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Des documents internes d'#Amazon révèlent ( comme de nbreux acteurs l'avaient déjà identifié ! ) que si les enceintes #audio #Echo pilotées par l'#IA #Alexa sont les plus achetées, leurs usages restent essentiellement cantonnés à 2 ou 3 fonctions :
1-L'#audio (flux/délinéarisé) Image
#music, #radio, #podcasts, #meteo, #InfoTrafic ...
2-La domotique (éclairages, caméras, minuteur, stores, prises...)
3- Alarmes
Ainsi les principales préoccupations des responsables de la division #Alexa (10K personnes !) restent l'engagement et la rétention des auditeurs.
A ce stade le #smartdisplay (enceinte-écran tactile-#Alexa, gamme Echo Show) serait le device le + polyvalent et celui à même de dépasser les points de frictions inhérents à la gamme d'enceintes purement vocales !
En effet l'interaction tactile avec l'écran permet de contourner Image
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Our new report exposes the hidden algorithms councils have been using to screen, monitor and profile people who receive benefits without their knowledge. ⬇️

These hidden algorithms “treat the poor with suspicion and prejudice".…
Find all the details in our new report, ‘Poverty Panopticon: the hidden algorithms shaping Britain’s welfare state’ ⬇️…
🕵Our 9-month investigation has found that councils are conducting:

*mass profiling*

*citizen scoring*

of welfare and social care recipients to predict fraud, rent non-payments and major life events.…
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#2NE1 Image
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No te pierdas los artículos 📝 de nuestros colaboradores @agdagira, @zambayonny, @KrITIK4L y otros amigos.

También de @pau y @Rafa_Pons, por supuesto.
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Amazon #Alexa's engagement has been growing in India, with over thousands of requests received every minute between March to May 2020.

@SrBachchan @amazonIN
The feature will be available only next year, and customers will have to purchase it to use @SrBachchan's voice.

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Hmm. I see a bunch of (justifiable) focus on the "Phase 4" trialling of @KheironMedical's 'Mammography Intelligent Assessment' #AI:… but not so much on @Deloitte using AI to automate the triage of GP referrals...
...nor other (earlier Phase) R&D projects like "Natural Language Processing for real-time data capture in electronic health records", which appears to be lagging @amazon Transcribe Medical:… and the dubious 'leg up' @MattHancock gave to #Alexa last year..., though I see exactly what @NHSX is trying to do with its "Phase" framing, the effort is significantly undermined by the Govt's deliberate omission of #algorithms from the #MedicinesAndMedicalDevicesBill that it's currently pushing through Parliament.
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Hmm. UK Gov't #digital really is beginning to look like an @AWS carve-up! So much so it's difficult keeping track of the #RevolvingDoors:…

@Azure's still hanging in there, of course & @MattHancock notably blamed @Apple not @Google for his #COVIDapp woes...
...not forgetting the 'leg-up' he gave to #Alexa with his controversial @amazon-drafted NHS deal.

Certainly an appointment worth keeping an eye on, with a process:… and legislation:… that in Constitutional terms has barely bedded in.
Also, as Jerry points out, the salary for #GCDO is not what such roles used to command:

(Maybe @10DowningStreet's looking for rather *less* initiative...)
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Over the last few months the DIY #engineer in me has been busy turning the family home to #smarthome via a plethora of #IOT products. In the thread below are few of my observations and a possible glimpse into where I see this space moving. Always happy to receive feedback.
1/n So one of the first steps before going #Smarthome is to identify the ecosystem you wish to plug your home into. Now the two primary options that most users should choose are @Google & @amazon #Alexa. Over an above these you have exotic options which I stayed away from.
2/n I nailed my choice down to @alexa99 for these reasons. 1) A ton of compatible products available on @amazonIN. 2) #Echo input devices available by the dozen fitting all sizes from dot to spot to show etc. 3) Relative ease of setting up once you get a hang of it. 4) #Alexa!
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1. Just an interesting detail from the Julian #Assange #extraditionHearing: to join the @MoJGovUK's remote videoconference system, we journos were requested to turn off any vocal assistant, such as #Siri or #Alexa. This confirms the serious privacy concerns about #Siri,#Alexa,etc
2. in UK, court hearings are NOT supposed to be filmed, recorded, etc. Not even taking pictures is allowed. The @MoJGovUK's request to turn off vocal assistant such as #Siri,#Alexa, etc DOES acknowledge the risk that these vocal assistants listen and record conversations
3. last month,a French #whistleblower, #ThomasLeBonniec, did write to the EU authorities: as a former #Apple contractor working on #Siri', he listened to hundreds of PRIVATE conversations. Here is my article on the #Siri threat [English ,ARCHIVE]:…
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1.è interessante che ministero della Giustizia inglese abbia chiesto a noi giornalisti di disabilitare qualsiasi assistente vocale (#Siri,#Alexa, ecc) per assistere da remoto al processo di #estradizione di Julian #Assange:udienze processuali NON possono essere registrate,filmate
2. udienze di un processo in UK non possono essere filmate, fotografate, registrate.Chiedendo a noi giornalisti di disabilitare ogni assistente vocale(#Siri,#Alexa,ecc), ministero ha riconosciuto come #assistentiVocali #Siri,#Alexa, ecc espongono a rischio registrazione udienze
3. vi abbiamo raccontato su @fattoquotidiano come l'assistente vocale #Siri espone al rischio di essere ascoltati e registrati:Grazie a un giovane #whistleblower francese che si è esposto: Thomas Le Bonniec. Ecco il nostro articolo sul Fatto [ARCHIVIO]:…
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¿Qué es la tinta electrónica? Existen 2 tecnologías para su fabricación:
✅Gyricon de Xerox:la más antigua ya que sus orígenes se remontan a los años 70.
✅E-Ink:empleada en la mayoría de los libros electrónicos, debido a su mayor resolución.
📌E-ink fue desarrollada en los 90 en el Media Lab, una de las incubadoras de ideas más atípicas del @MIT. De sus laboratorios han salido las pantallas táctiles, el lenguaje de programación para niños #Scratch, el asistente virtual #Alexa o el #GPS. Vía👉
📌Investigadores del Media Lab crean en 1997 la empresa E-Ink para desarrollar y comercializar la tecnología. En 2002 fabrican los primeros prototipos de pantallas con tres capas: una lámina plástica protectora, un polímero líquido y una malla de microtransmisores eléctricos.
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Preuve s'il en fallait une que #Alexa c'est vraiment du caca pour faire des classements de popularité : @GameSideStory vient de prendre 7 millions de places sans aucune raison logique et ce, en un seul mois.

On fait en vrai 150 visiteurs de plus par jour comparé à d'habitude. Image
@GameSideStory Notez qu'en termes de trafic, ce classement semble plus plausible que le précédent (en même temps, 7 millions en marge d'erreur...)

Pour informations, GSS faisait en 2019 environ 300/350 visiteurs par jour (<3) et en 2020 depuis la mi-janvier, on fait dans les 450.
#Alexa c'est du caca. Par contre : c'est un des SEULS outils un peu gratuit qui permette de faire des calculs sans aller demander le Google Analytics de tout le monde. Donc ne jetez pas la pierre à ceux qui l'utilisent. Juste, sachez prendre ces infos avec de grosses pincettes !
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Wow, so I was navigating the agitated waters of Twitter when I suddenly found a boy that might become a good friend @threadreaderapp
Supposedly, this bot 🤖 is capable of making long threads easier to read
It says all you have to do is “call it” and ask it to “unroll” problem is my memory usually forgets commands and passwords
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HILO | Hoy es el #SuperBowl2020 donde muchas marcas pautan a un costo de 10 millones de dólares los 60 segundos. Empiezo exponiendo algunos de esos. Este es de Walmart y su servicio de delivery en la tienda
Por primera vez en su historia, Facebook pauta en el #SuperBowl2020 con un aviso donde destaca la diversidad de grupos que existen en la plataforma. La parte de Rocky es la mejor, a mi gusto
La nueva APP @Quibi de contenidos de menos de 10 minutos, anuncia su lanzamiento en el SuperBowl.
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#ReimaginingDigital begins with bang Vasanth Image
#ReimaginingDigital #likeabosch
Designed to take a pause, learn from surrounding and industry and reflect up on it.
Great learning philosophy @boschindia Image
#ReimaginingDigital our dependency on mobile app is increasingand. they are becoming our partner.
Learning fitness app is something we need.
New app launch
#likeabosch @boschindia
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Es gibt ja Bürger die sagen sie hätten nichts zu verbergen.

Mein Gedankenexperiment:

Diesen Bürger auffordern: zukünftig nackt in der Öffentlichkeit herumzulaufen und jeder soll erfahren was er zu jedem Zeitpunkt denkt:

Er hat ja nichts zu verbergen.


#Thread (1/x)
Gut, dass soll keine Aufforderung sein, da es u.a. Strafbar ist. (vgl. § 183 StGB)
Sehen und hören will es auch keiner.
Daher bitte nicht wörtlich nehmen!

Es geht ums Prinzip.
Was die Daten angeht, ist man für die Behörden quasi nackt.

#Thread (2/x)
Immerhin gibt es aber immer etwas, dass keiner oder nur gewisse Personen im vertrauen wissen sollen.
Sehe ich das falsch?

#Thread (3/x)
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Einmal #Neuwahl bitte.
Denn langsam dreht #NieMehrCDU echt durch.

• (Whatsapp-)Chats sollen lesbar werden.
• Regulierung der #Meinungsfreiheit
• Nun auch Smart Home Auswertung.
Ich meine, da muss man nicht mal mehr Wanzen im Haus versteckenverstecken.
Dafür hat man ja jetzt #Alexa.

Jetzt noch so ein Ding im Auto und wan weiß wann wer wo ist.
Die Gewohnheiten oder wofür man sich interessiert kann man auch aufgrund dieser Daten ganz einfach ermitteln.
Mit wem ich wann und wo geschrieben habe ist auch ganz einfach herauszufinden wenn #Whatsapp & Co. ihre Daten lesbar an Behörden übergeben müssen.

Und meine Möglichkeit mich anonym zu informieren oder mich auszutauschen ist mir der #Klarnamenspflicht vorbei.
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¿Qué futuro se adivina en el cada vez más pujante mercado del #audio digital? El responsable de estrategia @IPGLAB aventura en @Medium sugerentes pronósticos para los agregadores de #música, #podcasts y otros distribuidores


TRES apuntes relevantes: 👇 Image
1/3 Como #música NO ES contenido diferencial, la batalla se juega en accesibilidad desde plataformas y dispositivos: @Spotify en @hulu y @Samsung, @AppleMusic en @Verizon, @amazonmusic en #Alexa, @AppleMusic en #Siri. ¿Futuro? Más #IA para que marcas se introduzcan en #playlists Image
2/3 A diferencia de #música (controlada por discográficas), el mercado #podcast es abierto y descentralizado, lo que dificulta su alcance masivo. Pero las adquisiciones @Spotify (@Gimletmedia, @anchor, @ParcastNetwork) le brindan posición única para liderar con contenido original Image
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Abro hilo con resumenes y links de la serie de post que hice sobre la creación de un #AlexaSkills básico y todo lo que implica hasta publicarlo. #Alexa #VoiceFirst #AlexaDevs @alexadevs 👇
En el primer post cuento motivaciones, conceptos básicos y pongo algunas referencias que usé para empezar a crear mi skill:…
En el segundo post vemos como crear la parte "front" del skill: el modelo de interacción. Usaremos la Alexa Developer Console todo el rato. Este modelo nos permite definir el nombre del skill y sus acciones con las cuáles puede interactuar el usuario:…
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Why can't we just shout out loud to #TV to switch #channel? Just the way we instruct #alexa and it listen, even when playing music. And we can give option to turn On / Off Shout out loud feature. Feel like a monkey with remote in friend's house. #Inclusive #Design #UX #tatasky
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Over the last 10 years, I spent the first half working to make a difference through politics and the last half through technology. I’m excited to share the convergence of the two through Speak Up America. 🙌🏼🇺🇸 (Video and link in tweet below)
Speak Up America is an Alexa skill that connects you straight to your congressperson without the need of looking them up, finding contact info, or dialing — Speak Up America connects your phone straight to them. Download available:
The goal is to create the easiest way for you to become civically engaged and to make your voice heard. Please share with your friends! Looking forward to feedback and, if you have a moment, would appreciate your review on Amazon to help get the word out for Speak Up America.
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