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This will shock you. 👀

#NCMEC tied to #ClintonFoundation

Louisville is a #Childtrafficking hub.
Thousands of children removed from good homes, never to be seen again.

#CPS was caught using pre-signed orders by judges to take children away from good homes. They were filling in the blanks on names and children disappeared.

These families haven't seen their kids again.

Less than 1% of the thousands of kids removed were placed with a relative.
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NY and CA are the only states who don’t like guns.

Apparently Chicago LOVES guns bc lots of people are shot and killed there weekly - and they have the strictest gun laws!
Mental health is a serious issue. It’s up for debate. Our #2A rights are NOT! The problem is the #HIPPA laws put into effect by @BillClinton When the current background check can’t access mental health records then they effectively are useless.
But like what we are learning with #CPS and #fostercare the integrity of the health report can be problematic if the healthcare provider is paid to write a bad report. I.e, paid to make you seem mentally unstable ergo lose your rights. (Insert guns or kids)
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Reviewing crumbs — come along for ride.


Are twitter control & Declass time-related?
or D= control?

Twitter % owned?
Other ownership stakes in the US?
What happens if seized?
Who controls?
Who controls the controllers?
EO 12/21
NEW puppet master
No choice
Executive Order: Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption…
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Kentucky: 4 Yr Old Hunter Payton was taken away from his parents & placed by #CPS to private contractor, Necco, a #FosterCare & #Adoption Co., into home of Travis & Billy Embry-Martin.

2 months later Hunter died from massive skull fracture.…
“Hunter was subjected to corporal punishment including but not limited to physically violent punishment, physical abuse & denial of food.”
“Hunter died from skull fracture & closed head injuries two months after he was removed from his parent’s home by state social service officials & placed in foster home of Travis & Billy Embry-Martin. The two men, who married in 2013, served as foster parents for Necco...
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KY #CPS Caseworker Sherry Decker has been fired for “unknown reasons” #JusticeForDemiyah

#CPS Supervisor Gayla Clement is Involved with #CoverUp - Dept. didn’t know whereabouts of Charity’s other children taken by #CPS because “there were no records on file”

Heartbroken Mother, Charity Lewis, took her special needs daughter to KY ER - #CPS took custody with no justification.

After Demiyah passed away, her mother was not allowed to see her body for 8 days. Her story is below.

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Kentucky #CPS Crisis: Investigation Proves System Unmanageable & Unsustainable▫️

Social Workers Accused of Using Pre-Signed Judge’s Emergency Court Orders to Remove Children on Weekends & After Courthouse Hours▫️

@POTUS⁩ ⁦…
6,581 Open Cases with 5,000 that haven’t received initial assessment done which is required - some cases more than 6 months old▫️
“Judges & attorneys for parents don’t see court orders until a hearing 3 days after child has been removed from their homes. Cabinet workers have allegedly called judges after hours & told them of need to remove 1 child from a home but then used multiple copies of pre-signed...
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#Epstein & #CIA 👀💥
#Epstein was caught sharing a FAA tail number with a US Military recon/attack plane being used for covert ops in #Columbia by #DynCorp International (a US State-funded mercenary company).

DynCorp was caught #Childtrafficking in several countries.

#DynCorp was owned by #Cerberus Capital Management L.P., an American private equity firm ran by Steve Feinberg. #Feinberg co-founded Cerberus in 1992 with William L. #Richter, the current Senior Managing Director.


Aircraft N-number N474AW was SHARED by
#Epstein, #DynCorp, #StateDepartment, AND #CIA.

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Please listen to this interview w/#AngelMom Kathy Hall @jestkathy whose granddaughter was stolen from her family by the corrupted #CPS/#FamilyCourt in Arkansas & given to a #WalMart Executive

They are a 26 year #PurpleHeart Vet Family

#LindaCollinsSmith was assisting her👇
Kathy and Linda w/Senator Tom Cotton
Kathy's daughter, Hailey, and her granddaughter, Brooklyn
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1. today it will be Julian #Assange vs USA, but essentially it will be Julian #Assange vs @cpsuk: it's the #CrownProsecutionService which is in charge of the extradition process
2. there are important things you need to know to assess where @cpsuk stands when it comes to Julian #Assange
3. as an investigative journo, I've spent the last 4 years in a litigation against @cpsuk to defend the right of the press to access the full docs on Julian #Assange using #FOIA to reconstruct his case FACTUALLY
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1. #News ~ Joe Biden 1974: ‘Politicians Can Take Away’ First Amendment ‘If We Want’…

#Trump #Qanon @TRUMP2020 @realDonaldTrump
2. #News ~ Poll: Most Voters in Swing States Support Ending Chain Migration…

#Trump #Qanon #ImmigrationReform
3. #News ~ TRUTH: President Donald Trump: Mexico is Doing More to Stop Migrant Crisis than Democrats @realDonaldTrump…

#Trump #Qanon #MAGA #ImmigrationReform
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Eric Holder, LL, Obama admin
How many Scandals Obama admin hide?
Pelosi, Maxine, Kamala, Feinstein who else?? #issa?
Hide all #sextrafficking by #illegalimmigration #mexicancartel mobs, gangs #ms13 #cps.......
Planned Parenthood #blackmarket Hunan organ harvesting? In recent news full term abortions? Mass cover up Mueller Report to hide all the Treason crimes these demons committed? What did NY do?…
BUT check this out. At the SAME TIME as this settlement announcement, what do you know, a huge stash of guns was found hidden in CA! Could these be the missing guns? Could Eric Holder's Fast n Furious scam be coming back into the light?@CNN…
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We’re here at the Conrad Sulzer Library having a conversation about #StudentDataProtection .…
Meeting a great group of parents impacted and/or concerned about #StudentDataProtection.
We’re working on legislation at the state level. We need to talk about pushing for more awareness and guidelines at the district level -esp with new mayor and alderpeople this spring.
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1) Child Sex Trafficking Through “Child Protection” Services Used by the Rich and Powerful?

The majority of children recruited into the child sex-trafficking slave trade come through foster care, where state "Child Protection" child welfare agencies place ...

2) ... children who have been removed from their homes.

It is estimated that the revenue generated through illegal child sex trafficking far exceeds revenue from illegal drugs and guns.

The problems of foster care being used to traffick children into the sex trade ...
3) ... have been well documented. A recent report out of WJAC in Pennsylvania, for example, reports that 60% of sex, human trafficking victims were once involved in the foster care system.

We reported with horror last year that a Virginia man, Nathan Larson ...
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So the @cpsuk are allowing teen girls & women to be sexually tortured on film. I have evidenced this horror on my blog. Proving much is non-consensual/ DV victims/performers who suffer mental health issues/physical harm to breasts /anus/genitalia etc… #VAWG
Also, a significant audience of online violent pornography are children and teenagers. #Pornhub hosts thousands of sexually violent videos that have millions of views. Many of these videos are 'home-made' and single males upload their own sexual offences against girls & women
1) The coercion, exploitation, psychological and sexual abuse of women in pornography (Part one)…
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No one especially a victim of crime, should be reduced to live/exist like this! ...courtesy of the #Minnesota #ChildSexTrafficking #Freemasons #PedophileRing #CPS #HumanServices #CharitableFoundations #MasonicCharities #Politicians #LEOS #SecretSocieties ... @realDonaldTrump
@realDonaldTrump That's all this pathetic existance has been! Trying to overcome one intrusively imposed orchestrated problem or crisis after another. THESE PARASITES CHILD SEX TRAFFICKED MY GIRLS, KILLED THEM AND MOST MY FAMILY FOR REAL ESTATE
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💥OF INTEREST TO #corruption in #familycourt #CPS ANTI #ChildTrafficking ADVOCATES💥This 176 page document is a research report submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice. This report has not been published by the Department👇
Opinions or points of view expressed are those of the researcher(s)👈Is noted on the document😡…

AND...this study was conducted in 2012 and @TheJusticeDept has just sat on it apparently. Both my girls were murdered AFTER THIS STUDY WAS SUBMITTED!
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Huge Thread on Child Pedophile Services #OpExposeCPS #MissingKids #WhereAreTheChildren #FosterCare

#Bush #Clinton #Obama Admin - The School to State Care to Prison to Sex Trafficking pipeline. @Drag0nsVsPed0s #ARIELSARMY @NoLongerIgnored
@POTUS @FLOTUS @IvankaTrump
Thank you for taking a stand against child sex trafficking. You have taken on quite a cesspool from the last 4 admins 2 #SaveTheChildren
Pull Federal funding from states not complying with your executive orders. #ThisIsNotAGame
Kids missing from group homes a common thread in Milwaukee sex trafficking…
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This all started because the #MetPolice & #LBRUT couldn't do their day jobs properly & decided to take the law into their own hands. It started as a small cover up 12 years ago but has turned into British State Persecution.

#Skynews #BBCNews #DailyMail #Guardian #Euronews
My company was raided. It should have been a straightforward matter. But the #MetPolice & #LBRUT forgot to seize my computer & came back to do a 2nd raid. The search warrant didn't permit a second entry, however, #LBRUT entered unlawfully

#Guardian #Telegraph #DailyMail #GMB #UK
Complaints were then made to my MP #VinceCable. He liaised with the #Metpolice & #LBRUT. And then weeks later, the search warrant was completely changed & was passed off as the search warrant executed on the day of the raids.

#DailyPolitics #Libdems #Conservatives #labour #bbcdp
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