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How much would the Cost of Living Fall if we moved off a system predicated on Debt and to one predicated on Savings?
For example, a House in 1940 went for $2,938. Minimum wage was 40 cents an hour. Federal Taxes were 4% up to the average per capita income versus 11% today.
This meant it took 7,651 hours to pay off a house if you saved every penny earned after taxes or 3.82 years of labor.
Fast forward to today, minimum wage is $7.25 an hour or $6.45 after Federal taxes (not including State and Social Security). The median home value in America is
$334,000. This means it would take you 51,762.88 hours or 25.88 years earning minimum wage (saving every penny after taxes) to pay off a median valued home. This is almost 7x (6.765 to be exact) as much.
We are earning 1/7th what we were in 1940 when you look at what you can
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We deserve $47 trillion, not $1,400.

Here's why the next stimulus must consist of $7 Trillion in direct financial relief, not including a cancellation of all student debt and medical debt in a #DebtJubilee.

A THREAD. Please share--I think everyone needs to know this.
By now you've probably seen this chart on productivity and compensation, creating a wedge like decoupling in the 1960s.

If we fill in the wedge, how many dollars are represented? ImageImage
According to RAND (not exactly a lefty institution), the dollars represented by that wedge is ~$47 trillion.

Every year we tack on ~$2.5 trillion.

Make no mistake: this money is being STOLEN from you.

You're not a charity case; you deserve reparations.…
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Well, the @freelancer #COVID19 survey was pretty good. Here are all my answers...
100% remote or bust. Image
We're right on track to $DJIA 60,000 and stealthy hyperinflation for the Bottom 33%... Image
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Patience and Diligence - Gold Technical Analysis: "Make the market prove to you it wants to do something, don’t try and prove to the market it should do something." - by @TraderStef for #CrushTheStreet #TechnicalAnalysis #Gold…
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