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1/4 #Monero has dynamic block sizing, which impacts greater network scalability.

Important points about Monero block size:

—Dynamic blocks does NOT mean perfectly elastic blocks. Monero does not just slam the entire mempool into the next block.
2/4 Fees have to be paid to exceed certain limits, and there are limits that cannot be exceeded no matter how much is paid. These limits adjust in response to recent blocks, hence 'dynamic.'

—Monero is very adaptive if we assume higher fees are paid.
3/4 It is possible to increase the block size to ~30MB in the course of 12 hours in an extremely high fee environment. This would be expensive, but it is possible.

—Flooding the chain with minimum fee transactions does very little to expand the block size.
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After 1 year of Monero Tail Emission practice, this monetary policy seems to be well designed and giving good non-inflationary results.
A year ago, and two months after starting Tail Emission in Monero, I published a critical article, about the proposed modification of Bitcoin monetary policy towards Tail Emission. Clearly, for $XMR to be non-inflationary is the right design. Image
My intellectual honesty does not allow me to delete my article.
You can read it:…
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1/3 How does #MONERO provide me with #privacy?
Monero has privacy technology that combines several protocols such as RingCTs, Stealth Addresses, Bulletproofs and Dandelion++
2/3 Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCTs) is used to obfuscate the sender of a transaction and the amount, while one-time Stealth Addresses are used to hide the recipient's address using a method known as DKSAP.
3/3 Bulletproofs is a protocol that improved RingCTs, reducing the size of transactions, resulting in faster verification times and lower fees.
Dandelion++ was developed to hide the IP address of the sending device.
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1/4 In terms of profitability, while BTC took 900 days to reach 37x in its first bull market cycle, #Monero took 1279 days to give a return of 95x.
2/4 This is not a financial advice, it is a utility tip, because it is important to understand that price follows value, and the utility of Monero will become evident over the next few years.
3/4 Although no one can predict exactly what will happen in the future, #Monero may have a high demand for privacy in the coming years. Society is increasingly dependent on digital processes, and governments are using technology to increase surveillance and control over people.
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Mais um "Perguntas frequentes sobre #Monero":

O quê é #fungibilidade e qual sua importância nesse caso? Image
Fungibilidade é uma característica do dinheiro que faz com que não haja diferença entre dois montantes do mesmo valor. Se duas pessoas trocarem uma nota de R$10 por duas notas de R$5, ninguém sai perdendo.
Porém, vamos imaginar que todo mundo sabe que essa nota de R$10 foi usada no passado em uma negociação de tráfico de drogas. Será que a outra pessoa vai aceitar fazer a troca? Provavelmente não, mesmo se o atual dono da nota de $10 não tiver nada a ver com o caso de tráfico.
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Fracionar valores em #criptomoedas para transações pequenas com fim de esconder um montante maior (de origem ilícita) é uma técnica usada para fins (geralmente) ilícitos... Image
A "peel chain” é essa técnica, considerada lavagem de dinheiro internacionalmente, mas não necessariamente é o caso segundo a legislação brasileira. A explicação é o que segue...
Não é qualquer movimentação de dinheiro ilícito que significa, automaticamente, lavagem de dinheiro. Isso só ocorre com aquelas que tem a capacidade de ocultar ou dissimular alguma das características dos criptoativos com origem ilícita.
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#Monero #XMR is AUDITABLE, in this thread we will see that the audibility of Monero is as secure or more secure than Bitcoin (cryptographically speaking). Image
Two types of audit are necessary to verify the offer as a whole, 1) the number of issued coins in circulation (extracted block), 2) The verifiability of the total supply between each transaction (key_image, ringct, ring signature..).
First of all, I'd like to say one thing: Monero is based on a very well-established and well-understood cryptography, battle-tested for almost a decade and every major change is audited by reputable groups and cryptographers. Image
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Whoever finds me at definition (SWRC?), I pay him an XMR coffee.

#Monero #XMR
Monero is a decentralized offshore bank, but that's not all.
First pipe
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Here a some of my favorite privacy tools.

They are simple and often inexpensive tools that help to improve online/offline security and privacy.

🧶... Image

#XMR and @MoneroCom for private transactions

#BTC and @SamouraiWallet gives you a lot of features to improve bitcoin privacy🥸

@TrocadorApp when in need of fast and private coin exchange

@LocalMoneroCo to exchange some shitcoins to #Monero

@GrapheneOS best smartphone OS ever made
@Yubico for improved 2fa
@Tails_live to access internet privately

🗨️ Messaging

@BriarApp one of the best messaging apps ever, truly love it
@signalapp nice to talk w/ family
@r2refresh for desktop communication via tor
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How to start mining #Monero in 5 minutes or less
Braindead simple method:

You need:
A computer
An internet connection
A fresh Monero wallet

Step 1 - Go to, download the bundle for your OS and extract it, run Gupax.

Step 2 - Select the P2pool tab and click "Select Fastest Node"

Step 3 - Enter your primary Monero address in the address field, click "Start p2pool" button at the bottom Image
Step 4 - Go to XMRig tab, select how many threads to use, click "start XMRig" button at the bottom.

Congrats, you are now mining #Monero Image
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📑 Guía básica para alcanzar la soberanía económica, tecnológica y física:

1️⃣ Bitcoin y #Monero
2️⃣ Teléfono
3️⃣ Individuo


#Bitcoin Image
📓 Contenido previo (1/1):

Esta guía no es más que una opinión personal.

No tengo la intención de dictar a nadie como tiene que vivir.

Laissez Faire...

1️⃣ Bitcoin y Monero (1/4)

Acumula #btc y planifica un modelo de ahorro y de herencia con Bitcoin.

Aprende a como transferir valor en el tiempo con #bitcoin.

1. Billetera fría.
2. Billetera Only-Watch.
3. Nodo.

Mis recomendaciones aquí:

🧵3/13 Image
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How to start mining #Monero in 10 minutes or less.

You need:
A computer running Linux, Windows, Or Mac
An Internet connection
A fresh Monero wallet

Step 1 - Download XMRig

Step 2: Download latest p2pool release for your OS…

Step 3: Find a remote node nearest your region that supports p2pool:…
Step 4 - Extract p2pool and XMRig into a folder, remember the location.

Step 5 - on windows, go to start menu and type "CMD" to open a terminal.

Navigate to where you downloaded the p2pool software. Use the command "cd" to switch folders
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Thread - The history of #Bitcoin and how it was captured and nipped in the bud ? In this thread, you'll find out how bitcoin's capabilities were restricted to limit its technological power, so hang on! Image
In total, Bitcoin has had three lead developers. Wow, tell me you knew that Bitcoin's lead maintainers are no longer anonymous since satoshi left the project ? Image
But what happened ? Why did Satoshi jump ship and hand over the keys to the project to Gavin Andresen and disappear forever, prematurely ?
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#Bitcoin , #Monero, and the Banking System in 2023.

A thread 🧵

The current banking system is in a precarious state, with a range of financial problems threatening its stability. 1/n
From the ever-increasing levels of debt to the pervasive fraud and corruption, many people are looking for an alternative solution that can provide a more secure financial future. Enter #Bitcoin and #Monero. 2/n
#Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, has already established itself as a viable alternative to traditional banking. However, while Bitcoin provides a level of transparency and security that is absent in the current system, it doesn't provide complete financial privacy. 3/n
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Списання вийшло з-під контролю: Росія зняла зі зберігання Т-54
Команда CIT отримала фотографії потяга, який везе військову техніку з Далекого Сходу. Ми ідентифікували їх як радянські середні танки сімейства Т-54/55: в одному ешелоні були і Т-54, і танки, які могли бути пізніми Т-54 або Т-55 (див. ілюстрацію).
Як стало відомо, нещодавно цей ешелон вирушив з Арсеньєва Приморського краю, де розташована 1295-та центральна база резерву і зберігання танків.
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Nothing but respect for @sethforprivacy for what he has done to help grow monero/crypto-privacy, his ability to understand and communicate crypto concepts, and the genuine diplomacy he brings to the space. His post on why he has shifted more focus to #Bitcoin inspired this 🧵
I’m not saying Seth disagrees with what I’m expressing here but his post inspired this one:
I think Monero is the project cypherpunks should put their energy into. It is already certain that crypto is here to stay but what is VERY uncertain is if it will be able to live up to its full disruptive potential. #Monero #cryptocurrency #cypherpunks
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Compre #Bitcoin enquanto ainda pode... As moedas fiduciárias vão a zero e é apenas uma questão de tempo até que façamos quase todo o comércio no mundo por meio de criptomoedas.

As pessoas pensam que isso levará algumas vidas, mas estão completamente enganadas. ↓
A internet mudou o mundo em 25 anos. 25 anos atrás não havia Google e Amazon. Hoje, a maior parte do comércio mundial passa por esses canais.

O mesmo acontecerá com o dinheiro. Vai acontecer, quer você goste ou não. ↓
#Bitcoin e #Monero provavelmente serão as criptomoedas mais populares daqui a 10 anos. Mas foque na 1.

O #Bitcoin provavelmente será sempre o mais valioso, já que está sendo adotado por países soberanos hoje e tem uma vantagem pioneira. ↓
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1/ Te imaginas poder minar de forma descentralizada con solo un par de clics? Te explico como:

P2Pool es un protocolo que permite crear o unirse a pools de minería descentralizadas, Creado para #Bitcoin pero nunca implementado (como muchas cosas)🤷🏻‍♂️
2/ Se escribió desde 0 y se adaptó a #Monero, así que ahora tenemos p2pool 100% operativo.

XMRig es el mejor minero de CPU para #Monero, te brinda una excelente optimización.

Y ahora tenemos Gupax!! Una interfaz gráfica que lo une todo y lo hace fácil
3/ Gupax te brinda la posibilidad de correr P2Pool + Xmirg de forma fácil y sencilla. Te permite utilizar tu propio nodo de #Monero o conectarte a nodos de confianza de la comunidad. Échale un vistazo a los vídeos que he hecho⤵️
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🕵️‍♂️ #Monero el mejor dinero digital 🕵️‍♂️

🗽 La libertad es muy frágil, cuesta mucho conseguirla y muy poco perderla...

🔥 En este hilo veremos porque #Monero $XMR se presenta como la única alternativa al control de las CBDCs y la política de restricción de libertades..

🧵 1/27 Image
📚 Contenido:

1⃣ Propiedades
2⃣ Funcionamiento
3⃣ Comprar $XMR sin #KYC 
4⃣ #Monero Vs #Bitcoin
5⃣ Utilidades de $XMR

🧵 2/27 Image
📓 Conceptos previos:

¿Qué significa que una #blockchain sea anónima, privada o ambas? Diferencias:

🕵️‍♂️ Privacidad: ofuscación de actividad (#BTC no lo es por defecto)
👁 Anonimidad: ofuscación de identidad (#Bitcoin lo es parcialmente)

#Monero es privada y anónima 

🧵 3/27 Image
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In 2021 the IRS paid 1.25 Million dollars 💰 to contractors for a tool to track and crack Monero. Did they succeed🤔? Keep reading to find out! #monero
In 2020 the IRS was looking for contractors that could crack Monero, Zcash, Dash, Grin, Lightning Network and other privacy projects. Their first proposal was very broad, but in the IRS's second proposal they were very specific in what projects they really wanted cracked...
Monero and Lightning network were the only two projects mentioned in the IRS's 2nd more specific proposal. They cited ransomware as a reason for this focus, "Sodinokibi stated that future ransom request payments will be in Monero ... due to transaction privacy concerns."
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Yesterday we posted about how you can make NFT's on Monero and today we will cover big 3 reasons you should NOT do this 🧵
#monero #xmr
1. NFT's Hurt Monero's Privacy

Monero is a crypto project that is focused on privacy and NFT's on Monero could reduce this beloved privacy. The basic NFT system that we have created yesterday relies on the ability to track UTXO's.
If people began to publicize and track their UTXO's this would hurt everyone's privacy on Monero due to Monero's Ring Signatures. Ring Signatures pick random UTXO's to mix in with your transaction. This mixin hides the actual coin you are spending.
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1/ Seems to me that $ADA completely failed this test of core values.
Say what you will, but all big crypto have clear values that have already been tested, and few actually holds them.
$BTC keeps the POW, saying f*** off to the biggest lobbies in the world (energy and politics)
2/ Correct me if I'm wrong, $ADA wanted to revolutionize the world of L1s by offering a high speed, efficient and permissionless blockchain.

Seems to me the late discussions shows how their core members have different views on their own principles.
3/ As another example, imagine if #Monero started getting soft because the media published articles about untracked transactions... The whole basis for the crypto would collapse due to faith disappearing.
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Here is how you can build NFT's on Monero 😎
#monero #NFT Image
You need the ability to do these 3 things to make a NFT on any blockchain:

1. Hash an image
2. Embed that hash into the blockchain
3. A rule set and platform to track that hashed image across the chain.

Here is how those steps would look on Monero
1. Image Hash
We need to find an image to hash. A hash takes in arbitrary data and outputs a random and unique string.

You can use this website to hash any image that you want:
When I plug my image from the first tweet into this hash generator, I get: Image
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