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Here is a round-up of #PrideMonth with The Hindu.
We take you through all the inspiring stories we've come across this month and how different cities in India and the world celebrated #PrideMonth2022.
#PrideMonth | A 24-year-old woman in #Gujarat's #Vadodara city married herself by undergoing traditional rituals of a Hindu wedding.
#KshamaBindu, who identifies as #bisexual, claims that her marriage will be the first instance of #sologamy in India.
#PrideMonth | What does meaningful inclusion look like? How can corporations prove their allegiances to the great, grand cause of #queer liberation? A nondescript bakery in a sleepy #Juhu lane in #Mumbai shows us.
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I would advise you to do some research into the transitional process and the availability of transitional healthcare in your area, as well as make contact with transgender groups in your location.
If you need signposting to groups then drop me a DM and I will find you somewhere you can speak with trans women and work things out. Lived experience counts for so much and having the opportunity to speak to people who have done it will be vital to you understanding yourself.
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Pracowity tydzień w @ECHR_CEDH - Trybunał zakomunikował Polsce szereg skarg dotyczących całego spektrum bieżących problemów: #granica #Białoruś #sądownictwo #LGBTQIA Zapraszam na wątek ⤵️
1. K.A. v. Poland - skarga grupy 5 Syryjczyków, którzy twierdzą, że zostali wielokrotnie zawróceni na Białoruś przez polskie służby (pomimo fatalnego stanu zdrowia, hipotermii i ekstremalnych warunków pogodowych), a ich wnioski azylowe zignorowane.…
2. Kocot i Kappes v. Poland - stara KRS (na początku 2018r.) zawnioskowała do @prezydentpl o powołanie skarżących do Sądu Najwyższego. Po ponad 3 latach bezczynności Prezydenta, skarżący wnieśli skargi do Trybunału.…
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Rep @Ilhan I wanted to share this video with you.

A Muslim Cleric claims Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) instructed his companions to kill #Gay

Caliph Ali wanted to burn them alive & Abu Bakar agreed. While the rest wanted to throw them from a high place & then stone them

Is this true?
Being #Pride2022 you promised to fight for LGBT.

Also as you are heading Anti #Islamophobia in @JoeBiden Gov, you can look into dozens of Islamic nations whose law demands death to #LGBTQIA this includes Somalia, your birthplace.

Also, look into religious text opposing #LGBT 🙏🏼
Dear All, do tag all #LGBTQ leaders in the world including India. So they are aware what is the thoughts of Islam on LGBTQ and look into resolving this peacefully.
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TW: anti-#LGBTQIA+ discrimination, religious trauma
Thursday evening, I received a phone call that left me completely devastated. Come August 2022, I was planning on working with an incredible family whose child is a student at @ImmaculataNC in #Durham, North Carolina.
2/n My role was to be an in-class aid for this student during school hours, assisting her and advocating for her in all necessary capacities. Everything was set to go. Paperwork had been filled out for the contracted company I would provide my services through.
3/n a background check had been run, etc. I was very excited, both as an #educator and as a #Catholic, for this opportunity. This position would also allow me to continue to care for the wonderful children that I currently nanny, in a new capacity, who are affiliated with ICS.
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The #EP4U Conference is starting NOW! We've got a great day planned looking at #Enlargement, #FundamentalRights, #Migration, and #ClimateAction with our great speakers!

We're live on @YouTube, and we're collecting key highlights here on @Twitter


We're in the opening session with TEPSA Executive Director @MariamKhote and @Hertie_Security's @bctallis

"We value youth for what it may become. Youth is unsullied by the realities of live, and there is a massive potential in young people as a result"

- @bctallis (@Hertie_Security)

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Happy #PrideMonth! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

🧵To show my #Pride this June I want to highlight some of my favorite and most important openly queer artists! These people mean a lot to me and I hope to share a bit about each one everyday this month so follow along and enjoy!

#Pride2022 #LGBTQIA
June 1st: Chuck Panozzo
A founding member of @STYXtheBand, Chuck, came out as gay in 2001 and revealed that he had been living with HIV. Chuck is instrumental to Styx and their iconic sound. His strength to still tour is remarkable!
Listen here:

📷in 2021 Image
June 2nd: @outsidechild13 is changing music. Her debut is so powerful. A queer black woman, this album is a journey from pain and trauma to resilience, hope, joy. Her work w/ Birds of Chicago + Our Native Daughters is also great!

Listen here:
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Thread: Rechtsextremes Vernetzungstreffen von #Rassisten aus der ganzen Welt in #Ungarn bei der #CPACHungary2022 (Conservative Political Action Conference). Wir richten einen kritischen Blick auf die Veranstaltung, die erstmals in #Europa stattfand. #CPAC #CPACHungary 1/x CPAC Hungary 2022
In äAmerika werden die Veranstaltungen der #CPAC überwiegend von US-RepublikanerInnen #GOP, #Trump-UnterstützerInnen, christlich Fundamentalisten und #Rassisten besucht. 2/x
#Orban, der Hauptredner der Veranstaltung, stellte seinen 12 Punkte Plan bei seiner Eröffnungsrede vor: „Hungary first, America first“, so der Slogan des nationalistischen ungarischen Ministerpräsidenten. 3/x
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The Delhi High Court shortly to hear a batch of petitions seeking recognition of same-sex marriages in the country.
#LGBTQIA #DelhiHighCourt
A division bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Navin Chawla will hear the matter.
#LGBTQIA #DelhiHighCourt
Hearing begins.
#LGBTQIA #DelhiHighCourt
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Ein kleiner Sammelthread wie #TERFs "nIcHt rEchTs sInD"
"TRAs erfinden die Geschichte von der E*dl*sun*. Ich hab sowas noch nieeeeeeeeeee auf Twitter gesehen" Image
#TERF: "Klar, wir wollen TRAs schon deprotieren, oder"
Well.... Image
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The relationship between Florida & Disney started
in 1965 when Walt began buying up worthless swampland in what was then the middle of nowhere

Disney wanted land, power, and control and they wanted it cheap!… #disney #florida #reedycreek #politics #news
Wasn't just cuz Walt wanted to build another Theme-Park,

“Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”

Disney wanted to build a self-sustaining 'imagineered' city where folks would live, work & play under the auspices of Disney… #disney #epcot
So under that premise, the Florida Legislature let Disney have independent autonomy under the

Reedy Creek Improvement Zone

Where Disney would be its own county gov, run its own police, fire, sanitation, etc without any of that messy local political oversight #disney #florida
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So, #PrideMonth is almost upon us, which means its about that time when charities start thinking about changing their logos for a month to 'celebrate' #Pride

Which means it's time for a #thread 🧵 about why you should pause 1/10

#RainbowWashing #PrideWashing #PinkWashing
Firstly, please don't do this unless you have great EDI policies in place to recruit, develop + support #LGBTQIA+ people in the workplace - AND you actually LIVE these policies and practices #CharitySoStraight #RainbowWashing #Pride #Pride2022 #PinkWashing #PrideWashing 2/10
And consider, have you engaged in a meaningful way with your charities #LGBTQ+ stakeholders, including staff, service users and volunteers over the past year? Has this resulted in any great content that's worth sharing? #CharitySoStraight #RainbowWashing #Pride #Pride2022 3/10
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Just so you feel the vibes of things in #Texas right now for #trans folk, I interviewed the mother of a nonbinary adolescent this week. The kid's teacher, in front of the whole class, announced that the reason they're trans is because they've been groomed by their queer parents.
I've got more this week in the @AustinChronicle, but let's be clear that Alex Jones, MTG, #LibsOfTikTok and every one else spreading the "groomer" meme is responsible for real harm, for creating a climate of fear, anxiety & violence for #LGBTQIA people in Texas & elsewhere.
Here's my article about the how Texas is becoming increasingly hostile to #trans people, especially trans kids, including my interview with the family from my tweet. Big thanks to @AustinChronicle for supporting my work. #LGBTQIA #ProtectTransKids…
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I’ve found the recent trend of people post Tweet threads recapping the major arguments of their books helpful and productive, so I wanted to do one for my new book The Digital Closet ( from @mitpbookstore. #queerbooks #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #censorship 1/17
My book explores how heteronormative bias is deeply embedded in the internet, hidden algorithms, keywords, content moderation, and more. Below you’ll find summaries of each chapter in the book to give you a preview. 2/17
The actual book will fill in these summaries with hundreds of documented examples which in aggregate demonstrate a systemic anti-LGBTQIA+ bias online. 3/17
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@SpeakerPelosi @TeamPelosi @SenSchumer @WHCOS @POTUS @JoeBiden @dccc @dscc @RepSeanMaloney @DemGovs @DLCC @DemocraticAGs @VP @KamalaHarris @DNC @harrisonjaime
Please read this thread and listen to what I have to say.
We have a serious problem in our country. The GOP is fascist. 1
You need to come up with a united messaging strategy & go on the attack. I'm a lifelong Democrat. I'm incredibly disappointed in the lack of defense of: #JudgeKetanjiBrownJackson; the #LGBTQIA community; abortion rights; voting rights; and civil rights of Americans.
It's time 2/
To have daily press conferences pointing out the danger of the GOP to Americans.
The GOP has been taken over by white, fundamentalist, 'Christian', nationalists, who don't believe in multi-culturalism, democracy, or separation of church & state, aka #Dominionism.
#Ziklag, #CNP 3
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@bjoewolf I'm sorry you went through that. I'm an #exvangelical. I have never seen a more hateful group in my life. Anyone deluding themselves that their bigotry, wrapped in 'Christianity', is going to stop with the #LGBTQIA community is sadly mistaken. These white, fundamentalist, 1/
@bjoewolf 'Christian', nationalists, who don't believe in multi-culturalism, democracy, or separation of church and state, have been brainwashed into thinking they're fighting a Holy War against liberals & we must be destroyed. I never shared my politics in church. I left when it got 2/
@bjoewolf Political.
They're legislating their religious beliefs into law in the states. They're using #ProjectBlitz, a bill mill, like #ALEC, The #CNP, #Dominionists, have made it very clear the goal is christofacist theocracy with Christian biblical law instead of the Constitution. 3/
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Bruneau and Co. is having an auction featuring Keith Haring No On 64 signed Shirt as a lot item: I got it signed by #KeithHaring at the Beverly Center as he was signing Swatches. Tried to get the auction catalog corrected. #LGBTQIA history
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In the midst of Deathsantis signing the Don't Say Gay bill in Florida, I thought it would be best that I provide my own individual story about how not having any sex-education in school affected me as an asexual kid.

Please take the time to read this.
A while ago, I wrote was for @lgbtqnation titled "I am asexual. My story is exactly why LGBTQ+ inclusive sex-education matters".

I wrote this because I know how harmful it is firsthand to not have sex-education in school that features your orientation or identity.
To not have your identity mentioned or even be allowed to be mentioned in school only leads to feelings of shame, alienation, and ostracism from peers and society.

All of this I felt as a kid.
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🧵VERY IMPORTANT NEW STUDY pub in @bmj_latest focused on 140 US med schools & 30K med students looking at #burnout in people with intersectional identities.👩🏿‍⚕️🧑🏾‍⚕️🏳️‍🌈 Bottom line: We are likely underestimating harm.

#MedTwitter #MedEd #WomenInMedicine #LGBTQ Image
"Study’s major finding is that a higher proportion of students with multiple marginalized identities report mistreatment and discrimination. Students with all three marginalized identities (female, non-white, LGB) had the largest proportion."
#MedTwitter Image
"Additional pressure marginalized groups face to represent their communities or contribute to diversity efforts at their institutions and experiences of bias and discrimination likely contributes to the effect observed with this dimension of burnout."👩🏿‍⚕️🏳️‍🌈 Image
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[🧵1/9] It’s Friday, time for another ‘deep dive’ into our KS3 history resource packs, today is @MollyNavey’s 7-lesson enquiry based around the question:

How does school life seem to have been shaped by changing attitudes to gender and sexuality 1945-2015? Image
[🧵2/9] This series of lessons focus on changing social attitudes to gender differences & sexuality thru the lens of UK secondary education

Teacher note: this enquiry addresses racism and discrimination and some primary source materials contain racist/discriminatory language ImageImage
[🧵3/9] Lesson 1: Introduction - Schools and Social change in the UK after 1945

All packs start with this (optional) lesson on the big picture of social change in the UK post-Second World War, feat. a timeline activity for pupils & chance to integrate your own school’s history
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1/🧵Russia's invasion of Ukraine has prompted a massive humanitarian crisis. For many the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming 💔.

Here are some great ways to help (some not even requiring any money).

Please retweet & share 🇺🇦🌻💙💛#Ukraine #StandWithUkraine #HelpUkraine Image
2/🧵Ways to help include donating to Ukraine via a registered charitable organization, donating money /goods / points / miles, fundraising, volunteering, attending rallies, contacting MPs, fighting disinformation online, etc. 🇺🇦💪#Ukraine #HelpUkraine
3/🧵Money is still the most effective gift.

Most charities prefer donations of cash due to issues with donated goods (logistical hurdles, custom regulations, transport costs, lacking capacity of nonprofit teams to sort the goods, carbon footprint, etc.). 💲🇺🇦#GiveMoney #Ukraine Image
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I'll be livetweeting as much as I can from this hearing, in which @ACLUTx and @LambdaLegal are suing to #ProtectTransKids in #Texas.
ACLU/LL is thanking the judge and asking the court to block @GovAbbott from his unconstitutional attack on #trans kids, their families and medically necessary gender-affirming care. #ProtectTransKids #Texas
@GovAbbott Abbott's directive is traumatizing families & youth, blocking kids from medically-necessary care, and putting mandatory reporters in a bind as they try to decide between trans kids and civil or criminal penalties for protecting them. #ProtectTransKids
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So guys there's a lost ark public discord that @amazongames isn't affiliated with. Obviously even if it was Amazon's server I'm sure the same type of results would of been the same. This server has rules against any kind of discriminatio- (1/9)
@amazongames n

But they do not have an owner that follows their own discord rules. I basically created a ticket the correct way instead of flaming the person back and fighting toxicity with toxicity like I would normally right? So I basically did a much abnormal move than I normally (2/9)
do. Well said owner instead of simply trying to "respect" someone's right to exist without seeing transphobic remarks on their discord server. Out of pure frustration of the owner, I was banned for trying to report something and get someone who shouldn't be allowed in a (3/9)
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What an incredibly bleak end to @TheGreenParty. It’s been a very difficult decision but I am cancelling my membership. 20yrs of voting 15yrs of membership wasted.
For clarity this weekend saw the @TheGreenParty rejecting a motion to kick out the TERFs and a motion, that in turn will legitimise a debate around conversion therapy. #translivesmatter
And on top of this, these so called feminists in @TheGreenParty also rejected a motion to hold an internal enquiry into claims of sexual harassment and assault within the party! #IWD #IWD2022
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