a white house investigation into $TWTR and $META. The downfall of #meta this year had a reason. It's not for the #zuckconfusion. #cryptocrash exposed the deep state domestic and foreign psyops
This year alone #fakeaccounts and #fakemedia exposed over 150 and counting accounts through #facebook and #twitter was disclosed.
Total News Sources 26
Leaning Left 9
Leaning Right 9
Center 4

41% of the sources lean Left, 41% of the sources lean Right

Conspiracy? You decide.

$FTX - a dark pool for foreign psyops
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A very interesting #perspEctive on #cryptocrash and #SBF_FTX:

1/ A true scandal is opening for the Biden administration.

April 25, 2019: Biden announces his presidential campaign.

13 days later, Sam Bankman-Fried, son of Barbara Fried
2/ ( Stanford Professor and co-founder of political fundraising organization "Mind-the-Gap), launches #FTX crypto exchange.

The exchange is magically an overnight success. SBF becomes biggest donor to Biden.

Election day, FTX implodes completely.
3/ If you think this scandal is done, it goes even deeper.

Gabe Bankman-Fried, brother to Sam (also a former Jane Street trader), is founder of “Guarding Against Pandemics”
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Is .@FTX_Official a preview of US economy and dollar?

.@SBF_FTX did what the .@WhiteHouse does and look.

Will #BRICS cause liquidity crunch in #USA ?

#Putin #XiJingping & others will sell their #dollars & buy BRICS currency.

Could we see real hyperinflation?

#Russia #China
My #cryptocurrecy friends know that when you remove liquidity, the #cryptocrash

The #USD about to have $34B of liquidity pulled.

This does not include what they sell to buy #BRICS $.

BRICS need liquidity too. #Crypto is programmed to do what money does.

What will USD do...
Like #Crypto & the #cryptocrash the USD will drop in value when liquidity is pulled or their is a liquidity crunch. Who else provides liquidity for the USD?

What if they all work together to dump USD & buy BRICS?

Just how much liquidity do they own?

#Russia #China #India #USA
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¿Por qué no deberías tener tu dinero en esta stablecoin?

🧵 (1/10)

Tiempo de lectura: 2'

#cryptocrash #criptomonedas #USDT
Debemos entender el funcionamiento de $USDT.

Explicado de manera sencilla, tú le das 1$ y ellos te dan un token $USDT para operar en el mercado. Así, supuestamente el 100% de los tokens están respaldados por $.

O eso al menos es lo que dicen...
Tether tiene respaldo en activos, pero no en efectivo.

Se llegó a saber que sólo el 12% aproximadamente era en efectivo o depósitos bancarios.
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The #crypto cult has to come to terms with the #cryptocrash

The ecosystem is completely fucked

Confidence is now destroyed as it should be

Regardless of what exchange you are on and how many imaginary dollars you might have in a digital wallet. Just know it’s all bullshit
These crooks have taken in your funds and engaged in swaps with tether and other stable coins. They gave the sealed ‘Comercial paper’ and spent your money on rent, advertising, computers, salaries, and likely hookers and blow.
This is what happens when you piss about with unregulated exchanges run by grifters and excons

I tried to warn people. Hope some people got money out cause I’m certain few will now. They’ll let you buy some bullshit stable coin but you won’t be able to off ramp from ecosystem
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Here is the story of @cz_binance overtaking @SBF_FTX

How @SBF_FTX and @AlamedaResearch lost today

Total Surrender

One of the fastest wars in business history

🧵A thread for those who missed it

#cryptocrash $bnb $sol

#BNB ImageImage
Fuck around > Find out


@milesdeutscher wrote a great thread about Sam Bankman Fried and Alameda

Here is the gist of it:

SBF was hailed as a hero in the past

Moving the blockchain space forward, doing a service to the industry @linkchainlink
Sam Bankman Frieds net worth grew close to $15 Billion

He started to invest in companies (@Aptos_Network and @SuiNetwork e.g)

and had enough fire power to bail out Blockfi and considered even helping Celsius.

He also heavily got into politics and started donating

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Vendez vos NFTG avant qu'il ne soit trop tard !
Ah apparemment j'ai dit une fake erreur.
My bad.
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Ayer @RipioApp presentó su libro de Educación #Cripto "Una guía al mundo de las #Criptomonedas" en el @CCKonex.

Un lujo conversar sobre #EducacionFinanciera con los genios de @capitanintriga, @juanjo101 y @martin_ens, moderado por la gran @chulkinet.

¡Gracias por la invitación! ImageImageImage
1/ No es joda, el libro es realmente un espectáculo.

No solo en contenido, sino también en diseño, lo cual le da una pedagogía digna de acompañar a cualquier rango etario.

(Es para todos/as, pero por ejemplo, lo imagino IDEAL para escuelas secundarias) ImageImage
2/ Como dije en el panel, considero tiene un ENORME valor simbólico en este contexto económico y del sector.

Mientras el #Cryptocrash difunde pánico y lleva a muchas firmas a raspar el fondo de la olla descuidando su responsabilidad financiera, @RipioApp apuesta a la educación. Image
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This is my geometric $BTC price forecasting model. Which is being processed.
(I named it: STEP BY STEP MODEL)
The explanation below 👇

#Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto #Cryptocrash
#cryptocurrency #CryptoMarket Image
1. The first cycle of #Bitcoin after Halving: we saw the top on 25/11/2013 and below, 59 weeks later, on 12/01/2015.
On 17/08/2015 we had a retest of support but because the price went down by 4$ we keep it as low
#Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto #Cryptocrash
#cryptocurrency #CryptoMarket Image
2. I created this step (orange rectangle) from the top of the 2013 $BTC value to the top of 2017 and cloned it.

#Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto #Cryptocrash
#cryptocurrency #CryptoMarket Image
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اس وقت کرپٹو مارکیٹ کیوں نیچے جا رہی ہے؟

ایک تھریڈ:🧵
سٹاک مارکیٹس اور کرپٹو مارکیٹس بہت زیادہ باہم مربوط ہیں۔

وال سٹریٹ کو سی پی آئی ڈیٹا کے بعد جنوری کے بعد سے سب سے بڑا ہفتہ وار نقصان اٹھانا پڑا۔

ٹیک مرتکز نیس ڈیک انڈیکس 3.5 فیصد گر گیا۔ ٹیکنالوجی کمپنیوں نے بازاروں میں دھوم مچا دی ہے۔
امریکہ میں افراط زر کی شرح 8.6 فیصد ہے، جو 1981 کے بعد سب سے زیادہ ہے۔

برطانیہ میں افراط زر کی شرح 9 فیصد ہے۔

اس بات کا خطرہ ہے کہ آنے والی کساد بازاری 2008 میں عالمی معیشت پر پڑنے والی کساد بازاری سے کہیں زیادہ گہری اور دیرپا ہوسکتی ہے۔
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The #cryptocrash reminds me a little bit of the day Wirecard announced €1.9bn of its money was "missing".
(June 18, 2020, two years ago this week)
All the investors, long and short, knew a day of reckoning was coming. Publishing audited results could be put off no more. The big unknown was if EY would be duped, again, and sign the accounts for the tenth year in a row.
If EY signed, Wirecard was going to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

If it didn't, game over. 🤮🤮🤮
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I've heard a lot of people claim that Bitcoin is somehow a unique weapon to protect yourself from inflation. The current #cryptocrash should make you doubt that, but I used to work in 'inflation hedging', so let me offer a perspective to help you decide for yourself. Thread 1/15
I used to work in 'inflation derivatives' markets. I'll explain what those are, but let me start by saying that during that time I learned that there are basically four ways to hedge yourself against inflation...
The first is to invest in something that has inbuilt legal protection against a rise in inflation. The most well-known example of this are 'inflation linked bonds', which are legally required to increase their payout as inflation goes up (see for example,…)
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#MCMasterclass ⚡️ "Crypto isn't a quick rich scheme. If you want to be speculative and take risks, allocate a small portion of your portfolio," says @simplykashif of @Bitinning.

Watch highlights here 👇

#CryptoCrash #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
#MCMasterclass⚡️ "Same person has a different behavioural mindset when they invest in stocks and in crypto. As the market grows and so does the education around it, things will fall in place," says @simplykashif of @Bitinning.

Watch highlights👇

#MCMasterclass⚡️ "The space is growing at a supersonic speed, but the #education is not growing in respect to that," says @simplykashif of @Bitinning.

Watch highlights here 👇

#CryptoCrash #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
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#MCMasterclass ⚡️ Why is there a #CryptoCrash and what’s next? 🤔 @darshanbathija of @VauldOfficial discusses with Moneycontrol's @chandrarsrikant.

Missed the LIVE? Watch for highlights 👇

#Crypto #Cryptocurrency
What's next for this asset class? 🧐

Find out from @darshanbathija of @VauldOfficial with Moneycontrol's @chandrarsrikant on #MCMasterclass.

Watch the highlights 👇

#Crypto #Cryptocurrency #CryptoCrash
Why is it that crypto space doesn't have #banking support? asks @darshanbathija of @VauldOfficial to @chandrarsrikant.

Watch on #MCMasterclass ⚡️

#Crypto #Cryptocurrency #CryptoCrash
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LIVE now!🔴 #MCMasterclass ⚡️ Should investors buy low and HODL amid the #CryptoCrash? What's next for cryptocurrencies? 🤔

Find out from @tanvi_ratna @simplykashif @sidharthsogani @darshanbathija @gauravdahake, with @chandrarsrikant

#MCMasterclass ⚡️ "Crypto will bounce back when equities do", says @gauravdahake of @bitbns.

Join the LIVE at with @chandrarsrikant

#MCMasterclass ⚡️"This is crypto's first recession after it became a considerable asset size", says @sidharthsogani of @CREBACOGlobal.

Join the LIVE at with @chandrarsrikant

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On poursuit l'analyse technique cette semaine avec $WNK $ADA et $SOL !

Des configurations intéressantes nous attendent... Les supports font leur job 👌

$WNK poursuit son interminable descente aux enfers en trouvant un nouveau support à 0,0037$ !

Attention, le support long-terme n'est plus très loin, ce n'est donc pas impossible qu'on aille le chercher vers les 0,003$.

$ADA se rattrape de justesse après une cassure de son support long-terme.

Cette réintégration montre la volonté des bull a gardé un certain niveau de prix.

Nous avons aussi réintégré la tenkan ce qui peut nous ramener à la kijun à court-terme, à 0,65$.

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Innerhalb weniger Tage fällt im #Cryptocrash die „Währung“ LUNA von über 100 $ auf 0,00003 $. Tausende junge Menschen verlieren ihre Ersparnisse weil sie Tech-Propheten ihr Geld anvertrauen. Was daran gefährlich ist und warum es bei #Krypto mehr Regulierung braucht. Ein Thread.
Seit Bitcoin 2009 das Licht der Welt erblickt hat entstehen quasi im Minuten-Takt neue sogenannte „Kryptowährungen“, die alle versprechen schneller größer und besser zu sein als alle anderen davor. Sie lösen drölzzigtausend Probleme und so weiter. 2/
Hinter diesen Projekten stehen milliardenschwere Investoren, die mit Marketingversprechen und ganz ganz viel blankem Unsinn junge und unwissende Menschen in ihre „Währungen“ locken. Aber gehen wir etwas ins Detail. Was genau ist das eigentlich? 3/
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LUNA is dead.
A story that will go down in the history books.

#LUNA #Lunacrash #Cryptocrash #UST


LUNA has dropped from a Top 10 coin to outside of the Top 140 in just a few days. Why?
LUNA’s main purpose is to act as a token for UST’s survival. The point of the Terra blockchain was always to issue decentralised stablecoins. To issue 1 UST (supposed to be worth 1USD), you’d burn $1 worth of LUNA

When demand increases, it’s positive for LUNA’s price. In fact, we saw it rise from less than a dollar to over $100 in 2021.

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