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1. I want to start this thread by pointing out that I thought there was a sting at play with @MooreSenate way back when Allred first launched the smear campaign. Everyone knew the accusation was BS, but I suspected not only that, but this was the result of
2. a brilliant scheme on the part of the usual suspects on our side (Bannon, Trump, Flynn, Sessions) to catch the bad guys in corruption that normies will understand. Uranium One, Benghazi, classified emails on unsecured home server, etc. these are HUGE crimes that carry prison..
3. sentences, and long ones at that. They jeopardized national security in unthinkable ways, but still, they are a bit technical, especially Obama's crimes. When you have to use the word "unmasking" you lose 70% of people right there, but election rigging, now there is something
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Both @TheDemocrats & the Deep State arm of the @GOP only promote from within using a meritocracy based-on ability & willingness to cover-up criminality in their party & their allies' w/i the other; one only need look at the history of US intelligence & security to confirm this!
THIS is a PERVERTED SYSTEM of promotions & a 60+ year criminal enterprise!
YOU have been LIED-TO your ENTIRE LIFE.
It's been 2 PARTIES W/ 1 MASTER since GHW Bush created FEC Incorporated
in 1975 to throw #WaterGate prosecutors off.
GHW, WJC, W, HRC, JEB & so on was their plan!
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