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So, tomorrow (Saturday) I’m going to watch every last #LJ19 speech and do a #megathread analyzing them all, from content to charisma to audience response. For everyone in the #YangGang who couldn’t attend, this will be your Cliff’s Notes.
Thread coming this afternoon 👍
Okay, #LJ19 analysis thread begins here. #DemocraticParty @DNC
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#Automation will displace millions of jobs, solidify inequality, and transform cities as neoliberalism did the Rustbelt. In response, everyone from the Alt-Right to Silicon Valley is now backing #UBI. But is keeping capitalism afloat really the solution?…
Over the last 20 years, 85% of the jobs lost in the US have been due to automation, not outsourcing. Over the next 10 years, many are predicting that 50% of US jobs will be destroyed or impacted due to automation. Many are former positions within the so-called "gig economy."
Many economic and automation experts predict that "boom towns" of today, like Las Vegas, in 10 years could face upwards of 65% of jobs being automated out of existence, becoming "the next Detroit."
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Do you want a Government that actively tries to eradicate #poverty , #homelessness & #hunger Do you want access to free health care?
@UKLabour @AndrewYang @DrJillStein @jimmy_dore @evolvepolitics @skwawkbox @TheCanaryUK
Do you care so much about the environment that you would welcome an international institute that supports #scientists in an #endeavour to halt or reverse #GlobalWarming
As technology advances are you concerned about your job and your children's future? The 4th economic revolution has not just started it is here!
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Dear @tanvishukla, may I please ask you why you Indians think of the most impractical economic ideas?

Did you seriously think through this idea before bringing it up for debate?!?

So what is #UniversalBasicIncome? I shall address the same in this thread.
UBI is nothing but the idea that every citizen, employed or unemployed, working or retired, receives some minimum money from the govt in order to meet expenses.

Sounds good, right? But it's impractical. How? I shall explain the same here.

With some information in hand.
A few weeks back, I already explained why the Nordic "socialist" model won't work in countries like India.

Why? Big welfare doesn't give incentives for people to work. It tends to make people lazy.

UBI will more or less fail for the very same reasons.
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1/I've said many times that I am poor because I am unemployed (except for my writing) and I am unemployed because I am disabled.

I am now officially rejecting that shit.

I am still disabled. I still am not employed.

#Disability #ChronicIllness #poverty
2/But the reason I am unemployed is because society has deemed me disposable. This isn't on me.

#disabled #DisabledPeopleMatter #PplWDisabilitiesMATTER
3/It's because society has decided the WANTS of the abled (specifically in my case, to use fragrance and decorate with balloons) are more important than my survival. This isn't on me.

#BanBalloonsInstead #fragrance #MCS #MCAS #allergy #asthma
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We truly are masters of repeating failed experiments. This step by comrade @narendramodi is not so much Economic as it is Evolutionary harakiri.

And you can side-step Economics for your nefarious gains, but you CAN'T side-step Evolution. Death awaits.…
"Minimum Income Guarantee to Every Single Citizen", or Universal Basic Income, goes against the very tenets of the Universal Basic Theory of Evolution, that ordains empathy coupled with incentive driven competition.

Our country is headed for disaster.
What was wrong with MNREGA, that the Congress wants to now even remove the incentive to earn? Once one accepts the necessity of a welfare state, MNREGA was a good scheme; it provided dignity, of labour and of income.

Free cheese is found only in a mousetrap.
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