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#KSA is basically the biggest known state-sponsored adbuction organization.

cw: misogyny, violence,
Not shure to which extent #Australia is supporting the surrounding nations that have transit-based connections to #SaudiArabia to try and enfoce #pushback|s quietly.

But as a matter of fact, #Australia is #racist - not just in it's #immigration and #asylum process.
Sadly, those ain't single, isolated cases nor is it only #KSA exerting this kind of control...

Even having a significant allowance and international connections did not help #SheikaLatifa escaping #Dubai...
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: 🇺🇸 Keeping Faith with Our Veterans and Military Families
🇺🇸Only one party believes that our force is stronger when we treat our service members, veterans, and their families with the dignity they’ve earned. 1/12
#Democrats believe that our force is stronger when it reflects the richness and diversity of American society, and when we treat our service members, veterans, and their families with the dignity they’ve earned. 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #MilitaryFamilies
#Democrats will protect and enhance opportunities for anyone who can meet the standards to serve in combat roles, and we will fight the scourge of rape and sexual assault in our military, end retaliation and impunity, and take care of survivors. 3/12 #DemPartyPlatform
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Esta segunda edição traz uma entrevista inédita com o ilustrador João Queiroz, além de duas matérias sobre o subgênero inteiramente brasileiro: Amazofuturismo.
Também convidamos a escritora Priscilla Bacellar, autora de “Hexágono”, para falarmos de representatividade lésbica na literatura fantástica. As convidadas da vez foram Daniele Salemme, Rafaella Vieira e Clara Gianni.

Link na bio.
Lembre-se de comentar o que achou. Seu feedback é muito importante.

#FicçãoCientífica #Amazofuturismo #LGBTQIA+ #LiteraturaFantástica #Tricerata #RevistaTricerata #Cyberus #EditoraCyberus

Lucas Lorran
Maurício Coelho
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I was a child and teen in the 1980’s, I lived in a diverse but extremely poor community, the country was divided & full of hatred for any perceived ‘difference’.

I’ve spent my entire life challenging prejudices, promoting equality and wanting to make the UK a more just society.
Unfortunately, the @Conservatives governments of @David_Cameron, @theresa_may and @BorisJohnson have undone 30 years of advances in equality and rights.

The UK is more hostile now than at anytime in my lifetime (45 years), because of divisive politics, extreme right-wing media,
out of touch judiciary and the normalisation of hate.

Each year this country takes away more hard won rights, to appease the rich right-wing, Brexit supporting, anti-vaccine, anti-rights and anti-diversity brigade.

These overt and covert racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist
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1| In solidarity with #Palestinian #queers and the #indigenous Palestinian people as a whole, 7 #Brazilian #filmmakers, over half the Brazilian shorts in the #Israel government-partnered #LGBT #filmfestival, TLVFest, have pulled out of the festival.…
2| The Brazilian filmmakers join Shin Seung Eun (Mother-in-Law, South Korea), Artemis Anastasiadou (I am Mackenzie, Greece) John Eames (March for Dignity, UK), Maggie Bailey (Sweet Sweet Kink, US), Andrew Blackman (Inferno, New Zealand) in pulling their films from the festival.
3| Camila Kater, director of the award-winning animated short Carne, including a Goya Award nomination for 2021, also withdrew from the festival. Carne producer, Chelo Loureiro, stated:
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#DelhiHighCourt to resume hearing the PIL moved to recognise same-sex marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act (HMA).

Matter is before Justices RS Endlaw and Asha Menon.

PIL has been moved by Abhijit Iyer Mitra (@Iyervval), Gopi Shankar M, Giti Thadani, G Oorvasi

In the last hearing:

SG Tushar Mehta submitted that the Indian legal system, values do not recognise same-sex marriages.

Court directed the petitioners to submit a list of those aggrieved by non-registration of same-sex marriages under HMA.

Read more:…
The same Bench of Justices RS Endlaw and Asha Menon has issued notice last month in a plea to recognise same-sex marriages under the Special Marriage Act.

Read more:…
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: CREATING A 21ST CENTURY IMMIGRATION SYSTEM
Only one party understands that Immigrants make America stronger. Not only do immigrants support us—immigrants are us. 1/17
#Democrats believe we should expand, not reduce, the annual visa cap for victims of human trafficking, including victims of sex trafficking, violence against women and children, and other heinous crimes; 2/17 #DemPartyPlatform #ImmigrationReform #StopHumanTrafficking
#Democrats will ensure that same sex-couples and their children receive equal treatment in the immigration and naturalization systems; reaffirm America’s commitment to family-based immigration; 3/17
#DemPartyPlatform #ImmigrationReform #LGBTQIA
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I started posting facts & truths about @realDonaldTrump the day he came down the escalator.

Went to DC for the Women's March.

Sat in airports for the @ACLU making sure people's rights weren't violated during the Muslim Ban.

That is how 2017 started.
Now we are at the end.
This girl was the first person I saw when I got off the escalator in DC. So fierce. So determined.

You can find my #WomensMarch photos and others at my Instagram.
I found @ParadiseResists part of @IndivisibleTeam & started working on opposing attacks on the vulnerable.

Our founder was a pistol.
She did not make it.
Died of cancer end of last year.
She won't see him voted out.
But she saw us make change.

Minister Stretch is next to her.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part is called: Ending Violence Against Women
Only one party has a specific plan to end the scourge of violence affecting women & non-binary individuals.This strategy includes reauthorizing #VAWA & fully enacting it’s protections. 1/11
#Democrats are committed to ending sexual assault, domestic abuse, and other violence against women. 2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #ViolenceAgainstWomen #VAWA
#Democrats will act swiftly to overcome #Republican #obstructionism and reauthorize and expand the Violence Against Women Act 3/11 #DemPartyPlatform #VAWA
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Hearing on a plea seeking marriage equality for the same-sex couples begins before the DB of Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw and Justice Asha Menon at the Delhi HC

@MenakaGuruswamy @arundhatikatju #LGBTQIA
These petitions are filed by two same-sex couples who want a direction to be issued to the concerned Marriage Officer to register their marriage under the Special Marriage Act

@MenakaGuruswamy @arundhatikatju #LGBTQIA
Senior Adv Menaka Guruswamy, who appears for the Petitioners, gives the background of these cases to the Bench

@MenakaGuruswamy @arundhatikatju #LGBTQIA
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.@SenHawleyPress normalizes #AmyConeyBarrett training people at the Hate Group #ADF AFTER SHE KNEW they were a HATE GROUP. She was paid. Spoke 5x

ADF believes in criminalization of #LGBTQ persons & FORCED STERILIZATION of transpeople overseas

The leader even showed up at her nomination ceremony in the Rose Garden.

This is who Senator Hawley is defending.…

#SCOTUS #SCOTUSHearings #AmyConeyBarrett
@splcenter on the #ADF

THEY AGAIN BELIEVE IN criminalization of #LGBTQIA people & FORCED STERILIZATION of transpersons overseas.

She trained people here, which is poor judgement at the very least & @SenHawleyPress is disingenuous to his core.…
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While important, why are the MSM & @JudiciaryDems only concentrating on only the #ACA & Roe v Wade, when there's so much more to be concerned about.

@SenKamalaHarris @CoryBooker @amyklobuchar @SenWhitehouse
Like why did #AmyConeyBarrett train people at an org designated as an ANTI-LGBTQ hate group?

We know she knew & got paid

The video is from her 2017 hearing with @alfranken

@MSNBC @CNNPolitics @maddow
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My fist job interview for a #teacherlibrarian position took place at an elementary school in a very conservative part of NC. I will never forget it, in large part, b/c the principal of the school only asked me one question which was, “would you put this book in our library?”🧵...
As a brand new librarian, who had only ever taught middle/high school, I’d never read Nijland and De Haan’s King and King (which is the story of a prince who is charged w/finding a princess to be his queen, but who instead falls in love w/another prince) so I gave it a quick...
read and responded w/ “I would follow district policy, but if it were up to me, yes... I’d put it in the library.” Then I told the story of a boy I knew in the 4th grade who had 2 moms and how great it would have been for him to have access to a book like this back then. The...
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📢📢 THREAD: Why Must the Criminal Law Reform Committee be Disbanded?
#DisbandtheCommittee #NotLikeThis #NotRightNow #NotWithoutUs

Source: @citizensspeakup

In May, the Ministry of Home Affairs commissioned a #committee for reforms in our criminal #laws. In simple words, a #committee to rewrite all our criminal #laws.

Experts fear that the committee will dilute safeguards that exist to prevent unfair prosecutions & wrongful convictions. Several #lawyers, #activists, & academics have raised concerns about the #committee and called for it to be disbanded. But why? Let's take a look ⬇️

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CN Psychologie

Impact & Exposure, das droppe ich ganz gerne in Diskussionen, wenn mal wieder #Hate gestreut wird.

Ein Thread.

"Was der Bauer nicht kennt, das frißt er nicht." sagten wir im Münsterland. Und als in den 80ern die ersten Schnellpizzerien auf dem Dorf aufgemacht haben (Impact), lernte auch der Bauer, daß man aus Wasser und Mehl nicht nur Brot und Kuchen backen kann.
Es gibt die Theorie der "mere exposure", den "Effekt der Darbietungshäufigkeit", wonach ein einmal erlebter Reiz die beste Voraussetzung dafür ist, daß bei einer späteren Begegnung derselbe oder ähnliche Reiz ebenfalls positiv bewertet wird.
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CN #Transsexualität, FtM

Ein paar Videos zu den Themen Epithese und Phalloplastik

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CN Depression, hetero, bi, schwul

Hin und wieder vermisse ich eine langjährige Freundin (es geht um knapp 20 Jahre), die ich vor einigen Jahren wegen gesagtem und nicht gesagtem verloren habe.

Und das kam so. (Thread)

Kennengelernt haben wir uns im Usenet als es die ersten Möglichkeiten gegeben hat, sich über die lokalen Grenzen hinaus mit anderen Gleichgesinnten auszutauschen, in unserem Fall "Musik". Ja, das war vor Twitter, Facebook, Webforen, Whatsapp usw.
Wir haben uns öfter im Jahr bei verschiedenen Festivals oder Partys von Freund*innen getroffen, und als ich im Ausland gelebt habe, hat sie mich auch ein paarmal in Paris und Barcelona besucht.

Zuletzt kam es jedoch auf einem Festival zu einer mittelschweren Katastrophe.
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Glückwunsch, Thomas!

"... hat er das Thema Homosexualität im Fußball und Sport enttabuisiert und zu einer breiten und sachlichen Debatte über Diskriminierung im Sport beigetragen."

Frage ich mich nur, wo genau diese Debatte stattfindet.

"Die Auszeichnung ist eine Bestätigung dafür, dass mein gesellschaftspolitisches Engagement Wirkung zeigt und andere Menschen dazu motiviert, sich ebenfalls zu engagieren", sagte der Vorstandsvorsitzende des VfB Stuttgart. Die Auszeichnung erfülle ihn mit "großer Freude"."

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Bon Twitter, j'ai besoin des lumières des team #allaitement #lgbtqiA et #avocats (oui, tout ça!). Voilà l'histoire.
C'est donc l'histoire de deux femmes qui s'aiment et décident d'avoir un bébé. L'homoparentalité ayant l'avantage sur l'hétéroparentalité de pouvoir penser la parentalité de manière tellement égalitaire, décision est prise que l'une portera la grossesse, et l'autre allaitera.
Je vous passe les détails techniques mais oui, c'est tout à fait possible d'allaiter un enfant qu'on n'a pas mis au monde, surtout si on a déjà eu antérieurement une grossesse. Si ça vous intéresse, vous pouvez lire ça….
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Hearing on petition seeking marriage equality for LGBTQ persons begins before the Delhi High Court

SG Tushar Mehta opposes the petition by arguing that our culture and law doesn't recognise the concept of same-sex marriages

SG Tushar Mehta argues that the Hindu Marriage Act itself doesn't recognise same-sex marriages.

'As per law, marriage is only between a husband and a wife', he argues

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Zum Objekt degradiert. Heute im Sonderangebot. Der Selbstbedienungsladen ist nun geöffnet. Jeder darf mal ran. Bitte greifen Sie zu. Merci pour votre achât.

Finger weg. Nur gucken.

Auch hier gibt es Idioten. Die Tatscher, die dir im Gewühl an den Arsch fassen. Ein paar verstreute Heteros, die sich früher “no homo” auf den Arm schmierten, bis sie geschnallt haben, wie bescheuert das ist.
Die Nichttänzer, die dir beim Tanzen immer wieder in die Hacken treten und dir in die Fersen morsen: “Nu sprich mich doch endlich an, du scharfe Schnitte!”
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🙏 @ShreyaTrivediMD! Fascinating questions. My answers:
1. #Hesitations - Two things...
A. Already distracted by phone (email, texts, etc.). Will Twitter make it worse? Answer, yes. However, I try to limit my interactions to specific times, and turn off notifications.
B. I work for the Federal Gov. Outspoken for #Equity #Inclusion #HumanRights #HeForShe #BLM #LGBTQIA.

I worried about violations of #HatchAct.

However, can speak about issues, just not parties or candidates.

However, #45 doesn't care about Hatch Act. Should I?
2. My most meaningful collaboration in my career has come via #MedTwitter. @JenniferSpicer4 and I noticed similar ideas and content from each other, then set up 1 meeting, and @MedEdTwagTeam was born. We have never met in person, but have collaborated weekly for months now!
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Faker. Was stört es die Eiche, wenn sich das Wildschwein an ihr reibt. Hintergedanken anyone?

Die Schwindler sind es, die mir die Welt hin und wieder verunverständlichen. Ich meine, okay, ein paar Kilo weniger angeben, nicht mehr ganz so aktuelle Photos nutzen, macht ihr mal. Aber dann schreibt doch verdammt nochmal nicht (nur) "will ficken" in eure verfickte Headline.
Wollen wir alle.

"Ja, aber du weißt ja, wie es hier so ist"

Inzwischen ja: Wie man sich bettet, so liegt man.
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