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De hele week heeft populistisch Nederland zich uit kunnen leven op het maatschappelijke gedrag van @AFCAjax met betrekking tot de overheidssteun.

Een kort draadje...

🥅 Er zijn bonussen uitgekeerd in het najaar van 2019. NIET over de periode waarin Ajax NOW steun ontvangt.
🥅 Ondanks een operationele winst heeft Ajax dit jaar géén dividend uitbetaald. Dit omdat dividend wordt betaald over het hele boekjaar en de NOW steun wel in dit boekjaar viel. Netjes volgens de regels dus.
🥅 Volgens @FTM_nl is Ajax de ENIGE club die géén steun heeft gevraagd voor spelerssalarissen. Vrijwel alle andere clubs wel. De NOW steun is bij Ajax alleen voor kantoorpersoneel. Ajax heeft ook géén van dit personeel ontslagen. In tegenstelling tot heel wat multinationals.
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Following yesterday’s UEFA Champions League final, I can update the estimate for the 2019/20 revenue distributions. We will also explain how #PSG are likely to receive more money than #FCBayern, even though they were defeated on the night.
Based on my assumptions, the top 10 TV earnings from the Champions League will be as follows: #PSG €134m, #FCBayern €130m, #FCBarcelona €104m, #MCFC €99m, #Atleti €95m, #TeamOL €89m, #Juventus €87m, #RealMadrid €84m, #CFC €81m and #LFC €80m.
Looking at how Champions League revenue is distributed in the current cycle, the importance of the UEFA coefficient is evident. TV pool is much less important than it was before. This rewards historically successful clubs rather than those with larger national TV rights deals.
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After a couple of requests, I’ve prepared some of the new financial fact sheets for a few Dutch clubs. This thread includes overviews for #Ajax #PSV #Feyenoord and #AZ
#Ajax profit before tax shot up from €3m to €69m in 2019, largely due to revenue more than doubling to a record €199m (thanks to Champions League run) and profit on player sales rising from €39m to €73m. Wages also rose to €92m, but wages to turnover 46%. No financial debt. ImageImage
#PSV revenue rose 56% in 2019 to €97m, mainly due to return to Champions League. As a rule, club posts operating losses (€13m in 2019), offset by strong player sales. Wages up to €45m, but wages to turnover 46%. Highest debt in Netherlands with €34m plus €41m transfer debt. ImageImage
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No. No thanks for coming to #ajax @Sflecce. Do not disrespect Viola Desmond’s legacy like that. Viola Desmond was a principled woman and a champion for education. Viola Desmond was entrepreneurial and worked to educate and invest in opportunity for her community. Do not sully
her namesake as you have done with the Chiefest Health Officials and representatives of Ontario with your corrupt and malicious plans to cripple the people of this great province under frugality and financial mismanagement. If people are dying and in anguish and their own
Governemnt does not supply them with the resources and the funding they need to survive and effectively function, that is called tyranny. That is called weak leadership. That is called placing an ideology above the very people that ideology was meant to serve.
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Ancient Artefact of the Day: One of my favourite figures from Greek mythology is Ajax, so here's a bronze statuette thought to be a representation of his suicide: Greek Geometric, ca. 700 BC. #AAOTD #Ajax

Image: British Museum (1865,1118.230)
The suicide of Ajax, following his divinely caused mania in which he slaughtered a flock of sheep thinking them the other Greek leaders at Troy, was a popular subject in ancient art.
There are other notable examples of his death in bronze, such as this piece from Aegina, ca. 480 BC.

Image: Archaeological Museum, Florence
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Finalizada la #Eredivisie🇳🇱, os traemos una lista de 18 jugadores muy interesantes que han irrumpido o crecido notablemente durante esta temporada en Países Bajos.

Atentos al hilo ⬇️ Image
Alexei Koselev 🇲🇩(93) | Portero muy poco protegido por la defensa del #FortunaSittard; 158 remates en contra, 106 paradas.

Magníficos reflejos pese a su envergadura (2.00 m). Grandes estiradas y muy eficiente achicando espacios en 1 vs 1. Margen de mejora en salidas y blocajes. Image
Maarten Paes 🇳🇱(98) | Sorprendió que se hiciera con la titularidad en la portería del #FCUtrecht y ha rendido con creces. Exhibición ante #Ajax.

Reflejos y capacidad para ir rápido abajo. Instuición en penaltis.

Margen en orientación de rechaces y falta de concentración. Image
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Toujours passionnant quand Jean-Claude #Suaudeau parle football. Interview accordée dans @VestiairesMag en 2015 où il raconte le jeu à la Nantaise 20 ans après.

👉 En téléchargement gratuit ici :
💬#Suaudeau « Instaurer chez les joueurs tout un tas de réflexes de jeu communs [...] Et d’abord par la pensée, grâce aux multiples informations que l’on s’exerçait à prendre la semaine, chaque semaine. »
💬#Suaudeau « J’ai été influencé par l’#Ajax de Rinus #Michels et Johan #Cruyff, par le Brésil de #Zico, en 82 et un peu plus tard par le Milan AC. »
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Lecture aujourd’hui des « Mémoires » de Johan #Cruyff. Livre de grande qualité. Thread des meilleures citations ⤵️ #CruyffLegacy
💬#Cruyff « Quand j’ai perdu mon père, à l’âge de 12 ans, c’est l’#Ajax qui s’est chargé de mon éducation. [...] Grâce à l’#Ajax, j’ai appris non seulement à mieux jouer au football, mais aussi a bien me conduire. »
💬#Cruyff « J’ai toujours placé ma vie sous le signe du « mieux faire » et j’ai toujours tendu à m’améliorer. Je m’y suis efforcé dans tout ce que j’ai entrepris. »
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📢 NEW - NSxG maps 📢

Time to introduce something I've been working on lately. It's called non-shot (NS) xG maps and they look like 👇

In this thread I'll try to explain what they are, why they're useful and how they can be used!

#xG #NSxG #football #data #analytics
@EveryTeam_Mark @MarkTaylor0 @Tussendelinies @tactipedia @Tacticsplatform @joe_mulberry @DanKennett @StatmanDave @elpivoteftbl @experimental361 Why do we need NSxG maps? NSxG maps can help speeding-up and improving the proces of video analysis.

Usually analysts watch hours of video footage, in order to understand how a certain team plays: how do they create dangerous attacks? Which players are most dangerous?
@EveryTeam_Mark @MarkTaylor0 @Tussendelinies @tactipedia @Tacticsplatform @joe_mulberry @DanKennett @StatmanDave @elpivoteftbl @experimental361 But what if we let the data tell us where to look?

▶️ Enter NSxG (or similar metrics like xT or PV)

By plotting in which area of the pitch a team makes their most valuable actions (mind you, we are not talking frequencies here!), we know where they get most dangerous from
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UEFA have now published the final payments to clubs for 2018/19 European competitions. In the following thread, I will first look at the Champions League distribution, then the Europa League and finally payments by country (with a focus on the Big Five leagues).
In 2018/19 each of 32 clubs qualified for Champions League group stage got €14.5m plus €2.7m for a win and €900k for a draw. Additional prize money for each further stage reached: last 16 €9.5m, quarter-final €10.5m, semi-final €12m, final €15m and winners €19m.
#FCBarcelona had the highest 2018/19 Champions League payment of €118m, but English clubs received four of the top six distributions: winners #LFC €111m, runners-up #THFC €102m, #MUFC €93m and #MCFC €93m. #Juventus were 4th with €96m and #PSG 7th with €86m.
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#Ajax 2018/19 accounts cover their most successful season in years when they won the Dutch league and cup double (for the first time since 2002) and reached the Champions League semi-final with a dazzling brand of football. Some thoughts in the following thread.
#Ajax profit before tax shot up from €3m to €69m (€52m after tax), largely due to revenue more than doubling from €93m to a record €199m (thanks to the CL exploits) and profit on player sales rising from €39m to €73m. The price of success was expenses increasing by €74m.
#Ajax €106m revenue growth was very largely due to the Champions League run with all three streams increasing: broadcasting surged €76m from €13m to €89m; match day rose €20m (63%) from €31m to €51m; and commercial was €11m (22%) higher at €60m.
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🇨🇦#Canada #FridaysForFuture International update #ClimateStrike #'s for #ClimateActionWeek:
🇨🇦1,000,000 people🇨🇦 Thus 1 out of every 6 strikers globally was Canadian🇨🇦 as well as we were 3rd globally for total # of strikes. Thanks to all local organizers & national supporters.
1000 #Calgary AB
15 #Cambridge ON
40 #Campbellton NB
20 #Camrose AB
15 #Canmore AB
15 #Cannington ON
150 #CapAuxMeules QC
300 #Caraquet NB
300 #Chambly QC
200 #ChathamKent ON
65 #Chibougamau QC
400 #Chillwack BC
40 #Clare NS
45 #Clinton ON
500 #Collingwood ON
80 #Compton QC
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@MegliodinienteR @lauracorrente L’avrei dovuto scrivere all’andata perché turbata da strani presentimenti, ma la convinzione di fare valere la nostra forza mi aveva fermata, sperando di scrivere solamente una tirata d’orecchio a #Cancelo. Avevo ragione e avevo torto. #JuveAjax #Juventus…
@MegliodinienteR @lauracorrente Del #calcio dei tifosi football manager, del calcio #playstation, del calcio dei supergiocatori, del calcio scienza, alla fine di sto can can restano i trofei che vinci e gli episodi che non ti hanno permesso di vincerli. #JuveAjax #Allegri #Juventus #CR7…
@MegliodinienteR @lauracorrente Delle campagne europee perdenti restano principalmente: #Evra che non spazza e Cancelo che lo emula, il tremendismo di Berlino, #Benatia che perde la marcatura, gli emulatori di Benatia l’altra sera e altre sere. #JuveAjax #Allegri #Juventus #CR7…
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İran bir devlet midir yoksa kartondan bir öcü, içi saman dolu bir korkuluk mu? Bu ülkenin yakın tarihini okuyup siz karar verin. (FLOOD)
Geçen hafta Hitler ile işbirliği yapan İran’ı Britanya+Rusya'nın işgal edildiğini, başının kesilip içinin samanla doldurulduğunu anlatmıştık
Hatırlatmak için şu linki verelim:
Nazi Almanyası, Irak ve Suriye…
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