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1. Day 2. Julian #Assange #ExtraditionHearing #UKHighCourtOfJustice.I'll report on it. In this extradition proceeding, the #USDoJ acts through the @CPSUK, challenging psychiatric evidence used by the judge Baraitser to deny extradition.There's an important info you have to know.
2.#CrownProsecutionService(#CPS) putting in question Julian #Assange's mental health: don't forget #CPS contributed to create the legal& diplomatic quagmire which kept #Assange arbitrarily detained 9 years and finally resulted in his arrest.This is how they looked at #JA's health
3. what I am trying to tell you is: when the Crown Prosecution Service (#CPS) tries to argue that the Julian #Assange's health is not in such a bad shape, hence he can be extradited, just consider how #CPS looked at his health. This is an official document from my #FOIA
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In 1 hour, I'll watch and report on the Julian #Assange extradition hearing at the London #HighCourt. I am watching it via videolink:it was impossible for me to plan to attend in person: the UK authorities granted access to journos just 18 HOURS before the hearing
3. Day 1: the Julian #Assange #ExtraditionHearing before the UK #HighCourtOfJustice starts now
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1. Last September,I gave evidence as a witness of fact in the Julian #Assange #ExtraditionHearing, and I reconstructed, among other things, how the US #Cables allow to reveal what happened behind the scene in the #extraordinaryRendition of the Milan cleric, #AbuOmar
2. the US diplomacy #cables revealed by #WikiLeaks allow to expose how the US put pressure on Italian politicians,both conservative and progressive,to grant #impunity to 26 US nationals, almost all of them, #CIA agents involved in the #extraordinaryRendition of #AbuOmar
3. we Italian journalists could guess such pressures by the US on our politics, however, without #WikiLeaks' cables, we would have never ever been able to get evidence. It was amazing when I got access to the #WikiLeaks cables and found such evidence: a journalist's dream
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1. Just an interesting detail from the Julian #Assange #extraditionHearing: to join the @MoJGovUK's remote videoconference system, we journos were requested to turn off any vocal assistant, such as #Siri or #Alexa. This confirms the serious privacy concerns about #Siri,#Alexa,etc
2. in UK, court hearings are NOT supposed to be filmed, recorded, etc. Not even taking pictures is allowed. The @MoJGovUK's request to turn off vocal assistant such as #Siri,#Alexa, etc DOES acknowledge the risk that these vocal assistants listen and record conversations
3. last month,a French #whistleblower, #ThomasLeBonniec, did write to the EU authorities: as a former #Apple contractor working on #Siri', he listened to hundreds of PRIVATE conversations. Here is my article on the #Siri threat [English ,ARCHIVE]:…
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1. in a few min the Julian #Assange #extraditionHearing will resume. #Assange won't attend it due to #COVID risk,his health is already seriously compromised. In the last 10 years I've witnessed how the UKAuthorities have contributed to destroy his health using #arbitraryDetention
2.People keep asking me: do you think the UK-US authorities will kill Julian #Assange.My reply: they are already killing him.There are 2ways to kill an individual:you cut his throat,blood spill all over and he die in a few minutes.Or you kill him slowly.Death by a thousand cuts
3.The UK and US authorities are killing Julian #Assange slowly, little by little, a small cut after another,so that the public opinion doesn't get upset: Oh, it's just a few drops of blood, nothing serious. This is what the UK and US authorities have been doing to Julian #Assange
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1. If you report about Julian #Assange #ExtraditionHearing next week,don’t forget what my lawyers @estelledehon @suigenerisjen and I unearthed about @cpsuk in a #FOIA litigation still ongoing after 5years! @cpsuk is the very same UK agency in charge of the #extradition process
2. My Foia litigation provide EVIDENCE that it was the @cpsuk which has contributed to create the legal and diplomatic quagmire which has kept Julian #Assange arbitrarily detained and now in prison, maybe for life (if extradited to US)
3. My Foia litigation provides EVIDENCE that the @cpsuk not only advised Sweden to extradite Julian #Assange but looked at the extradition as NOT being dealt with as another extradition request
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