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#CPS #FamilyCourt #FosterCare System Needs Audit

Children & Parents/Families Do Not Benefit - Bureaucracies Do ImageImageImageImage
#CPS #FamilyCourt #FosterCare System Needs Audit

Children & Parents/Families Do Not Benefit - Bureaucracies Do ImageImageImageImage
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#USMarshals, LEOs & Detroit Child Recovery Unit Rescue 123 Missing Children (October 2018)
#USMarshals Rescue Two Missing Girls in Cleveland (9/4/2020)
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Here's what you might've missed from the @chitribopinions pages of the @chicagotribune #cps #judgetoomin #freetrade #joebiden #donaldtrump #cutepup / thread follows
... not every child can handle remote learning, writes a parent of a CPS kindergartener. And then what?…
... Judge Patrick Murphy asks if the Cook County Democrats' move against Judge Michael Toomin is a shift back to the (not-so-)good ol' days.…
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#MedicalKidnap of Children in Foster Care

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Researchers/NIH History in Experimenting on Foster Children & Using Aborted Fetal Tissue to Develop an HIV Vaccine

Now Being Continued with Coronavirus Vaccine

Foster children are being used in clinical trials for HIV vaccines, forced to take pharmaceuticals, if they refuse they are taken to surgery & have a tube forced into their abdomen & the drugs are administered through the tube. Many children have died...…
from toxicity and other reactions. Allergy & other medications are being tested in secret on foster children.

Foster children are used for these experiments (which are mandated for research & “legal” by the government are in fact #CrimesAgainstChildren ) #MedicalKidnap
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In political strategy literature, a politician is typically anyone that has contested any election (won or lost) AND/OR anyone who is a member of a ruling or opposition political party (irrespective of whether or not the person has any designation in the party) 😁

#WO #CPS 1/5
However, in anti-money laundering (AML) world, a politically exposed person (PEP) is an individual with a high profile political role, or who has been entrusted with a prominent public function.

The above means that a PEP might not necessarily be a politician.

#WO #CPS 2/5
In political strategy literature, however, you may have significant political influence by being a PEP (as described in the earlier tweet), OR by being “connected” (if one has a relationship or related) to an individual with a high profile political role.

#WO #CPS 3/5
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9 yo #sophielong is being sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend #JACOBWAYNEBELLINGTON of #frisco, Tx. Sophie has disclosed to #CPS, healthcare, and leo that she and her 2 younger brothers are being sexually abused by boyfriend and other unknown males at home. #SaveSophie
#saveSophie was given a diagnosis of sexual assault by bodily force at @dellchildrens Hospital in #austin. She has stated that #JACOBWAYNEBELLINGTON has nude porn of children on multiple devices in the home.
@DanCrenshawTX @tedcruz
#SaveSophie was shown pics in an effort to intimidate and silence her. She stated that it was a young boy whose "nose and penis were decomposing".
Her father #MichaelLong was forced to return her to her mother on 8/25/2020, putting her and brothers back into hands of abusers.
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Oh L👀k

The state agency that commended him and gave him a 'heroes of child protection' award was #CPS in New Mexico-known as CYFD

"from the...Children Youth and Families Department for your tireless efforts. You make our community a better place."…
"Congratulations Det. Chris Bryant on the much deserved acknowledgement from the Children Youth and Families Department for your tireless efforts. You make our community a better place"~ Ruidoso Police Department

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Conservative Judge Denies Qualified Immunity for Deputy After Case Worker Strip-Searched 6 Kids

#Kentucky 🐎

Judge Justin R. Walker (6th Circuit WDKY)

#CPS #LetOurChildrenGo…
"America’s founding generation may never have imagined a Cabinet for Health and Family Services. But they knew their fair share of unwelcome constables. And they added a Fourth Amendment to our Constitution to protect against this three-act tragedy"
"This examination included inspecting each child’s genitals.

Even though the report was found to be 'unsubstantiated,' Childress allegedly told both parents 'we’ll take your children' if authorities get another call"
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2019: #Kentucky #CPS #FamilyCourt #FosterCare


More than 9,000 KY children in state care spending average of 22 months between 3 different home placements. According to KY Cabinet Health & Family Svcs statewide 121 foster children listed as AWOL.

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1/ I get the characterization of remote learning as a win.

It makes sense only bc our country has allowed politicians to turn the safety & mortality of human beings into a political contest. #COVID19 #SafeReopening
2/ Students, community groups, parents, and @CTULocal1 organized to force the mayor into making the best decision.

We shouldn’t have had to make her make that decision. An #ERSB should hv made the decision already. But, this is Chicago. #MakeItMakeSense
3/ Honestly, once #Trump said re-open schools, the decision was obvious. But, #CPS and #MLL 🤷🏾‍♀️

Victory lap? Nah. Imma pass. We still hv an extraordinary amount of work before us. #RemoteLearning
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Thread 🧵

"Bizarre forms of sexual abuse..Often paired with: sacrificing animals, drinking blood, killing babies, burying infant corpses in the woods"

Argos Investigates Satanic Ritual Abuse

"Marinke wrote down that she would be taken away in a car. From a very young age. She was often under the influence of drugs, so that she wouldn’t know where she was brought to...teachers, lawyers, and ‘even people working within the Dutch government...' "
"We’re talking dozens of overlapping testimonies. Over a hundred people mention abuse on specific holidays. Two thirds mention men and women in robes - black, purple, red or white"
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My new paper in @asr_journal uses the case of Child Protective Services to show how coupling care and coercion expands state surveillance, channeling those seen as needing help to a system with coercive power. 1/

Child Protective Services (#CPS) investigations reach 1 in 3 kids during childhood, disproportionately Black, Native American, and poor kids. But notably, cases usually close after investigation, with maltreatment allegations unsubstantiated 2/
How does this wide reach happen? And what does it mean for families? To find out, I shadowed caseworkers in Connecticut as they conducted investigations, then interviewed the mothers investigated in these cases and the professionals who called them in. 3/
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#Thread Mayoral control of #CPS has been an unmitigated disaster—#Daley, #RahmHatesUs & #MLL. Mayoral control has failed every single stakeholder in #CPS. #ERSBNow 1/
#MayoralControl has birthed some of the worst EDU policies ever.
50 schools closed.
Failed privatization schemes.
Scores of Black women educators fired.
Schools w/o nurses.
Schools w/o libraries & librarians.
The list is seems endless. #MakeItMakeSense 2/
Now another mayor & their handpicked board intends to bless a re-opening plan that puts everyone & their “mommas” in harms way. #MakeItMakeSense #ERSBNOW 3/…
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AS WE SPECK, OVER THE PAST 5 AND HALF YRS THE @metpoliceuk @cpsuk #IPCC #AKA @policeconduct AS WELL AS @David_Cameron @theresa_may @BorisJohnson @jeremycorbyn AND @HackneyAbbott WHO BOTH HEARD THIS FIRST HAND ALMOST 4 YRS AGO....!AvZjxd6thq…

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‘He was a predator’ – Attorney on former DFS caseworker accused of coercing boys to lie about sex | @ChrisHayesTV


"Manhal went to prison after pleading guilty to child molestation"…
Family upset after finding out DCF investigator arrested for child molestation

California auditor: 1,000 state-licensed facilities match sex offenders' addresses

"Specifically, the report said that 677 foster and group homes and other state-licensed facilities for children matched sex offenders' addresses"…
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"Cops Say Sex Traffickers Sell Foster Kids on the Weekends "

The #FosterCare system is not a safe place for children

See recent 2020 Trafficking in Persons Report @JTIP_State (attchd)


@flynn_neill @DanScavino…
Trafficking in Persons Report 2020 @StateDept

"Individuals in the United States vulnerable to human trafficking include: children in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems, including foster care" p.523…
“We could’ve been very bad people. We could’ve done harm to her. We could have claimed she ran away, they wouldn’t have known "

Full report:…
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News: June 27, 2020 ⌨️

NC: Indicted Former DSS #CPS Director, Cindy Palmer, Allowed to Return to Work

Decision follows investigation conducted by Darryl Brown, Cherokee County Atty, also attorney for Palmer’s husband, Sheriff Derrick Palmer…
“Days After Palmer returned a “Massive Shredding Operation” was set in motion w/DSS paying thousands to an outside company to ‘make space in file room’

“Palmer’s husband, Derrick Palmer, is Sheriff of Cherokee County.”
“They are seeking Class-Action status for what he says could be hundreds of children & parents who may have been coerced to sign unlawful custody & visitation agreements”
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Abused teens can text 'SAFE' or walk into any store, fire station or bus marked w/logo for help.

Over 20,000 locations.
Community volunteers.

True purpose…

ANSWER: Child-trafficking funnel to locate children w/o an adult looking for them.… ImageImage
Learned a lot at SP training in KY.

Legally they can't help teen if parent or legal guardian (foster parent) shows up, not even provide 24 hr refuge for cooling down period, even when teen claims abuse.

Laws require Police to return runaways w/o hearing or intervention.

99% of abused kids have a legal guardian or parent.

Why design a nationwide system that can't serve population?

Why no partnership with agencies that can legally help 99%?

Why no effort to change laws to protect 99%?

True purpose…

ANSWER: Child-trafficking funnel to find 1% Image
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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#DeepStateArkansas framed her friend.

ClintonBodyCount continues…O'Donnell is next.

They can frame ANYONE w/ impunity.

Linda was murdered after investigating child-trafficking ring in AR, rumors she saw child porn on Ex-husband/Judge's laptop.…
#LindaCollinsSmith was investigating CPS child-trafficking ring in Arkansas before her murder.

Easy target — blame friend last seen w/her. O'Donnell likely saw Ex-husband/Judge's CP files too.

SILENCE is golden

Murder is local matter, DOJ will ignore.…
If Linda Collins-Smith was digging into #CPS #childtraffucking ring in Arkansas, her good friend was probably helping her.

Becky O'Donnell knew WAY too much.
Murder/imprison. Many ways to silence witnesses.

Why did Judge seal all case files?
Why did they put Becky in solitary?
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#CPS #ChildTrafficking… Grand jury indicts three Cherokee County DSS officials for illegal CVA's:
Credit: Aimee Wilkes
Huge story she is sharing.

The WIFE OF MY LOCAL SHERIFF aka former DSS Director, has been indicted along with DSS Agency Attorney and the CPS Unit Supervisor😮More than 100 families were told to give up custody of their children or lose them to the State.
THIS IS MASSIVE! 💥These indictment have ALL the markings of Pizzagate. ILLEGAL CUSTODY AGREEMENTS, Felony obstruction of justice, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, willful failure to discharge duties and perjury.
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Governors, Judges, Child Protective Services & ChildrenOrgs run largest child-trafficking ring in country.

Shadow coordination similar to Nick Sandmann MSM smear campaign.

State corruption flourished under Obama. Weaponized.
#childtraffucking #CPS #OBAMAGATE #ClintonFoundation
h/t @FederalistNo78

Would they like to call my children as witnesses? Our legal record documents our entire nightmare. Still hostages; still hunted.

Note: my children were taken as punishment/favor to MormunMafia players, partners with Deep State.

Same system which traps sex-trafficked foster children.
All connected.

Research when mood permits.
#childtraffucking #wellhellzbellz #humantrafficking

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