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Put out the metaphorical fires of the world with everyones puke while uncovering the truth …

🦅 🦅 🪨


The people all around the world can do exactly as [evil] needs everyone doing while awakening, [Evil] that’s been doing these acts upon humanity know [they] failed
So [evil] needs everyone to destroy this world for [them] & destroying yourselves so the truth of who has been doing these evil acts upon humanity can never see the light of day ..

How many food processing plants have gone up in flames ?
The people didn’t have anything
To do with any of them going up in flames, that’s for sure ..
The only thing the people have done is uncover the truth & the easiest way for the People ALL AROUND THE WORLD to do so, has been symbolism ..

[EVIL] has always had the [NEED] to beat [evils] chest, throwing
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30/Lake Shore Drive: person shot! #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
located shell casings on Lake Shore Drive. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
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4.7 Billion, Nothing to see here …

Wanna know #WH-Y?
Long before VK said anything about 23 & ME or anything else, someone brought it up, none of it mattered years ago.
He saw the way people were treating not just myself but many others, HE PURPOSELY would post things PROVING how messed up so many are in this world ..
Maybe the last 3 posts just made someone else important will talk about or bring up, then & only then will anything truly be of importance.. It’s been this way since DAY 1 for 76% of this movement & I don’t want things to change. Go on doing as everyone chooses to do. :)
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Hace pocos días @exactly_finance publicó un articulo explicando como funciona el protocolo. A continuación un pequeño🧵sobre su propuesta de valor, para los que estamos ansiosos...

#Defi #Protocol #Lending #ETH
#Exactly va a ser un protocolo open source, decentralizado y non custodial, que va a permitir prestar a tasas fijas o variables y tomar prestado a una tasa fija y con una fecha de vencimiento 📈.
En su primera versión se desarrolla sobre #Ethereum, poniendo como objetivo alcanzar whale transactions 🐋.

En sus siguientes versiones pretende incorporar Ethereum L2 permitiendo mayor cantidad de transacciones de montos más pequeños.
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#Chemnitz #Zwönitz #Zwickau
An diesen Orten in #Sachsen bin ich für #exactly seit Monaten unterwegs. In der Querdenkerszene findet eine #Radikalisierung statt, bei der sächsischen Polizei herrscht absolutes Chaos. (Thread)
Hilfe vom Land Sachsen für die Polizei bleibt aus, es gäbe offenbar keine Anfragen an Hundertschaften aus anderen Bundesländern, sagt mir heute eine Polizeigewerkschaftlerin. Währenddessen erkranken immer mehr Polizist*innen aus Sachsen an Corona. Es gäbe extrem viele Ausfälle.
Gestern in #Zwickau stehen geschätzt 40-50 Polizist*innen 100 Querdenkern gegenüber, es werden NPD-Parolen gerufen. Polizisten sagen mir sie können nicht mehr, die Situation sei komplett scheiße. Es wirkt als kessele nicht die Polizei die Querdenker ein, sondern genau andersherum
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Medusa (Left), #HELLO Gorgeous #GEORGE |MIDDLE|, Miss Madness (RIGHT)


Literally everything is known, even back then.
Everything the world is going through was played out(Like A stage Play) up on the world stage inside the sQuared Circle ..
All the story lines
(TO AN EXTENT) are #EXACTLY what we are going through today & how to make this world A safer place for the Kiddo's ..

The reality so many live within, Fake. Wrestling is as #REAL as it gets & 5 out of 13 of us who know the WHOLE TRUTH & NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH, are on this
Virus of life.
It's literally getting sickening to watch all these different "FACTIONS" & people spewing out all the things they are spewing out just for attention. It is what it is..
Long week ahead, just because ones are getting what they want today doesn't mean you won't
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Yes #Exactly @ianpuddick .

Then you continue to divert with more of vile actions that someone to be seen as a man of credibility is not what @GREATBritain needs.

This family have proved over and and over again that @MPSEnfield were last seen around here half naked son
Mr Puddick, that if you were to see your son being ambushed on #cctvfootage just before he went @missingpeople as the #LovellTwins👭🏾have had to witness @MHewittNPCC @PoliceChiefs @LucyDorsiMPS @PrincipalStAns aka Helen King @_lesliethomas @EssexBarrister @PPHRtweets
when @garymason479, @Alexand89562701 and @chris43094330 were forced to do the job @MPSHaringey @VpoDr point blank refused to do by watching what this family should never ever have been subjected to if @metpoliceuk had just done their jobs?
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He's so, so, so dumb...

He knows that NASA is going back to the Moon, as a part of their long-term goal of sending astronauts to Mars.

But he thinks talking about it is a bad PR move, I guess, because it doesn't sound "big"? And to Trump, it's all about size and superlatives.
#FTR: NASA is being clear. They're calling it the "Moon To Mars" program.

They must remaster human spaceflight, practice for extended stays (b/c going to Mars is a long trip/stay), placing tech in the Moon's orbit to "pick up" on the way to Mars, etc...…

Let's laugh at other sh!t he says. He was referring to the MISSION to Mars (which includes the Moon).

It's called the "Moon to Mars" program. The new Moon missions are essential to the missions to Mars.
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