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On the whole, private interests only have personal interests; meaning, their own interest. They don’t care about you and me. They don’t care about our communities, our country, or the environment. So why do they have such a huge control over the economy? 1/
For several reasons. 1) They purchased the politicians and political parties so that the only laws that get past and enforced are the ones that they want, that will benefit them the most. What you want is, at best, a secondary consideration, if it’s to be considered at all. 2/
2) They purchased all the major media corporations (and are currently gobbling up a lot of the smaller ones) to make sure that the only story they gets told, and the only information that gets spread around, en masse, is their story. 2/
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"Our ability to recognize #apocalyptic is, in our day, often most hindered by the popular, best-selling misunderstandings of #biblical witness."—@DavidDark
@DavidDark "Confusing the death-dealing forces that enslave, exploit, and crucify (what our biblical translations sometimes render 'the world') for the created world itself, such so-called 'apocalyptic' is a negation of this-worldly experience."
@DavidDark "It tends to view the physical as only fit for burning. In a kind of #Gnostic-style #propaganda, creation is deemed a sort of waiting room, irredeemable and best discarded."
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Central Bank Issues Stunning Warning: "If The Entire System Collapses, Gold Will Be Needed To Start Over" via @zerohedge…

FACT: Central Banks & global criminal elite DON'T own the gold in the World Trust, they DO NOT even know where it all is #WeHaveItAll
This is the core root, hidden from humanity: Every person born on Earth, child of Creator, unique, worthy, pure at birth. The Earth gifts everything free, a few monetized it/withheld it against treaty directive. #Checkmate is, a Redeemer #Lives to ensure Providence! #TheLifeOfQ
Over 70 yrs ago the World Trust was to be redistributed to humanity, ending war/poverty etal. It was kept secret instead, alphabets established to hide it, nation's turned into farms, etc harvesting everything to benefit a few.

JFK knew...
@realDonaldTrump knows...
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1. There seems to be a lot of battle fatigue and division in the #QAnon community. If Q never posted again, we have more than enough to do battle. Reread the drops. We have 6 months worth of rich knowledge to explore/research/post/educate others.
2. Many are just learning. Maybe it would be helpful and bring #unity to the community for us to share what we've learned. What are your favorite Q crumbs? Feel free to post here and repost to spread the word.

What about Q #570 1/21/18 The Sixteen Year Plan To Destroy America?
3. What if cures for many diseases like cancer already exist, but Big Pharma is keeping them secret to gain $$$ in grants, donations, research etc.

How many researchers have been killed?

Q #694 2/7/18

#ReleaseTheCures #TooManySecrets #QAnon #Unity
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