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Hello, John ...

Good to see you're finally back at the Helm ..
Don't forget to Pardon Him..
The world will be shocked for A Minute but they will get over it Quick.

On another note, WE have some Royal business to discuss.
The Reaper, Jax Teller. "PAPA's Goods", that Truck changed course. Jax CAN BE saved & so can his Mother. I refuse to let good men & women continue suffering from this cruel world when it all could have been prevented if the people would have chosen to wake up & NOT get caught
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All fueled Up & Ready to go ..🤪😉🤭
Or . . .
There's the time Travel option ....
What if the "SUB" (We have the SUB) is actually some kind of life saving craft like an Ark? ..😯🤔
What if Evil was just going to pick N choose who is saved by who is the richest and most powerful? All the puppets would do anything & everything asked of them to make sure
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Did you all see "THEY" are trying to cancel 'Snow White' now? .
"She didn't give him Consent" to kiss her awake .

These people are absolutely crazy and just doing all this because WE exist ..
'THEY" canceled Dr. Seuess A few weeks after I posted Green eggs & Ham..
did what "TEHY" did to GOYA 2 weeks after I posted about GOYA on my other account. All the dates prove all of it. I can still search up certain posts for the dates on my other account. Certain key words still pop up.

EVERYTHING "THEY" have done to humanity on EVERY layer is
because myself and the others exist and are against EVERYTHING 'THEY' stand for. "THEY" mocked us before WE were all born KNOWING we would not stand with "THEM" ..
WE save the children, "THEY" sacrifice the children for their own personal gain..
CONNECT all the dots.
WHY the
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In CA, people can be sentenced to death or life without parole aka “death by incarceration” because of a mandatory special circumstance law from the 1970’s. This mandatory LWOP sentence does not allow a judge to justly review a person's ability to rehabilitate.
A prosecuting attorney decides whether to charge an individual with a special circumstance. Before 1990, judges had the ability to exercise their discretion to determine if a special circumstance enhancement was appropriate or necessary to the case.
Since 1990, judges have lost that ability. #SB481 returns that authority. #SB481 provides the opportunity for a hearing & a court decision about whether to strike or dismiss a special circumstances finding...
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62/ #24HeuresChrono (S.03) : Jack Bauer infiltre un cartel de drogue mexicain pour récupérer le virus qu’il s’apprête à acheter. Mais un mystérieux ex-agent du MI6 s’en empare et veut se venger. Des millions de vies sont en jeu. Une grande saison, très efficace.
63/ #StrangerThings (S.01) : Des geeks, dont l'un disparaît, une jeune fille aux pouvoirs surnaturels, un labo qui fait des expérimentations, un monstre. On est dans les années 80 et la série renvoie à la culture pop de Spielberg, Stephen King, des Goonies. Fun... pour les ados.
64/ #24HeuresChrono (S.04) : Des terroristes veulent tuer le secrétaire de la Défense, provoquer la fusion forcée de plus de 100 centrales nucléaires américaines, abattre Air Force One avec le président dedans et lancer un missile. Encore une journée chargée pour Jack Bauer !
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Feels a bit surreal that just 2 years ago nearly to the day I watched as the First Step Act was finally signed into law. Now, a 1/4 century ban that denies the God-given dignity & potential of incarcerated students will soon be lifted! 🙌🏽… #RestorePell
In a country that seems hopelessly divided, I’m esp encouraged bu the diverse coalition @JusticeReform has fought alongside to advance this issue… @ndaajustice @FAMMFoundation @ChanZuckerberg @Vivian_Nixon_WW @BPIBard @FreedomWorks @USChamber @Lilianac_esq
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@UB40OFFICIAL #SingOurOwnSong

🎶And we will sing, we will sing our own song. 🎶 Image
@bobmarley #redemption

?🎶Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds, have no fear for atomic energy, coz none of them can stop the time🎶 Image
@MbongeniNgema4 #FreedomIsComingTomorrow the remix

🎶I wanna be free from these chains that are binding me, so I can release all this fire🔥 that's inside of me, I dont wanna live life ducking bullets, I wanna live to the fullest 🎶
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All categories of #mutualfunds (including ETFs) would be covered under #stampduty charges for units issued in demat & non-demat form. It will cover equity, derivatives & currency trades. Stamp Duty = Direct Tax levied by the govt. u/s 3 of Indian Stamp Act, 1899. @AmarUjalaNews
#StampDuty charges:

Equity (delivery) - 0.015% or ₹1,500 per crs on buy-side

#Equity (intra-day) - 0.003% or ₹300 per crs

#Futures (equity & #commodity) - 0.002% or ₹200 per crs

#Options (equity & commodity) - 0.003% or ₹300 per crs

#Currency - 0.001% or ₹10 per crs
- The #stampduty will also be applicable on #AlternativeInvestmentFunds (AIFs)

- Impact is more on the short term #investments by the #investors

- No stamp duty on #redemption of #mutualfund units.

- Impact at #portfolio level too i.e when fund manager executes transaction.
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Foreign language films on digital platforms..

A thread..
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