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How #Monero is Eating #Bitcoin's Lunch – And Ten Other Things You Didn’t Know About Monero.

A Tweet Thread for the Monero curious 🧵👇
#Monero transactions are higher than ever. In particular, Monero’s total number of transactions compared to Bitcoin (ratio) are rising. This means more people are choosing to transact with #XMR instead of #BTC.

Are other privacy coins being used today? No, unfortunately not. #Monero vastly makes up for the total number of private crypto transactions, with over 98% of volume.

(src: @JEhrenhofer)
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Such an honor to be able to go on @WhatBitcoinDid for this one and be able to cover the immensely important topic of digital privacy with @PeterMcCormack.

#Monero is such a valuable tool for freedom, I hope more people will take the time to see how it can fit into their toolkit.
Many of the most common issues or worries people have with #Monero are broken down in detail (with *tons* of linked resources) here:…
And if you want to start taking active steps towards personal privacy more broadly (there is a lot more to privacy, and thus freedom, than just Bitcoin/Monero!) this should be a great place to get started:…
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Another day, another disclosure. This isn't isn't as exciting, as it was only in... unreleased software 😱

But it does provide a comment on the intricacies of working with #Monero, along with @HavenXHV's ( $XHV ) work on integrating with @THORChain.
This does start with the $XMR side of things, and the considerations that must go into building wallets. There are two main issues people don't realize:

1) Lying about the transaction amount
2) The burning bug
Since Monero transactions are private, they don't tell you, or anyone, the amount. Instead, they have all the data needed for nodes to verify them, as well as for you to, and the sender attaches a short encrypted memo including the amount.
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Ever wondered how much data they have on you in a modern on-chain analytics report? Take a peek, thread👇#BTC
Analysis of a Bitcoin address, notable: last activity June 2019. A host of scoring mechanisms are employed to assess whether the address is 'risky.' Here we see the triggered indicators and incoming and outgoing scores.
Further detail on tx activity in BTC and USD terms.
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Things you can't do on #Monero unlike 99% of cryptocurrencies on the market:
(I make this example with @oxt_btc)
On monero it's impossible to lookup an address if you are not the owner.
Unlike 99% of cryptos where you paste an address and you just follow funds like "le petit poucet" ImageImage
Transactions are confidential.
Only the fee amount is transparent.
Look a transaction on a blockchain explorer you will have:
???-> ? $XMR ->???
Unlike 99% of cryptos Image
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🧵 On t'as vu, malotru !
Un thread expliquant les erreurs de la personne qui a fait un flashloan sur cream finance et qui as acheté plus de 300 $BTC pour des #Monero
La personne ayant tenté de cacher ses fonds a utilisé un pont $REN pour déposer les fonds sauf qu'il a réutilisé le même pont pour retirer la meme quantitée déposé donc tout le monde sait qu'il avait quitté ren.
Ensuite ya une peelchain (un envoi allongé par plein d'adresses, pas un mélange) qui nous conduit vers des dépôts sur #TradeOgre, l'identitée de la personne est toujours inconnue mais on sait ou vont les fonds.
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Building a dedicated #Monero node using a Raspberry Pi 4 (4/8GB) & 1TB external SSD is now much easier thanks to @PiNode_XMR.
First you will want to download & install the Raspberry Pi imager software from your distros app store or link below.
First we want to flash an OS onto a SD card using the Raspberry Pi Imager.

choose os> raspberry pi os (other)> raspberry pi os lite (64-bit).

Press the cog icon & check 'enable SSH'. Below set your username as 'pi' & your password as 'raspberry'.
Now hit 'write' to flash.
Next we want to flash an OS onto the 1TB external SSD using the same software.

choose os> other general-purpose os> ubuntu> ubuntu server 22.04 LTS (rpi zero/2/3/4/400) arm64.

Press the cog & set the SSH username & password both as 'ubuntu'

Now hit 'write' to flash to the SSD.
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And there it is, folks, #Monero now #2 blowing past #Ethereum and catching up rapidly to #Bitcoin.

Only a matter of time 🤷‍♂️

Superior, fungible digital cash will win on free markets.

Also #1 in the US and rapidly gaining share in Canada at #2.
Poor #LightningNetwork stuck at 3.6% 🥲
% breakdown by transaction *count* instead of $ volume here:

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Why I post about #Ethereum and #OpSec when anyone can just get #Monero you may ask?

Well,… I’ve already done it ☺️

There is a huge demand for OpSec in popular chains as there are a huge flow of new people who have never heard of crypto 👀

👇A thread👇
If you need a bulletproof anonymity or ultra privacy, then read this awesome ultra hardcore guide 👇
Read a DeepWeb/DarkNet #OpSec Bible:…

For educational purposes only!
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I believe more #PoW than #PoS due to trust in Satoshi's original intention to create #Bitcoin, which is to associate energy & chips in the real world with value in the digital world, not left hand to right as $UST & $LUNA

$KDA #KADENA is scalable #PoW 😀

It's an amazing song👇
Find this old twitter ...

#PoW vs #Pos
#Bitcoin $BTC #Ethereum $ETH
#XRP $XRP #Cardano $ADA #Solana $SOL #Polkadot $DOT #Tron $TRX #Avalanche $AVAX #Polygon $Matic #Litecoin $LTC #NEAR $NEAR #Monero $XMR #Stellar $XLM #Cosmos $Atom #Algorand $Algo


+1) And this one twitter ...

When you feel scared, take a look at the hash rate graph😀

Don't forget they are #PoW #Blockchain

#Bitcoin $BTC
#Kadena $KDA

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The following is a thread on why we CANNOT trust our governments to create our money and why #monero and #btc   are revolutionary. 👇🏻🧵/1
Currencies in Germany 🇩🇪 over centuries:
The Goldmark (1873-1914)
The Papiermark (1914 - 1923)
The Rentenmark (1923 - 1924)
The Reichsmark (1924 - 1948)
The Deutsche Mark (1948 - 2002)
Mark der DDR - used in East Germany (1948-1990)
The Euro (2002-present) /2
When they switched from the Goldmark (gold standard mark) to Papiermark (fiat mark), huge inflation occurred due to printing a lot of money.

4,200 billion German Papiermarks = 1 $

Here is me holding a Reichsmark. /3 Image
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The future of crypto payments should be to further cypherpunk and privacy, it should be fixing the Internet, not the current trajectory and state of affairs.
We need to talk about the future of smart contracts and apps, dapps so forth with Bitcoin and Monero, atomic swaps and
broader newer services with historic coins.

TLDR; Bitcoin is totally hijacked by anti-cypherpunk people, people who cosplay liberty, but are in fact arguably deeply in bed with international state power, even more than eth. It's dour, radical institutional capture. #monero
This is not 2017, technology is rapidly changing. The ability to do things with agnostic zk rollups and layer 3 solutions is going to allow a lot of things to be done with lightning channels. The most advanced on the cusp things are by far using lightning and final settlements
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Créer, restaurer un portefeuille #Monero et envoyer ou recevoir des $XMR et comment changer ou ce connecter a un nœud spécifique:
(Ce tuto vous est offert par @MajesticBank) 🦾
La création du portefeuille
Savoir restaurer son portefeuille
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1/ Time to share some of my thoughts and experiences from getting this self-sovereign #LightningNetwork stack up and running.

tl;dr - not for the faint of heart/non-tech-savvy, but once configured and up and running it seems to be working quite well for me!
2/ For the Bitcoin node, I simply exposed the Dojo bitcoind node's RPC that I already had up, and was able to easily access it across my home's network:…

Be sure to write down the ports used here if using a Dojo node externally, as they're non-standard.
3/ First off in the stack is @Core_LN:…

The installation process was solid, and I was able to leverage a modified version of their systemd script to get it to run on boot as a service:…
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The core tenant of #Bitcoin is that it is peer to peer, and you don't need to trust anyone.

Yet the #LightningNetwork requires trust from centralized governments and companies to function.
Here's why:

- To run a #LightningNetwork node, you need to have money to fund channels. Most of the world can't afford that.

- To get money on and off #lightning, you need to pay on-chain fees, that will scale over time. Most of the world can't afford that.
The consequences of these two problems are (most of the world) must rely on:

- Centralized, one-party governments (Like #elsalvador) or centralized companies (like #strike.)
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Le @PartiPirate a lancé hier sa 1€Page. 🥳

2 règles :
1. 1€ donné = 1 pixel à colorier.
2. Il faut donner sur le budget des #législatives2022.

Et moi je vous propose 🧵 de vos merveilleux dessins !
Avant de commencer, deux pages :
La page de don dédiée aux #legislatives2022, si vous donnez sur ce budget, vous avez droit à un token avec autant de pixels que d'€ donnés :…

La page de la fresque qui se complète petit à petit :…
Cette page a été lancée pour nous permettre de rendre un peu ludique, et même historique, le financement de notre campagne électorale.

Une fois complétée, la page pourra être agrandie, on pourra élargir aux autres dons, mais la page sera surtout conservée pour la postérité...
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It's *very* early, but I've started collecting resources, open questions, and proposed efforts to explore how trustless zk-SNARKs could be useful for a potential future #Monero protocol update:…

If you have useful resources or questions, please reach out!
The goal here is to build a go-to resource that marries the promise of trustless zk-SNARKs with the specifics of Monero's payment protocol to ease potential research and interest by Monero developers and researchers, not to push for implementing zk-SNARKs ASAP.
I'll be working on a blog post to detail why they're worth exploring in more depth and what the associated pros/cons are, but a few notes:

- Seraphis is still the path forward for Monero, we're focused on that
- Ring signatures are still working very well in the real world
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1/ The #TailEmission is coming in ~30d (block 2,641,623), so let's take a few minutes and walk through why the #Monero community chose a tail emission, how it works, and what it means for Monero user's and the project long-term.

Buckle up, this is going to be a long one!
2/ The Monero community, in stark contrast to Bitcoin's community, decided to include in Monero a "minimum subsidy", or "tail emission" in order to keep fees reasonable, ensure a lower bound of network security, and enable dynamic block sizes.
3/ This tail emission means that there will be 0.6 $XMR provided as a reward for miners in every block, instead of allowing the block subsidy to go to 0 as most other cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) have chosen to do.

This means there is not an arbitrary hard cap to supply.
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Tuto contrer la censure pour acceder a @Twitter grace au navigateur @torproject:
Il y a deux moyens d'utiliser twitter:
-Soit tu lis uniquement les posts a ce moment la tu regarderas le tuto front-end.
-Soit tu veux poster ect et a ce moment la il te faudras un compte.
Pour la "lecture seule" je te conseille d'utiliser les instances nitter qui te permettent de recuperer le contenu se twitter sans avoir besoin d'y aller !
Installe en premier le navigateur @torproject et cherches une instance en .onion sur…
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Make a view-only wallet for manage your #monero cold wallet with @FeatherWallet on @Tails_live
Download safely and anonymously @FeatherWallet by using the @torproject browser.
Launch it and create your wallet, note your seed in a safe location for backup the future cold wallet.
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The past few days, even weeks and months, weren't the most glorious for crypto. However, luckily, there were some coins that did not disappoint! Here are the best performing #cryptocurrencies of this week and why they did so well. 👇🧵
1/ #monero $XMR
How come?
- Monerun: community asked holders to withdraw their funds from centralized exchanges, to test exchanges reserves
- Planned hard fork (v15) which will upgrade the privacy and general performance of the network
2/ #Apecoin $APE
How come?
A rumor suggests that the owners of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs may receive virtual lands on the Yuga Labs' much-anticipated "Otherside" metaverse platform.
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Thread on #Monerun


According to the Monero community, exchanges are using Monero’s anonymity to conceal their trading of ‘paper contracts’.

This Reddit thread summarizes the issue.…
#Monerun thread


In short, exchanges are accused of selling $XMR they don’t have, which suppresses price.

Today, all #Monero users are supposed to withdraw their XMR from exchanges to create a bank run and force exchanges to buy and increase its price.
#Monerun thread


This financial sleight of hand happens with cash, too - it’s called fractional reserve banking.

Banks are permitted by the Federal Reserve to lend 5 to 10 times more than they hold in cash, creating money out of thin air – inflation. Image
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